"why?" Zhuang’s eyebrows are raised not far away

"You see …" Old boom handed over a thick engineering standard.
Gao sedan chair, vice president of Lizhou Construction Group, Yancheng Construction Group Branch, and Kane Bohei, CEO of IF Company, are sitting in the top floor office drinking champagne to celebrate.
"Congratulations to Mr. Gao first," Bohei smiled. "It is estimated that Mr. Gao will be the head of the state construction group soon!"
"Where where depends on Mr Bohei’s brilliant idea" Gao sedan chair could hardly restrain his smiling face and took a few hard shots to keep himself from gaffes, but the horse couldn’t help laughing again "I’m afraid Xu Nianwu was dumbfounded! Holding your thighs? Hahahaha, it’s a pity that he is holding the wrong thigh! "
Bo’s dark face showed a light smile. "I just pulled the enemy into the battlefield where we are good at it."
On the second floor of the same building, Xu Nianwu and Li Zhe are sad, and the whole room is filled with smoke.
"What can I do?"
"Don’t worry, Director Hong Long has gone to consult with the landlord."
"Even the landlord … is out of the question …" Xu Nianwu was not so optimistic.
In fact, he is full of pessimism now, and he is anxious at the thought that he has struggled all his lIFe and that the state will become a high school and sedan chair will become an if bag.
Yesterday, Yancheng released the detailed construction and acceptance standards for this project.
The standard formulation is very strict, including the construction machinery, methods, standards, processes, etc. have been greatly narrowed.
In fact, the construction method of manor is suspected of violating the rules in the world of all processes and standardization.
However, since the manor has completed the project with good quality and quantity, it is natural that no one will pursue the sedan chair.
Moreover, the virtual city has always been famous for putting bags, and now it has embraced this new construction method and has formulated local construction standards
Obviously, Yancheng refused this change.
But the situation is even worse.
Just then his cell phone rang.
"Is Lao Xu so serious?"
Zhuang bu Li yin lai
"Master Zhuang …" Xu Nianwu said, "You may not know the status of industrial flower tunnel construction in this field."
"In fact, the standard process of shield machine and modern tunnel construction is designed, promoted and established by industrial flowers."
"According to this standard, we want to buy an IF machine to make the IF construction technology adopt the IF acceptance standard. This is not the battlefield that the other party is best at … this is simply to get fresh in others’ lair! How can you win? "
Xu Nianwu is almost desperate.
How do you compete with an opponent who is both an athlete and a referee?
The other side builds roads and races with the other side. The other side can stop you at any time. You have to cross the road and let you live in a roadside shop. How do you win?
How can he protect himself from being sucked dry by greedy IF by building a state league for a generation?
"Don’t worry," Zhuang’s not far away voice is still very stable. "There must be a way. Don’t worry, we won’t lose, and we will definitely win the state league!"
At that moment, Xu Nianwu almost burst into tears
It feels good to have a backbone!
Chapter 61 To dig well, you can’t dig without a corner.
Hang words not far from Zhuang frowned.
It’s not that easy to kill each other in their best field.
Zhuang’s near confrontation is not an IF, but the industrial standard of the whole mankind for hundreds of years.

Tang Luoling has never seen Tang Luoling since she married Tang Hui, because Tang Luoling has been raised in Linghu Pavilion in Tangjiabao since she was a child and has never seen outsiders.

