As soon as his right hand turned over, a crystal-clear dagger emerged from the hands of the wonderful fairy. With a wave of his hand, he showed the princess, Miss Ya and other four people’s heads and rushed up with a lotus flower. The high dagger gave a piercing moan, and all four people’s souls were drawn into the dagger. Soon, they were raised by the sword evil method and a ferocious sword spirit was torn to pieces and swallowed as food.

"Hehehehehehe. Immortals can come and go whenever they want. Can you still endure immortals?" Miao Xianren will be in a small building and turn to ashes with a light palm, stepping on a pink cloud and slowly floating to the sky. The right hand dagger gently waved the air and brought up strips of extremely thin cold light. Miao Xianren sighed, "A line of little monks, you are not my opponent. Tell those secluded people in your family to come out, or no one here can beat me!"
A line of road flyovers sneered at a few hands and patted four miles. Road flyovers recited a number at the same time. Ten-story tight encirclement large array’ Wow’ once it rose, it covered up 360 degrees on Sunday, and layers of bright halos wrapped around the sky. The pressure fell from heaven, and the wonderful fairy couldn’t help but frown and nu way "tight encirclement large array? When did you complete all kinds of flag gates needed for disposal? 1,700 years ago ~ ~ ~ "
A line of Taoist priests said lightly, "That was 1,700 years ago after all. Wonderful Taoist friends will give in easily."
Wonderful fairy sneered a few times. When he twisted his body and his right hand penetrated the dagger, he suddenly turned into a dagger. The Taoist priest Yuan Zong jumped at all the people nearby, flying out of a sword and blocking his offensive.
Lin Xiao was also greeted by a silver sword light. He didn’t know how long it was to fly out of the red dragon sword with a red light of two feet. The silver sword light and the red dragon sword were slightly touched by a heavy mountain of pressure, and they hit his face. Lin Xiao stuffy hum a body, and he had already spit out a large amount of blood. Lin Xiao’s chest was like being hit by a heavy hammer, and a burning pain in his insides made him almost faint.
"Jingle" The first flying sword in Lin Xiao’s life, the Red Dragon Sword, has been cut off by the silver sword light. Two scrap irons have fallen from the sky with rolling flames, and Lin Xiao’s mind has been hit hard again, spitting out a bright blood again.
Yao Ying shouted, "Brother Lin ~ Your sword ~ Oh, why are you covered in blood?" Sticking Lin Xiao’s shoulder, Yao Ying’s volume swelled to the size of a human head, and a few tiny palms were stretched out to wipe Lin Xiao’s face quickly.
Lin Xiao has the strength to sit and stare blankly at the wonderful immortals who are manipulating thousands of silvery lights in the sky, and finally understand the gap between himself and these top monks. Lin Xiao tried his best to fly out of the sword light and was cut into two by the ordinary sword light of the wonderful immortals. This really made Lin Xiao a little speechless. The gap between him and the wonderful immortals at the peak of the Yuan Dynasty is too big to imagine.
So how strong is he who can command the bodhi old zu, the demon blood god? If the bodhi old zu of the blood god has gone beyond the Yuan period, then ~ ~ ~
"Is there any hope for revenge?" Lin Xiao bouts of disheartened look at driving the sword light to drive all the monks in Yuan Zong to breathe. Wonderful fairy suddenly sighed deeply.
A group of people suddenly shouted "tight encirclement Magic!"
Ten-story tight encirclement large array suddenly collapsed, and several raindrops were sprinkled. There were dozens of extremely huge optical streams, and a twist and fusion appeared by illusion. There were nearly a hundred feet of phoenix covered with flames. At the same time, the periphery was covered with a large array of tight encirclement, and nearly a thousand younger brothers in Yuan Zong were weak and soft at the same time.
A group of Taoist priests screamed with their hands, and a harsh golden light flew out of his sleeve. In the golden light, it was faintly visible that a big seal was thrown at the wonderful fairy.
At the same time, all the elders in Yuan Zong’s generation flew out of the hands of various magic weapons, and dozens of precious lights with suffocating huge fluctuations hit the wonderful fairy in succession.
The huge fire phoenix suddenly condensed into several feet in length with blinding glare and was carefully lasered at the wonderful fairy 2.
Wonderful fairy face upwards whistling disdain avenue "fairy is still afraid of you? Look at the immortal self-defense treasure’ Happy Hundred Immortals’! "
Hand refers to a colorful pink light flying out of the pink light with graceful music from the fingertips. Hundreds of naked and beautiful women can be seen flying out of the pink light. These women are stupid and stupid, smiling and raising their hands and taking up a number of pink greasy lights to meet the magic weapons that hit their faces and the pure spiritual force condensed into a fire phoenix!
See wonderful fairy will rely on their own earth horse repair and dozens of Yuan Zong elders hard shake when a white jade long feet xu palm suddenly rest wonderful fairy emerged behind this palm came a two feet long ruby ruyi gently shake the wonderful fairy after a hard blow.
"Bang" A muffled sound, the wonderful fairy was beaten to stumble forward and rush. His mouth spit out one mouthful blood, and the real fire burst out of his mouth, but he was beaten for a while. He lost control of Xiaoyao Baixiandou, and dozens of treasure lights exploded almost at the same time. The robes of the wonderful fairy kept popping up, resisting the attack of all kinds of treasure lights, but after all, dozens of Yuan Zong elders teamed up with the wonderful fairy and were blindsided by the back, and finally collapsed, and dozens of treasure lights exploded his body.
In the’ Gaga’ bone fracture, half of Miao Xianren’s body was smashed into pieces on the spot, and half of his body remained.
Wonderful fairy face upwards roar "xuanluo old ghost! How did you learn to sneak attack from behind when you Yuan Zong boasted that you were decent? "
"People always change ~ How easy it is to hit the sap? Why should I fight hard with you?"
Wonderful fairy was so angry that she spit out one mouthful blood and tied him up with dozens of golden rope shadows.
"Xuan Luo old ghost! You mean people! Shame! Flow! You are wrong! " The wonderful fairy was firmly tied by dozens of special’ binding magic ropes’ of Xuanzong, but he still struggled desperately. Blood vessels on his forehead burst out and his eyes were bloodshot. Strong mana fluctuations rolled out from his body and excited the ground in Fiona Fang for several miles. The situation was terrible. More than ten feet near the wonderful fairy, the true yuan frenzy surged almost to the essence, and the wind blew people’s faces. The ground was shoveled with a thick layer of wonderful fairy robes, bursting muscles and swelling up. He wanted to.
It is particularly incredible that with the struggle of Miao Xianren, his broken body is rapidly growing new body tissues from the residual body. It takes a moment for Miao Xianren’s body to return to its original state, and his face looks pale and almost white.
A road flyover with white beard immediately took out a purple symbol one foot two inches long and two inches wide from his sleeve and strode to the wonderful immortal. The closer he got to the wonderful immortal, the slower he walked. Finally, he got closer to the wonderful immortal less than three feet away. As soon as he stepped out of the wonderful immortal, he looked back and spit out a breath of gas at him. The breath was like a steel column, and the person with white beard blew the Taoist out of the bowl and was hit with a big hole.
"Good repair!" Lin Xiao’s body was trembling with excitement. This white beard road flyover has become a master of the Yuan God. Such a master was seriously injured by a wonderful fairy’s bite of the real Yuan. This practice is earth-shattering. The gap between the peak of the late Yuan God and the ordinary Yuan God period is really staggering.
I took a deep breath. Lin Xiao couldn’t help feeling a little depressed. Maybe I should have a wonderful fairy myself, so that I can achieve my goal more easily. But is it so easy to achieve the peak repair in the late Yuan God? Yuan Zong also has a few months. Lin Xiao naturally knows that the scale of Yuan Zong’s millions of people is not more than 50 people. With the peak strength of the Yuan Dynasty, there may be a few predecessors who are closed to the Qing Dynasty-such as the Taoist Xuanluo.
