At the door of the cabin, Ke Hua has rushed out and screamed with eyes, "Don’t surround me to save Marog!"

Ragby Zhao Baobao is 10,000 times more important. He can’t be kept in a small cabin with lax supervision, but has been locked in the warehouse around Ke Hua, which can also prevent him from having private communication with Zhao Baobao.
When the officers around Kehua heard these words, they all responded. It is important for Kezu Changan, but Rogge can’t have an accident, otherwise the gang in the seven districts will be held accountable.
After hearing the propaganda, the three officers immediately stepped forward and prepared to run to the Rogge cabin, but at this moment, Xiao Qinglong, Xiaobaihu, Xiaozhao and others took the lead in running from the inside warehouse.
Leading small tsing lung saw KeHua immediately after yelling a voice "protect Ke group leader! Get the iron gate and bring Rogge out! "
There is nothing wrong with this command. The little white tiger took the lead in rushing to Kehua, while the little Qinglong and others came to the warehouse door and smashed the door lock directly, forcibly kicking the door panel.
This gun face looked at the hand-painted structural diagram, and Lao Zhan instantly understood it. He immediately shouted at his team members, "There is a gun in the cabin ten meters away, where there is no infiltration by our personnel. It may be the target location."
The degraded special warfare team immediately moved forward and took the lead in blocking the cabin passage.
Three explosive bombs with a tear gas were thrown first.
"Bang bang …!"
An explosion sounded in the corridor, and Kehua and others instantly felt dizzy and smelled a pungent smell.
"Damn it!" Ke Hua squinted angrily, clutching his nose. "The other side played so purposefully that even the position of the main cabin knew that it must be a traitor!"
After the little white tiger was dizzy, he still protected Ke Hua for the first time. He kept pulling him back and shouted, "Don’t leave the group leader!"
At the same time, the military personnel in the seven districts lost their sight and sense of direction in vain, and the situation still relied on the memory department to point their guns at the entrance of the floor and shoot wildly.
The line of sight is blocked, and once the other party rushes in, it will be cool.
"Dadada …!"
The gun rang fiercely, and Xiao Qinglong shouted, "His mother dragged Rogge out and took his life to protect him!"
Lou Lao Zhan’s team members were just about to rush when they were shot back by the cabin at random.
"They got stuck and blindly swept us into the site." The military personnel in front woke up after hiding in the bunker. "Wait for a few seconds to wait for the real fire."
"Fuck you!"
Old Zhan leng eyes scold a way "are these two people still fucking dare to fight back? ! The blaster came over. "
In the rear, a blaster with a huge backpack stepped forward.
Lao Zhan’s deck moved a step, listened carefully to the position of the square gun, paused for three seconds, pointed to a point on the deck and said, "Just give me a skylight."
Blaster dazed a immediately replied, "don’t we have one of our own? Skylight … Easy to be accidentally injured. "
"Are you stupid? Can one of our own shoot us? ! Give it to me at this point! " Lao Zhan reached the order very decisively.
When the blaster heard the news, he squatted down to the palm of his body and quickly measured the size of a deck. Then he packed his backpack for three seconds on the spot and completed the blasting firepower.
Old Zhan, the blaster, laid four C4 blocks with different sizes at the designated point, then stepped back several times and pressed the initiation key.
A violent explosion resounded through the non-military structure, and the deck of the fishing boat was directly lifted by the skylight. The incision was as neat as a knife, which shows how abnormal the blaster is in controlling the amount of explosives.

But it’s true that the queen killed a family with a good family background. Hui Fei and the emperor didn’t like that Hui Fei’s mother’s family’s rape and crime department, but it was a logical conclusion, such as the queen’s intention to punish that Hui Fei

It happened that the queen couldn’t carry it back, which was a sign that the emperor spoiled her and respected her.
The radian of the corner of the queen’s mouth slightly collapsed, which made her very angry. The jade imperial concubine was improper. This woman is still so refined after many years. "The imperial concubine joked and invited everyone to come to the palace, but she heard that many families are talented and talented, and some of them can’t wait to see it. This will disturb everyone’s rest. You won’t be surprised!"
Smell speech Dong Fengling feel shuffle when couples spend secretly turned supercilious look.
Why not take it personally? I hate this. It’s not somebody else’s business to decide for you first and let you refute the words. What do you mean by being so sure?
The queen says so. Who dares to say that she is normal?
No matter what family status you are afraid of, you won’t embarrass the queen in front of everyone.
At the moment, everyone is in line with reality, and I don’t know how to spit out the queen!
I have to say, Empress … I really don’t know how to say this sentence. Actually, I have drawn hatred for myself. Even if people hinder the royal face, it doesn’t mean that there is no resentment in my heart!
And what the hell reason is there no talent show for every daughter during the Chinese New Year? At that time, the queen was carefully dressed and prepared. Did she ever see it?
Think about Dong Yuling’s feeling that his teeth are sour and he took a sip of the tea next to him.
Just a confrontation between the queen and the imperial concubine revealed that many people, especially those with rich experience in house fighting, suddenly felt that the queen’s method was too crude. If the imperial concubine were such a brainless person, would she still live to have children?
However, the queen and the imperial concubine are well aware of it and naturally ignore it.
"Don’t Lingxin county owners expect it?" The queen’s sudden appearance also shocked Dong Yuling.
Dong Fengling blinked and looked at the queen inexplicably. Although she was close to the queen because of her identity, what was this sudden attack on? At least wake up. She’s not prepared at all. Chapter 44 Chapter 44 gives people a new impression.
Besides, Dong Yuling is sitting next to the jade imperial concubine because of Lian Yan Jing.
But what does the queen shout? Call her title or show that she is a princess?
Dong Yuling secretly left the pie mouth queen, that is, she can talk about it cheaply, so she just ignored it.
Seeing the Queen’s mouth open, she wanted to continue to say that there was some malicious intention in her eyes. Dong Yuling immediately excused herself, "What did the Queen say? Ling Xin didn’t see the performances of various daughters because she sat on the moon during the New Year. How can she not expect it now?"
Dong Yuling’s words made the queen feel sad. She was about to say it when Dong Yuling said it.
It’s definitely different from what Dong Yuling said when she said it. When the time comes, giving Dong Yuling a pull of hatred can also divert everyone’s attention and get some resentment.
Does the queen know that everyone has grievances? But what’s wrong with inviting everyone here?
Of course, there are still some things in Dong Yuling’s words that make the queen vomit blood, that is, the queen who sits on the moon misses her children almost crazy, and her eyes turn red when she listens to others sitting on the moon.
The little eyes of hatred also surprised Dong Yuling, and immediately White Queen was crazy and tangled.
Although Dong Yuling felt that the queen was so pitiful, she had no sympathy at all.
How can Dong Yuling fail to see that the queen wants to be crazy about children, but not because she likes children so much. On the contrary, she doesn’t have that kind of maternal love expectation mood.
It’s a big no-no for the queen to be in the palace. She thinks it’s not safe without children.
It really serves her right that the queen regards the child as a bargaining chip to consolidate her position!
"So that’s it. Which daughter will give the princess a performance? It is better to let the princess have no regrets, "said the queen, who is very generous."
I heard that Dong Yuling’s face looked a little bad. Did the peat queen carry it with her?

