The instantaneous cone screw warship will aim at the tip of the meteorite area and hit a square to fly out from the inside, but it didn’t fly far and stopped before it flew to the meteorite area

At the same time, this kind of cone-snail warship also appeared in the difference between meteorites. They also released a square, which together is a huge square, and the meteorite area is located in the square.
At this time, Lin can see that the squares that flew out immediately have stopped there.
The plan to prevent delivery has been successful, so they have to do something quickly before finding the location of these squares, because these squares have other hidden abilities, and they may need some events to find them.
At this time, Lin has to continue to March
Meanwhile, on the other side …
At this time, the star bus was launched, and the disc exploded, and the energy of the dream shock paralyzed everything around it, and there were no new squares to send.
Everything around is paralyzed and all attacks are aimed at the brain spirit again … the fourth mainland.
Several explosive bombs and light came out and they rushed to the target. It took a while, and then the brain seemed to have reacted.
The paralysis ended in an instant, and all the floating islands and squares around immediately intercepted the bombs that had been launched in the past. Many bombs were intercepted, but many bombs passed through the interception and directly hit the continent.
Destroy the glorious continent, the strange ruins filled it, and the smoke disintegrated. The fourth floor of a continent quickly turned into rubble.
However, Lin wants to make the pure light beam attack intercepted by the light beam method, but its power is limited. This kind of energy attack is easy to be targeted, and it is still necessary to mix a large number of explosives to blow up the surface defense or follow up the attack to destroy the target.
At this time, Lin started the star bus again, and all the fleets around the nervous system disappeared instantly. Their targets pointed to the fourth floor of the mainland that had just been bombed.
At the moment when she was sent to the target mainland, Lin suddenly found that there were several light groups around her …
So that’s it. Brain spirit has anticipated it.
Brains recognize that the fleet will be sent to that continent again, and when it is sent to Lin, it immediately emits a light mass to that position, intending to destroy the fleet in an instant when the fleet arrives there.
But there is a Lin warship submerged by these light groups.
Because Lin sent a warship in the past, other warships did not send it there, while the star bus remained in its original position and did not move.
Brain spirit will use this kind of attack. Lin has anticipated this situation. All she has to do is send a warship to test it on other warships … They will arrive later.
Boom! ! !’
After the brainwave disintegrated, Lin’s only warship was sent to the past, and there was no target. The light directly hit the mainland, which had just been bombed. The mainland was destroyed again, and the light flooded the land. All the strong impacts even broke the whole land.
After the explosion light slowly calmed down, Lin’s fleet appeared with a flash to destroy the mainland
This is Lin Nao Ling’s technology, which delayed the delivery, so that the fleet would not be attacked in an instant.
Bang!’ Then the star bus was sent to the fleet, which means that it is more difficult for the brain to attack Lin’s troops unless they don’t calculate the similar damage … but they obviously don’t want to do this. Lin found that all the floating islands and squares around them were moving rapidly, and they changed their positions while emitting light here, as if to … change their positions into positions that can better attack Lin’s side.
However, they are still changing, and sometimes they continue to approach the core.
Lynn doesn’t need to approach one layer at a time, so when there is not enough root, there is not enough … to send energy.
Star bus delivery needs a lot of energy, although it is not as expensive as star delivery here, it can’t be delivered many times.
And the brain spirit reinforcements may arrive there again soon and have to destroy the core before they arrive there again.
Now this position Lin has been able to send it directly to the second mainland, where it can almost directly … attack the core.
Lin made a little statistics on the current loss acceptance range. There are 13 virtual civilian warships left, and 15 of them have suffered a lot of damage to their peripheral warships. However, as far as the current loss is concerned, it seems that their morale will not be affected. The large ships of the Inca swarm forces were originally 3, and now there are 27 demons, and now there are … 499.
Demons lose little. It seems that their troops are more suitable for this kind of environmental war.
And Lin’s original 1,000 is now left … Most of them have lost because of moving around, but they can be supplemented.
The Star Bus suffered little damage. According to the current loss of speed, Lin believes that reaching the core may … About half of the fleet will be destroyed …
Chapter four hundred and fourteen Further
"Abnormal …"
"They are abnormal. They feel fear and tension. What seems to have happened? Where is it? Or … is that what it does? "
"This is the first time … they are so flustered."
This is a dark dream. A tentacle is located on the edge of the luminous road, watching the road go back and forth. The light mass talks to itself in its own mind.
These light masses are brain spirits.
Ordinary creatures can’t see anything special about them, but this tentacle-creator can see their state.
These brain spirits … are very nervous, so they are almost crazy, so they are flying around at a very high speed.
"They are trying to mobilize troops." The creator looked at the high-speed flying spirits and knew where they were going and what they were going to do.
"The whole virtual force wants to mobilize. There are huge situations to make them so’ moving’. I feel what happened … fluff has not appeared for a long time. Where are you? What are you doing?"

"Hum!" Princess Phillips took his time. "The game is over, but I really don’t know the result until the end!"