A line of people was so angry that they snorted, "Wonderful Immortal has indeed fallen into such a position that there is still such power." A line of road flyovers picked up ten percent of the road flyovers from the ground and threw that piece of ofuda slowly and step by step towards Wonderful Immortal, but a line of road flyovers wanted to personally shoot this special’ beach curse’ to curb the wonderful immortal Yuan Shen.
One step, two steps, three steps ~ A group of Taoist priests approached Miao Xianren cautiously, and carefully followed a group of Taoist priests behind her. Her hand had a soft light flashing, and her left hand was holding a bottle of magic, posing for a posture of being ready to rescue people. She was lying on the side and receiving medical treatment from her fellow disciples. I couldn’t help but feel a little wronged and snapped a mouth. "How can everyone be a sister with one heart?" Well, women are biased, but they are also biased too much. "
Wonderful fairy saw a line of Taoist slowly approaching him, but stopped struggling. He lay on his side and smiled strangely. He looked at a line of Taoist eyes flashing with mysterious green light. After a while, he Lian Xiao converged. His mouth kept crawling with a strange’ buzzing’ spell. This spell sounded like tens of thousands of flies from the four vacuities, and at the same time, he hummed and roared straight into Lin Xiao’s mind. Every monk who did not hold his ears in the Yuan Dynasty was so annoying that he seemed to tear Lin Xiao’s brain up slowly.
Chapter 45 Fear
"’Yin evil spirit Luo fiend crack curse’!" Virtual XuanLuo road oil choking tuning suddenly sounded "calf nose don’t stop this slut, he will trigger Fiona Fang thyme geocentric poison flame will collapse this piece of mountain forest for half a day to see the scenery. Oh, your ancestors, I just cast’ Little Sumeru avatar’ and took him a long time to stop him! Hey, hey, calf noses, come on, or this mountain gate will collapse. Hey, hey, how can we punish you? "
Road flyover a surprised fierce looked up and nu way "ShiShu since you know that this is’ Yin evil spirit luo fiend crack curse’ don’t start work quickly? Do you really consume one yuan? Who are you kidding? "
"Old coax you to bite the old? Your master and teacher’s mother are always around. Do you have the courage to bite the old? " Road flyover Xuan Luo suddenly swore, "why don’t you want to make moves when you are old?" How dare you bite your grandfather? Hum, you won’t do it if you are old! How? I’ve already played a sap, and the old names of Britain and SHEN WOO have been ruined. Do you still want to play a second sap and ruin the old names? No, no! Absolutely not! "
Taoist Xuanluo sneered, "I’d rather lose my face once than twice!" He grunted, "Dao Ye, I won’t tell you the truth. You guys, Dao Ye and your master teacher Niang are working together to cross the monty robbery. If they do, they will be able to break through the Yuan God period and enter the Great Freedom Committee." It’s up to you! "
A line of Taoist priests such as Yuan Zong elder face a surprised with the transformation of ecstasy! Of course, they know what this is: refining refined gas, refining the spirit, refining the spirit against emptiness, and refining the virtual road. These are the four major stages before the monk rises, and then, Yuan Yingxiu just belongs to the realm of refining refined gas; It was only when the Yuan God was cultivated that it reached the stage of refining the Qi God. The harmony between heaven and earth and Tao of Yuan God reaches the realm of harmony between heaven and man, which is the realm of refining god and fighting against emptiness; The Yuan God can finally divide into tens of millions. If there is, even the body will be transformed into the reality of the Yuan God, and if you raise your hand and cast your feet, you will be able to trigger the forces of heaven and earth to attack. This is the practice of uniting the virtual and the Taoist master, and he will be ready to soar to a higher level.
In the process of refining God’s anti-emptiness, Yuan God gradually merged with Heaven and Earth, and Yuan God emitted energy fluctuations, which could lead to the unpredictable place of heaven and earth, and lead to mental robbery and yin fire to attack monks. This is the ghost robbery. Once it passes through the ghost robbery, Yuan God will be in faint contact with Heaven and Earth, and Yuan God will change his avatar with more restrictions. This is even the official achievement of refining God’s anti-emptiness realm, and it seems that the Taoist world has not appeared for a long time now.
Now there are three senior elders crossing Monty in Yuan Zong at the same time! Especially when they were in Du Jie, there was actually one person who could be distracted to display the magical power of Sumeru and wounded a master at the peak of the Yuan Dynasty! It can be seen that they are about to survive the monty robbery, and their Yuan God has initially reached the realm of harmony between man and nature, which makes a group of passers-by wonder if they can not be surprised?
Compared with three experts in virtual environment, how about Fiona Fang Baili Mountain Gate being destroyed? It’s no big deal!
A group of Taoist priests smiled at the sky for three hours, feeling full of energy. He strode seven steps towards the wonderful fairy, and the distance was less than three feet. A group of Taoist priests sank and hummed their hands, and a calm spell flashed across a purple light. With a wave of his right hand, he was waiting to put the calm spell on the forehead of the wonderful fairy, chanting the spell and launching magic. The wonderful fairy smiled, and two green lights flashed in his eyes. Suddenly, there were ten feet around him, and there seemed to be several mountains and hills. There was a huge pressure flashing around him from all sides.
A line of hands firmly stuck to the forehead of Miao Xianren, and the Taoist priest drank it with one heart and one mind. A jade bracelet with a soft light was flying out of her sleeve, which was whisked and condensed like water drops, and disintegrated into a blue water wave in the surging water. The line and the heart were covered with layers of water waves, which constantly flashed harsh blue light. The waves in the water cover were loud, and the blue water waves were shrinking and the body trembled violently.
"Hum! In the early days of the Yuan God, the little woman didn’t know that the sky was high! " The wonderful fairy grimaced, "Is the fairy so easy to deal with?"
The speed of reciting the magic spell by a wonderful fairy in his mouth has increased several times. There is a flash of light and shadow around him. Two female fiends with graceful figure, beautiful appearance, perfect nakedness, and naked body appear beside him. These two fiends are wonderful immortals who have killed several women in their hands. The vicious magic condensed them, and they are even more integrated with the wonderful fairy’s intention. They come from the soul fragments of an ancient sealed fiend and are very powerful. Each statue is equivalent to a top master in the middle period of Yuan God. As soon as two female fiends appeared, they waved their claws and dug into the blue water mask.
Wonderful fairy monty forbidden method and two fiends attacked at the same time, and blew the water cover with a single heart and snorted. Two blood spurted from one nostril, and the water cover suddenly collapsed. The water cover was just about to condense into a jade bracelet, but the jade bracelet was blown into several pieces in a crisp sound.
Wonderful fairy body shaking into a pink greasy red light from dozens of bound magic rope out and stretched out his hand toward the heart caught in the past, he strange grimace of a grin "fairy is it so easy to deal with? Jie Jie Xuan Luo old ghost, you really robbed you by crossing the devil. The strength of that blow is a little stronger. Today, the immortal is definitely not ~ ~ ~ hey hey! "
With a sneer at a sleeve, a brilliant golden light suddenly flew out. Jin Guangzhong faintly took a few delicate fairy hands with a black awn. He had caught her waist and abdomen. When he saw that golden fairy rushed back his arm, he screamed, "How can you have a hand with a scattered golden needle?" Damn it! "
Without saying anything, the line commanded that golden light with several feet of length circled around the body, and the two female fiends were sprinkled with black mans like raindrops. Each black mans brought up a series of extremely fine lotus flower through the body of the fiend, and the two female fiends screamed with pain. Seeing that their bodies gradually became blurred, they obviously suffered a light injury. Although these two fiends are extremely powerful, after all, they didn’t join hands to make the body condensed by their souls encounter this special restraint. Where is the’ scattered golden needle’?