"I told you before that I’m not Ren Wang Ren or Zhao Wangren. You and your dad are really few in the barracks. We really have the same goal on the people’s side. You and your dad can’t do anything. God Town can do it."

"God Town cares not only about the people in Linchun House, but about the lives of the people in heaven. If the three forces have been allowed to maintain the current situation, more people will go into a blind alley."
"The people outside noticed before you built the road that the food in their department was in the charge of Shenshen Town. You don’t know what the people here were like when we first came to Yangnan County. They can only get three meals a day now, but for them, even if it is only three meals a day, he is willing to make efforts."
"The people don’t want a big meal, but now the royal family can’t even give it. They think about how to win the sky and win it on the battlefield, but they forget that the people are the masters of heaven."
"What’s the point of building roads?" Li Erzhu looked at Shi Wei. "In your opinion, building roads is meaningless, but for the people outside, building roads is the only thing they can earn a living at present. It is a matter of course that the royal family can’t do it. Naturally, someone can do it for the royal family!"
Shi Wei was completely stuck.
"Why don’t you make a decision now?" Tian Tang concluded with a smile for Li Erzhu. "It is enough for you to know that there is a town of gods. When necessary, bring people here so that they can live a normal life. The town of gods is in sight. That’s all."
Shi Wei looked at Tian Tang blankly.
"It’s about time. It’s not convenient for you to come out today. It’s time to go back," Tian Tang volunteered.
Shi Wei heard "it’s time to go back" and suddenly got up from his chair.
Li Erzhu doesn’t care. Anyway, the purpose of bringing Shi Wei here today is to let him know that Shenshen Town can leave at any time when his purpose has been achieved.
He held two cabbages from the table and put them in Shi Wei’s hand. He also held two others to push Shi Wei to go out. When he was going out, Li Erzhu turned back. "The cabbage left on the table was left to the people of Yangnan County. You’re welcome."
Xu Zhe came from the other side after Li Erzhu left with people.
"He’s smart."
"He’s not stupid, but his brain is slightly worse than yours." Tian Tang smiled. "If we can pull Shi Wei behind him to the side of Shenshen Town, maybe we can disintegrate Linchun government forces from Linchun government."
"Just like the garrison in Yangnan County?" After So Chol’s question, he nodded his head again. "If it is not possible to take a single soldier in the spring house, it is better."
Tian Tang also nodded his approval.
When it comes to war, both of them are a little heavy-hearted. It is naturally best not to fight, but in case they really get there, they can’t avoid it.
Thinking for a long time has sounded again.
[Congratulations to the player for completing [8(8/8) houses, 3(3/3) square kilometers (/) number of workers, 1(1/1)] into a third-level town. Silver *6 two printing factory drawings *1 printing machine drawings (simple) *3 painkillers (prescriptions) *1]
【 Level-4 Town Residents (1(8/1) Houses (4) Pupils (115/) Fertile Land (1/) 】
Chapter one hundred and fifty-six Stop the pain medicine
Printing houses, printing presses, painkillers
Number of primary school students, fertile land
The small town upgrade award and an upgrade are relatively not particularly prominent, but the overall situation is around the small town.
Among them, the printing plant and printing machine are obviously derivative rewards for the paper mill when it was upgraded before. Now that there is a paper mill printing plant, it is also reasonable.
At present, there are many primary schools and junior schools in Shenshen Town, and the total number of students has reached more than 6,000. These students are all bought by Tian Tang from the mall and then sold to everyone through the trading market.
It’s no problem to do this in the short term, and it’s also very simple. The price of stationery, paper and pens for primary school students in the mall is also very cheap
But in a long time, if Shenshen Town doesn’t have its own manufacturing industry, the trading body of Shenshen Town will become more and more deformed after relying on shopping malls.
When the former paper mill appeared, she was relieved. Now the appearance of printing house also means that the paper and manufacturing industry can gradually become self-sufficient
Tian Tang hardly hesitated for a long time, so he clicked on the map of An District, put the printing factory in Shenshen Town, built a new paper mill at the same time, and announced the recruitment plans of two factories at the same time.
After doing this well, she went back to look at the remaining rewards and got three prescriptions after the emergence of pharmaceutical skills, namely, insect repellent, hemostatic powder and now painkiller. The most basic of these three prescriptions is actually insect repellent. Up to now, insect repellent is still hanging in the trading market, and every people in Shenshen Town can get it once, or they can get it at the approval of the tour.
From the feedback during this period, it can be seen that the frequency of abdominal pain of the people in Shenshen Town is indeed much less, and the habit of drinking cold water is still slowly grinding.
Tian Tang looked at the raw materials for stopping pain drugs, which are also Chinese herbal medicines, and at present, there are a batch of them in the warehouse of the trading market, which are picked by the people of Shenshen Town and sold to the trading market.
These herbs are enough to make a considerable amount of painkillers.
It’s not difficult for her to make medicine, and she didn’t hesitate for too long. She directly took out the pharmaceutical skills from the Herbs Department of the trading market to stop the pain medicine. After making it, she confirmed that the pain medicine was not put on the trading market and set up a relatively fair price shelf for sale.
At this time, the new painkillers in the drug area of Shenshen Town trading market also made people go back and forth to watch.
"Is this … painkiller?"
You just came to the trading market to buy things and passed by the drug section and was stopped directly.
"Doctor You has a new medicine here."
"Dr. You, is this what you used to say about painkillers? Can it really make people feel painless?"
"Doctor you …"
Wandering came and looked at several people first. "Did your granddaughter have a fever? Lao Li, is your grandson’s foot ok? And … "
Wandering with the people in front of the shelves, it is not difficult for her to remember every child’s illness, but for the people in Shenshen Town, they are more and more convinced of wandering. This pediatrician is willing to take the children to the hospital to find wandering if there is any problem.
After the wandering question, they also responded one by one in order and chatted with wandering for a while.
It’s almost time to talk. The people consciously left and let the tourists see the new drugs themselves.
Wandering around, watching a few people leave and looking back at the shelves, I reached out and bought a small part of painkillers and threw it into the small basket at hand. "This stuff is good and it’s time for new products."
When I went back with my basket, I wandered and met many people. Everyone would greet her with a smile, even if they said yes, they were full of smiles.
When I returned to the hospital, my wandering smile never disappeared.
She thought she probably liked this town a little.
Sit inside consultation Bai Guanzhong waved at her.
Take out half of the painkillers from the basket and put them on Bai Guanzhong’s table before swimming. "This is a new painkiller in the trading market. You should have some."
Put the things away, she turned and left without saying anything more.
Bai Guanzhong paused and then smiled and shook his head. "Why is this child … so awkward?"
Sitting in front of Bai Guanzhong, the patient also smiled and couldn’t help talking. "Don’t say that Dr. You doesn’t like to talk to us, but he is very patient with children. My child hates taking medicine since he was a child. He even asked me when he would get sick again. Dr. Bai said that he was angry."
"Then let you study medicine after you are a child." Bai Guanzhong grabbed the pamphlet next to him. "This is what I made up for myself during this period. You can take it back to the child and show it to him. Maybe he is interested in studying medicine."
"That’s a good feeling." The patient took the pamphlet. "Thank you, Dr. Bai. You are really a good man."
The patient’s condition is not serious, but he accidentally ate his stomach. Guanzhong prescribed him some simple nursed back to health medicine, and the price was not expensive. If the patient was comforted.
People who caught the medicine and sent it should not be here. Poria cocos
During this period, there were also some medicine boys in the hospital who specially took medicine for Bai Guanzhong, and Bai Fuling, a part-time medicine boy, completely got rid of the trivial matters of taking medicine in the hospital.