On that day, Tang Hui told himself that Tang Luoling had slipped and fallen off a cliff, and even the body could not be found.
If it’s been a long time, how did she find two elders and the door?
Two elders, Tang Dong and Tang Zhong, have always been partial to Tang Luoling’s father, Tang Yanjia, and these two Tang elders met Tang Luoling. Tang Luoling not only showed them his shoulder tattoo, but also made a furnace of Gui Yuan Dan in front of the two elders.
Nowadays, few alchemists in Tangjiabao have been able to refine Tang Luoling, an alchemist of Guiyuan, at one stroke. The exhibition has already claimed the title of the two 85-year-old and 85-year-old masters.
"You shut up! Uncle, it’s not your turn to talk about family matters! "
Tang Hui anger foaming at the mouth couldn’t wait to tear Tang Luoling’s mouth.
It is because he has the heart but not the guts to do these things in front of the two elders. What he does is just an empty gesture.
Tang Luoling nodded. "It’s true that it’s not Luoling’s talkative to be the second uncle’s family, but I’m here with two elders today. It’s one thing to tell the second uncle that the second uncle’s family is now a royal family, and Tang Jiazu’s training cannot be violated. My uncle is no longer suitable for Tang Jiazhu’s loyal elders and Dong elders. It has been agreed that I will take over Tang Jiabao from now on."
This young girl will take over Tang Jiabao?
So he has done so much in Tangjiabao this year, is it all a waste of water?
Tang Zhong stretched out his hand and patted Tang Luoling on the shoulder. "Shine, this matter will be handled by the old man, so you can be there first."
"It’s a loyal elder."
Tang Luoling promised not to confront Tang Hui again.
Tang Zhong turned his head to Tang Hui. "Tang Hui, you haven’t devoted yourself to Tang Jiabao in recent years, and even your own alchemy can’t compare with us old guys. If we old guys hadn’t refined some Dan medicine from time to time over the years to Ankang Hall, I’m afraid Ankang Hall would have been closed!"
Feng Ningxiang felt bad when he heard this.
But the son is not in the Tang government at this time, and the water can’t put out the near fire. She is a pile of unwilling anger and can endure it.
Tang Hui stare Tang Zhong "loyal elders! If you have anything, you might as well tell me directly now. If you want to help this young girl sit in the house, I’ll be the first! "
"no? Do you take anything? At the beginning, you said that you wanted to be the master of the Tang family. We see that you are the younger brother of Tang Yan, and we will be done by you. Now the situation is different. You can’t get the alchemy of Tang Zu’s family. You have violated Tang Zu’s instructions and led Tang Jia again? "
Tang Dong unceremoniously poured out his bitterness in the side. In the end, his old man’s house was so angry that he got up directly and dialed down the hot tea he had just served.
The porcelain of the teacup was broken into several pieces.
Tang Luoling sat beside her and picked her eyebrows. She really didn’t know that Tang Hui could make the elders so angry in recent years.
It seems that she got the two elders right.
Feng Ningxiang saw that Tang Dong was angry and quickly comforted him. "Elder Dong, don’t be angry. If there is anything, let’s talk it over. Anyway, we are all family, right?"
"The family? Have your family ever consulted with the elders? We elders held half of the votes against the fact that the child in Jincheng became a Xu horse. Now what do you say about Luo Wan’s entry into the palace and his noble family? "
Tang Dong’s temper has always been fierce when retorted.
Feng Ningxiang’s choking is really their fault.
Tang Hui finally saw that Tang Luoling had been burying his identity, and at this time, his daughter had been noble and noble, and the imperial edict had been drawn back.
Even if you have any grievances, how can you listen when the two elders have already entered the office first? Explain yourself in chapter 86, chapter 86, the theme of the family.
Tang Hui sighed and asked, "Two elders, we are no longer talking nonsense here. Why don’t you just tell me what you came to Yile City for?"
Tang Zhongzhi looked at his old face and became angry. "Did I just tell you my purpose and repeat it?"
"You mean I just gave an answer. If this young girl is our Tang Jiazhu, I will be the first to disagree!"
Tang Huiyang raised his hand to show his attitude. When he stared at Tang Luoling, he wanted to eat her alive.
Sitting in a chair with a cold smile, Tang Luoling doesn’t think she will be disappointed just by a few words from Tang Hui.
Not to mention his own Tang Zuyin in his hand and an alchemist’s medicine, it’s definitely shine on you is better than blue!
The night palace is selling medicine now. If it is not from her hand, imagine that the night palace is not allowed to sell elixir.
In front of the two elders, she just showed a trick at will.
Dan medicine can reset Tang Jiabao to the third power in the Jianghu, so she will show her strength?
Tang Zhong shook his fist and was very angry. He showed his purpose well.
Guo Tanghui didn’t put himself in the eye at all.
Isn’t this embarrassing him?
He Tang Zhongshen, the elder of the Tang family, was kind to himself when Tang Yan was alive.
But what about this Tang Hui?
Give three points and kick your nose and face immediately. If the tiger doesn’t lose his temper, he will really be a sick cat!
"Tang Hui! It doesn’t matter whether you agree or not, because you have violated the instructions of the Tang family, and you can leave the Down clan by this Tang family alone! "
Tang Zhong’s voice fell and surprised Tang Hui.
Even Feng Ningxiang, one side, was suddenly tongue-tied. It’s no small quarrel that two elders let out such words.
"Let’s calm down, two elders, and have something to say."
Feng Ningxiang hurried forward to stop the fight, but it was her kindness that made Tang Hui directly strike the table and shout, "Want to drive me away from Tang Hui, right?" Now, if you don’t chase me away, I’ll volunteer to make a clean break with Tang Jiabao and come back from now on! Even Moxueman, Tang Xiu and Tang Luoshu are all taken back to Elder Nu! "
Elder Nu is Uncle Moxueman.
In those days, it was the anger elders who were behind Tang Hui, otherwise Tang Hui could not sit on the throne.
Tang Luoling got up and said, "Uncle Anger, the elder died suddenly in a month. Aunt, her children still have to be born with you. Uncle, since you are willing to make a clean break with Tang Jiabao now, we won’t push you too hard. Tang Jiabao has earned 72 million silver this year, except for 35 million silver for medicinal materials and 12 million for drugstore expenses. Then we will leave you 5 million."
And Tang Hui Feng Ningxiang was so shocked that they couldn’t keep their souls. They never thought that Elder Nu was dead!
But the couple didn’t even receive any news.
Now it’s great. Tang Hui is still thinking about the breakthrough of the angry elders, so he will make a clean break with Tang Jiabao voluntarily.
If the fact is contrary to what he thinks, if he can’t brush his face and become white snow, chapter 87 announces the Jianghu.
Even if Tang Hui wants to regret it now, will Tang Luoling give him such an opportunity? He’ll never go back on his word!
Tang Luoling said that he would get out of Tangjiabao if he gave him 5 million. How can that be? !
I think he has done a lot in Tangjiabao over the years, and now he will give himself to this young girl. How can he be willing?

Of course, I didn’t refute WenJia neon. After looking at WenJia neon, I turned and walked towards my bedroom!