"oh? Princess Phillips, don’t you lose? " Lengying took a glance at Phillips corners of the mouth smile more exaggerated.
"Lose … of course! Your talent is outstanding, but it’s a pity that you won. You still can’t take people away! "
"What do you mean?" Did she bring someone to be strong? Did the Jade King just treat her like that?
Philippine infanta is laughing and watching "stop the public". You should not have forgotten that there was such a game before. At that time, you were a token of Yu Pei. You said that you could find you at any time if you wanted Yu Pei, right? "
I didn’t expect the child to be very clever when I heard this. "I promised that no matter who has this Yu Pei in his hand, it will belong to this person and never change his mind!"
Leng Ying suddenly had a bad feeling that Princess Phillips appeared in her hand, and she gave it to Yu Pei, who invited the moon, and her heart sank suddenly. She felt that she had been tricked into coming to Princess Phillips. "I have never seen Princess Phillips!"
"Wait a minute!" LengYing mouth stop phillips infanta frown dissatisfaction stare LengYing "why? You want to rob someone? Hum, I can tell you that I expected you to have this trick. Now the whole Happy Hall is surrounded by me. This time, I brought hundreds of chosen men from michel platini into the Imperial City. If you dare to touch me … "
In the words of the unruly princess Phillips, it is a threat to the second emperor, and naturally she knows the seriousness of the matter. She glared at the triumphant princess Phillips and gnashed her teeth and asked, "Why didn’t you take it out as soon as you knew you had won?"
"Ha ha ha … because I want to see your funny expression now …" Princess Phillips laughed impudently and Lengying was completely angry. She deeply remembered today’s humiliation in her heart. One day she will wash away today’s humiliation. She will ask this little girl to kneel in front of her and beg for a detour!
This night, Princess Phillips got a stop, and he was also glad that he didn’t fall into Lengying’s hand. He would find a suitable opportunity to escape, and he wouldn’t let a woman touch him, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to see him if he invited the moon.
On the second day, the jade king received a call from the queen to invite the moon to the palace and accompanied him to the palace. By the way, he wanted to send the night stop back to the palace. After all, this month, the palace was not his permanent residence for nine emperors. On this day, the moon was invited and the night stop was cold for a day.
Back to the long-lost palace, the Queen urgently ordered Jade Wang Wu to send troops to the northern town for chaos.
After the banquet broke up at night, the moon was invited back to the long-lost imperial palace. This night was doomed to be an unsettled night, and everything was doomed to be tragic. The moon was invited to stay in the palace tonight, and the jade king was able to get everything ready on the 5 th and go to the soldiers overnight.
The night is still desperately devouring greed and trying to get rid of Li. At this time, the palace outside the palace is also shrouded in darkness
Several shadows flashed outside a door, making each other a color. I broke into the bed and found that there was no one in the bed. I couldn’t help but look at each other suspiciously.
"Are you looking for me?" A calm voice can’t be calm and indifferent, and it can’t be indifferent again.
The men in black looked back at Zheng ‘an sitting beside the guzheng and stared at the strings. It seemed that they had expected that they would come here to find him.
"Who are you?" The light question shouldn’t be LengYing. If it was LengYing, she wouldn’t have waited so long to start work …
Lying in bed and resting, he opened his eyes faintly. He felt the murderous look, which was very strong. The murderous look enveloped the whole month. It seemed that there was an eye staring at each of them in this dark night. Today, his ethereal eyes got up and went to the room with vigilance, only to see that Xuan Lin also came with a sword.
Looking at a few men in black in the distance, there is a pair of red eyes staring at here. The eyes are killing marks, and the pale face is a fresh contrast.
With a gust of cold wind, I appeared in front of the men in black with a chuckle. Because the assistant ministers have different collars, they can take care of each other. Almost no one can take people away here.
Men in black don’t want to stay longer, but they want to finish taking it away directly, so they break holes in the roof and leave the porch neighbors to attack them first. Their intentions have always been ethereal, and no one has seen what tricks he has used, but tonight, before the martial arts first appeared,
Unlike Xuan Lin’s unpredictable sword, the weapon is a string, just like others, and his martial arts are also ethereal and careless. It is always clever to condense cold in his hands and cut each other’s throat when they are near others’ frostbite.
Killing bloody eyes in the dark has been impatient, and all the people have seen it with a powerful force, and they have taken three steps back, only to find that the masked man in the dark has grabbed his throat and has no resistance at all.
"What’s the matter? What’s the matter? " Mu Yan is always the one who is the slowest when he hears the movement. He was shocked when he ran over and looked at this scene "…"
Men in black hit MuYan with a powerful force of cutting, and MuYan made a strong impact in the past. MuYan took the opportunity to hide from two powerful forces, and a surprising case broke out. Men in black took one look at it unfathomable and took it away. At the same time, men in black in the room, including even the bodies, disappeared …
Disappeared so cleanly, it can be seen that this is a very organized and well-trained group. The word "dark guard" flashed through their minds, and only those with power and status can be qualified to train dark guards.
"It seems that things have become difficult!" Meaning to restore forget dust ethereal smile eyes are cold and terrible.
Xuan Lin thought about it and called a footman, "Send someone into the palace at once and ask the temple to come back!"
"It’s … slave … I’ll go …" The footman who has been hiding trembled and answered. There are also neighbors who can command the tone to invite the moon to come back immediately.
The night … is still long … People … are still waiting for the dawn …
Stay in bed and watch Princess Phillips sleeping beside him. Last night, Princess Phillips won him from Lengying. When he came back, he just pestered him and told her one story after another. In the end, he made up a chat story at random to put her to sleep.
I yawned and walked over to blow out the candles, but then I heard something moving and still. I was curious and went to the door and saw a few men in black walking with a white figure through the crack of the door. The white figure looked very powerful.
Check along the white dress to see the white face of Zhang Cang in the middle of the back. It’s him … Inviting assistant minister on the moon. How can he see the men in black around him here? It should be caught … What did the Jade King invite him to do? "
The man in black took it into a door and disappeared from sight. When he turned around, he gasped at a pair of eyes that were staring at him. "What are you doing?"
Princess Phillips took a candlestick to illuminate her face and took a long sigh of relief after seeing the face of Princess Phillips. "Princess, you scared me to death!"
"What are you doing here?" Philippine infanta curious to ask

Two dog called Huang Yan and Ma Erdan, and several people held a small meeting at two dog’s house.

At the meeting, the list of land acquisition in Fancun, two dog was signed, and the compensation for land acquisition of 60 million yuan and a budget of 100 million yuan were hit by the financial director respectively.
Before this, Taoyuan Township remembered that the weather was sunny, and she was worried that people were not the only one in the village, big and small. Pi two dog really had such strong financial resources to repair the road. Now, the compensation of 60 million yuan went directly to Fancun Village, and a budget of 100 million yuan hit Taoyuan Township, and Pi Boss withered her and made her bear the commander-in-chief of Fancun Highway.
Fan Daxie, the veteran king is even more excited than her. Seeing 60 million text messages, this big hug and Pi two dog shed excited tears.
At noon that day, nine planets TV News broadcasted a news rolling, and the news that Pi two dog donated to build Fancun Highway once again detonated the streets and alleys of nine planets City, and citizens gave a thumbs up to Pi two dog.
Fan Daiyu, the first deputy mayor of nine planets City, didn’t know that two dog was serious until he heard the secret report.
There is no road to Fancun, which has always been a heart disease for Fan to fish. The problem is that he can’t squander his finances. Every year before the road was built in his hometown, Fancun and Taoyuan Township reported to apply for funds for road construction in the city. The Highway Bureau had already approved it, but in the end, they all fished for Fan.
Now Pi two dog personally invested more than 100 million yuan to build a four-lane asphalt road in Fancun because he took a fancy to the fertile fields in Fancun.
No one can question the reason why he wants to rent a field in Fancun to grow vegetables, and of course he needs to build a road.
In this way, it becomes logical to build roads in Fancun. His political opponents have no place to write if they want to make an article.
Off the British sunny two skin two dog non-stop called the big nai village and village two beautiful village chief to discuss the horse club this great project.
"The number of villages in Danai and Ercun in two dog totals 21,000. If the yield of each acre of vegetables is very scary, how will you do it then?" A village head Huang Yan holding the staff for him to say
"Yes and yes, boss, a bunch of villagers have planted so many fate dishes, and the yield per mu is as high as one hundred million Jin! God, where are so many dishes sold that they won’t rot? " Liu cherry is also a big tongue-tied way
"Two beauties At present, my Cynomorium pill factory has realized 10,000 mu of automatic production to plant Cynomorium pills, 5,000 mu of four raw materials, and this famous health care factory needs it as raw material to grow 6,000 mu of vegetables! In terms of channels, you don’t worry that the 6,000 mu of anti-weather vegetables are picked in turn every day, not as soon as I finish picking them, I will go south to the southern coastal metropolis to open up a bigger market! " Two dog methodical way
"Well, that would be great!" Huang Yan excited way
"Wow, boss, in such a big market in the south, 6,000 mu of fate food totals 30 million Jin every half month, and millions of Jin can be collected every day! The existing channel plus the imperial capital market will take as much as two million Jin every day. If I want to find a channel of one million Jin in the southern coastal metropolis, it will be completed! "
It’s a reassurance to see Huang Yan and Liu Cherry swear by him.
"two dog every help you grow? Like the people who laughed at you before and those hooligans, did you help him plant them? " Huang Yan don’t understand
"People who laughed at me for stepping on me, splashing me with sewage and village tyrants, of course, I’m not a good guy if I don’t plant seeds!" Two dog said don’t forgive
"That’s right. If you don’t give this kind of person the seed to make him regret going to two dog, then make a blacklist!" Huang Yan looked at him with a face of worship.
"Former village chief Pi Cannon, local ruffian Liu Yiliang, Liang Chao Fujia, Millennium Bug Family, Shaba Qijin Dog Family, Yang Chaochun Family and Chunhua Family?" Two dog remembered while thinking about Huang Yan.
"And Lan Shanfa’s king egg is not a good thing!"
"Add the blacklist to Garland Shanfa and the Lanshi Chunbu!" Two dog didn’t good the spirit way.
"two dog, as far as I know, when you were down and out, the big fat wives in the village, such as Xianglan, Wang Matou, Ding Pi, Liang Meihua and Mei Mei, all laughed at how many bad things the dog said behind your back and asked me to tell them not to give them the seeds and make them regret it!" Said Huang Yan and added the names of these people to the blacklist one by one.
"The boss some time ago, rumors were flying about you, saying that you stole things and made a fortune, saying that you stole children and that you peeked at women taking a bath. As far as I know, there are no fewer than seven famous names who are gossips! Do you want to add these gossips to the blacklist? " Liu cherry trap to feel avenged way
"Come on, Sister Huang Yanjie, remember to keep all the seeds from the blacklist!"
"Then I reported that Huang Damao is the most vicious person and said that you are a thief everywhere. Shi Zhenxiang, Cai Jingjing and seaweed are gossips who speak ill of you everywhere!"
"Is there anything else?"
"I can think of just a few."
"The 1234 ….. a total of ten blacklisted cancel an acre of welfare! Tell these people to lose hundreds of thousands a month, which makes them regret it! " Huang Yan Jie qi Dao
"Good two beauty you go back and hold a villagers’ meeting to register the list as soon as possible! Is there anything else? "
"No, then let’s open a villagers’ meeting!"
Huang Yan excitedly left Liu Yingtao, but got up and went to two dog’s bedroom and fell red on the couch. "Boss, my back is a little itchy. Please scratch it for me."
"Ah, Sister Cherry, my back itches, too. Please help me catch it first!" Two dog also a fart pier lying on the couch.
"You guy, who told me I like you? Come on, I’ll scratch you!" Liu Cherry’s delicate finger means that two bears were arrested on the back. After a while, she took the initiative to kiss and kiss the two, and she did something no three no four …
At two o’clock in the afternoon, the sky cleared up and the cold north wind stopped, and a warm spring breeze blew from the south.
In the spring, two dogs took Tian Huilixiang to town and two drove to the Eye Building in Jiulong Mountain to find Wong Tai Sin.
Last night, Xiaohong, a female ghost who went to the underground palace to explore the road, came to the amazing news that the Dragon King of the East China Sea was missing!
At that time, two dog was afraid that the Dragon King of the East China Sea would retaliate against Wong Tai Sin. He specifically told Wong Tai Sin to hide in the basement. In addition, to be on the safe side, he also sent an additional 100 rats and soldiers to the Eye Tower, and also let the female ghost Xiaohong Eye Tower sit in to prevent the East China Sea Dragon King from suddenly attacking.
After driving to Tianyan Building, two dog called Xiaohong, a female ghost, to the front and said, "Is there anything wrong with Xiaohong?"
"Master, last night, I took a team of rats and soldiers to the underground palace to find someone to turn it upside down and saw a female corpse, the Dragon King of the East China Sea, missing! Someone must have let it go! "
"I know that the Dragon King of the East China Sea has escaped. I mean, is Wong Tai Sin all right?"
"Report that the master Wong Tai Sin’s basement door won’t leave the second door, and nothing will happen!"
At this time, the rat demon king slipped out and squeaked at two dog twice, which was to drag his trouser legs down inside.