If he has the power to defeat Duanmu Tiger, everything will change.

"And the most important thing is that I believe he will come to save me because he said he would always protect me and talk about where I am." This is the promise that I have made to Xueluo even if I sacrificed my life.
The girl’s last sentence made the people present not move. Although they knew that this woman believed in forgetting dust, it was not difficult to see her persistence in forgetting dust because of her fanaticism in her eyes.
"Even if you don’t promise, I will go." Snowfall doesn’t want anyone to be implicated, so she has to choose a replacement method to save Lushun.
Yi Long seems to be hesitating, but the words of falling snow have forced him to change his way.
"So once something happens, Miss Snowfall, you promise me that you must run away. Duanmu Tiger, you don’t understand that this is not as simple as we thought. If your substitution plan fails, I will let Thirteen take you to leave you forcibly." Duanmu Tiger Yi Long has always disdained him. If this guy is headstrong, if it will be as smooth as Snowfall said, it may be easier, but he is afraid that things will not go as planned.
"If you promise us, we will follow your plan. If you fail, we will leave according to my plan." When Yi Long finished, he looked at the snow, which was his biggest concession.
Snowfall wanted to think and nodded, which made Yi Long breathe a sigh of relief.
"Well, the plan is so popular. You should go to the desert to check the situation first, and remember to be careful." Yi Long told one of the fastest players that they must design an escape line.
"If that guy really appears, it will be much easier. If he can contain Duanmu Tiger, we will be more sure. Snowfall, can’t you contact him?" Snowfall has no starfish, and they don’t know how to contact the starfish signal. There is no way to communicate.
In fact, Snowfall also has selfishness. If he comes back and knows that such a big event has happened, he will definitely come to save himself. This is Snowfall’s greatest confidence.
Plan execution at noon on Sunday
At the same time
"Do you know not to ask him if he is in the barren city?"
"Hello, uncle. Do you know a man named Don’t ask him?"
"Fuck you, big brother, how about 3 this year?" The old guy with a full face of hemp turned around and scolded him for forgetting the dust. He looked at his obscene figure and forgot the dust and was messy in the wind alone.
As it is outside the city, no one knows. Don’t ask who it is. He is like an absent person.
But he didn’t forget the dust to the point where he was discouraged. He went to a pub to check the information of an adventure brigade and mercenaries. Forgetting the dust found that there were almost no 100 people in the barren city, and the maximum number of those mercenary groups was only 70, and the number of registered brigades would not exceed 70.
"What’s going on with this mercenary group and brigade? The number is too small, and the number is not as good as that of the outer city of the waning moon. By the way, it would be better if we could see the gang management, but forget the dust and not enter the gang management office."
He can inquire and be good at observing words and expressions. He found a middle-aged player sitting alone in the corner of a pub drinking. He went over and ordered a glass of wine and ordered a "I’ll treat you" for that person.
The man didn’t say much, but he just poured dust into his mouth and smiled. "Brother, I just came to the barren city, and I don’t know anything. You also know that there is no one to take care of me when I am away from home. Then I’m in trouble. I want to join the barren city gang. Please introduce it to my younger brother. There are all those gangs in this barren city."
The man smelled cynicism, but he definitely didn’t laugh at forgetting the dust, more like laughing at other people or things.
"What’s the matter? Did the younger brother say something wrong?" Forgetting innocence is like an angel, not like a small pain.
"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, you are really a newcomer. Do you know that there will never be a gang in this barren city? If you want to join a gang here, I advise you to die." The man burst out laughing and caused many people to look at it, especially the word gang.
Forget the dust and realize that this is a sensitive issue because everyone’s breath has just changed.
He hurriedly reckon, "I don’t know what the eldest brother has to teach me. I really don’t know." Forget the dust and look naive. Absolutely no one can imagine what a terrible demon he is.
"Ha ha ha ha, I want to know what to let the uncle tell you, because this barren city gang can have one, and that’s our hero." A drinking Han got up and drank a mouthful of wine, and his eyes were full of pride.
heros of earth/ a peerless hero/ a matchless hero
If this guild is still here, then there must be something else in this world.
"You want to join a gang, hahaha, I’m telling you, it’s an idiotic dream. Our heroes are not vagrants, and they won’t take in rubbish like you." That man has no mercy at all, and he still publicly humiliates and forgets the dust in the presence of so many people.
Forget the dust and sneer at the opening is to frighten the people around you. He actually said, "I don’t think it is necessary to join the heroes of the world if they are all capable people like you."
"What do you * * say about our heroes in the world? Can you understand that our boss is the king here? You dare to humiliate our gang. You * * want to die." The man grabbed the bottle in his hand and knocked on the head of forgetting dust, but just then he attacked the bottle and smashed it to the ground.
"It’s really strange that you don’t even understand the base forbearance and low profile that your gang has not been destroyed." Forget the dust to speak cynically and hold each other’s attack arm with one hand to make it unable to move. The man grinned with pain, but after hearing what Forget the dust said, his eyes were red and furious.
"What are you talking about, asshole? Our boss is Duanmu Tiger. It’s up to you."
"Duanmuhu is right, and that guy is here." Thought of here, I forgot to dust and suddenly hit the man in the abdomen with a punch. The hero of the world knelt down and went to great pain, but I didn’t let him look up and curse "Draft? I’ll kill you."
"Tell me where Duanmu Tiger is, maybe you can survive! ! !” The domineering words of forgetting dust made the whole pub stunned.
How long has it been?
I don’t know how many years have passed since Duanmu Hu dominated, but I haven’t seen anyone dare to hurt the heroes of the world. At that moment, their hearts could not help but be ecstatic.
Chapter 184 Desert
Stone desert city desert!
This is the most important trading area in the whole barren city, and it is also the place where players frequently travel to and from trading places, and it is also the place where all vendors set up stalls. It is very similar to the online game stall location, but the difference is that the creation method hangs up.
However, the store can also be hung here, and the player needs to count the goods or increase the goods at regular intervals, so he has to pay a certain amount. In the desert area, these sources of money are not only handed over to the city, but also a small part of them have flowed into Duanmuhu’s private account. Only then will he know how he can get the players’ taxes.
Although there are also players in the desert on weekdays, it will never be as many as it is today. The reason is also that Duanmu Hu’s words yesterday almost brought good people to the whole city. It is also good that this desert area is the trading center city, otherwise it would have been full of people.

"You were an exchange student here before you called the police. You should remember what you said when you called the police. My mobile phone bag was also taken away by the thief."