I feel a little wrong when I walk to the bedroom door!
I said to Wen Jiani, aren’t you a school canteen worker? Why not go in the morning?
Wen Jiani said, I just resigned yesterday and now I sell masks!
Shit! ! What a chat!
Take the blood-red stuff, which girl dares to stick to her face! ?
Then I put my hand on my bedroom door and pushed the bedroom in.
After entering the bedroom, I went to my desk to sort out a messy class! Then I took out my mobile phone from my pocket and looked at today’s date!
Of course, the key is to see what day it is today!
After seeing what day it is today, I picked up a curriculum from the table and took a look! There are two classes before noon today!
Seeing the course means I’m really stung!
I remember I didn’t guess correctly in the first two classes at noon today. It seems that I have been in the hospital for too long and my head has rusted.
Look at it now. It’s already past 1: 00 in the morning! It’s time for class now!
It is better to skip class than to be late.
Thinking of this scene, I left the table in my hand and then walked towards the bedroom.
I comforted myself in my heart, so let’s go after the next two classes!
I turned and walked towards the living room!
Because I found that I was hungry when I fell off class, I wanted to find something to eat in the living room first, and of course the kitchen would be fine.
After I walked out of my bedroom, I took a look at Wen Jiani, who had just put a mask on the sofa! I accidentally found that Wen Jiani’s face mask was gone!
I’ve only been here a few minutes. Did you lose it?
I asked her out of curiosity! Just ask her where her mask is?
Wen Jiani took a look at me and then patted her pink face and said to me, Here it is!
I was stunned when I heard this sentence!
What jokes have been absorbed?
I’m really happy to hear the result.
I squinted at the trash can next to Wen Jiani!
There is nothing red in it.
Maybe she saw me go to the trash can. Wen Jiani gave me such a look! Wen Jiani said to me, What are you looking at? Can I still cheat you?
I was stunned when I heard this sentence! There is nothing for both of us. Why did you lie to me?
I smiled awkwardly at Wen Jia neon, and then I said no doubt at Wen Jia neon.
Say that finish this sentence I gave WenJia neon ha ha a smile.
Then I said to Wen Jiani, by the way, is there anything to eat in the kitchen? I’m a little hungry.
I know it’s a bit impolite to ask, but I still ask! I’m really hungry
WenJianNi glanced at me and sighed at me and said, There are … and milk chocolate chips!
Although it’s not delicious, I feel good to hear these three things!
Turned and walked towards the kitchen.
After entering the kitchen, I took a bag of potato chips and a bag of milk and came out.
After I came out, I put the milk on the coffee table and tore the potato chip packaging bag.
I sat back on the coffee table and glanced at Wen Jia-ni sideways. Actually, I’m still interested in Wen Jia-ni applying that mask.
It’s amazing that the blood-red mask looks so disgusting that it won’t leave a red mark on the face but can be absorbed on the part!
I frowned at the thought of this.
I turned to look at Wen Jiani and said, Your mask is quite high-tech. Where can I get it?
I put a potato chip in my mouth.
The doorbell rang before the constant temperature could answer me.
I glanced at the door. Who am I supposed to be in the morning?
I took a look at Wen Jia neon. After all, I was a little curious.
Maybe Wen Jiani doesn’t know who it is either! She looked at me and said, How dare you let a weak little girl go to the door? You just ate my potato chips, and you’re about to drink my milk.
I’ll die if I eat people with short mouths and short hands!
I put the potato chips in my hand on the coffee table, then got up from the sofa and walked towards the door.

You can’t just wait for the other side to make a move!

Since Ninjutsu can’t speak, then make a breakthrough in melee physical warfare!
"Come with me!"
Take the lead in pulling out the pain in the glove bag. The more this happens, the more you can’t shrink back. If you don’t find out the details of the enemy as soon as possible, the loss will be limited!
Although he didn’t say a word, as the tall man smiled, his arm was stretched hard again! And after a "carrara" sound that made people numb, a long chain appeared in front of everyone-thorns wrapped around the chain.
This is like a robot. What is the body structure?
The enemy in front of us has completely exceeded the understanding ability of Konoha Ninja. No matter which country is fighting before, there has never been such a situation … They judge the enemy’s ability from the root!
"Cut! Cut! Hey! "
Judging by the law, we can avoid it … before they can react, those spiny "thorns" are separated from the giant Han’s arm and roared at the enemy with a long tail flame!
"Get out of the way!"
But I can’t come!
The explosive power of the detonator is even more amazing than that of the general detonator! Those tiny thorn roots are powerful bombs, and the defense circle of konoha leaves has almost collapsed in the blink of an eye …
Crying and cursing …
Mere endurance is hard to achieve, and just trying melee has not achieved results … so much?
Konoha, who doesn’t claim to be the strongest in the forbearance world, certainly doesn’t just rely on the strength of the peak strong … The fact is that even ordinary ninjas definitely have extraordinary talents-after all, even those terrible strong people have become stronger step by step from ordinary ninjas, and that’s the secret of Konoha’s enduring …
If simple ninja or physical attack can’t work …
So what about mixing them up?

"Fire dun Hao fireball!"
"Tudun Ground Fist!"
Gravel rises, blazing flames come out with the jet, and those flaming gravel streams roar towards Payne with terrible power, which is as terrible as a meteor shower, bringing the power of United Ninjutsu to the extreme!
If a man is not strong enough to defeat the enemy, he will unite his comrades-in-arms strength … if there is still a chance, then never give up!
This is Konoha’s determination!
There is no doubt that it is because of these precious strong hearts and leaves that they are so powerful …
But unfortunately, I can’t today …
In the face of absolute power, all efforts are meaningless …

"God Luo Tianzheng!"
Terrible and absolute power makes all efforts, and the absolute power of God destroys everything and makes it disappear …
So … in this battlefield, there are six solitary figures left again, who are marching forward firmly and seem to have no eyes …
"Tu Dun Tu Long Bullet!"
The old and firm voice finally remembered that ninja who had supported Konoha for decades finally appeared on the battlefield, and that terrible earth-hiding ninja finally stopped Payne’s footsteps temporarily.
"I won’t let you go any further!"
Dressed in battle, Sarutobi Hiruzen finally came to the front line, and at his side, he symbolized the strongest summoner, the ape king, and he was already ready to go.

"Sarutobi Hiruzen …"
Heaven’s voice is still indifferent, and his eyes are hesitant to stare at the old man in front of him … Maybe ten years ago he was enough to pose a threat to Liudao, but today … the old man has no way to stop him.
Although for Heaven, he didn’t take a stand of fighting to the death with this old man … as it was said at the beginning, it was all a plan.
"What can you do now?"

"Times belong to young people, yes."
Behind the ape fly, another figure gradually became clear … He seemed to grow directly from the soil, but he didn’t give off the so-called strong breath …
But the appearance of this figure made Payne nervous almost at the same time …
"But don’t you think you are too young?"
Konoha’s thousand hands are really brave-immortal human body
Xiao organized six Payne-immortal eyes …
They are silently in different positions. Perhaps today, the Immortal War will explode Chapter 199, with a sense of disobedience …
Konoha’s thousand hands are really brave-immortal human body
Xiao organized six Payne-immortal eyes …
They are silently in different positions. Maybe today the fairy war will break out!

