Everything that happened tonight seems to have an answer. It turned out that she was behind the scenes!

This statue of Yuan female emperor is really not underestimated!
Xu Yuanmo found himself surrounded here and stepped towards Zunyuan female emperor.
He wants to have a negotiation with the Zunyuan female emperor. Originally, he thought of the fierce spirit peak and then secretly inquired about the Zunyuan female emperor’s action.
And then try to save his wife. Now it seems that their feud will be settled face to face.
"It seems that the female emperor really worked hard to capture me alive here?"
"Take him alive?"
Zunyuan female emperor sat on Ma Weiran and smiled. "I never wanted to kill you."
"Oh, really?"
Xu yuan ink also issued a sneer at "that you today for this is meaning? You won’t bring so many people to meet us, will you? "
"Is to want to invite nine cabinet master to visit the floating frost fort. In addition, you should understand the bamboo poison for so many years. Do you really want to watch us all continue to be so bad? I show my sincerity. I brought twelve guards at the peak of Wu Ba. "
Incredibly, they are all at the peak of Wu Ba?
There is a fine line between the strength of the martial arts and the strength of the martial arts.
But it also needs an opportunity to break through the martial master.
I didn’t expect that after so many years, the Zunyuan female emperor is getting worse and worse.
She has so many wonders and talents in her hand, if she doesn’t dominate the whole Zunyuan country?
Xu Yuanmo’s eyes are cold. "Are you so excited because you want me to untie him?"
"Of course, I had this idea long ago that I never had a chance to add Jiuge’s subjective stubbornness. No matter what I say, you won’t agree. So I can come up with this plan and hope Jiuge’s owner will agree."
"What if I don’t want to?"
"Don’t want to? Then they all have to die! "
Zunyuan female emperor held her head high and gave a cold sound.
Her eyes flitted across their group.
Tang Luoling Yunlie day silence aside without saying anything.
The strength is not as strong as the other party’s strong statue of Yuan, but the female emperor released the strong coercion in that carriage, which made them feel strong and let alone speak.
Xu Yuanmo shook his fist. "Piao Shuang, can you ascend to the female throne? Do my family deny your support?"
Zunyuan female emperor didn’t speak, but nodded her head to admit that Hsu family really helped herself.
"Then you bite the hand that feeds you?"
Xu Yuanmo angrily accused her.
"If I want to bite the hand that feeds me, Jiugongge is gone, and you hurt my family, which is my only family. After so many years, he has been in a wheelchair for nearly 40 years. Shouldn’t it be paid off?"
Zunyuan female emperor said this with a smile on her face. After that, her two corners of her mouth still maintained the arc 1154. Chapter 1154 Female emperor 3
"Yes, you said you paid me off. I was imprisoned in Ghost Eye Gorge for more than eleven years. So what should the female emperor do?"
"Don’t say it’s so ugly that Ghost Eye Gorge is confined to save the lives of those people behind you. If you get rid of bamboo poison and let him recover as before, then I won’t have any more difficulties. You still have Jiugong Pavilion. I know you have your own residence in the wasteland. Can I give you all the wasteland?"
Eleven years’ imprisonment is enough. Will the children and grandchildren be safe?
Xu Yuanmo has clearly felt that Zunyuan female emperor is up to no good. "What you said is true?"
Zunyuan female emperor smiled and trembled with laughter. "Well, you have known me for so many years. Do you think I am telling the truth or lying?"
"That you first issued the imperial edict! Then I’ll go with you to the floating frost castle! "
Xu Yuanmo made his own demands.
"gee! What if you wait for an opportunity to tamper with bamboo after the imperial edict is issued? Anyway, we still need a hostage in my frost castle so that everyone can feel at ease, don’t we? "
Zunyuan female emperor lightly smiled and asked.
Xu Yuanmo blazing with anger stared at the Zunyuan female emperor intensely.
He has always been simple and honest, and his respect for the Yuan female emperor is definitely the strongest opponent he has ever met in this life.
Although the face of Zunyuan female emperor is not very clear in the night, her face expression is very cool and calm.
"Who do you want?"
"Just him!"
Zunyuan female emperor’s finger points to Tang Yu
Tang Luoling immediately came out. "No, my brother can’t go to Piaoshuangbao! If you want a hostage, I am willing to be a hostage! "
Zunyuan female emperor looked at Tang Luoling and then raised her eyebrows. "Who are you?"
"Tang Luoling Xu Yuanmo is my grandfather."
Tang Luoling answered bluntly.
Tang Yu is still young, and even if something happens less in Piaoshuangbao, she can still consult with her grandfather.
But if my grandfather and younger brother Tang Yu went to Piaoshuangbao, she couldn’t stay at Lieling Peak with peace of mind!
"Well, that’s you!"
"no! No! "
Xu Yuanmo refused him, but he could take the risk to die alone and accept his grandchildren to accompany him to die.
On accepting the respect for the yuan and the female emperor by other methods
Dawn in the east has gradually dawned, and the Zunyuan female emperor seems to have lost patience. "Lord Jiuge, this is my most sincere time. Do you really want to force me to make you all die?" I don’t think the owner of Jiuge is so cruel. He won’t even care about this relative, will he? "
A moment of silence when people talk.
"How have you thought about it?"
Zunyuan female emperor looked up and saw that it was already dawn, showing tiredness.
Great. Make a decision quickly. I have to hurry back to catch up on my sleep.
Xu Yuanmo saw that Tang Luoling nodded firmly at him and shook his fist. "I’ll go with you."
"Grandfather … sister!"
Tang Yu nervously took their hands and wanted to cry.