Ye Zaixi bossily pointed to Sunny and gave orders.
Sunny failed and glanced at Ye Zaixi, then took out the director’s cell phone from his pocket and dialed the national alarm.
Sunny sunny smiled and handed the leaf in the stream while dialing the mobile phone.
"Sister, you have been studying abroad for so many years. English should be great, right? I’m sure it’s no problem to repeat a case with the police uncle myself.
Unlike me, I have been an exchange student for three months and I can’t understand anything, let alone. "
Ye Zaixi gnashed her teeth and took the fine fine handed me a mobile phone.
How did this idiot become a green tea essence today? !
Ye Zaixi did stay in school for several years, but it was her parents who spent a lot of money to buy her a foreign diploma mill degree.
Everyone around her is like her, so she is not academic. Every day in the rich second generation circle, she speaks Chinese.
Even many teachers are Chinese, and their English level is barely up to the standard of written test in high school.
Ye Zaixi listened to the busy tone of the mobile phone and the brain was running rapidly to report the case. What’s the word? Where’s the thief?
Think of these words less first to make a simple sentence.
Ye can barely communicate with foreigners in this way when he didn’t bring his classmates with him when he was studying in Xixi.
There is always a busy tone in the mobile phone. The more worried you are about the other party’s connection, the more anxious you are to remember how to say those words.
Afraid of what’s coming, what’s busy? Female Ye Zaixi quickly put her phone to her ear and said "hi"
The other side didn’t respond to her, but mechanically repeated something. Ye Zaixi finally heard the sound twice and said, "Please dial later when the speaker answers."
"This alarm words also homo habilis answer? You have the wrong number! " Leaf in the stream staring at sunny accused.
Unicorn Chan suddenly remembered something and said, "Brother Xiaoyuan just said that the police uncles went on strike today!"
Everyone remembers this. Xiaoyuan did just say that he drove from L city and happened to meet the police in N city who were holding a general strike and blocked the car for a long time.
Fortunately, the plane was delayed, otherwise Xiaoyuan would arrive later than the plane of the program group.
Unicorn Chan also knew that a strike meant not working. At that time, Xiaoyuan said that he didn’t take it to heart.
Now, the more he thinks about it, the more strange he is, so he asks Ye Feng, "Who keeps order when the police uncles are on strike?" Do they have no sense of mission? "
The sense of mission is that Unicorn Chan learned a new word while watching cartoons a few days ago. He has a deep understanding of this word and it is his mission to protect his country.
Shouldn’t the police uncle have the same sense of mission as him?
Ye Feng touched Unicorn Chan’s head and explained to him, "Every country has different national conditions. In China, most people may take it as a career to make a living."
Ye Zaixi rudely interrupted their discussion. "Don’t say that without the police, I will go on strike. What should I do without my passport?"
"Go and reissue one."
Seeing that Ye Feng’s father and son ignored Ye Zaixi Doudou, at least this "baby sister" is now their temporary family, and it’s not good to neglect her too much.
"You don’t know, do you?" Ye Zaixi’s nostrils are in the air. She finally found a crushing feeling in a five-year-old girl. "Is it necessary to find a police station to reissue a passport in China?"
Chapter 16
Finally, Ye Zaixi added, "Without a passport, it is black. I can’t go anywhere. You have to accompany me to go anywhere."
"No ao director uncle there is a copy ~" Unicorn Chan woke up.
The director group did a lot of homework this time, including what happens if you lose your passport.
They made several copies of passports for everyone before, and the eggs were not put in the same basket. Each of these copies was given to the director.
Ye Zaixi threatened to fail, and she got stuck again.
At this moment, the mobile phone bell rang in Sunny’s hand, which relieved Ye Zaixi’s embarrassment.
"Uncle director? Where are you now? "
It was only after the subway started on the director’s side that all the guests except Liang Yi ran away.
This also got? On the first day of going abroad, people got separated for a little while.
The director quickly asked everyone to wait in the same place in a car. He himself found a signal position near the exit and tried to call Sunny and them.
He listened to Liang Yi and saw that all the people got off the bus. I don’t know if they really got through.
Sunny and the director described the situation of several of them. After learning that everyone is safe, the director can rest assured.
"Ok, please wait for us in the subway. First, we will help my sister find a passport. If we find it or not, we will go back as soon as possible."
Fine fine hang up the phone, see Luo Yufei still pulling her not to let her into the alley.
She explained, "They thieves usually throw away their wallets when they get the money. Let’s look in the trash can nearby and maybe find it."
"Then I’ll go in first and you wait in the back." Luo Yufei thinks that he has power. If he is in danger, his chances of life are higher than others.
This seems to be a very remote alley, and I haven’t seen anyone except garbage everywhere.
Luo Yufei led the crowd into this long alley.
After turning over several trash cans in a row, Ye Zaixi became more and more impatient. She complained, "What is this?"! I just rummaged through the trash can here on the first day of my country! "
"You haven’t said anything when the activity funds are lost, and you are still helping you find your passport through the garbage. You should also say less," Ye Feng said with a straight face.
It’s not very hygienic to rummage through garbage bins. The adults didn’t let the group participate.
Considering that this is an interesting material, two camera brothers open the camera and start shooting live.
Artists rummaging through trash cans on foreign streets is a hot topic. In addition, one of these artists is the popular top stream, which directly books hot search.
So now there are three dads, Wei Jiuwei, bodyguards and Ye Zaixi going through the trash can together.
A camera brother is filming them, and another camera brother is looking around with a few kids.
The live broadcast of three guests suddenly lit up, even if the black screen did not leave the ashes fans boiling.
[staying up late to win the party! Sudden death party wins! 】
It’s right that I didn’t sleep or broadcast live, so I guess they resumed live broadcast before the meeting.
It’s only been less than an hour. What happened to them? What did they want to rummage through the trash can? 】
I heard their conversation mean that my wallet was stolen and my passport was in my wallet. Now I’m looking for my passport, right? 】
The thief just ran over and even if he wants to throw it in the trash can, he will throw it on the surface.
Ye Zaixi just picked up a broken beer bottle from the ground and held his nose in the trash can.
She was even more angry when she heard Ye Feng scold her. She glared at Ye Feng. "My donkey wallet is much more expensive than that activity fund! Did I say anything? !”

Chen Yi said, "If you say you are brothers, I love to be younger than myself without other hobbies. Oh, no, I think younger girls are more likely to arouse my desire to protect that person. There is always some feeling that those girls who are younger than me will make me particularly fond of them."