Maybe it was the first time that a man took her into his arms so gently and slowly, or maybe she was too tired and really needed a warm support. This time, she didn’t push him away.

Even put his head gently on his shoulder.
"Night Spirit, do you believe me?" Slightly tightened her arm, Feng Ying ink stuck in her ear and asked in a low voice.
Night from didn’t answer as long as butterfly wings eyelash fibrillation tired closed his eyes.
For someone like her,
The word letter is too extravagant.
Believe it or not, she doesn’t know.
And it doesn’t matter now whether you believe it or not.
"Can you stop talking and let me lean?" She was dumb.
Feng Ying Mo was dazed and said, "Good!"
The arm took a few minutes to buckle her more tightly to herself so that her whole weight would be attached to him.
He gently kissed the side lip of her ear, and the hair on the temples turned cold inch by inch in the phoenix eyes where she couldn’t see the direction at night.
Neither of them spoke again.
The only sound in the room is the heartbeat and breathing of two people.
I don’t know how long it took to leave at night before I slowly raised my head in Feng Ying’s arms.
"Well, I should go back."
Phoenix shadow ink did not let go of her eyes. At the same time, he reached out and slender fingers gently touched her red nose.
The night away pain caused the pupil to gather up and realize that he had discovered it. He was so flustered that he wanted to twist his head to avoid it, but he held his jaw.
Escape can escape
She bit her lip and looked at him.
He bowed his head and bit her lip and kissed it bit by bit.
Whispering while kissing, the slurred voice escaped from the lip of the two people. "Night Spirit, you are not alone, you still have me …"
At night, the centrifugal tip shook, and the hand stretched out to push on his chest was unexpectedly there.
From trying to push and refuse to move, it turned into a light landing on his chest.
She remembers that last night he blamed her for not giving herself the medicine in advance, and she said, what else can I do? She can’t get out, and he did the same to her at that time.
He said, why can’t you get out? You and me.
Maybe the fever is not over yet, and his lips are burning hot.
And she’s cool.
He sucked and kissed her tenderly.
Does she still have him?
Does she really still have him?
Double cilia thrill, she asked herself
No …
not have
They are nothing.
Slightly broke free-she "hmm" a.
This time he didn’t insist on seeing her, so he slowly let her go.
"I really have to go."
Afraid to look at his fiery eyes in her hot heart, she turned and opened the door and went out.
"I’ll see you off"
The night left to speed up the pace and fled. The breeze came out, and she raised her hand and covered her face with hot hair.

The American team went to the server, yan lin floated the ball steadily, and Yang Xiaolan seized this opportunity to organize Xiaoju Yang and Zhang Fang to make a cross. The American team did not know how to intercept the ball again in the block. Zhang Fang succeeded in getting the serve again.