Payne …
Zhen Yong’s eyes are a little complicated.
Although he admits that he didn’t intend to really change anything from the beginning-otherwise, he wouldn’t have let these three kids disappear for so long, but those short years of life still have some wonderful feelings for them …
If you are friends, you will always be worried about each other’s safety.
He still remembers how he taught them the skills of survival bit by bit, how he went to the market with them to steal some necessary food, and even remembered that he finally talked to Yahiko … that time he was relaxed and didn’t worry about the future or the past days-he lived like a poet but he was not a poet after all …
Maybe we should have expected this situation from the day we parted …
For the prophet, he had guessed when he learned that the swim bladder had come to Konoha, when he realized that Spot had started to make moves …
But when Yahiko’s corpse-making heaven really appeared in front of Zhenyong, he still couldn’t help sighing …
Gently close your eyes and then slowly open them …
Feelings stop here!
Konoha’s enemy … is also a brave enemy with thousands of hands. He doesn’t have to leave his hand! Shuo Mao’s death has made Zhenyong grow up. He may start to look more like Zeng Jin, and he is beginning to understand that in this cruel world, if you want to live and live better … you must be more cruel than others!
Zhenyong didn’t deliberately observe the surrounding situation, and he has entered a state of war. He has already ruled out all distractions and even the slightest change in the battlefield can escape his perception!
The first is the summoning animals.
As soon as a big bird flies in the sky, a huge bison … and will the puppy keep splitting when attacked?
He raised a disdainful smile at the corner of his mouth
-how can you break konoha with these things alone?

"It’s okay." Cat Ear Niang waved her hand. "The fixed team will be fixed again. Every time there are not so many people who can’t come, you just need to be short."

Mao Erniang didn’t speak again, and Zuo Tangtang also cooperated to keep quiet and figure it out by himself.
With a change of mind, she can also think clearly about the reasons.
With the step by step into the general battlefield, everyone, even this person, once disdained to watch this competition again, but now he can’t help but get nervous. Fighting is now the glory of their district. It can be said that every step must be cautious and cautious. Sometimes a small mistake in the command is likely to stop all their honors from here.
Zuo Tangtang is also common in some scenes in the game. For example, when the major leagues will kill each other, the commanders will argue with each other, or when they are defeated, they will shirk each other. At such a sensitive time as the cross-sect war, the team has to be at odds with each other. It is for this reason that Zuo Tangtang still remembers that at that time, Cat Ear befriended the root gate every day, but later I don’t know why, and the matter of choosing the commander-in-chief has not been implemented. Instead, now the three major forces are fighting together.
But because of this, some rules are even more to be observed.
Don’t give others the lie.
"Cat, don’t worry, I will never give you any trouble!"
I figured out that Zuo Tangtang had a sincere face and swore an oath.
But when I heard this, Cat Ear Niang and Pikachu kept silent and didn’t comment on it.
There are still three hours before the cross-sectarian war. Zuo Tangtang is still wondering whether to go out for dinner with Su Orange. To her surprise, all the teams are ready to merge.
"How so early? Can’t you go to eat? " Zuo Tangtang asked in surprise
As soon as the words fell, I heard Pikachu’s careless keyboard, and as soon as the mouse fell, it was full of easy calls "Go to dinner!"
"Hey, isn’t this a combination?" She quickly asked if the other party had already stopped ringing and was eating. Pikachu’s action was more agile than making money.
Fortunately, Mao Erniang explained to her that it was a meal, so let her rest assured to eat even if she didn’t eat for two hours. Just come back before the sect war, but now she has to join the team first and can’t find anyone then.
Think about the current situation. Zuo Tangtang guessed that if the name would be called again like the boss before the sect war, after all, this moment can’t be an accident.
The appearance of the Flower Palace can be said to have changed in a week. She hasn’t played many games all the time. This time, she accepted the invitation of Cat Ear Niang to form a team and went in to have a look. She didn’t know more than half of the people in the Flower Palace team. It seems that many of them are new and familiar, and some of them intersect well.
It’s been almost two or three months since the Erhua Palace started. Except for the idea of rushing to start with the hope of the April 1st like her, the rest of the judges weakened and many people left every day.
Zuo Tangtang sighed with some regret at the bottom of his heart. That’s how the game is. It’s just a moment to laugh with you and play with people.
"Hoof hooves! There you are! "
Xiong Dada is very affectionate when he just joined the league.
"Yes, I haven’t thought about it for a long time recently, so I came."
Deliberately ignored a group of new people muttering about who she was and how she got into the fixed team. Zuo Tangtang cheered up and smiled and accompanied Xiong Dada for a while, then told him not to hang up for dinner first.
It was before she left that Cat Ear Niang suddenly remembered and spoke, but it made her mind calm. She was a bit uneasy.
There is a name in the sword.
After they discussed it together, Cat Ear Niang seriously suggested that there might be someone in the Black Wind Village who could not be trusted. I have to say that she almost heard this at that time, and a moment of disgust flooded her heart.
She hates betrayal.
She doesn’t want to guess and suspect that one or several of the people who fight with each other laughing and teasing in Heifeng Village every day are hypocritical.
However, as Cat Ear Niang said, Jian Ming can be so sure to go to her when she is in contact with others instead of kelp, which proves that someone has leaked this extremely secret personal matter, and even the soy sauce makers are not very clear about it, but she is well known to Mingjiange and others for looking for kelp to practice.
It is reasonable to know that she and everyone in Heifeng Village have doubts about the law of kelp life.
But just as she slowly accepted this unacceptable fact, now the cat ear mother told her that the people in Heifeng Village had observed it all over, and it was nothing serious, but the real problem might be the flower transfer palace.
It can be said that one breath has not been completely released, and another breath has risen again.
Feeling gratified is yelling at each other together, "Who didn’t return how many pills he received when he played boss one day!" "Who was hacked into a weapon at Suzhou Station one day?" Comrades were not betrayed, but they were sad to hear the statement of MaoErNian. She also clearly knew that she had to practice changing the number on her line regularly. There were also Shifan Palace and Heifeng Village who knew that MaoErNian must have done a very careful screening now, so it was certain that the Shifan Palace people must have confirmed it this time.
While eating, Zuo Tangtang was still willing to delude himself into believing that the news revealed to Jian Ming was not that she got along well in the Flower Palace, but that she was probably some new people.
She never pays attention to these conversations with Hua Gong’s sisters at ordinary times, and she is always too lazy to chat privately. Instead, she said on the power channel that maybe some people with a heart saw it before going out.
She tried her best to comfort herself in her heart, but later the truth was quite face-to-face, telling her that all this was just what she wanted to do.
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[5. Chapter five hundred and nine Sucks …]
Zuo Tangtang arrived at the gate of Suzhou early in the morning.
I didn’t go back to the Flower Transplant Palace after listening to the instructions of Cat Ear Niang, but I came here half an hour ago.
In the days when she has no games, it seems that she has formed a habit on Saturday night-the three major forces will gather here before the war and wait for the compilation.
There is no challenge, no hunting, and no peddler Zuo Tangtang shouting random light. It’s the first time to see this appearance at Suzhou City Gate, but it’s quiet, and it’s hard to say that some seemingly familiar teammates or influential people have already gathered in twos and threes to play and laugh while waiting.
Zuo Tangtang realized that he was going to a remote place and decided to fly the ladder to the city wall to wait. As a result, he didn’t expect the city wall to be full of people.
It’s pineapple slush and them.
Zuo Tangtang recognized it at a glance.
But she didn’t say "hello" but turned and walked into it-pineapple slush, a famous girl around them, was that she knew what tomato Kebick didn’t know, and she was somewhat unwilling and didn’t want to talk to her, so she simply didn’t go.
Where’s Cat Ear Niang? Then she went to the United front channel again, saying that she wanted to wait here for them to move to the Flower Palace first, but she wanted volunteers to participate in the war. Pikachu didn’t know which map she went to to collect herbs, and she wanted to try to sell it again before the battle.
Alas, Zuo Tangtang is depressed and sighing. It seems that you can’t count on these two people to listen to Pikachu’s nagging, saying that she hasn’t seen kelp halfway back yet. There are not many Heifengzhai channels, and then she jumped back to the United Front Channel to command the United Front. Even at this time, she is more tired than taking a gang.
"Little hoof! Little hoof! " Pikachu suddenly got louder.
"Hey, hey!" Be scared by this rush to shout, Zuo Tangtang hurriedly withdrew his mind and asked.
"Hey hey old!" While talking, I saw a figure turn over at the other end of the wall. At first glance, it was Pikachu who aimed at her with something I don’t know. After that, it was full of celebrations and came running.
"… come here, come here, come here, come here, come here, come here, come here, come here, come here." Zuo Tangtang’s pie mouth is quite dissatisfied with Pikachu’s surprise.
"Hey, hey, little hoof, you don’t know that the group of two people are just like suckers." Pikachu’s rare generosity doesn’t care about Zuo Tangtang’s words, which one is full of pleasure. "I always ask the group of people, and I say that these ten Dan, three, two, one, twelve, three, which one do you come to? The result … "
"How can this be twelve or three?" Zuo Tangtang couldn’t help interrupting "… Wait, they didn’t really buy it, did they?"
"Little hoof, you listen to me! Alas, I always say it carelessly, and as a result, this group of people have been thinking for a long time and finally want to buy 12 ounces. "Speaking of which, Pikachu can’t help grinning when he gets into the eyes of money." Anyway, the old monster kelp makes me make a big promotion in Heifeng Village every day, so I almost lost this eye. If the suckers want to buy it, of course they can make a fortune! Anyway, always making medicine is the first day! “
In the end, Pikachu was shameless and walked over and boasted about the expansion, which caused Zuo Tangtang’s heart to despise.
Zuo Tangtang felt something was wrong when he didn’t come to spit. He looked at the silver Pikaqiu in his package and basked in it triumphantly. He slowly moved his sight behind him, only to find that the people who were talking and laughing in the city wall didn’t know when to speak straight. It seems that even the acquaintances of Peach Blossom Island, such as pineapple, snow and mud, looked at him. This posture could not help blushing across the screen.
"Peat Pikachu, can you grow a little brain!" In crooked show will not be heard Zuo Tangtang but also lowered his voice because of his guilty conscience and growled at Pikachu.
"Why me! Aunt! What happened suddenly? " Pikachu, who had been enjoying himself for half a day, protested discontentedly at this interruption.
"Look at the nearby channels yourself!" Didn’t good the spirit answer.
"How … ouch, I’m going, I’m going, I’m going, I’m finished." Pikachu himself found the problem just now. He was talking to Zuo Tangtang, and others couldn’t hear him, so nothing happened. It happened that he died and sent all the money he had earned to a nearby channel. The most tragic thing was that he also wrote the word "suckers" in front of the income and expenditure.
That’s great. Should I see it? Should I see it?
Although it is also a wall distance, who can guarantee that the person who has just been slaughtered by him will not be seen? Who can guarantee that in less than half an hour before the war, they will come to him and settle accounts with him?