I said with shame, "Yes, yes, yes. How do you know your sister-in-law?"
Chen Yi took a deep breath and slowly relaxed, then her eyes wandered and said, "I was still in the former team that year … it happened to be a top-level event in Shanghai. My wife was still a freshman that year …"
I swallowed "senior one? Three years ago? Brother, you are breaking the law. "
Chen Yi said with a wave, "What’s the law? Fourteen years old is illegal."
I breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Oh, my sister-in-law was fourteen years old that year."
Chen Yi proudly said, "Yeah, I was a member of the team that year. She was a fan of our team and worshipped me fanatically. At that time, I wasn’t lolicon. I liked the royal elder sister who was older than me, but first she asked me for an autograph and took a photo. Finally, she asked for my QQ mobile phone number. I thought she was beautiful, so I gave it to her. Then we talked more and more. She didn’t have a boyfriend and I lacked a girlfriend. Then we had sex."
I said, "That’s how my sister-in-law came."
It seems that they are from fans to lovers and have never experienced that kind of vigorous thing. After three years, I don’t know if Chen Yi is tired of this girlfriend.
I added, "What do you think of Sister-in-law? Is there a generation gap or something? "
Chen Yi didn’t good the spirit said, "There is no generation gap. We are only four years old, not ten years old. She is fine. I understand everything. I feel that no one in this life can treat me better than her! When I finish my career in college, I will directly argue with her. "
Looking at Chen Yi’s determined expression, I knew that it was hopeless to say that he broke up with Aishi.
Chen Yi seems to be excellent in everything. I think he is unruly and he will be a little slack in his feelings. I didn’t expect to be so single-minded
But …
If he is slack in his feelings, maybe I won’t trust her, and maybe I won’t fix him up with Aish.
This is really a tangled thing …
I talked with Chen Yi for a long time before returning to my room.
Zhong Yi applied a mask and was lying in bed with his eyes closed.
I went to see her, and as soon as I saw her eyes closed, I wanted to lean over to see if she was asleep.
Who knows that Zhong Yi suddenly opened his eyes and "wow" called one.
"Scare the old man, maybe you will bang me …" I inexplicably pulled out a captain’s line.
Zhong Yi giggled at the mask and kept saying, "What are you talking about? I’m so laughing that I’m scared to death!"
I didn’t go to the table and took a glass of milk to calm my nerves.
Zhong Yi said to me, "Were you chatting with Chen Yi just now?"
I shook my head and said, "Aishi didn’t talk to him. He and his girlfriend still have deep feelings and are determined to get married. I feel that a man will not let go easily if he has the idea of marrying a woman."
Zhong Yi laughed. "That’s good. Why do you want him to let go?"
I said, "Don’t you want me to find a way to find someone for Ashley?"
Zhong Yi said, "That can’t destroy other people’s happiness."
I nodded and said, "Well … then think of another way to say that Zhong Yi has something I must ask you."
Zhong Yi don’t overdo your shiny eyes and look at me with a crooked little head and ask, "huh? What is it? "
Chapter 436 Doubt for a long time
"Now that we’re in the playoffs, can you tell me what I’m playing for? Is there any hope that I can be with you when I reach a high ranking like this?" I spoke out my long-buried doubt.
I still don’t know what I am, and I am a professional.
If it weren’t for Zhong Yi, I don’t really care about high ranking myself.
If I can’t be with the person I love the most, then what if I win the championship?
Who can share this glory with me?
Zhong Yi paused and then laughed. "You will naturally know that it is difficult for me to make it clear to you now. It is always right for you to fight, and the result will not let you down."
I am not very satisfied with this answer. I frown and say, "What can’t be explained clearly now?"? To tell you the truth, Zhong Yi, my passion for my career is actually very general. If you don’t tell me what the result of my struggle is, I will have a feeling of being at a loss and not fighting spirit. "
It’s like the college entrance examination. Everyone knows that the college entrance examination is the fairest turning point in youth and the biggest test of competition. We know that if we pass the college entrance examination in to be no.1, then we can enter a good university, and we are very motivated and hardworking.
I feel like I’m going to take the college entrance examination now, but no one tells me what I can do after the college entrance examination. I don’t know if I can get high marks in the college entrance examination or not. I don’t know anything, but I know that I want the college entrance examination.
So I’m really at a loss now
Zhong Yi quickly persuaded, "You must not have this idea."
Then Zhong Yiyi, Shuang Ling’s eyes became very melancholy and sad, which changed the atmosphere.
I felt a little uneasy and said, "What’s wrong with you?"
Zhong Yi shook his head and said, "It’s okay, Wang Tong. I don’t want to keep anything from you, but if I tell you this, it may change your mentality. It’s not good for you and you will be more anxious."
Zhong Yi looked at me almost imploringly for a short time. Her mood has changed so much that I can’t guess. I can compromise and say, "Well, I won’t ask this."
Zhong Yi said gratefully, "Thank you!"
What’s Zhong Yi’s problem? Can’t you let me know?
I changed the subject again and asked, "did that clock remember that you left me silently every time and competed with me this time?" And then what, you left me and came back this time? Don’t your family … care about these things? "
Zhong Yi said, "It’s a second trip or a last resort. I’m watching me closely at home. I can come back this time because my parents are all abroad. They are very busy, so I can come back again. No one can take care of me. I have arranged everything during this period and there will be no accidents."
I still have a lot of doubts in my heart. Zhong Yi held my hand and said, "Wang Tong, you just have to fight hard. This is the only way to decide whether we can be together, but I have confidence in you …"
Zhong Yi’s eyes were dim and stopped talking.
"What is it?" I quickly asked.
Since you have confidence in us, why does this sudden loss and sadness appear?
Zhong Yi shook his head and barely gave a smile and said, "Don’t think about it."
Zhong Yi arranged an emotion and said, "Come on! Be sure to win the championship and get this playoff quota even if you succeed. "
How to get the playoff quota can prove that our team is a national team, and it is the strongest glory in S5 spring. Although the way out has become very wide after a great deal, my ability is still worthless in the eyes of Zhong Yi’s family. I am a "great player" and talk to me according to Zhong Xin. Even if I become a winner with an annual income of over 10 million, the gap between my identity and Zhong Yi is still irreparable. I simply can’t make money like that. He rushed to a competitive era, just like the reform and opening up 40 years ago. It is difficult for us to achieve that level in these professions now.
In my opinion, it is really puzzling that Zhong Yi is hiding something and promised that I would be able to cross these ravines if I wanted to climb forward.