The frequent exchange of service is hardly like opening a game, but it is a situation of fighting for the point at the end of the game.
Xiaoju Yang went to serve, and the US team began to organize a fast break at the third position, but when yan lin was ready to block, Celine actually carried the ball back to the second position and played a fast break at the second position
To react, Lin Yan hit her finger when she stopped tennis alone. In the falling trend, Yang Xiaolan hooked the ball to the net, but she reacted quickly and dealt with the ball. However, the US team organized a fast break, but the referee blew the whistle as soon as she made a move.
The United States held the ball and China took a temporary lead of one point, two to one.
The first game was very difficult to beat the United States team, and it also formed a tactical attack, quick attack, double quick cover and jet lag. All kinds of tactical scores have been in a stalemate, and it is not so easy for China women’s volleyball team to get a point.
The game has been going on for half an hour, and the whole Long Beach Stadium is already full of people.
Lin Yan has a pair of eyes staring at the opposite ball. Hailmann’s storm was also highly good at first, and she was able to carry out a super-hand storm, but now her jumping ability is obviously not as good as before.
Celine should give this ball to Maggie to make a fast break.
Yan lin didn’t go to the fourth position with Yang Xiaolan, but she moved a little slowly when Celine shot the ball.
Maggie’s fast break was stopped, and China led by one point again, eleven to nine.
Xiaoju Yang continued to serve. It was this serve that made a mistake and got a chance. The American women’s volleyball players were not soft at all. Maggie and Hailmann blocked Zhang Fangqiu again.
Serve for the score and take turns to rise. Sitting on the bench, China girls almost feel that their hearts are about to jump out of their mouths
Fourteen to fourteen, when the American women’s volleyball team was not in place, a probe ball hit hard and quickly, which made the score even again, which made the situation tense again. The first game between Chinese and American teams was really crucial.
Yuan Chengmin shouted Hu Yuzhu, which meant "You will be there later".
Fan yourself with a replacement card to calm yourself down. Hu Yuzhu was stunned and then realized that she would be damaged by a change of serve later.
The United States did a good job in defense today, and the blocking was particularly targeted. It was very difficult to fight tit for tat.
Second, Celine was replaced. After she served, the China team quickly organized the attack, but it didn’t succeed. The United States team was too tenacious. Although it couldn’t get the ball to the front row, Carol adjusted the attack in the back row, and China team seized this opportunity and Yang Xiaolan gave the ball to Feng Lang.
The United States blocked the batter out of bounds again, and China took the serve.
Yuan Chengmin immediately replaced Hu Yuzhu with Yang Xiaolan. This is a bold decision. There are no two players in the field now. yan lin’s scalp is numb. At this time, Shen Baozhu was also replaced, and Yuan’s guidance did not exchange her. Obviously, she wanted to ball herself. She calmly looked at Hu Yuzhu.
Hand-hard hook float ball Hu Yuzhu is good at it and she took a deep breath.
Hu Yuzhu didn’t hesitate to serve at the referee’s whistle for seconds, and the impact point was behind the first position.
After all, Hu Yuzhu clearly saw through this point when serving the ball, and Vivian felt that the ball was out of bounds and did not go to the reception, only to find out that she had made a mistake in judgment when she saw the landing point.
Fifteen to fourteen, China took the lead and the game has been going on for 36 minutes.
Several China girls celebrated "Come on".
No matter whether a serve can score directly or not, they are not afraid of the American team because they have the advantage.
Hu Yuzhu’s serve will control the landing point near the sixth position, and this serve is very obvious. The United States has been directly destroying the net and has almost no hesitation in yan lin’s shot
The probe ball was sixteen to fourteen, and the China women’s volleyball team won the first game.
A few girls jumped up, although it was the first game, but it was no different from winning the final
This game is really hard. The United States has a lot of pressure in the local war, but so does their away game, especially from the audience.
Today, the United States team is playing beyond its level in terms of attack and defense. It is really difficult to win this game.
"If you win the first game, it will be easy to pick it up, or if you play fast break to disturb their block." Yuan Chengmin was very satisfied with his finishing touch, and of course he was very satisfied with the performance of this group of brothers
In the first game, they won the championship in one breath, and now all they have to do is to continue to play the advantage of fast break, even if they are entangled, they must tie up the American team and get this gold medal!
Chapter 45 45 Three consecutive championships
It’s not easy to win the first game, yan lin. They are all ready to play difficult games. After all, the American women’s volleyball team would rather win this gold medal at home. No one expected that the second game was easy.
Whether defending or spiking, the United States team seems to be soft, while the China team is playing a good fast-break tactic against blocking, spiking and defense.
Nine to one leads China women’s volleyball team and is one step closer to victory.
Take the serve back to yan lin again to serve.
It was the delay in waiting for the referee to whistle. The referee took out a yellow card warning, which made yan lin feel a little uncomfortable. What happened just now when she went to pick up the ball?
The field is still very lively, and all the sounds are coming in to amplify. The earplugs she had prepared have long since disappeared. How can I wear them when I jump and jump? Let me pretend that I can’t hear anything and see the referee whistle and yan lin serve.
Although she is not the most familiar with the serve method, she has practiced it well.
The United States did not organize the attack in place, but it was stopped by the China women’s volleyball double block. It was about to continue to organize the attack, but the referee heard the whistle and blew the ball.
China once again got a score of one point, ten to one, and took the lead in entering the double digits. The China women’s volleyball team was excited and asked them to play steadily. It is no problem to win this game, but once they lead by two, they will never give the US team a chance to turn over.
Yan lin continued to serve. This time, her serve was a long-distance float ball, which landed closer to the bottom line. The US team dared not be careless, especially when the score had reached this point. It would rather catch more balls than let go of the last two serves of the China women’s volleyball team in a game, which made them suffer a big loss.
However, after the ball was suspected of being out of bounds and barely received the serve, the American women’s volleyball team failed to reach the goal. Celine could adjust the ball. Hailmann opened the net at the fourth position and seized the opportunity. The China women’s volleyball team scored this point with a heavy kill by Feng Lang.
There are not many chances for the score of eleven to one to appear in the match between China and the United States.
Coach Green shouted at the side, but the sound was drowned out by the audience’s voice. There was another chance to pause the opportunity, but we can’t shout now.
The American women’s volleyball team is also a little panicked. Unconsciously, they have fallen behind by so many scores. It is too difficult to catch up with the China women’s volleyball team.
Hailmann was a little tired. She played very actively in the first game, but she was also very tired, especially when she failed to get the most important score and lost the first game, which made her a little tired, but she was not reconciled.
This Olympic Games is her last chance. If she can’t win the competition, she can leave a foreign country.
"We still have a chance to refuel." She high-fived her teammates one by one and handed her faith.
When chatting with her, yan lin and Feng Lang said that sometimes it is not skill and tactics but faith that is needed to play ball. She didn’t believe it then, but it seems so now.
Hold the belief of winning in the predicament and bite your teeth to get through it, so that they can succeed.
The morale was boosted. After yan lin served, Hailmann and Maggie both took off at the same time.
At this time, the double quick tactic is to judge who Celine will give the ball to.
Xiaoju Yang went to stop Maggie because Maggie’s fast break was an effective scoring method for the American women’s volleyball team in this game. She was just ready, but Celine gave the ball to Hailmann.
Hailmann has always been the first cannon to storm the US women’s volleyball team. She is the anchor of the sea. Even when Carol and several assistant attackers went to practice fast break, she insisted on playing her own way.
Just because she has never made a move doesn’t mean that she won’t be unexpected to win by surprise.
Hailmann didn’t play the fast break ball very well, but with her heavy dunk, she succeeded.
It’s best for yan lin and Zhang Fang to defend the ball. Both of them are on the ground "nothing to continue"
Now they are ahead by a big margin, so they should play a few fast breaks steadily, and they can just win this game.
The American team Celine went to serve, and it was hard to get the serve. Because Celine served out of bounds, she lost the ball game. That’s it. You worked hard to get the serve, but it was often not warm, so you lost it.
Celine was very sorry, and her teammates comforted the second child, "Nothing, let’s continue to work hard."

Nai didn’t hear any sound behind her until she walked out of the purlin.