"Don’t try it," said Sister Su. "This is a magic wind that can be blown to pieces even by Luo Jinxian. It’s an extreme magic wind with five elements. Besides, according to my observation these days, it seems that the magic wind in Baiyucheng has been wandering all the time in the ancient square, saying that the universe is beyond people’s imagination. Even if you can pass through it, you will be lost. No one can find you in the unknown corner."

Tang Xiaofeng said, "But the vernacular seems to have come in without relying on Xuantianbi."
"Well," said Tang Xiaoshan, "There must still be some rules in the wandering of Baiyu City. I have also studied that there are many things in this city that have not been able to get a white one yet."
Tang Xiaofeng turned around to see her sister wearing a pink dress, with a lush half-arm lining and exquisite clothes. It is auspicious to wear a palace knot, but it was when the Han Palace imitated immortals and combed flying fairy buns.
She raised her head from a leaf as if thinking deeply.
He sighed lightly, "I’m leaving soon."
Sister "well" a.
He laughed. "Why don’t you say something? I’m afraid it will take me a year and a half to come here. "
Sister looked at him thoughtfully for a moment and said, "Remember to find that sister Cuifang when you return to China. She is really good to you. Don’t let her down."
Tang Xiaofeng laughed. "You don’t say this."
Tang Xiaoshan added, "Let her come here after you find her. My sister needs her help with something."
Tang Xiaofeng said, "That’s it?"
Sister said, "If you have time, bring Wan Ru, Honghong, Liangzhen and other sisters."
Tang Xiaofeng said, "What else?"
Sister said, "You can also bring the scattered flower picture and the five-color pen to find the leftover flower gods and make up for them all."
Tang Xiaofeng said, "Oh … Is it gone?"
Sister didn’t good the spirit tunnel "what do you want me to say?"
Tang Xiaofeng laughed. "Why don’t you kiss goodbye when the horse is about to be divided?"
Sister spat with a red face, "What the hell are you thinking, dead brother?"
Tang Xiaofeng is staring at her to abrupt strong arms around her willy-nilly kissed.
Tang Xiaoshan struggled hard, but his younger brother couldn’t break free. It was his younger brother who not only kissed her strongly, but also hated to pry her white teeth with his tongue.
But she is also lucky to be "bullied" by her younger brother.
Tang Xiaofeng held her sister in silence for a long time before slowly releasing her, "Sister … you are not cured."
Not only is it not good, but it is even weaker.
He slowly tunnel "elder sister I still stay here …"
"Fool" Tang Xiaoshan knocked on his head. "What are you going to do if you stay here with Zi Yan and Li Rong, Zi Zhi and Yun Zhi? But there is no elder sister who needs you alone. "
Tang Xiaofeng said with a wry smile, "Sister, am I a scum?"
Tang Xiaoshan opened his eyes wide and was surprised. "You didn’t know until now?"
My sister laughed. "Even if you are scum, it is my brother’s. I won’t look down on you."
Sister teary-eyed, is that what you said about your brother?
"Little brother, do you know?" My sister smiled. "The Buddha said that looking back 500 times in the past life only made me pass by once in this life! I have always believed that there is no reason why you will be my brother in this life. This is the fate between you and me, as well as between you and Cuifang, Ziyan and Jinfeng. "
How dare you say it? You came here to ask someone else to be your brother.
"Don’t worry about sister" Tang Xiaoshan looked at him "sister will be fine"
Tang Xiaofeng looked at her suspiciously, but added, "In this case, draw yourself to the sky, and let Tihuahua and Xiuying draw you before me, but they can’t."
Sister sighed lightly, "Of course they can’t draw a picture of the scattered flowers of the goddess. It was originally to draw ninety-nine flower gods, and no one can draw it except them."
Is that right? Tang Xiaofeng some tybalt slain, what else would he like to say? My sister has laughed. "Let’s go. They are all waiting for you."
Tang Xiaofeng nai Hao took his sister to fly to Fang …
In the corner of Baiyu City, there is a Tianzhu Baoxuan Pavilion with ten blue columns.
These ten pillars are Xuantianzhu, which leads to the top ten caves in the world.
The Tianzhu Baoxuan Pavilion will always absorb the moonlight and the aura in the mysterious place. When the human world is full of moons, you can start one of these ten pillars to make a ladder to send people directly to one of the ten caves.
Tang Xiaofeng, Tang Jinxin, Ji Shenyu, Wei Ziying, and thirty-six girls of plough bid farewell to Tang Xiaoshan, Lian Jinfeng, Xue Hengxiang, Yao Zhixin, Sifang Shichun, Moon and others.
The moon came to go with them. She said she was going to find the vernacular, but Tang Xiaoshan kept her from running around.
Although the moon likes to run around, she also likes to follow Tang Xiaoshan, and now she sees Bian Baoyun and they are afraid that they will beat her ass back, so she stays.
Tang Xiaofeng hugged Jin Feng and Heng Xiang and reached out to Yao Zhixin, who was scared to hide.
Then he just smiled and stepped into the Xuantianzhu leading to Huashan.
Tang Jinxin, Ji Shenyu and others followed.
Xiao-shan Tang watched them disappear and sighed softly in his heart.
Looking back 500 times in the past life only to get a pass in this life.
When fate comes, everything comes naturally
When the edge is scattered, it can’t stop …