"It’s okay brother is not site was robbed? Just grab it again! " Zhang Xiaotian funny looking at Yang Xiao said

Suddenly Yang Xiao looked at Zhang Xiaotian with a smile without talking.
"Why? Do I have flowers on my face? " Zhang Xiaotian was seen a strange stretched out his hand and touched the face and said
"Elder brother there is good? It’s near here again! If we go there, if we want to come back, we can come back to see our parents at any time? " Yang Xiao asked Zhang Xiaotian with a smile.
"hmm? Yes! It’s really a good choice there! The location is also good. Speaking of it, we are quite destined to become ghosts there. We all met there and became sworn brothers there. Let’s stand there first today! " Zhang Xiaotian eyes suddenly lit up and nodded with a smile.
Peanut is a little confused. I don’t know what these two bosses say.
"Peanuts, let’s go! I’ll take it out on you with my eldest brother! I’d like to see how they skinned me, pulled my tendons and chopped my bones to make soup! " Yang Xiao to one side is still there with poor Jiang Guosheng gnashed her teeth and said
Jiang Guosheng’s eyes lit up, but he knew that Zhang Laoda repaired it more severely than Yang Laoda. When they were in the cremation factory now, three brothers were beaten and crawled by Yang Xiaodi at that time. Later, when a brother got together to find Yang Xiaodi’s revenge, he was stunned by several mental attack departments in Zhang Xiaotian, that is, at that time, they were completely beaten by Zhang Xiaotian brothers. It would be a mistake to have him go there this time.
Ghost fighting is very simple. Unless you have a magic weapon, there is a mental attack. Whoever has a strong mental attack wave will win. The mental attack wave has a locking function. Generally, you can’t hide it.
At this time, it was already late, and the parents had already gone to bed. Zhang Xiaotian didn’t wake them up, meaning to leave quietly! Zhang Xiaotian sighed, put a written letter on the table and waited for a while in the yard. Finally, he looked at the familiar home and shook his head and left.
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Chapter 24 Looking for a field (please recommend the collection! )
When the three ghosts came to a small forest next to the cremation factory, they stopped. Jiang Guosheng put his hand in his mouth and blew a whistle in the small forest.
In a short time, a few ghosts ran out from the inside sparsely and counted a total of seven, all of whom were in their twenties and thirties. The repairs were also very weak, and the ghosts were barely repaired at the initial stage. At that time, the Zhang Xiaotian brothers were surprised when they first saw them. This kid was wandering for five or six years without being caught or swallowed up by other ghosts, and he didn’t encounter any powerful ghosts. What a lucky boy!
Looking at the seven of them lined up, they bowed to Yang Xiaodi and Zhang Xiaotian, and then shouted "Zhang Laoda is good and Yang Laoda is good!"
Let Yang Xiao listen to his heart, and Zhang Xiaotian can’t help but keep their eyes straight. He knows that all this is Yang Xiao’s pre-teaching this younger brother, which is too spoof.
He still remembers being rescued when he just became a ghost, and his brother let himself call the boss back and then hung out with him.
"Brothers have worked hard!" Yang Xiao shouted loudly
"Boss!" All the ghosts shouted together
"ah! Ok, brother? " Zhang Xiaotian is patted his brother on the head and said
"Brother-you always don’t give me a face like this. At least let me be down in front of my younger brother!" Yang Xiaodi saw Zhang Xiaotian and touched his head to talk to him. I couldn’t help crying and said, This makes the ghost see where is a boss? It’s the dolls that are touched by ghosts, right?
Let Zhang Xiaotian laugh and cry. His younger brother is too fond of playing.
When the kids see this, they all want to laugh but dare not. Yang Xiao told the boss not to talk, and they must not laugh. Anyone who violates this rule according to Yang Xiao’s words must accompany them to practice hard. They don’t want to be practiced to death by Yang Xiao. Besides, ghosts have what good practice? It’s all mental attacks
Jiang Guosheng is embarrassed. What can he say with such a boss?
"Well, say what you want! You are in smile happily! " Yang Xiao looked at his younger brothers with a red face and I didn’t good the spirit said.
"Ha ha! Haha-ouch, it almost killed me. "The kids laughed one by one, patting their thighs and sitting on the ground with their hands pounding.
"It’s okay to look at your sample which have lair was somebody else’s end consciousness? I didn’t know that ghosts destroyed your boss and my reputation. And you, you mosquito bean, weren’t you knocked unconscious by others? It looks good now, doesn’t it? I’ll let you take the lead when you find a venue later. Tell me how the site was robbed? " Yang Xiao was asked by them to change the subject quickly without smiling at all.
Yang Xiaodi, if you don’t say this, it’s okay to say that all the kids seem to think of the den being robbed again. Suddenly, there was a cry of wolves and ghosts, and they told each other how badly they were beaten and how much they had been repaired, and so on.
Is the Yang Xiao said a headache good shouted "good! All right! Don’t talk about it after I’ve heard it! "
I heard that there were kids stretching their heads and saying, "How did you finish listening?"? I haven’t said it yet? " Was Yang Xiao to a stare and shrank his head back.
"We’ll go to find their revenge! Brothers, the road ahead! " Yang Xiao said with a wave of his right hand heroism