"Bold, Xianji mansion, don’t you know that you can only enter from the main entrance on the ground! !”

The following immediately someone drink scold, momentum is quite enough.
It can be said that the Xianji Mansion in the whole celestial realm was opened by five giants and twenty-seven sects. Will Xiao Wen be afraid, and throw it down at an undiminished speed? At the same time, he said, "I am Xiao Wen, a second-generation disciple of Ming Jianzong. Which clan is in charge of the Xianji Mansion in Linyue City?"
"ah! It turned out to be the immortal leader of Ming Jianzong! Xianji House in this city is under the jurisdiction of Cangyue Sect and Fengshen Gate. I wonder what Xianchang is doing here and there at night? "
The following two guards suddenly changed their faces and asked respectfully.
Jade behind Xiao Wen has been listening to Xiao Wen saying that Ming Jianzong is the clan of Ming Jianzong, but she has never remembered what Ming Jianzong is. At the moment, the tone of the two guards has changed so much that Jade suddenly reacts. Isn’t Ming Jianzong one of the 27 cases? It seems to be ranked fifth!
Twenty-seven cases, what kind of existence is that?
It is said that the sky is high and the emperor is far away. For an ordinary people, 27 cases really exist like emperors …
Now, Xiao Wen, the Ming Jianzong, has been chasing traffickers with her all night, just to save her daughter …
She witnessed Xiao Wen’s battle of wits and wits with the traffickers, fighting head-on. She didn’t regard her as a complete stranger at all, but more like his relatives …
Moreover, he also called a "jade elder sister", so sincere …
Jade’s tears suddenly stopped and flowed silently.
At this moment, although she hasn’t seen her daughter yet, she is very sure that Xiao Wen will help her save her daughter.
Then, an unexpected situation appeared. Once they got close, the two guards saw Xiao Wen’s appearance. How could they be the second-generation disciples of Ming Jianzong, so young?
"Xiao Xianchang, can you show me your identity token?" A guard who looks like an operator walked over and asked.
Xiao Wen directly took out the identity token of Ming Jianzong’s second-generation disciple and threw it at the other party. He hurriedly said, "I don’t have time to talk with you. I chased the trafficker all the way here. Did Xianji House in this city just catch a trafficker?"
"The two of us are only patrolling the government, and we have never heard of catching traffickers."
"Well, who will take me to the inspection office of our government and have a look there?"
At this time, the slick guard had verified that the identity token was correct, and returned it to Xiao Wen with his hands holding the token. He added, "Take the immortal with you, little one."
"Ok, thanks a lot."
PS: Do these two chapters feel that Xiao Wen is upright? I don’t know why, in recent years, there have been fewer and fewer such characters in online novels. Alas, I miss the aboveboard characters like Qiao Feng in "Eight Dragons".