The man at the front of the bike suddenly became one leng and suddenly felt his heart beat involuntarily, so he quickly stopped the reins in his hand and stretched out his hand to hold her arm.

"What are you doing?" Chu smoke sand was suddenly pulled to the horse’s back, and a smell of Long Xianxiang suddenly jumped into the nasal cavity. Chu smoke sand felt instantly fall into a meat wall, and the man suddenly pulled the reins to speed up.
Chu Yansha has always been calm, but at this time she is in a panic. This is the first time she has had such close contact with a man.
"ah! Lord! Lord! Come and chase! " The maid-in-waiting, who had just recovered, was scared to collapse all over. The eunuch had turned the carriage around and hurried towards the two men.
The world is too chaotic and there are too many bad guys. Maybe they just want to arrest people on purpose.
Several eunuchs who came with Chu Yansha hurried towards them because she had martial arts and the distance from the palace to Linwangfu was not long, so there was nothing to guard against.
Chu Yansha grew up on horseback. She is not afraid of this. At this time, she suspects that these two men have never spoken. What she feels most is that his hot breathing seems to be a little fast.
"pa!" The two men finally stopped. Chu Yansha jumped from the horse and jumped neatly. Her eyes were cold and she looked at the two men in front of her. She could see that the Chinese man in black was the Lord.
Chu Yansha slapped the man unceremoniously. It was the first time to ride with a man in the past. This man was handsome, but his accomplishment was not so good. Otherwise, he rampaged all the way and dragged her here.
Chu Yansha looked up and just now seven Catharine was going to the palace.
"Girl, did you hit someone?" The first few steps of the man’s entourage seemed to be to argue with her, and the man waved his hand and hurried back.
When the man saw her clearly, he suddenly froze, lowered his eyes, and took a step back. Did he have any crooked thoughts?
"What if something happens when your street is rampaging and the people are jostling?" Chu smoke sand wanted to think, but it was not afraid that he would just say what he wanted to say.
"What happened just now was that we didn’t think about it because we had something urgent to do. It was abrupt to pull you back for fear of hurting the girl after the horse ran fast." The man in black robe looked at her and said.
She’s different from other women. She’s got a lot of guts
Chu Yansha hesitated-now that people have told the reason and admitted that they did something wrong, and no one was injured, it is not good for her to pester again.
"So that’s it." Chu Yansha’s words just fell not far away and there was a shout.
Two men followed, and several men and a woman came running this way. They should be looking for her.
Chu smoke sand nodded toward the man and then stepped toward them.
"Lord, let’s go first!" The attendant around the man in black couldn’t help but wake up. The man nodded, but his eyes were fixed on her.
"Well," the man took the lead and turned away, followed by the attendant.
But Chu Yansha didn’t find that the man was walking towards the palace of Chu at this time.
"Lord, are you all right?" Chu Yansha maid-in-waiting breath has a full face covered in sweat, and cold wind blows and chills.
Chu Yansha is a little sorry, whether slave or master, they are worried that she is true. After all, it was a mistake.
It’s a misunderstanding, and it’s like this.
"Nothing is a misunderstanding." Chu Yansha truthfully replied that the eunuchs and ladies-in-waiting breathed a sigh of relief after hearing this, and they were bad people. They ran away when they saw many people.
Chu smoke sand turned around and looked at this time has not seen the two people any figure is really mysterious!
"You’re all tired and have a rest before you go." Chu Yansha looked at several people sweating like a pig. I’m sorry. Now it’s cold. I hope they don’t get cold.
"Thank you!" The eunuchs and ladies-in-waiting saw that she was all right, and they breathed a sigh of relief. It was even warmer to hear her say so.
"Lord, let’s take the carriage first," said Chu Yansha, the close-fitting maid-in-waiting who pulled the carriage curtain.
Chu Yansha nodded and then got into the carriage. The men simply sat on the floor and took a short rest before heading for the palace.
While Su Shiyuan here in Wangfu advised Xianer, she still couldn’t reach the bottom in her heart. Now I hope her elder sister-in-law will be fine.
"Yuaner, what do you think?" The people in the front office have already removed the food to Su Shiyuan, walking around the table in circles, and the face is not very good.
Su Shiyuan stopped after hearing his words. "How do you know that I am thinking about things?"
"I’m an old married couple. Is there anything I don’t know?" Chu Lin said with a smile that Su Shiyuan gave him a white look.
"Do you still have the idea to laugh? I’m dying of worry." Su Shiyuan sat in the chair opposite Chu Lin with a frown on her tender lip.
"But this time, let’s learn from my sister’s temper. I know that her heart is very uncomfortable, but she won’t say it directly like Xianer. She is afraid that we are worried." Chu Lin’s eyes know that she is worried about this matter and he doesn’t care about it.
His sister loved Hong Zhan for so long. In the early years, Hong Zhan risked his life because of him, but this time everything was calm, but there was an extra fairy around Hong Zhan.
Xianer just questioned each of them so much, and he was really angry, but it wasn’t long before he thought that she had lost her father, and he just suppressed what he wanted to say.
He believes that Hong Zhan won’t tread two boats, so the result may be the best. He has delayed her for too long and can’t delay it any longer.
"Husband, you know? I just saw that Huang Jie was so heartbroken that it really hurt the top of her heart. Later, the words poked at my heart one by one like the tip of a knife. I don’t know what will become like this. "Su Shiyuan crossed her arms on the desktop and touched her face, and her dark and watery eyes rolled.
"There is no relationship, and there is no right or wrong. We can’t control it." Chu Lin’s heart is also not the taste. His sister should be stronger and never do anything stupid.
It’s that sentence when she left the battlefield that scared her. It’s really scary. Chu Lin is constantly relishing that his heart is getting more and more nervous.
"Yes, you are right. Even Xianer can’t make herself white, but you heard what she just said. She thinks I’m partial to my sister. I don’t want to end up because what Qi has in our hands is not important to me. You and I have never meant to kick down the ladder. This time, she is really impulsive, but I dare not say more for fear that she will think too much." Su Shiyuan took a long breath and poured a cup of hot tea and looked up and drank it like drinking.
"Even so, she still thinks too much." Su Shiyuan hesitated and added.
"She has white your mind, I believe I won’t blame you." Chu Lin ‘an comforted that this seemingly temper-less Xianer is so difficult to coax. It seems that it is really a woman’s heart in the sea.
Su Shiyuan doesn’t refute and then nods, which can dilute everything by time. If Hong Zhan and the two of them make up, it will be peaceful.
"There’s a distinguished guest in the main palace." Speaking of the devil, they went to Su Shiyuan and looked at each other face to face. Suddenly there was a burst of footsteps outside.
Hong Zhan towards two people a fuels will just get the news leave to two people.

