I also blame Xiao Ba Jun for saying that the four men are far from Lei Zhen’s mentoring. According to Han Chen’s guess, the ten strokes of the gray man can be used to beat Lei Zhen.

"The peak of Sanyin Lingfu Master is a bit tricky" Han Chen nodded slightly with a smile in his eyes.
And Han Chen so looking at the gray man gray man’s eyes is also slowly head Chapter 19 Yunxiao City’s happy family.
When Han Chen’s gray man’s eyes are opposite, Han Chen suddenly feels an unusually strong soul force coming towards him.
The corners of the mouth are slightly raised. Han Chen can’t deny it. A smile moves his mind. A suction of the earth comes from Han Chen’s eyebrows. In a short time, the coercion of the soul that suffocates ordinary people is quietly disappearing.
I felt my soul force disappear, and the gray man’s eyebrows were picked lightly for a while, but there was a faint smile on his mouth.
And this battle did not attract much attention.
"Alas, it seems that you have eaten too much and gained weight, but your intelligence has dropped." Han Xiaotian slowly shook his head and burst out laughing, looking at Xiao Ba Jun with a silly smile.
"It seems that I can choose World War I today. Although my Xiao family is now outnumbered, you should know that what you have to resist now is not only Xiao family, but also four gentlemen from Yuncheng Fu family. Come out and be able to solve today’s problems and repay Xiao Ba’s army someday."
Shaw bully army voice just fell four figure is like a ghost appeared in front of him is the previous four people.
Seeing the sudden appearance of four people Han Xiao’s face is also flashing with a strange look, instantly suppressing his surprise and then handing over and smiling slightly. "Four gentlemen, this is our Korean family’s private affairs. I hope that a few people will stay out of it, of course, and do something in return. What did Xiao promise you? I will send it twice in Korea someday."
"Hey, it’s interesting. If you can double your promise, the four of us are really embarrassed to intervene." The famous Han hey hey smiled and his face was full of greed
"Of course, four gentlemen, what did the Xiao family promise you?" Han Xiao’s face still smiles.
"Hehe, it’s nothing. Chief Xiao promised that if we want to recapture the Xiao family, we will be given half of the property of the Han family’s heaven and earth venue one day, so that you can serve the property of the Han family. We should not intervene in this matter," said the handsome man.
Smell speech Han Xiao day eyes slightly refrigerated sleeve hand is also couldn’t help clutching a few minutes.
"So that we can start work" surly Han Xiaotian micro-drinking a whole body vitality is also instantaneous bulging body.
"Father, let me come" gently played a suit of dirt, and Han Chen slowly stepped out of his footsteps and his eyes slowly swept across the four brothers of the Fu family in Yunxiao City.
"Dead fat, it seems that you are such a fucking idiot." Han Chen eyed Xiao Ba Jun’s face but suddenly smiled and then broke such a swearing.
"You little bastard, it seems that you have made a little achievement yourself, so you are amazing. I’ll see how you die later." Xiao Ba’s face flashed with a trace of anger, but then it was replaced by a sarcastic expression.
"Hum, stupid pig, I’ll deal with you later and let you live for so long." Han Chen smiled indifferently, but he stepped out of the hardened seven-fold strength and released it without reservation.
"It’s no wonder that you are so proud, but before this array, you will still die miserably." Xiao Ba Jun’s face flashed with an imperceptible horror when he saw Han Chen’s strength promoted so fast, but when he saw Han Chen’s cultivation talent, his heart was full of pitfalls.
"Four this little is a pervert. It’s just over two years, and it’s impossible to leave this cancer from practicing gas to hardening bone." Xiao Ba’s face flashed with a sneer at four people in front of him.
"Hey, it seems that your little talent is really strong, but if you keep a low profile, you may live longer. It’s a pity that now we have met your talent and died." The Han face was full of sneer, and the whole body was constantly fluctuating. Soon, the soul force of the earth burst out and quickly rushed away at Han Chen.
Solid triple
Feel the face of Han Han Chen, who is of the earth, flashing with a sneer. Immediately, the mind moved, and the soul force of the earth poured out like the tide. Immediately, the illusory shape of Xiaoyan was also swept out of the head and two small auras appeared there.
"Life hunter?" See Han Chen suddenly appeared in front of the little inflammation that Han face is also a sneer on immediately is no longer hesitate right hand gently shake a huge axe is his hand.
Two-seal talisman weapon
Looking at that axe, Han Chen’s face showed a serious look. Although it was a two-printed precious weapon, the lethality of the axe was amazing.
"Drink" explodes to drink a famous man, that is, he is constantly waving his axe, and his amazing strength is followed by his strong vitality, and his soul force instills that axe with a faint luster.
"Snacks, I have a mountain axe." The name Han’s face flashed with a sneer, and immediately the axe was staggered, and the axe mans were also split towards Han Chen in an instant.
Feeling the power of this axe, Han Chen couldn’t help but choose to avoid the edge, and immediately he was also mentally moved and his body quickly burst back.
"Your speed is really slow." A ring came out from behind Han Chen’s heart and an uneasy feeling spread slowly.
"The Dragon’s Palm" is a light drink. Han Chen quickly turns around, and the horrible flame in the palm of his hand is constantly condensed. His hands quickly lean out of the palm shadow and axe shadow. With the help of this rebound force, Han Chen’s figure is rapidly receding, and then it is quickly stabilized.
Face slightly pale Han Chen himself hardened seven strength to fight against this Han solid triple strength is really a little difficult.
"It seems that I really can’t look down upon you. Although you are only a hardened seven-fold realm, you are still a second-ring hunting life teacher. I still have to try my best to fight." Said the Han face smile, which is also slightly convergent. Soon, a strong breath is rolling and several soul forces are slowly spreading.
"Chen son be careful" not far away to Han Xiaotian cut the sound.
Just now I saw Han Chen’s engagement with Han Xiao, as in Han Xiao, and I didn’t expect myself to grow to this point for more than two years.
And Han Xiaotian so think when two figures bump together again, followed by a sound, and then a slightly embarrassed figure falls back continuously with the rapid steady posture, and the eyes are startled to see that Han’s face slightly changed. Chapter 90 Fortis 【 First More Collection 】
Slightly wiped a corners of the mouth blood Han Chen face is also slightly surprised, I didn’t expect this Han to be so tough just now to spell Han Chen also suffered a lot of damage.
"Hey, I didn’t expect you to be able to block me. It’s really nice." The man Han looked at Han Chen and blocked his crazy face, and he couldn’t help flashing depressed colors.
"Ha ha, thank you for leaving your hand." Slowly running vitality Han Chen looked at the Han with a smile.
"Xiao Mo is too arrogant, even if you can resist me, but you have to be careful when you pick it up." The name Han’s face is also a little ferocious when he drinks in anger, and his body suddenly flashes.
"Hum" cold hum a Han Chen’s face flashed with a serious look, and thick soul forces constantly knew themselves from the sea and constantly detected this Han route.
"Split Mountain Split" Han drank a whole body of vitality and instantly swelled up. All the vitality of the earth was instilled into his hands. The axe axe and two small ofuda also rose with a chill and strange smell.
Put the axe on the top of your head, and the Han face flashed with a crazy axe, and an illusory axe shadow slowly condensed and formed.
See slowly condensed axe shadow Han Chen heart is flashing with horror look when also dare not neglect vitality bursting out immediately instilled in the shoulder small inflammation.
This vitality instills a small inflammation, and the original illusory shape is slowly becoming solidified.
Ho …