Chapter two hundred and thirty-one The snare
The Xianji Mansion near Yuecheng is not small, but at the urging of Xiao Wen, the guard walked quickly when leading the way, and in a moment he arrived at the inspection institute.
Xiao Wen stared at the five ghosts all the way. Although the direction is not as clear as it is in the wilderness, it can be seen that Qiaoer’s breath here is really strong, so he thinks that the trafficker may have been caught by the government’s procuratorate. In this way, naturally saved his event.
The guard went in to leave, while Xiao Wen waited outside the door with xìng, and at the same time comforted Jade and the little fat man not to be afraid. Qiaoer might have been all right.
Soon several people hurried out of the lobby. First, a thin official in his forties bowed to Xiao Wen and asked, "Is this Xiao Xianchang of Ming Jianzong?"
"I’m sorry, I’m asking Xiao Ming, the sword Sect, to chase a trafficker here, and dare to ask if our government has just caught a prisoner?"
The official, Shen Se, was rather dignified, but he really looked like a case handler. He asked Xiao, "We did catch several prisoners tonight. This is a serious matter. Please ask Xiao Xianchang to come with me to identify them."
"good!" Xiao asked to nod.
Then the official hurried to the hall with Xiao Wen, Jade and Xiao Pang, passed the lobby, went out of the door, turned several corners, and finally came to a place that looked like a prison. At first glance, the building has extremely thick walls and no decoration outside, but it can really shock people.
At this time, the official has introduced himself to Xiao Wen. His surname is Jia Mingfang, but he is a supervisor of the Xianjifu Inspection Institute in our city. Jia Fang took people to the door of the prison, and a few words made people open the door. Then directly with xiao asked and others went in.
"Xiao Xianchang, all the people caught today are locked up here. Let’s go and have a look." Jia Fang pointed to a long corridor.
"Well, just look at what you caught tonight."
"It’s all here."
Jia Fang led the way before, and when he entered the corridor, he could see that there were all identical cells on both sides, and the prison door was sealed with iron bars, so he could clearly see who was locked inside.
Not even a few people. Xiao asked some anxiety, and simply took five ghosts to attract him, only to find that the kid above was dim again.
But it’s all here. We must read the prisoners first. Maybe the trafficker has really been locked up here.
After reading them one by one, I finally finished reading them. No!
Xiao Wen could hold back, but Jade couldn’t help it, and she was so anxious that she cried. "How could it not be, Qiaoer …"
"Sister Jade, don’t worry." Xiao asked to appease Cuiyu, and then turned to Jia Fang. He asked urgently, "Jia Jiansi, are all the prisoners caught today here?"
"Will it be because of other circumstances. Our government has locked the prisoner caught tonight somewhere else? "
Jia Fang was startled, and then said, "It’s also possible that all the prisoners in our house are here. If Xiao Xianchang is not at ease, just look at them all."
"Thanks a lot. This way. I’ll take you, and the two of us will go first, which will be faster. "
Xiao Wen didn’t want to waste more time here, so he grabbed Jia Fang’s arm when talking, and then the fire yuan mounted Guanghua and flew out directly on the ground.
There are not many prisoners in this cell. Xiao asked quickly, convinced that there was no human trafficker.
The problem came out. Before that, he clearly confirmed that Qiaoer was in this fairy house, so he was almost sure that the trafficker was here, but there was no prison. Where else could the trafficker be?
"Jia Jiansi, is it possible that there are prisoners outside the prison who are being interrogated?"
"At this time, there will definitely be no prisoners outside the prison. The trial and training are all in the daytime."
"Ok, thanks a lot." Xiao asked and frowned, thinking about what was going on.
At this time, Jia Fang also said doubtfully: "Xiao Xianchang, you said that the trafficker entered Xianji House. Did you ever see it with your own eyes?"
"Will it fall into his trap?" Jia Fang first looked at the expression of Xiao Wen, and this just got the nerve to say.
"That’s what I thought …" Xiao asked generously to admit it, and then thought about it for a few times. Suddenly he looked up and said, "It’s still important to save people. The matter of traffickers is put aside for the time being. I think that Qiaoer who was abducted is still very likely to be in this house."
"Good, then let’s go out first."
Joined the jade and little fatty, Xiao asked and others immediately out of the cell, Xiao asked and took out five ghosts, obviously can feel the breath of QiaoEr here is much weaker than before.
"I’ll go up and have a look!"
After leaving this sentence, Xiao asked directly to the sky and quickly flew around Xianji House for two laps.
Once again, he confirmed that Qiaoer’s eight achievements have been made in this fairy mansion, but its breath is rapidly fading, which is obviously abnormal!
Don’t, QiaoEr just according to? !
The more urgent the situation, the more calm Xiao asked, and he had to be calm now!
In fact, he has guessed several possibilities, but none of them is beneficial to him. The trafficker may be hiding in Xianji House; May also be passed here before, just left QiaoEr; It may also be that the traffickers didn’t come at all, and Qiaoer was handed over to others outside Xianji House, and Qiaoer was brought here by others …

The lines on both sides reached the middle road again, and a set of three-level Aishi WEQ was consumed in Yasuo’s body. When Yasuo released W, it took e seconds. A soldier slipped to the side, but escaped the shadow and Zun. Two QEs just triggered Yasuo’s passivity. At this time, Yasuo was still full of blood medicine and didn’t knock a bottle of Aishi, which was previously consumed by Yasuo’s hurricane. Yasuo e came to AQ once, and Yasuo e left, and Aishi had already taken the lead in knocking a bottle of red.