"why?" Zhuang’s eyebrows are raised not far away

"You see …" Old boom handed over a thick engineering standard.
Gao sedan chair, vice president of Lizhou Construction Group, Yancheng Construction Group Branch, and Kane Bohei, CEO of IF Company, are sitting in the top floor office drinking champagne to celebrate.
"Congratulations to Mr. Gao first," Bohei smiled. "It is estimated that Mr. Gao will be the head of the state construction group soon!"
"Where where depends on Mr Bohei’s brilliant idea" Gao sedan chair could hardly restrain his smiling face and took a few hard shots to keep himself from gaffes, but the horse couldn’t help laughing again "I’m afraid Xu Nianwu was dumbfounded! Holding your thighs? Hahahaha, it’s a pity that he is holding the wrong thigh! "
Bo’s dark face showed a light smile. "I just pulled the enemy into the battlefield where we are good at it."
On the second floor of the same building, Xu Nianwu and Li Zhe are sad, and the whole room is filled with smoke.
"What can I do?"
"Don’t worry, Director Hong Long has gone to consult with the landlord."
"Even the landlord … is out of the question …" Xu Nianwu was not so optimistic.
In fact, he is full of pessimism now, and he is anxious at the thought that he has struggled all his lIFe and that the state will become a high school and sedan chair will become an if bag.
Yesterday, Yancheng released the detailed construction and acceptance standards for this project.
The standard formulation is very strict, including the construction machinery, methods, standards, processes, etc. have been greatly narrowed.
In fact, the construction method of manor is suspected of violating the rules in the world of all processes and standardization.
However, since the manor has completed the project with good quality and quantity, it is natural that no one will pursue the sedan chair.
Moreover, the virtual city has always been famous for putting bags, and now it has embraced this new construction method and has formulated local construction standards
Obviously, Yancheng refused this change.
But the situation is even worse.
Just then his cell phone rang.
"Is Lao Xu so serious?"
Zhuang bu Li yin lai
"Master Zhuang …" Xu Nianwu said, "You may not know the status of industrial flower tunnel construction in this field."
"In fact, the standard process of shield machine and modern tunnel construction is designed, promoted and established by industrial flowers."
"According to this standard, we want to buy an IF machine to make the IF construction technology adopt the IF acceptance standard. This is not the battlefield that the other party is best at … this is simply to get fresh in others’ lair! How can you win? "
Xu Nianwu is almost desperate.
How do you compete with an opponent who is both an athlete and a referee?
The other side builds roads and races with the other side. The other side can stop you at any time. You have to cross the road and let you live in a roadside shop. How do you win?
How can he protect himself from being sucked dry by greedy IF by building a state league for a generation?
"Don’t worry," Zhuang’s not far away voice is still very stable. "There must be a way. Don’t worry, we won’t lose, and we will definitely win the state league!"
At that moment, Xu Nianwu almost burst into tears
It feels good to have a backbone!
Chapter 61 To dig well, you can’t dig without a corner.
Hang words not far from Zhuang frowned.
It’s not that easy to kill each other in their best field.
Zhuang’s near confrontation is not an IF, but the industrial standard of the whole mankind for hundreds of years.

At the door of the cabin, Ke Hua has rushed out and screamed with eyes, "Don’t surround me to save Marog!"

Ragby Zhao Baobao is 10,000 times more important. He can’t be kept in a small cabin with lax supervision, but has been locked in the warehouse around Ke Hua, which can also prevent him from having private communication with Zhao Baobao.
When the officers around Kehua heard these words, they all responded. It is important for Kezu Changan, but Rogge can’t have an accident, otherwise the gang in the seven districts will be held accountable.
After hearing the propaganda, the three officers immediately stepped forward and prepared to run to the Rogge cabin, but at this moment, Xiao Qinglong, Xiaobaihu, Xiaozhao and others took the lead in running from the inside warehouse.
Leading small tsing lung saw KeHua immediately after yelling a voice "protect Ke group leader! Get the iron gate and bring Rogge out! "
There is nothing wrong with this command. The little white tiger took the lead in rushing to Kehua, while the little Qinglong and others came to the warehouse door and smashed the door lock directly, forcibly kicking the door panel.
This gun face looked at the hand-painted structural diagram, and Lao Zhan instantly understood it. He immediately shouted at his team members, "There is a gun in the cabin ten meters away, where there is no infiltration by our personnel. It may be the target location."
The degraded special warfare team immediately moved forward and took the lead in blocking the cabin passage.
Three explosive bombs with a tear gas were thrown first.
"Bang bang …!"
An explosion sounded in the corridor, and Kehua and others instantly felt dizzy and smelled a pungent smell.
"Damn it!" Ke Hua squinted angrily, clutching his nose. "The other side played so purposefully that even the position of the main cabin knew that it must be a traitor!"
After the little white tiger was dizzy, he still protected Ke Hua for the first time. He kept pulling him back and shouted, "Don’t leave the group leader!"
At the same time, the military personnel in the seven districts lost their sight and sense of direction in vain, and the situation still relied on the memory department to point their guns at the entrance of the floor and shoot wildly.
The line of sight is blocked, and once the other party rushes in, it will be cool.
"Dadada …!"
The gun rang fiercely, and Xiao Qinglong shouted, "His mother dragged Rogge out and took his life to protect him!"
Lou Lao Zhan’s team members were just about to rush when they were shot back by the cabin at random.
"They got stuck and blindly swept us into the site." The military personnel in front woke up after hiding in the bunker. "Wait for a few seconds to wait for the real fire."
"Fuck you!"
Old Zhan leng eyes scold a way "are these two people still fucking dare to fight back? ! The blaster came over. "
In the rear, a blaster with a huge backpack stepped forward.
Lao Zhan’s deck moved a step, listened carefully to the position of the square gun, paused for three seconds, pointed to a point on the deck and said, "Just give me a skylight."
Blaster dazed a immediately replied, "don’t we have one of our own? Skylight … Easy to be accidentally injured. "
"Are you stupid? Can one of our own shoot us? ! Give it to me at this point! " Lao Zhan reached the order very decisively.
When the blaster heard the news, he squatted down to the palm of his body and quickly measured the size of a deck. Then he packed his backpack for three seconds on the spot and completed the blasting firepower.
Old Zhan, the blaster, laid four C4 blocks with different sizes at the designated point, then stepped back several times and pressed the initiation key.
A violent explosion resounded through the non-military structure, and the deck of the fishing boat was directly lifted by the skylight. The incision was as neat as a knife, which shows how abnormal the blaster is in controlling the amount of explosives.