Just put up with it! I’ll piss you off sooner or later!
However, speaking of which, she is really Pei Huang Yin Chen. She usually says a lot of things to him, which is quite excessive and harsh. I didn’t expect him to be able to keep his face unchanged without any refutation. Emma’s psychological quality is really good!
But it is only a matter of time before she and Huang Yin-chen parted ways in this half-dead state.
And I have to admit that the words of burning Yin dust still woke her up to a certain extent. Although the saying of identity imprisonment is not hindered in her life, Xiao Yu Xue and Huang Yin Li are both native-born ancient people. If they are allowed to break through the secular imprisonment and get together, they will really be reviled.
Huang Yin-li is too old and Xiao Yu-xue is too young. It’s really a problem to marry a princess and inherit the unification and a husband to expand the harem!
From Wangfu purlin along cobblestone path back to her west garden, Su Ling found that being in this Wangfu actually has one advantage, that is, it is comfortable, quiet and less awe-inspiring, and everyone is conscientious in doing things, and she is the only woman in the backyard who lacks a lot of drama in the palace struggle.
Oh, she is out of her mind to think that Huangyin Dust Mansion is good! Sure enough, you can’t eat too much or it will affect your IQ!
After slowly swinging back to the West Garden, Su Ling just walked in and saw Bi Rao rushing out from the inside without blinking. His face was anxious and he said, "Miss, something has happened!"
Su Ling’s heart breathed, that is, she felt her eyelids jump twice when she heard this.
It is also obvious that Miss Bi Rao’s face was frightened, and she didn’t come back after she left the house yesterday. She didn’t know where to find a place to wait in Wangfuguo. I didn’t expect to wait for a day.
Brigitte Rao took Su Ling and said as he walked, "Last night, when Miss was out of the house, she came near the housekeeper’s uncle suddenly, saying that the lady was dying and asked Miss to go home quickly! Miss, let’s go. I don’t know how my wife is now! "
"You said it was my second wife and my mother?"
Su Ling stared at the back of Bi Rao’s head, but at the same time it sounded yesterday in Taiyi Temple. Is it because of this that her Prime Minister Torre didn’t come forward? !
Blue Rao took Su Ling walk faster and faster nodding "yes! Otherwise I will be in such a hurry! "
Generally speaking, if it wasn’t for something big, how could the housekeeper say that the mother was dying? She’s only been away for a few days. Why can’t that work?
In an emergency, Su Ling didn’t panic, but her mind became more and more clear. She analyzed the situation. Bi Rao pulled the two men out of the palace soon, and Su Ling suddenly stopped and looked at her in amazement. She listened to "Bi Rao, you should go to yiguang now and go to the prime minister’s office quickly!"
"Oh, good! Miss, be careful! "
Although Bi Rao is a little sloppy with Su Ling at ordinary times, she is even more anxious than Su Ling after something really happened. This will make her secretly angry when she is running on the road. Why didn’t she have a young lady’s mind and didn’t expect to call Dr. Li and them!
Outside Wangfu, the afternoon sun is still shining brightly on the door, flashing a harsh light. Su Ling directly stopped at Wangfu’s door, and the carriage commanded two guards at the door to rush back to Xiangfu.
When Su Ling jumped out of the carriage and rushed directly into the mansion, she felt that the mansion was different from the usual atmosphere. When people saw Su Ling coming back, their eyes seemed to be still holding their eyes, and she had taken care of all this and went directly to Feng Shuang Garden.
I have to say that Prime Minister Su Baosheng really loves Feng Rujun. Before the Phoenix Frost Garden was burned down, the bamboo forest was actually planted in a few days.
Moreover, it’s obviously not the opening season of peony, but the peony in Fengshuangyuan is full of flowers, which adds a touch of vitality to some boring mansions for no reason.
Su Ling slowly calmed down her breath and tried to look cool. If the truth is really like what Bi Rao said, she always doesn’t want Feng Rujun to see her in such a hurry.
Even when she learned the news, she felt an uncontrollable remorse. Things always happen so suddenly that people are caught off guard.
Feng Rujun is a real mother to her, and this time she is so seriously ill that I hope it is not what she thinks.
There are many people waiting outside the wing of Fengshuang Garden when they see Su Ling walking slowly. Everyone’s face is covered with a faint and obscure light.
Su Ling’s heart sank slightly, and she felt that her heart was depressed and convulsed. When she entered the wing, she smelled a pungent smell of medicine.
All the people she thought and didn’t expect were in the room, including the dark and haggard eyes. Su Baosheng waved to her as if relieved when he saw Su Ling.
"Girl, come here!"
Su Ling listened to the familiar call and the pace of addressing became more and more disordered. She still remembered that Feng Rujun’s face was always sad before she left the night, but she was never so pale. It was only a few days before she saw her lying on the soft couch, as if she were angry!
Slowly approaching the soft couch, Mrs. Zhao Chunping got out of the way slightly, and even Su Yu and Su Ao looked tired and looked at her.
No wonder I haven’t seen Su Yu these days. When she was happy outside, she never imagined what happened to her mother.
Su Ling’s mind, which attaches great importance to family ties, comes from Feng Rujun and Su Baosheng’s physical meeting. She is already Su Ling, the daughter of Xiang Ye of the State of Qi, and she never thought that she would have a chance to return to modern times.
When she was pulled to the front of Feng Rujun by Su Baosheng, the mist in her eyes almost blurred her sight and Su Baosheng pretended to be calm and said slowly, "Girl, your mother has been waiting for you! Talk to her quickly! "
Su Ling forced her to leave, and the fog at the bottom of her eyes leaned slightly and looked at Feng Rujun’s more obvious medicinal taste. Soon she came from Feng Rujun’s body, and because she appeared, she seemed to feel that Feng Rujun closed her eyelids and trembled slightly!
This is the second watch. There will be a third watch later!
Chapter four, are you here to be funny? (Thanks to Shinohara for rewarding! )

The whole Sun Moon Palace was in chaos.

"Leave, master." Andre frowned and said this very reluctant thing.
The imperial guards who settled Wang Bu’s armor appeared in sight, shouting ShaSheng, shaking their heads and finally saying, "Withdraw."
The King of the Four Monsters didn’t immediately leave the resentment accumulated in his heart. Once there was an opportunity, how could they give up this excellent opportunity? So the whole Sun Moon Palace was shrouded in their attacks. Three-eyed Ghost Tiger’s Magma Flame Wolf King’s Blood Shadow’s Terror Iron Claw Kirin Yunya’s Wind System Attacks the Demon Dragon’s Black Claw’s Terror Force and Huge Body. At that time, the fire was everywhere, and the screams and whines of stones and wood filled the sky were endless …
But no one noticed that just as Yang Tian, Andre and the killer of the twelve constellations left the Sun Moon Palace, the bright white light from the bronze mirror suddenly disappeared, and the frozen object suddenly returned to normal.
A white but dusty hand came out of the ruins, touched it at random twice, grabbed a rafter lying across the ruins, pulled the unkempt and ragged moonlight princess and suddenly stood up from the ruins.
"Had a narrow squeak, but it’s still fine." Princess Moonlight looked at the bronze mirror in her hand and heaved a sigh of relief. This is the Light Mirror, a treasure that makes Sanqing di wang crazy.
There was a crash of rubble. Although it was hidden in the shouts of killing, it was captured by Princess Moonlight because the slight noise was less than one meter behind her ass.
"Who? !” Princess Moonlight turned around fiercely, but she didn’t see who the person behind her was. A stick with a thick arm had been heavily knocked on her head …
For ten days in a row, there was no news from Pang Du and no news from Princess Moonlight. Xiao Wu felt that Xiantao City seemed to be closed.
However, the more such a situation, the more careful and diligent the combat readiness of Xiantao City is. First, under the order of Xiao Wu, almost all of the crude oil, Bailong and Feiluo’s monster beast Batman, were put into the transportation of Black Dragon Pool crude oil. Bags of crude oil were shipped back and filled with storage tanks, and then they were buried in a cellar several meters deep to prepare for the war when the transportation route was cut off. Secondly, the grain used to be only a few hundred people in Xiantao City, but since the addition of a Citigroup, the grain has been relatively tight. Fortunately, Lantiande is familiar with some small towns around the monster beast prairie and personally organized a group of people to purchase food, salt and some daily necessities from Xiantao City around the clock.
At the same time, the training of women soldiers and Citigroup has a new model, that is, the actual combat exercises of the two armies. Before Huo Lie finished the other three "Qin Cannons", "Xu Cannons" and "Fox Cannons" and equipped with enough witchcraft shells, the goblin troops of Landor and Morita could not be equipped with witchcraft, but because of this, the female soldiers in women soldiers had more practical experience against goblin soldiers.
It’s still the same phenomenon. A female soldier in women soldiers can’t beat a goblin soldier in Citigroup, but two hundred goblin soldiers in Citigroup can’t beat eighty female soldiers in women soldiers. In addition, with the strengthening of training, special Dan medicine nourishing and actual combat drills, the female soldiers in women soldiers are not the original group of delicate girl soldiers, but a real female soldier with terrorist capabilities, and their strength, physical flexibility and fighting skills have reached a quite pure realm, which is very rare. Randall and Blita are in pain. Now this group of troops, which were originally composed of ordinary girls, will be able to catch up with the goblin soldiers of Citigroup in a few days …
When you are extremely bored, you miss four proprietresses, and when you feel uncomfortable, Xiao Wu’s best way to relieve the pressure is to personally train the fighting skills of female soldiers in women soldiers.
Originally, the Lord of the monster beast prairie, the commander-in-chief of all local troops in the monster beast prairie personally trained fighting skills, which was a great honor and something to celebrate. But for the female soldiers in women soldiers, such fighting skills training was undoubtedly the time when their tofu was eaten.
Bean timidly stand out "general I … or … don’t come …"
Xiao Wu said stiffly, "You can’t eat today unless you throw me to the ground!"
"Fight!" :.:.
Xiao Wu looked disdainfully at the moment when he jumped in front of him:.: and broke his waist. In fact, compared with the previous high-intensity training and the nourishment of the special Dan medicine refined by Golden Shield Twelve, Wu’s eyes are still too weak and weak.
"Hey, ha! Lie down! " ::: Looking at her with arm in hand and Gherardini.
Wearing tight leather armor: … but exposed a large piece of white tender milk and a deep cleavage under Xiao Wu’s nose. And every time she tried, the two boneless tender meat would hit Xiao Wu’s body, and the original round shape would be squeezed and flattened. And a man has a wonderful feeling of warmth, softness and elasticity.
"Didn’t eat? Try harder! "
"Hey, ha!" In a fit of excitement, a pair of tender breasts on her chest were pressed even more flat, but she still couldn’t move Xiao Wu.
"You, you, you … and oranges. You can’t beat me. You can’t eat today!"
"Sisters, go!" The orange leaped into the air with a stride and somersault and landed firmly on Xiao Wu’s shoulder. His hands also hugged Xiao Wu’s neck very quickly.
All the famous female soldiers rushed to Xiao Wu’s arms, thighs, buttocks and arms. The whole scene was very romantic and chaotic.
It’s like grinding soybean milk with beans until the girls are tired of glittering and translucent sweat drops on their foreheads and skin, but Xiao Wu still won’t fall down.
Two more pushes:.: |
Shaw five hurriedly bowed their heads and oranges and several female soldiers immediately seized the opportunity. Four hugging thighs and four pushing bottoms fiercely overturned General Shaw, who was looking at the crotch, on the ground.
The female soldiers in women soldiers suddenly burst into laughter.
Xiao Wu skidded to get up from the ground and was thinking of another idea. When he tried again, the tiger force lieutenant of Citigroup quickly ran into the training ground.
"Your great general came from the northwest corner of Xiantao City, and a caravan of great demon countries was led by Yan Rusong. Please show him how to deal with it." Xiao Wu’s heart is as strict as loose. What are you doing in Xiantao City?