Then Yang Xiao raised his head to show off to Zhang Xiaotian and said, "? Brother, do I still have that general demeanor? "
Zhang Xiaotian shook his head with a wry smile, but it seemed impossible for his brother to behave in such a strange way.
Go to the cremation factory in Yang Xiao and have a big drink. "What kind of road does Mao dare to make trouble in your grandfather’s site? Why don’t you get out of here for your grandfather?" Just now, I have already found out clearly that the three old ghosts are refining their souls in the room at this time. It seems that the two old ghosts have just become ghosts for a long time.
Sure enough, in a short time, three old ghosts were drilled from the inside, one ghost behind the first two ghosts.
"Who are you? Is it coming to them? " The ghost in the later period asked Yang Xiaodi, "I didn’t expect it to be a ghost who is taller than him. I was taken aback, but I didn’t have any fear at heart."
Zhang Xiaotian was behind. He didn’t see it.
Just now, he was worried that the two brothers behind him beat the ghost away. When he left, the middle-aged ghost said that they should wait for them to find their boss to speak out. He was still talking. I didn’t expect that it didn’t take much effort to actually come to a kid who was taller than him
"Ha ha! Who am I? You robbed my site. Who do you think I am? " Yang Xiao laughed. "
"Are you their boss?" Old ghost sink asked.
"yes! I’ll give you two ways: obey us or die! Choose for yourself! " Yang Xiao to pack to force said
"Ha ha, little brother, don’t say so much. You know, you are just a little taller than me. If I want to run, you may not be able to catch me. I’m afraid it’s not that simple that you want me to be your minister?" The old ghost said slowly
It’s all a stage higher. It’s actually a little higher. A word can’t help but make Yang Xiao choke. You know, the ghost realm is so high that it can kill you when you are fighting.
"We don’t want you to leave, and none of you can run away!" Suddenly a voice came from behind. It was Zhang Xiaotian who had been silent at the back.
Another one! Old ghost in the mind a surprised just now has been didn’t pay attention to didn’t think there was a master behind each other, a closer look turned out to be a bit can’t see the depth of repair was even higher than that just now, even has reached the ghost phase master seems to be much worse, ghost phase and ghost phase is different, it’s high for a state.
"good! We admit that none of us can leave this time. Today, there are many things that disturb you. We want you to let go of our three brothers. We will definitely give you enough compensation after we promise! I hope this matter has been revealed? " The old ghost hesitated for a moment and said that the three old ghosts were also great people during their lifetime. How can they be arrogant when they were alive? Even if the boss is better than them, his three brothers will be able to finish him in a few years.
"You hit our brother and robbed us. After seeing that you can’t beat us, you said that you should compensate? This compensation is not rare for us! I don’t expect anyone to know if you are talking fart? " Zhang Xiaotian said slowly, in fact, it is really rare to get such a hand after having such a baby as Xiaoshi. However, Xiaoshi must trust himself to make such a fate baby, and no one must know that every man has a guilty conscience.
"The boss, you must know that our qualifications are much higher than yours. In a few years, we will be finished with you. You ask us to be your minister. Aren’t you afraid that we will turn against the guest and replace you?" The old ghost bit his teeth and said that he knew that if he said this, then if the other party didn’t let go of his three brothers, it would definitely be desperate, but even if he died, he couldn’t be the other party’s hand because they wouldn’t do that kind of treachery. If they really recognized the boss, they would recognize him all their lives.
Behind the two old ghost also nodded a face of perseverance.
Who knows that Zhang Xiaotian’s eyes lit up as soon as he said this? He didn’t care much about these three old ghosts, but from what he said just now, he saw that they would rather die than surrender! There is still a trace of arrogance. People like this will never give up if they look for one thing. Arrogant people must have their arrogance. Then, if these three people want to recognize their brothers and bosses, they will never abandon such a genius, which is exactly what they need now.
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Chapter twenty-five Wulin three eagles for collection, recommended!
"Ha ha! How dare you! Tell you what! You have absorbed our soul force, and it is not difficult for us. Just give them back to us as much as you have absorbed! We don’t charge you interest either! Such as? " Zhang Xiaotian said after laughing
"We have all absorbed it. Do you want us to return it at this time?" Three old ghosts looked at each other a little confused and asked
"Ha ha, haven’t the three of you heard that not only the soul left after cremation can be absorbed, but even ghosts can be absorbed?" Zhang Xiaotian said slowly.
"Gaga! Quack! " Behind a few kids a listen to also couldn’t help Yin insidious smile.
"You mean …" Let three old ghosts say angrily.
"Three people leave one and the other two can go!" Zhang Xiaotian said slowly.
Yang Xiao heard his brother say this strangely, but he didn’t say anything. He knew that his brother was much smarter than himself. There must be a reason for this.
"What? Isn’t it a bit overwhelming for the pavilion to do so? " Behind an old ghost said angrily