Chapter 197 Pseudo-Middle Road Kill God
Two people have stumbled all the way to Level 5, and they are still full of blood. Yasuo has knocked two bottles of red Aishi and has knocked four bottles of red.
What do you think? The right line is opposite. Aishi has always been in a passive situation.
Both sides of the line are in the middle of the road, and there are two long-range soldiers left on both sides of the river opposite Yasuo. Unfortunately, Aishi WEQ hit one set, hit two marks of blood, and now the shield is not full and broken, and there is no drug abuse, which probably loses four points and one blood.
And Aishi is still full of blood opposite Yasuo. Now there is a hurricane in his hand, and Aishi’s two remote soldiers also have a residual blood.
Opposite Yasuo, at this time, E residual blood soldier successfully took the residual blood soldier away, and at the same time, Q skill in his hand was released, and a hurricane quickly flew towards Aishi.
Aishi reacted quickly and seized this opportunity when the wind was about to reach himself. In the second, WEW successfully escaped Yasuo’s hurricane. At the same time, the second section of W arrived at Yasuo’s side, and the extra effect of the previous E skill also slowed Yasuo down. At the moment, it was chasing Yasuo’s ass and outputting wildly.
Opposite Yasuo, he didn’t panic at all. AQE directly pulled Aishi, another remote soldier, E. At this time, Yasuo had two-thirds of blood and Aishi had three-quarters of blood.
At this time, a new wave of lines has reached the opposite side and Aishi’s side at the same time. Aishi chased Yasuo opposite. Yasuo immediately turned back and pulled the distance again. As soon as Aishi hit a hurricane, he was passive, and then E Aishi returned to his own line. At this time, Aishi was not good at chasing again. After all, the E deceleration effect had disappeared and there were lines on both sides.
However, it seems that Yasuo refused to miss this opportunity. He e-turned Aishi’s new springboard and returned to Aishi’s side. He ignited Aishi’s point and released Q skills. He successfully hit Aishi in the middle and was hit by Yasuo A twice. After landing, Aishi’s blood volume was less than half.
Aishi panicked. She didn’t have W skills, but Q skills and E skills. At this time, she actually chose to fight Yasuo, hurriedly releasing E skills and Q skills and igniting Yasuo.
Opposite Yasuo immediately released the wind wall at this time to successfully block Aishi Q skills, and then E soldiers pulled away and at the same time lit up the shield passively.
Subtracting the CD rune E skill base is equivalent to Yasuo E coming and going to Aishi in a blink of an eye. Yasuo’s details are well done, and Yasuo’s Q skills and E skills can be reset. Yasuo’s AQA Aishi blood volume has been miserable before Aishi.
Aishnai handed over the flash in the tower, and Yasuo followed the flash for an example. After waiting for a QCDA, Aishi successfully took Aishi away with a Q skill and got a blood.
This Yasuo has no advantage, that is, from the two remote soldiers on both sides, he tricked Aishi into creating a new wave of small soldier lines on both sides, such as W, and then he benefited from his e-skills, high mobility and W-wind wall blocking Q-skills to compete with Aishi. This Yasuo’s idea of fighting and killing is stronger than Aishi’s in this SOLO, and Aishi lost well.
"Wow, I seem to have won the professional player!" Immediately after Hernan won, he turned to Aishi and laughed.
"Two wins in three games!" Aishi is full of anger.
"Hee hee, forget it. I won a professional player once, and I’m content to play for a year. It seems that I can also play professionally!" Ainan gloated and said
Ai Shi hated tooth itch and said angrily, "What’s the big deal about winning a game! Come again if something happens! "
Hernan shook his head and smiled. "Forget it. I’m still an amateur and I don’t want to come again."
Ai Ge couldn’t understand what happened until Aishi lost, and his face didn’t look good with him.
"Shall I fight you?" I smiles to say
Hernan focus on my here xi xi laughs "sister lost in brother-in-law? Yeah, come on! I am willing to SOLO with my brother-in-law. "
Aishi threw her eyes at me, and I gave Aishi a comforting smile.
According to the truth, Aishi should not lose to this small place. Aishi’s ability is very strong. If this level is put into the king’s bureau, there are also those who specialize in the top middle road to win Aishi. She will lose because of her mentality.
I was a little distracted when I hit the middle of the road. How can I win people in this state, like just now, don’t talk about the details of the line. Ai Shi should be sure to reach the sixth level of Yasuo, that is, two lives will die.
Rob to level 6 can be said that the position has risen to a higher level. Kuang Yasuo hasn’t been weak yet. How to kill Ai Shi is just impatient. He was ridiculed by this little level 5 and wanted to fuck others. It’s strange that he was crushed by a wave of IQ.
I asked Hernan, "How about taking the robbery or Yasuo for both of us?"
I have fewer heroes in the middle road. Compared with five positions, I will not be the middle road at all.
But this doesn’t mean that I’m not weak, but whether I play in a middle road in a high-end bureau depends on his grasp of rhythm and the output of playing in the middle road. I’m definitely not as good as those who specialize in middle road. I don’t know the output when I play in the middle road.
But for some special heroes, I am very strong in the details of the middle line. I think that when I played DOA, my ability to play in the middle line was particularly strong. To say that LOL middle line exercise is much weaker than DOA. In LOL, it is no problem for me to play in the middle line.
There are very few remote AP output bases in my hero pool. I can’t know all about AD or AP melee assassin heroes, such as Acali who robbed Yasuo Xiaoyu. These heroes are very slippery for me to play.
"Are we both robbed?" Hernan frivolous laughed
It seems that this little boy is trying to teach me how to play robbery.
Robbery is the strongest hero in my middle road. No one loses when I play robbery theory. Even for some kings, I often explode the opposite situation. The disadvantage of my robbery is that playing soy sauce GANK sleepwalks on the line is first-class and strong.
"OK, then it’s over." I grinned.
Ai Shi looked worried behind me and whispered in my ear, "Wang Tong, you play in the middle … is this … ok?"
I smiled at Aishi. "Don’t worry, if I play 5V5, I won’t be able to play SOLO when I’m walking. I’m good. Just watch."
Aishi still has a worried face.
"Don’t believe me? Do you still want me to take you and force you to fly? " I asked with a slight frown
Aishi finally smiled and said, "Okay, I believe you. Have fun."
"Brother-in-law chose a hero!" Hernan would have chosen a hero and urged me.
"You watch and play first." I quickly put the pointer on the robbery head and chose robbery.
Flash ignition on both sides.
I’m still on the blue side.
I think that if the wind was in the middle of the DOA station, a hero named Ryan let go of it and made the small soldier a black life in the DOA world
But in LOL middle road, he can’t stop killing people in the middle road
Now, a 24K pure middle road killer in DOA tells you how to align LOL middle road.
When I entered the game, I and the robbers across the street both bought cloth, armour and five reds, and then both of them came to the middle of the road to ridicule each other.
In ADSOLO, how can cloth armor and five reds be stronger than long sword and three reds? After several people’s experiments, both sides have no confidence, and the sword and three reds go out.
Send troops from both sides. I ordered e skills
Robbing this hero, I can guarantee that learning E skills at the first level is much more powerful than learning Q skills when fighting against the hero in the middle of the line.
E skill wave has a wide range, so it can be grabbed. Secondly, it is safer to put E on the opposite side when recruiting soldiers than Q skill. Finally, the E skill CD only has three seconds, which is really a perfect first-class skill far better than Carter’s first-class W.
Chapter 19 I don’t Hernan?
I didn’t put my skills first when the soldiers on both sides met. My first e was very important. I had to hit the soldiers and consume the blood on the other side
A Q hit me in the face when I was robbed from the opposite side, and I was dodged by a dexterous move.
Later, our first soldier was robbed across the street to make up for this soldier. I didn’t say anything. AEA chased him and got a chrysanthemum. After attracting the hatred of Batman, I immediately retreated and didn’t give him a chance to fight back.
The blood volume on the other side immediately dropped by a third, and the first little red medicine was taken at once.
I’m reflexively mending my soldiers and walking around at the same time. The second Q of this product is estimated to be ready for CD.
He saved the second Q to make up for the one he couldn’t make up for. At this time, I also rest assured that the former E skill will scrape as many soldiers as possible, so I will wait for the second to suppress a wave.
I successfully reached the second level, and now the opposite side is completely afraid to recruit soldiers. I can always get close to pick up an EQ company while he is recruiting soldiers, but the opposite side can’t consume me.
Press a wave of soldiers to the opposite tower, and then find a position from left to right. From time to time, Q robbed face to face to ensure that he was full of small red medicine, and my body condition was full of small red medicine and none of them were hit.
This has already won my base.
I thought to myself that if I didn’t make a major mistake, I would definitely get there before this robbery, and then I would die if I faced him.