Chapter one hundred and ninety-four The battle for the door
After a person betrayed a person, he would never do business with that person again because he had lost trust, but Yan Rusong did it and did it so openly.
Ever-changing venerable sir took a copy of Xiao Wu’s autographed commercial writing, but Yan Rusong’s caravan appeared in this sensitive time period, and Xiao Wu was still a little unknown so, and there was a sense of foreboding.
Boarding the Golden Shield of Chengtou Twelve, Feiluo and Bailong accompanied Xiao Wu to look out and saw a huge caravan with thousands of people coming from the northwest corner of Xiantao City. The caravan from the Great Demon Kingdom is naturally dominated by goblins, but in addition to this more than 1,000 goblins, this caravan is impressively carrying 3,000 or 4,000 monster beasts responsible for carrying goods.
Xiao five frown up "is this a caravan? I think it’s like an advance force engaged in sneak attack. "
Bailong said: "Those monsters are probably the foolish loyalty of the eight-armed ape and the armored crocodile. I don’t have that kind of violent spirit with Feiluo’s monster soldier."
The caravan stopped in an open area a mile away. Yan Rusong rode slowly on a white horse, and his adopted son Yunbao and adopted daughter Yan Xiaoyu followed him left and right. Yan Xiaoyu is riding a horse with a red date, while the clouded leopard is simply running. He is also fighting against a long wooden box on his shoulder, which is no less than Yan Rusong and Yan Xiaoyu on horseback.
"What will be in that wooden box?" Xiao Wu asked thoughtfully.
Jin Dun’s twelve doubts: "It’s reasonable that Yan Rusong may send expensive gifts for the purpose of showing kindness. Most of the wooden boxes are filled with gifts, right?"
In a moment, Yan Rusong, the clouded leopard and Yan Xiaoyu came to the wall. Once betrayed on his face as if he had never been born, it was as indifferent and smiling as ever. Yan Xiaoyu is still beautiful and refined, and her black eyes are very vivid. The girl with amnesia did not show a strange expression, and she was indifferent and calm, and there was no sign of restoring her memory.
"Xiao’s adult hasn’t seen you for a long time. Hope you are well." Yan Rusong reined in. Say hello loudly.
Xiao Wu said, "Good luck. Not dead. "
Yan Rusong said with a smile: "Some things are just like the surging river, which always flows away. Our friendship will become stronger after many setbacks, Lord Xiao. Do you think so? "
Xiao Wuxin said, "I’m afraid it’s not that easy?"
"why?" Yan Rusong is ha ha a smile "so let the distant guests stand under the wall to talk? This time, I am sincerely doing business with Lord Xiao. I brought not only friendship and sincerity, but also 10 million pieces of fine iron like mountains. "
"Boss" Fei Luo mused, "You can let them in as long as you don’t let them out as soon as you come in. If it’s wrong … click!"
As far as Yan Rusong, the clouded leopard and Yan Xiaoyu are concerned, their abilities add up to be no match for the Golden Shield Twelve. There really won’t be any problems. After thinking for a moment, Xiao Wu nodded "Open the city gate."
A string of "quack" noises made of pure iron and engraved with the mantra of the protection circle slowly opened the city gate.

He dedicated the goal to the boss and the victory of the game to the boss.