世What a strong breath, purer and stronger than the breath on

Someone inspired the ban!"
"What a strong breath, purer and stronger than the breath on these fragments!"
"Breath so gathered, it must be a real treasure! ….. Go! "
Great changes, immediately attracted the attention of all. In a flash, the figure emerged, and all the people who felt this scene in the ancient small world, with a tight heart, immediately manipulated the force of space and swept away to the blue light beam like lightning.
"There are other treasures!"
In the distance, Fang Yun’s heart jumped, mixed in the crowd, and swept away like lightning towards the valley.
Fang Yun is not familiar with this small ancient world. However, this does not mean that others are unfamiliar. There are so many strong men in North China, and there are always people who can inspire the real secrets of this ancient small world.
That’s why Fang Yun didn’t leave immediately.
"ah!" Among the blue beams, several figures rushed fast, but they were thrown faster. When flying out of the blue light beam, it was already cracked into several pieces, and blood splashed.
"Someone triggered the ban!" Fang Yun heart movement. He glanced at his eyes and found that many people in the crowd showed fear on their faces when they saw this scene.
Suddenly stopped.
"Go in!" Fang Yun mind thoughts fly, at the foot of it is not to stay. He has seen that so many people have just entered. Only twenty people were cut out. Obviously, only these twenty people were unlucky, and the others went in smoothly.
This is a question of probability, and the spell is means and fate!
"Hey!" The light flashed and Fang Yun immediately swept into the green light …

Chapter 669 Suppression for ever
Just entering the green light, I heard a loud buzz, and a simple bronze sword with 18 handles, dragging a long blue sword light, was suspended in the void. Head on is a piece of sword light, intricately mixed, beheaded.
On the eighteen bronze swords, the energy is not so powerful. But the cohesion of that energy is purer than that of the strong in the star realm. Even the so-called indestructible foreign star iron can be easily cut into mud.