few humble herbs in the grass. Heart together

With a quick mind, Fang Yun continued to plunder other places and collect herbs.
“Red jade is a blessing!”
Fang Yun in the air, saw a few humble herbs in the grass. Heart together, gently swept, it is necessary to transplant this medicinal material into the “universal clock of heaven and earth”.
As soon as the news passed, Fang Yun was about to collect another piece of medicinal materials. All of a sudden, in front of me, this piece of “Red Jade and Fuze” disappeared.
Fang Yun dazed: “This …”
The front is empty, but there is a silver-haired man in front of him. His look is indifferent and his eyes are like starry sky. There are countless stars in it, which are born and died. Just a look, it seems that people’s souls will be sucked in. And his hand, is holding the Fang Yun just to collect “red jade Fuze”.
“Unexpectedly, someone like me, look at these strains of red jade. Little friend, come out. ”
Silver-haired man looking down at the front, a void. It was empty, but the man’s eyes seemed to have penetrated all the secrets and saw the tiny dust in the depths of space.
Fang Yun mind trembling, the silver-haired man didn’t how powerful momentum, but give the feeling of Fang Yun, but extremely dangerous. With his current strength, he can still feel threatened. This kind of person, for absolute reached, ghosts and gods unpredictable terrible realm.
A strong breath, cold as snow, locked in the space. Fujiki evil gentleman uses the magical power of “the best size” to change the dust. Fang Yun immediately know, he see is broken.
Void vibration, a grain of dust fiercely Yishan, suddenly stretched sharply, blink of an eye, revealing the appearance of evil Fujiki Jun, standing on the earth.

Chapter 664 The first person in Daomen
“Who are you?”
Rattan wood evil gentleman feet don’t touch the ground, gently floating, back several zhangs. After a distance, I looked at the silver-haired man in front of me This man makes him feel too dangerous, so it’s better to stay away.
“Xuan Xuan.” Silver-haired man indifferent blinked, calm way.
Fang Yun was shocked, and could hardly believe his ears. It’s him! Fang Yun didn’t expect to go to Junnian’s master here.
The first master of Taisu School, Yu Xuan. This name is well-known in the sectarian world. Fang Yun also found out that Yu Xuan was the master of Junnian. But this one never went down the mountain, so Fang Yun never saw him.
Fang Yun didn’t expect, would be in a place like this, see the first master YuXuan.
“Turns out to be danger elders, surprisingly, the elders, like me, are interested in these few strains of red grass. A gentleman doesn’t steal people’s love, since Elder Yu also takes a fancy to it. I naturally dare not worry about the elders. ”
Fang Yun didn’t discover the identity of “Red Jade and Fuze”, only that it was a red grass. He bowed his hand and flew upside down, then he wanted to leave: “Elder Yu, I have work to do next. Don’t bother, leave! “