But it’s true that the queen killed a family with a good family background. Hui Fei and the emperor didn’t like that Hui Fei’s mother’s family’s rape and crime department, but it was a logical conclusion, such as the queen’s intention to punish that Hui Fei

It happened that the queen couldn’t carry it back, which was a sign that the emperor spoiled her and respected her.
The radian of the corner of the queen’s mouth slightly collapsed, which made her very angry. The jade imperial concubine was improper. This woman is still so refined after many years. "The imperial concubine joked and invited everyone to come to the palace, but she heard that many families are talented and talented, and some of them can’t wait to see it. This will disturb everyone’s rest. You won’t be surprised!"
Smell speech Dong Fengling feel shuffle when couples spend secretly turned supercilious look.
Why not take it personally? I hate this. It’s not somebody else’s business to decide for you first and let you refute the words. What do you mean by being so sure?
The queen says so. Who dares to say that she is normal?
No matter what family status you are afraid of, you won’t embarrass the queen in front of everyone.
At the moment, everyone is in line with reality, and I don’t know how to spit out the queen!
I have to say, Empress … I really don’t know how to say this sentence. Actually, I have drawn hatred for myself. Even if people hinder the royal face, it doesn’t mean that there is no resentment in my heart!
And what the hell reason is there no talent show for every daughter during the Chinese New Year? At that time, the queen was carefully dressed and prepared. Did she ever see it?
Think about Dong Yuling’s feeling that his teeth are sour and he took a sip of the tea next to him.
Just a confrontation between the queen and the imperial concubine revealed that many people, especially those with rich experience in house fighting, suddenly felt that the queen’s method was too crude. If the imperial concubine were such a brainless person, would she still live to have children?
However, the queen and the imperial concubine are well aware of it and naturally ignore it.
"Don’t Lingxin county owners expect it?" The queen’s sudden appearance also shocked Dong Yuling.
Dong Fengling blinked and looked at the queen inexplicably. Although she was close to the queen because of her identity, what was this sudden attack on? At least wake up. She’s not prepared at all. Chapter 44 Chapter 44 gives people a new impression.
Besides, Dong Yuling is sitting next to the jade imperial concubine because of Lian Yan Jing.
But what does the queen shout? Call her title or show that she is a princess?
Dong Yuling secretly left the pie mouth queen, that is, she can talk about it cheaply, so she just ignored it.
Seeing the Queen’s mouth open, she wanted to continue to say that there was some malicious intention in her eyes. Dong Yuling immediately excused herself, "What did the Queen say? Ling Xin didn’t see the performances of various daughters because she sat on the moon during the New Year. How can she not expect it now?"
Dong Yuling’s words made the queen feel sad. She was about to say it when Dong Yuling said it.
It’s definitely different from what Dong Yuling said when she said it. When the time comes, giving Dong Yuling a pull of hatred can also divert everyone’s attention and get some resentment.
Does the queen know that everyone has grievances? But what’s wrong with inviting everyone here?
Of course, there are still some things in Dong Yuling’s words that make the queen vomit blood, that is, the queen who sits on the moon misses her children almost crazy, and her eyes turn red when she listens to others sitting on the moon.
The little eyes of hatred also surprised Dong Yuling, and immediately White Queen was crazy and tangled.
Although Dong Yuling felt that the queen was so pitiful, she had no sympathy at all.
How can Dong Yuling fail to see that the queen wants to be crazy about children, but not because she likes children so much. On the contrary, she doesn’t have that kind of maternal love expectation mood.
It’s a big no-no for the queen to be in the palace. She thinks it’s not safe without children.
It really serves her right that the queen regards the child as a bargaining chip to consolidate her position!
"So that’s it. Which daughter will give the princess a performance? It is better to let the princess have no regrets, "said the queen, who is very generous."
I heard that Dong Yuling’s face looked a little bad. Did the peat queen carry it with her?

"Shrimp? God, my boss’s wife spent 2 million? " Feng Xiang suddenly opened his mouth in surprise when he heard that a disease cost so much money.

