"I gave you a chance, and you didn’t say anything!" Lin Chengdong eyes without pity look directly pulled the trigger.

Two shots fired and Xiao Bo fell to the ground.
Lin Chengdong picked up the bloody purse and turned to run to the rear.
Qin Yu took the words and rushed to Chen Jun and said, "I can’t build a building, but you can check it!" He should be out of the area normally. Please ask someone to look for a record to see if he is with him! "
"That makes sense. My horse can be checked!" Jun Chen nodded.
Chapter 1273 Screening
Around abandoned water conservancy plant
Lin Chengdong was struggling to run back along the original road with two wallets in one hand.
A burst of footsteps at the entrance of the hutong came to Lin Chengdong and looked to the left. I saw Xiaoliang and Xiao Bo, two other brothers, running with meat stamps.
"When the fuck did you lead him to throw something away!" Xiao Bo brothers ran in front and looked back at Xiaoliang and shouted.
Lin chengdong hid the probe around the corner and glanced at several people, slowly raising their arms.
"Run this way. There’s an alley here!"
Two crisp shots ran up, and the front man’s chest was bleeding, and he fell on the spot, twitching all over, and his nose and mouth were bleeding. Obviously, he could not live.
"Lying in the trough!"
The man got a fright, panicked, stepped to the left and hid next to the building "Who’s in front?"? !”
Lin Chengdong didn’t answer, raised his arm and slammed the trigger in the male direction!
The male Tibetan building rushed back by the cement pile on the outside and kept shouting, "Xiao Liang shot him!" "
Lin chengdong held a gun to suppress the other side and suddenly shouted "Xiao Liang!"
Behind the small bright lug meat ticket heard Lin Chengdong shout some hesitation.
"Xiao Liang!" Lin chengdong shouted again
The two shouts made the people behind the hidden cement pile react. He panicked and looked behind him, raising his arm to prevent the small light.
Xiaoliang hesitated and took the lead in raising his arm and pulling the trigger at Xiao Bo’s last brother.
"Hey, hey!"
Several shots were fired, and the man was red with blood all over his body. His knees bent and he fell to his knees. "You … you are so fucking cruel!"
Lin Chengdong jumped out of the alley without looking. The man raised his arm and shot him in the head.
Xiaoliang swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and his eyes couldn’t bear to look at Xiao Bo’s brother, dragging the meat ticket back two steps. "Where’s Xiao Bo?"
"Let me kill" Lin Chengdong replied indifferently.
"… did you get the money?" Xiaoliang asked again
"Got it" Lin Chengdong nodded.
"Then … then let’s go."
"Go back and kill Awei!" Lin Chengdong answered succinctly while changing the magazine.
Xiao Liang heard this and sweated on his forehead. "Forget it! There are police officers behind the five of them chasing us back, which may not be enough! "
Lin Chengdong looked up at him. "Ah Wei and his police officers searched here because of the shooting, but it wasn’t me who called the police and said that there were people buying and selling illegal drugs here. Police officers are routine police officers, and there are not many people coming."
Xiaoliang was shocked
"You follow me with a meat ticket!" Lin chengdong said and walked back.
"Come on, let’s go! !” Xiaoliang growled and persuaded
Lin Chengdong looked back at Xiaoliang and said in his ear, "Police officers will turn against us if they can’t reach him! This is the kind of person who will have an accident one day. He will be the first to bite you and me! Do you want to keep running? ! What about the wife and children? "
Xiaoliang was shocked
Lin chengdong didn’t persuade him to sneak back quickly with a gun and found a hidden place. He didn’t hesitate to throw two bags of money in and hide it temporarily.
Jun Chen sat in the office and waited quietly.
"Didi Lingling!"
A word rang Jun Chen reached for the words and pressed the answer key "hello? !”
"Brother Jun, I found out that Lin Chengdong did have a record." The other party said succinctly, "There are two people with him, one is Xiao Bo and the other is Feng Liang!"
"Just three people?" Chen Jun asked
"I watched the surveillance video. After the three of them entered the hall, they got a car after they got out." The other party nodded.
Jun Chen frowned. "The five-zone gun case was a dozen people who fucked them for three cars."
The other side thought, "They are in violation of the law. Should all of them be separated from Lin Chengdong to find someone illegal?"
"Can I check the information of Xiao Bo and Feng Liang?" The other party asked actively.
"Be cautious," Chen Jun gently charged. "What’s going on over there in Lin Chengdong? Are we still unclear?"
"I see."
"That’s it!"
Say that finish two people ended the call.