He has never been away from this team since he was brought to Lazio from Dortmund by Changsheng when he was 16 years old. It has been 13 years now.
Apart from Handanovic and Cesc Passareira, he is the longest player in Lazio.
At the age of 29, he is now the second captain of Lazio.
In thirteen years, he has experienced successive victories with Lazio, and he has also suffered two consecutive years, and no champion has reached a low point.
But in any case, he is the top three players in the world. Relying on Lazio, a mature tactical body, mario gotze is at the forefront of contemporary players in Europe, and his technical statistics reflect this.
He has also been tempted a lot in this issue. After all, it would be incredible if a player like him was not interested in him by other teams.
There have been many news of his transfer, but he has never left Lazio.
Or he has never been away from his boss.
At the beginning, he was willing to come to Lazio because of his admiration for winning. Even if there was no professional contract to sign, he said that he would not leave Lazio as long as the boss was in Lazio.
However, last season’s winning streak will leave Lazio, and mario gotze, a player who is in his prime, will also be very eye-catching
Gezer’s celebration expressed his feelings for the boss.
Some media have been speculating about which team wins and loses in the season, and Gotze is likely to be in which team.
Although Lazio may not be willing to let go of their frontcourt core, it will not be difficult for Lazio to leave, not to mention that they can earn a lot of money for it.
After seeing this scene, a commentator sighed with emotion, "Lazio has really survived for so many years by winning a personal charm, otherwise they would have been carved up by other teams when Lazio’s foundation was not solid … But this warm scene will not be seen next season, and Lazio is also facing the fate of being dismembered …"
Many players in Lazio are willing to stay in Lazio because of their personal charm. Once they win, it is normal for Lazio clubs to leave without a high salary that will satisfy them.
At present, Lazio has the lowest average wage among European giants.
This ensures the financial health of Lazio club, but it is also unfair to those players.
These players would have rebelled if they hadn’t had a winning team.
Lazio’s future is really worrying after winning the season …
In the crowd, Changsheng grabbed Gotze’s hair and rubbed it in his ear and said, "Well done, Mario, well done!"
It is more important for Gotze to get the boss’s personal appreciation than anything else.
So he smiled heartily.
Then Changsheng patted him on the head. "Don’t be too happy, Mario. You know I won’t be satisfied!"
Gezema said, "Yes, I know, boss! How many goals can you score! Never be soft! "
Ever-victorious laughed. "Yes, what is soft? We don’t know! "
Juventus is also the most successful team in Italy, and their players are not capable.
After losing a goal, they were hit with a sap.
But after losing the second goal, they returned to normal.
Anyway, they are two goals behind now, but there is nothing to lose.
They don’t need to be swayed by considerations of gain and loss. Let’s go!
So when the game was played again, Juventus returned to normal. They launched a fierce attack on Lazio at half-time, hoping to equalize the score as soon as possible.
Everyone aims to know exactly what he should do, so it’s natural to behave.
Juventus fans saw their team’s normal performance, so they rekindled their hopes in the stands and tried their best to cheer for their team, hoping to help the team beat Lazio at home.
For a moment, the Alpine Stadium resounded with cheers from Juventus fans.
After lazio scored two goals, the stadium was a little quiet, and now it has become like Juventus’ home again.
Chapter 19 Gap
Juventus fans have found their team’s form again, so Lazio will die this time.
Some people are looking forward to Juventus’ chasing after being two goals behind, and then coming to the end of the game with a goal!
Completed a shocking reversal!
How hard this should be!
But soon they found that the situation was not what they expected again.
Although Juventus’ performance is really good, Lazio’s performance has not been reduced!
Even Lazio performed better than them!
Lazio scored another goal before half-time …
“3! Unbelievable! 3! Lazio leads Juventus in the away game 3! And the half-time is not over yet! "
"It may be disrespectful to say that there is no suspense in this game now, but what I want to say is that Juventus is three goals behind at home. In the process, I can’t see Juventus’ ability to score in Lazio!"
"This game really surprised everyone that Lazio could lead defending champion Juventus by three goals away from home!"
"Some people say that Lazio has declined … indeed, the decline of Lazio is so great that it is no wonder that Lazio could unify Europe in the pre-prosperity period!"

Everyone’s heart jumped and thought of this possibility at the same time

At this moment, they saw the Great Devil leaping like a big cat and flicker into the back of the half wall to be continued.
Chapter 94 By a mile.
What a treasure chest?
Although they are not sure, they are convinced that there must be something behind the big devil when they see his actions.
Cheyenne waited so long just waiting for the guardian of Fashen to leave the wall. He just took the opportunity to jump into the other side of the wall and reach the side of the treasure chest. His hand touched the treasure chest.
When the treasure chest is opened, Cheyenne is still reading the progress bar. The guardian of the Dharma God suddenly patrolled over there, and the number reached three. The mage raised his hand and it was an icy inflammation. battlemage war spear rushed over as soon as he put it. The war spear collided with Cheyenne’s body, and it would interrupt the treasure chest opening. He knew that if he wanted to open the treasure chest again, he could not come and gave up decisively in the middle of the treasure chest opening.
Cheyenne was forced to interrupt the opening of the treasure chest and did not jump out of the wall. Instead, he met battlemage and went forward. When he arrived in front of battlemage, he suddenly fell short and rolled, escaped the impact of battlemage war spear and killed the ice and fire mage as quickly as possible.
The most troublesome of the three guardians of the law gods is the ice and fire mage, who can attack Cheyenne from a distance, and some of his attack skills, such as ice hammer skills, can interrupt Cheyenne to open the treasure chest. Of course, battlemage also has interrupt skills, but Cheyenne has gold, silver and Xiong Wan to entangle battlemage at close range.
Shadow mage pays more attention to the ability to live, and the influence on Cheyenne is not so great at this time.
Battlemage’s figure turned and followed Cheyenne to the rear. Their primary purpose was to kill the invaders rather than guard the treasure chest. Cheyenne easily attracted battlemage.
That’s exactly what Cheyenne wants. If he takes these guardians from the treasure chest, he will naturally have more time to open the treasure chest. But when Cheyenne is close to the ice and fire mage, he finds that there are still five guardians patrolling nearby. If those guardians are mobilized again, Cheyenne will run for his life.
The guardians of dharma gods are superior in strength. They are equivalent to the level of first-class players at level 30. They have the skills of mage class at level 30, and even some skills are completed through player dharma.
In the face of this strength, Cheyenne can easily deal with three more, and he will be able to dodge and fight back. However, Cheyenne’s ultimate goal is not to kill these guardians of the gods, but to create a treasure chest, which is relatively much easier.
Cheyenne raised his hand and summoned the gold and silver bear when he approached the ice and fire mage, and then three bones and skeletons appeared. At the same time, he stormed the ice and fire mage and even ignored the shadow mage’s attack on him
At this time, battlemage finally rushed over to join the melee.
The battle lasted for three minutes, and Cheyenne was attacked by three wizards, leaving ten bones and skeletons, but he finally took the ice and fire mage.
Resurrection of corpse
The ice and fire mage got up again, but it has become a chess game of Cheyenne. The main target was the shadow mage, and the gold and silver bear tried its best to stop battlemage.
When Cheyenne finally won the prize, he jumped out of the battle circle and went to the treasure chest as quickly as possible. At this time, Cheyenne also saw the small pretty girl and Yun Xiaotong in the team over there rushing towards the broken wall, and the two of them showed a trademark smile and bent down to lay a frozen trap five steps away from the treasure chest. Cheyenne squatted down to open the treasure chest.
The progress bar is slowly progressing again.
Xiao Man Niu Yun Xiaotong, two people near the broken wall, see the big devil squatting on the ground to open the treasure chest. They are all envious and jealous. The value of this gold treasure chest is self-evident.
I’m afraid this product has already found the treasure chest, right? When they think of the Great Devil coming here, they can’t wait to look. The speculation in their hearts is so hidden. If it is not close to this broken wall, it is hard to find that he can actually see it.
Battlemage over there finally got rid of the gold and silver bear’s desperate entanglement with war spear. Just like stepping on a rocket, he rushed towards Cheyenne to see the situation. There should be an accelerated dazzling pattern, and war spear is extraordinary. It is battlemage’s 30-level skill. war spear’s heart stab will have a floating effect if it is picked. The opening progress of Na Xia’s treasure chest will definitely be interrupted!
If it’s in a formal battle, Yun Xiaotong, the little savage girl, will naturally stop the blow for the big devil, but it’s a personal trip for the big devil to open the treasure chest when it’s a free activity at the moment. It’s enough for them to help them finish.
Yun Xiaotong, a little girl, shows a good look. They are helpful and helpful. At this moment, they will never talk big, and they also want to see what the big devil will do.
Battlemage rampaged near his hand, and the sharp tip of war spear was on the verge of falling on the big devil’s body. Suddenly, a circle of frost spread and battlemage was firmly nailed in place.
At this time, the spear tip is less than a centimeter away from the back of the Great Devil.
This is a real difference.
Xiao Man Niu and Yun Xiaotong are so calm in their hearts. Did the Great Devil already expect this situation or was he lucky enough?
Must be good luck! Xiao Man Niu and Yun Xiaotong discussed at the same time that the difference between the backs of the war spear Devil is absolutely not more than one centimeter. Can people really calculate so accurately?
On the other side of the shadow mage figure suddenly disappeared instantaneous also came to battlemage!
Change shape and shadow!
Shadow mage’s level 30 signboard skill is also the shadow mage’s self-protection key skill. Then the guardian of the dharma god came out at this time not to escape but to get close to the target as soon as possible.
Battlemage is sealed by a frozen trap, so there is no need to worry about it. But after all, if there is a frozen trap, what means will there be to save your life?
Shadow mage’s first attack choice is not direct attack, but through illusion. After it appeared beside battlemage, even though it was a few steps away from Cheyenne, it still summoned an illusion to attack Cheyenne.
Damn it, it’s so close that you still have a hair illusion. Just hit him and you won’t be able to open the treasure chest! Xiao Man Niu and Yun Xiaotong are secretly worried, but the Shadow Master can’t hear them. Its goal is to destroy the enemy in front of them. It loyally follows its own attack method and summons the illusion.
Immediately after the illusion appeared, he rushed to Cheyenne’s hand, lifted the weapon high, and then fell to Cheyenne, who still turned his back on the two guardians of the French god. To be continued.
Chapter 95 Extreme Materials
Haha, this product can’t open the treasure chest! Xiao Man Niu and Yun Xiaotong have a happy look at each other at the same time, and when the big devil asks for help, they can naturally open the treasure chest before.
In the game, players have some unwritten rules that teammates must never get their hands on others to find treasures unless they take the initiative to ask for help, except for some celebrities who don’t care.
Xiao Man Niu and Yun Xiaotong are also gods. The golden treasure chest is valuable, but compared with their own names, they will never do such bad things as robbing the treasure chest.
Seeing that the phantom attack is about to fall, Cheyenne suddenly appeared in one hand, and raised his hand and picked it back to just stab the phantom weapon.
Did you fail?
Xiao Man Niu and Yun Xiaotong obviously don’t care if the big devil lives or dies. They want to know if the big devil is forced to interrupt the opening of the treasure chest, but when they look at the corner treasure chest, they find that there is already one thing there!
The big devil actually opened the box successfully!
Damn it, it’s only a second away! Xiao Man Niu and Yun Xiaotong feel sorry for each other. If the Shadow Master didn’t create an illusion first and attack the Great Devil directly, he would surely fail!
Cheyenne ha ha a smile arch one’s back after seeing the illusion and shadow mage figure crossed the residual wall and came to Xiao Man Niu and Yun Xiaotong.
"How is it? Is it very exciting?" Cheyenne smilingly asked
The big demon king’s expression fell on Xiao Man Niu and Yun Xiaotong’s eyes, but it seemed as if he was laughing at their differences.
"How dare we shoot without permission if you don’t open your mouth?" Small pretty girl sarcastically said a turn away YunXiaoTong saw the big devil eyes rested on him and glared at the big devil, also lift my feet to leave.
"Just go? Don’t you want to know what I got? " Cheyenne let two people lag at the same time. They really wanted to ask just now, but now if they take the initiative to speak, wouldn’t it make the big devil proud again?
Xiaoman Niu and Yun Xiaotong kept returning to the team.
Xia Anxin smiled and looked at the package and just got a quivering shadow. I didn’t expect that the gold treasure chest turned out to be a rare material "shadow heart", which is the core material for creating the shadow mage’s skill of changing shapes and changing shadows!
This thing is absolutely valuable for battlemage and the ice and fire mage, because if they want to have the signature skill of the shadow mage, they can create it themselves and this material method replaces it.
Although each profession has three talents to grow, but the skills are accessible, those methods need to be created by the players themselves by acquiring skills, and the shadow mage’s transformation is definitely a skill that all wizards dream of!
It is more flexible than the warrior’s magical surprise attack, but it is a non-mage player with professional restrictions and can’t have this skill in Cheyenne’s plan. Now that he has the core materials, it is only a matter of time before he has it.
Cheyenne got the impression that even if he got the last one, glad you came definitely earned a new look, which can maximize Cheyenne’s mobility and greatly increase his deterrence.
However, Cheyenne hasn’t given up his desire for flashing surprise, which is more valuable than attacking and defending skills, especially in the league, which can change the war situation at a critical moment, but the flashing surprise materials need to be collected slowly

