"Luan Chuanchi" has been forced to give way.

She hasn’t come back to the throne yet?
"Don’t think much …"
Prince Zhao closed his eyes.
"If she doesn’t come back in two days, I’ll take the Great Wall first."
General Zhao reposed in the temple, and the sky gradually darkened. He was also unaware of the movement outside the temple.
He doesn’t care if summer comes or not. If a little beauty warms the bed, he just changes from meditation to sleep.
Night unconsciously enveloped the cicada city, and suddenly a slight movement came into his ears, which made him open his eyes from concentration.
"Huh?" Small male ye lift eye looked partial temple gate "coming …"
There was an accident in his eyes.
If there is, if the door knocks again.
After a pause, Zhao thief "entered" without changing color.
"Hoo …" A cool breeze pushed the door of the temple and blew it in at the same time. "Huh?"
The wicked man’s eyes widened, and that dazzling blonde burst into his eyes from behind the door, and a beautiful lady in a lake green thin skirt came in.
"I have seen General Zhao" Leng Yan woman looked at each other and bowed her eyebrows. "Don’t blame the general for coming here late at night."
A trace of humiliation flashed through her beautiful green eyes.
She is in no position to meet other men at this time.
But she is even whiter. If she doesn’t come, I’m afraid something even more desperate will happen.
"Yuan Fei Dian is welcome." Prince Zhao looked a little surprised at the beautiful woman who had made the alloy of the palace gate. "I wonder what my wife saw me about?"
He looked as usual, as if the person who delivered the cake to others this morning was not him, but he turned his back and denied people.
"I want something."
Yuan princess seemed to take a deep breath and approached him.
Her pink face contains spring skin and snow, and her beautiful eyes naturally reveal majesty and solemnity.
Leng Yan belle’s posture is full and full, her shoulders are cut and her waist is thin, and her body is straight. She has her own dignity and dignity.
"The temple is full of words, general. Princess Xia has deep feelings. You can speak frankly about your gains and losses."
Zhao Cuo was polite to her.
"It’s …"
Yuan Fei flattened her lips.
She folded her hands in front of her lower abdomen and shivered.
It’s really the first time to see such a shameless person.
"The general is still an ignorant child. I beg you to let her go."
Blonde belle’s drooping eyes sound gentle but firm, but she seems to be unafraid of anger, so she can rub herself round and crush the wicked Zhao.
"Madam made this statement?" Xiao Gongye frowned crossly. "The general never had the idea of harming the Second Hall."
His love for the little witch is as heavy as a mountain.
"The general really doesn’t mean anything?"
Yuan Fei looked him in the eye without hesitation.
There is a decisive color in her bright, moist and watery green eyes.
In the face of Zhao thief gradually become sharp eyes, she is directly in the previous step.
"First, Xia concubine pretended to fall asleep, and then I carefully wanted to get up and see you."
Duan Li Leng Yan belle stared intently at Xiao Gongye and kept stepping towards him, which was approximate to trying to suppress his momentum.
"General military orders she came to find you after dark is not? Please tell me. "
Yuan Fei seems to be throwing caution to the wind to look Zhao wrong.
Small male ye narrowed his eyes.
"Is the temple questioning the general?"