"Isn’t it? Recently, Yao Dayan also said that a new secret medicine has been developed, and it costs 50 thousand yuan for a course of treatment, and he asked me to get the medicine! If Wang Lang Junxian Qigong didn’t help me cure gout, I would still be a big head! " Small white pear spirit not dozen 1 come way
"But the dean of medicine said that his secret medicine cured you, but it was a big bargain!"
"What’s wrong! My gout is cured by Wang Langjun! The most important thing is that people still see a doctor and give him money! Director Feng, I can tell you that Wang Langjun is a real story. He is not an illegal doctor. He is a real warrior. He is a liar. There are no good people in the world! " Xiaobaili didn’t expect Yao Dayan to report Wang Langjun’s wanton smearing of him. It’s a despicable thing.
"ah? See a doctor! There is a Pi two dog in Da Nai Village who is also seeing a doctor. Why has another one come out? " This Feng couldn’t help wondering about Wang Langjun.
"two dog? Is that the one who grows vegetables against the sky? Don’t know! " Xiaobaili wants to know that Wang Langjun, who is treating her, is either someone else or a person from two dog. I don’t know what her expression will be.
"Wife of shop-owner do you have Wang Langjun couplet? Or his address? " Feng Xiangxin said that when it is urgent, he should try to find Wang Langjun.
Chapter 167 Medicine big eyes treat
When I heard that I wanted Wang Langjun’s number, Xiaobaili said that I wanted to sue Wang Langjun for illegal medical practice. I don’t know if Wang Langjun has a medical qualification certificate, and even if Wang Langjun has a real story, Director Feng can treat him for a crime of illegal medical practice. I heard that this crime is very serious and I will be sentenced
Thinking of this, Xiaobaili held a sweat for Wang Langjun and said, "To tell you the truth, Director Feng, this Wang Langjun is a traveling doctor. He never stays in contact with others, nor does he show his real name. Besides, he will change his appearance. Most people won’t know!"
"Oh, that’s ok. If you look at the transcript, please sign it in person!" According to the investigation procedure, she has to make a record of every case she investigates.
Xiaobaili’s face suddenly changed when he saw that Feng wanted to record the big eye of medicine. "Don’t remember the big eye of medicine, director Feng?"
"Is it true that the boss’s wife has a big eye?"
"Of course it’s true, but this has nothing to do with your investigation of Wang Langjun?" Small white pear dumbfounded way
"It’s a fact. If it really cost two million, I’ll report to the level that this medicine is suspected of cheating! You are not afraid to trust the government! " Feng wanted to give her a reassurance.
"Feng, director of the I’m afraid I can’t! I didn’t report the drug eye. Please cross out the drug-related eye record! " Xiaobaili said that this is not a joke. The connections in the big eye market are unpredictable. She knows that Fan, the vice mayor in charge of the health system, is very good with him.
Besides, it is her voluntary intention to see a doctor with a big eye for medicine. Although it costs a lot of money, I really don’t think it is necessary to cheat her with a big eye for medicine.
Feng wanted to see her and insisted on deleting it, but she had to delete the big eye part involving drugs
Feng wanted to know that Zhang Ji’s ex-wife Zhou Yun had contacts with Wang Langjun, so he called Zhou Yun and said, "Zhou Yi, I want to ask you about someone, okay?"
"Director Feng, who do you want to inquire about?" Since Zhou Yun made Pi two dog’s secret love affair, she has a sweet smile on her face everywhere, and she doesn’t consciously hum songs to see everyone smiling. Somehow, she has to think about Pi two dog, and her mood is great. For her, Pi two dog excites her more than stimulants.
"Do you know Wang Langjun?"
"He, director Feng, what are you looking for him for?"
"Well, I have a relative who has a strange disease. I heard that Wang Langjun has excellent medical skills and I want to ask him for help!" Feng wants to learn, too. Just now, she suspected that Xiaobaili deliberately concealed it.
"Oh, you see him? Ok, I’ll ask him! " Zhou Yun doesn’t know if it’s a plan.
"Don’t dare to work, Zhou Yi, just give me his contact number!"
"Ah?" Listen to the number that Feng wants. Zhou Yun left an extra heart to listen to Feng’s tone of voice. She didn’t know that Wang Langjun was a pseudonym of Pi two dog. You should know that this girl is the director of the health clinic. If she gets a bad hand, she will be charged with illegal medical practice in Pi two dog. Then she won’t hurt her heart. The thought of Zhou Yun’s cold sweat said, Oh, my God, I almost wanted to be a doctor!
"Well, Wang Langjun is an expert in the world. It’s impossible for him to leave his number. It’s fate to find him!" Zhou Yun also plays the fool.
"Oh that Zhou Yi if you know he must inform me! Thank you! " Feng think this curiosity is stronger, and the heart says meow a mi. Is this Wang Langjun so sacred? So many charming women, he is a cover. Hum, I can’t believe I can’t find Wang Langjun!
Besides, as soon as Zhou Yun hung up on Feng Xiang’s words, she immediately informed Pi two dog, "two dog is not good. The Feng Xiang in the health clinic asked Wang Langjun that her family had a strange disease and asked me for your number!"
"ah? You didn’t give it to her that week? " Pi two dog called shit. He came under a pseudonym. If someone catches this braid, it’s another big trouble.
"You this guy, I am your woman, I will definitely not betray you. I doubt that it is good for Director Feng to find you!"
"Don’t doubt that medicine big eye ran to her to report I said I was practicing medicine illegally! Director Feng is here to investigate my office. You must never tell her the truth that Wang Langjun is me! " Pi two dog learned that Zhou Yun helped him keep the secret, and he couldn’t help but feel grateful to her. It’s a good thing that Zhou Yi didn’t messed him up.
"Oh my god had a narrow squeak! Fortunately, I kept my eyes open. Do you think Yao Dayan is the dean of Yaoding Hospital? " Zhou Yun painfully head asked him
"Isn’t it? That old bastard treated Xiaobaili for two years and spent two million yuan. As a result, Xiaobaili’s disease cured me, which is equivalent to breaking the drug and making money. He regards me as a thorn in my side and a thorn in my flesh and wants to get rid of me! "
After learning the story, Zhou Yun was willies. "Oh, my God, the medicine is so bad! Don’t let this hanging hair succeed, dear. I have to inform Ye Miaoyin and tell them to keep it a secret! "
"Well, you can inform them!"
"two dog, I miss you. Don’t you kiss me?" Zhou Yun is like a newlywed to Pi two dog. The young couple are glued to him, and they want to die if they don’t see him for a moment.
"Good kiss!" So he said a word to the goods.
Hear boh Zhou Yun this just hung up with satisfaction.
Besides, Yao Dayan, after he left Baiyang Town Health Center, felt that it was not enough to report the evil spirit to deal with his peers’ enemies, so he thought of his little brother Liu Dazhao.
Speaking of this big willow, it’s a famous street in nine planets city, a small Hong Kong, and a big willow has set up a hill. There are hundreds of little brothers at the bottom, and the biggest casino in small Hong Kong is him. Even Wong Tai Sin, the city’s super boss, has to see him.
Let’s get started. On the night of YaoDayan, Daxian Hotel booked a luxury box for a grand banquet for my little brother Liu Tiao.
After three rounds of wine and three flavors of medicine, I said that I had come here. "Great article. Recently, there was a powerful person named Wang Langjun in the city. This person is a quack doctor who knows qigong treatment methods and can fool some rich people with high energy. This person can be arrogant. He told me not to rob my business and cut off my financial path. This person must be removed, otherwise my Yaoding Hospital will have to close down!"
"ah? Brother-in-law, a little charlatan can ruin your hospital, can’t it? " Willow article a face of incredible way
Chapter 16 counterplot
"Article big ah you don’t know this person badly! His cheating on women is beyond your imagination and mine! What about you? Find some people and don’t be too hard to drive him out of the ground in nine planets! "
"Brother-in-law this package me! Come and drink! "
Two big eyes, satiated with food and scattered medicine in a hubbub, went home to see Liu Xifei, a little wife with three marriages. He also instructed Liu Xifei, "Wife, do me a favor." When the big eyes were filled with medicine, Wang Langjun was told the whole story to his wife, such as cheating money and cheating color, stealing his business, and breaking his income.
"I went to this king’s egg and ate a bear heart leopard. He dared to grab food from your bowl and ask Da Tiao to drive him out of the city!" Willow fine princess sinister vicious way
"Violence is not the best way. Smart people won’t be so reckless. The key is that this illegal medical practice can send him to prison so that he can eat for several years!"
"Husband, I know how to do it. We need a bag with a pinhole camera and then I pretend to be sick. What’s wrong? Do you want to install gynecological diseases? " Liu Xifei, relying on the wife of the Dean and her younger brother, is so busy eating, drinking and having fun every day that she is greatly stimulated at the thought that she can lurk to the bad guys.
Medicine big eyes a listen to his wife to install gynecological diseases and then give Wang Langjun a look at the disease. I thought that Wang Langjun saw his wife’s jealousy and made a big mistake. "How can I install gynecological diseases?" Isn’t that all for Wang Dazhao? No, no! "
"That lumbar disc herniation?"
"This can’t be done. Lumbar spondylosis generally requires examination of the coccyx and refers to the examination. Isn’t that for Wang Da to cheat?"
"This doesn’t work either. That doesn’t work either. What do you mean by pretending?" Liu Xifei gave her husband a dissatisfied look.
"I’m sick of my spine. Look, this disease won’t hurt!"
"Well, listen to you! Oh, my God! " When it comes to strong vertebrae, suddenly Liu Xifei is like a lotus root in a fixed position. As soon as her neck becomes stiff, great pain is passed to her brain through nerve endings and she screams like killing a pig.
"Wife, what’s wrong with your neck? I will send you to the hospital! "
Yao Dayan was in a hurry and took his wife to his hospital. It didn’t take long for the film to come out. Liu Xifei was diagnosed with cervical spondylosis
I learned that I really suffered from vertebral disease. Liu Xifei was so angry that she took medicine and pulled her ears. "You are a king’s egg!"
"Oh my wife let go, ok? I don’t say that you should have it or you will have it. It is your husband’s specialty to treat lumbar vertebrae and cervical vertebrae if you are sick! " Say that finish medicine big eye is busy taking medicine for little wife. Seeing little wife killing pigs in pain is busy taking exclusive secret pharmaceutical paste for little wife.
After tossing for more than nine o’clock in the evening, Liu Xifei’s cervical vertebra pain is slightly relieved, but it still hurts.
This girl named Yao Dayan prepared a bag with invisible camera function, and a message was sent to Xiaobaili. Xiaobaili was very good with Liu Xifei, and she promised to meet her as soon as she asked her out.
After the two meetings, Xiaobaili was taken aback when she saw that Liu Xifei’s neck was covered with dog skin plaster. "Beauty, what happened to your neck?"
"Don’t get cervical spondylosis!"
"ah? I didn’t know you had this disease. "
"Tonight just found out bad luck is dead! Sister Pak Lei heard that your gout was cured by an out-of-the-world expert. " Willow fine princess play the fool way
"It’s true. What’s wrong with me?" With that, Xiaobaili jumped in front of her and then twisted her waist. It didn’t hurt at all.