According to the scene, the one who destroyed

"Come on, no matter what chariots. No matter how powerful it is, it can’t be worse than what I put in the clock of heaven and earth. "
According to the scene, the one who destroyed the chariot was probably the broken halberd that Fang Yun met. Now that you have got the most powerful halberd, you don’t have to participate in the battle for the wreckage of the car. So as not to be greedy, you will lose big because of small.
Fang Yun knows, however, that there is a "Hall of All Demons" and the Emperor’s Prince and his party hidden in the dark.
The wind swings, Fang Yun without hesitation to another direction.
"Dragon saliva Gentiana!"
"Chaos tung skin!"
"Yin and Yang stretch grass …"
Fang Yun is constantly collecting the medicinal materials here.
"This time, or try to collect enough. Otherwise, out of here, I’m afraid I can’t find it again! It’ s too pale to have a prescription, but there is no material, but it’ s a very troublesome thing. "
Fang Yun frowned slightly while collecting medicinal materials. The value of "Tai Cang Shen Ding" is far above the general ancient instruments. But one problem that he has to face is that it is impossible for him to find so many places with ancient materials.
Besides, there are many strong people here. A conflict, a fight, can easily make this place, devastated. Besides, so many people are staring. It’s impossible for Fang Yun to sweep the whole piece away.
After all, no one is stupid who can cultivate to the realm of six or seven products of Tianchong. Probably, just seeing some bare spots, I guess someone got the formula of the ancient God Dan.
Suddenly, Wu Guang flashed in my mind, and Fang Yun suddenly had to laugh: "Hey! I actually ignored such a simple fact. " A breeze blew, and another flower disappeared out of thin air. Only this time, not only the roots, stems, flowers and leaves on the surface were collected, but even a piece of soil disappeared.
At the same time, just below a mountain peak, there was a newly transplanted herb.
Transplanting the exotic flowers and herbs in the ancient small world into the universal clock of heaven and earth, and establishing a medicine garden. Use the time of "the clock of heaven and earth" to accelerate energy, breed continuously and cultivate herbs! This is Fang Yun’s solution.
The so-called incoming fans, onlookers see clearly. Fang Yun kept thinking about how to collect more herbs, but ignored the simplest fact. With a complete space, Fang Yun can cultivate itself in it.
The concentration of primordial energy in the Middle Ages and the Near Ages is no longer suitable for cultivating ancient plants and medicinal materials. However, this is not a problem. Fang Yun can completely create an ancient environment in it.
"Ha, ha, ha, unexpectedly, I also made such a low-level mistake. Fortunately, I reacted in time. "
Da3 Yun4 smiled and relaxed completely. Now, really speaking, as long as he cultivates the medicine garden. There can be no one here who has gained more than him.
Sometimes, the harvest of killing is not necessarily the biggest!