Tang Luoling has never seen Tang Luoling since she married Tang Hui, because Tang Luoling has been raised in Linghu Pavilion in Tangjiabao since she was a child and has never seen outsiders.

On that day, Tang Hui told himself that Tang Luoling had slipped and fallen off a cliff, and even the body could not be found.
If it’s been a long time, how did she find two elders and the door?
Two elders, Tang Dong and Tang Zhong, have always been partial to Tang Luoling’s father, Tang Yanjia, and these two Tang elders met Tang Luoling. Tang Luoling not only showed them his shoulder tattoo, but also made a furnace of Gui Yuan Dan in front of the two elders.
Nowadays, few alchemists in Tangjiabao have been able to refine Tang Luoling, an alchemist of Guiyuan, at one stroke. The exhibition has already claimed the title of the two 85-year-old and 85-year-old masters.
"You shut up! Uncle, it’s not your turn to talk about family matters! "
Tang Hui anger foaming at the mouth couldn’t wait to tear Tang Luoling’s mouth.
It is because he has the heart but not the guts to do these things in front of the two elders. What he does is just an empty gesture.
Tang Luoling nodded. "It’s true that it’s not Luoling’s talkative to be the second uncle’s family, but I’m here with two elders today. It’s one thing to tell the second uncle that the second uncle’s family is now a royal family, and Tang Jiazu’s training cannot be violated. My uncle is no longer suitable for Tang Jiazhu’s loyal elders and Dong elders. It has been agreed that I will take over Tang Jiabao from now on."
This young girl will take over Tang Jiabao?
So he has done so much in Tangjiabao this year, is it all a waste of water?
Tang Zhong stretched out his hand and patted Tang Luoling on the shoulder. "Shine, this matter will be handled by the old man, so you can be there first."
"It’s a loyal elder."
Tang Luoling promised not to confront Tang Hui again.
Tang Zhong turned his head to Tang Hui. "Tang Hui, you haven’t devoted yourself to Tang Jiabao in recent years, and even your own alchemy can’t compare with us old guys. If we old guys hadn’t refined some Dan medicine from time to time over the years to Ankang Hall, I’m afraid Ankang Hall would have been closed!"
Feng Ningxiang felt bad when he heard this.
But the son is not in the Tang government at this time, and the water can’t put out the near fire. She is a pile of unwilling anger and can endure it.
Tang Hui stare Tang Zhong "loyal elders! If you have anything, you might as well tell me directly now. If you want to help this young girl sit in the house, I’ll be the first! "
"no? Do you take anything? At the beginning, you said that you wanted to be the master of the Tang family. We see that you are the younger brother of Tang Yan, and we will be done by you. Now the situation is different. You can’t get the alchemy of Tang Zu’s family. You have violated Tang Zu’s instructions and led Tang Jia again? "
Tang Dong unceremoniously poured out his bitterness in the side. In the end, his old man’s house was so angry that he got up directly and dialed down the hot tea he had just served.
The porcelain of the teacup was broken into several pieces.
Tang Luoling sat beside her and picked her eyebrows. She really didn’t know that Tang Hui could make the elders so angry in recent years.
It seems that she got the two elders right.
Feng Ningxiang saw that Tang Dong was angry and quickly comforted him. "Elder Dong, don’t be angry. If there is anything, let’s talk it over. Anyway, we are all family, right?"
"The family? Have your family ever consulted with the elders? We elders held half of the votes against the fact that the child in Jincheng became a Xu horse. Now what do you say about Luo Wan’s entry into the palace and his noble family? "
Tang Dong’s temper has always been fierce when retorted.
Feng Ningxiang’s choking is really their fault.
Tang Hui finally saw that Tang Luoling had been burying his identity, and at this time, his daughter had been noble and noble, and the imperial edict had been drawn back.
Even if you have any grievances, how can you listen when the two elders have already entered the office first? Explain yourself in chapter 86, chapter 86, the theme of the family.
Tang Hui sighed and asked, "Two elders, we are no longer talking nonsense here. Why don’t you just tell me what you came to Yile City for?"
Tang Zhongzhi looked at his old face and became angry. "Did I just tell you my purpose and repeat it?"
"You mean I just gave an answer. If this young girl is our Tang Jiazhu, I will be the first to disagree!"
Tang Huiyang raised his hand to show his attitude. When he stared at Tang Luoling, he wanted to eat her alive.
Sitting in a chair with a cold smile, Tang Luoling doesn’t think she will be disappointed just by a few words from Tang Hui.
Not to mention his own Tang Zuyin in his hand and an alchemist’s medicine, it’s definitely shine on you is better than blue!
The night palace is selling medicine now. If it is not from her hand, imagine that the night palace is not allowed to sell elixir.
In front of the two elders, she just showed a trick at will.
Dan medicine can reset Tang Jiabao to the third power in the Jianghu, so she will show her strength?
Tang Zhong shook his fist and was very angry. He showed his purpose well.
Guo Tanghui didn’t put himself in the eye at all.
Isn’t this embarrassing him?
He Tang Zhongshen, the elder of the Tang family, was kind to himself when Tang Yan was alive.
But what about this Tang Hui?
Give three points and kick your nose and face immediately. If the tiger doesn’t lose his temper, he will really be a sick cat!
"Tang Hui! It doesn’t matter whether you agree or not, because you have violated the instructions of the Tang family, and you can leave the Down clan by this Tang family alone! "
Tang Zhong’s voice fell and surprised Tang Hui.
Even Feng Ningxiang, one side, was suddenly tongue-tied. It’s no small quarrel that two elders let out such words.
"Let’s calm down, two elders, and have something to say."
Feng Ningxiang hurried forward to stop the fight, but it was her kindness that made Tang Hui directly strike the table and shout, "Want to drive me away from Tang Hui, right?" Now, if you don’t chase me away, I’ll volunteer to make a clean break with Tang Jiabao and come back from now on! Even Moxueman, Tang Xiu and Tang Luoshu are all taken back to Elder Nu! "
Elder Nu is Uncle Moxueman.
In those days, it was the anger elders who were behind Tang Hui, otherwise Tang Hui could not sit on the throne.
Tang Luoling got up and said, "Uncle Anger, the elder died suddenly in a month. Aunt, her children still have to be born with you. Uncle, since you are willing to make a clean break with Tang Jiabao now, we won’t push you too hard. Tang Jiabao has earned 72 million silver this year, except for 35 million silver for medicinal materials and 12 million for drugstore expenses. Then we will leave you 5 million."
And Tang Hui Feng Ningxiang was so shocked that they couldn’t keep their souls. They never thought that Elder Nu was dead!
But the couple didn’t even receive any news.
Now it’s great. Tang Hui is still thinking about the breakthrough of the angry elders, so he will make a clean break with Tang Jiabao voluntarily.
If the fact is contrary to what he thinks, if he can’t brush his face and become white snow, chapter 87 announces the Jianghu.
Even if Tang Hui wants to regret it now, will Tang Luoling give him such an opportunity? He’ll never go back on his word!
Tang Luoling said that he would get out of Tangjiabao if he gave him 5 million. How can that be? !
I think he has done a lot in Tangjiabao over the years, and now he will give himself to this young girl. How can he be willing?