Two dog called Huang Yan and Ma Erdan, and several people held a small meeting at two dog’s house.

At the meeting, the list of land acquisition in Fancun, two dog was signed, and the compensation for land acquisition of 60 million yuan and a budget of 100 million yuan were hit by the financial director respectively.
Before this, Taoyuan Township remembered that the weather was sunny, and she was worried that people were not the only one in the village, big and small. Pi two dog really had such strong financial resources to repair the road. Now, the compensation of 60 million yuan went directly to Fancun Village, and a budget of 100 million yuan hit Taoyuan Township, and Pi Boss withered her and made her bear the commander-in-chief of Fancun Highway.
Fan Daxie, the veteran king is even more excited than her. Seeing 60 million text messages, this big hug and Pi two dog shed excited tears.
At noon that day, nine planets TV News broadcasted a news rolling, and the news that Pi two dog donated to build Fancun Highway once again detonated the streets and alleys of nine planets City, and citizens gave a thumbs up to Pi two dog.
Fan Daiyu, the first deputy mayor of nine planets City, didn’t know that two dog was serious until he heard the secret report.
There is no road to Fancun, which has always been a heart disease for Fan to fish. The problem is that he can’t squander his finances. Every year before the road was built in his hometown, Fancun and Taoyuan Township reported to apply for funds for road construction in the city. The Highway Bureau had already approved it, but in the end, they all fished for Fan.
Now Pi two dog personally invested more than 100 million yuan to build a four-lane asphalt road in Fancun because he took a fancy to the fertile fields in Fancun.
No one can question the reason why he wants to rent a field in Fancun to grow vegetables, and of course he needs to build a road.
In this way, it becomes logical to build roads in Fancun. His political opponents have no place to write if they want to make an article.
Off the British sunny two skin two dog non-stop called the big nai village and village two beautiful village chief to discuss the horse club this great project.
"The number of villages in Danai and Ercun in two dog totals 21,000. If the yield of each acre of vegetables is very scary, how will you do it then?" A village head Huang Yan holding the staff for him to say
"Yes and yes, boss, a bunch of villagers have planted so many fate dishes, and the yield per mu is as high as one hundred million Jin! God, where are so many dishes sold that they won’t rot? " Liu cherry is also a big tongue-tied way
"Two beauties At present, my Cynomorium pill factory has realized 10,000 mu of automatic production to plant Cynomorium pills, 5,000 mu of four raw materials, and this famous health care factory needs it as raw material to grow 6,000 mu of vegetables! In terms of channels, you don’t worry that the 6,000 mu of anti-weather vegetables are picked in turn every day, not as soon as I finish picking them, I will go south to the southern coastal metropolis to open up a bigger market! " Two dog methodical way
"Well, that would be great!" Huang Yan excited way
"Wow, boss, in such a big market in the south, 6,000 mu of fate food totals 30 million Jin every half month, and millions of Jin can be collected every day! The existing channel plus the imperial capital market will take as much as two million Jin every day. If I want to find a channel of one million Jin in the southern coastal metropolis, it will be completed! "
It’s a reassurance to see Huang Yan and Liu Cherry swear by him.
"two dog every help you grow? Like the people who laughed at you before and those hooligans, did you help him plant them? " Huang Yan don’t understand
"People who laughed at me for stepping on me, splashing me with sewage and village tyrants, of course, I’m not a good guy if I don’t plant seeds!" Two dog said don’t forgive
"That’s right. If you don’t give this kind of person the seed to make him regret going to two dog, then make a blacklist!" Huang Yan looked at him with a face of worship.
"Former village chief Pi Cannon, local ruffian Liu Yiliang, Liang Chao Fujia, Millennium Bug Family, Shaba Qijin Dog Family, Yang Chaochun Family and Chunhua Family?" Two dog remembered while thinking about Huang Yan.
"And Lan Shanfa’s king egg is not a good thing!"
"Add the blacklist to Garland Shanfa and the Lanshi Chunbu!" Two dog didn’t good the spirit way.
"two dog, as far as I know, when you were down and out, the big fat wives in the village, such as Xianglan, Wang Matou, Ding Pi, Liang Meihua and Mei Mei, all laughed at how many bad things the dog said behind your back and asked me to tell them not to give them the seeds and make them regret it!" Said Huang Yan and added the names of these people to the blacklist one by one.
"The boss some time ago, rumors were flying about you, saying that you stole things and made a fortune, saying that you stole children and that you peeked at women taking a bath. As far as I know, there are no fewer than seven famous names who are gossips! Do you want to add these gossips to the blacklist? " Liu cherry trap to feel avenged way
"Come on, Sister Huang Yanjie, remember to keep all the seeds from the blacklist!"
"Then I reported that Huang Damao is the most vicious person and said that you are a thief everywhere. Shi Zhenxiang, Cai Jingjing and seaweed are gossips who speak ill of you everywhere!"
"Is there anything else?"
"I can think of just a few."
"The 1234 ….. a total of ten blacklisted cancel an acre of welfare! Tell these people to lose hundreds of thousands a month, which makes them regret it! " Huang Yan Jie qi Dao
"Good two beauty you go back and hold a villagers’ meeting to register the list as soon as possible! Is there anything else? "
"No, then let’s open a villagers’ meeting!"
Huang Yan excitedly left Liu Yingtao, but got up and went to two dog’s bedroom and fell red on the couch. "Boss, my back is a little itchy. Please scratch it for me."
"Ah, Sister Cherry, my back itches, too. Please help me catch it first!" Two dog also a fart pier lying on the couch.
"You guy, who told me I like you? Come on, I’ll scratch you!" Liu Cherry’s delicate finger means that two bears were arrested on the back. After a while, she took the initiative to kiss and kiss the two, and she did something no three no four …
At two o’clock in the afternoon, the sky cleared up and the cold north wind stopped, and a warm spring breeze blew from the south.
In the spring, two dogs took Tian Huilixiang to town and two drove to the Eye Building in Jiulong Mountain to find Wong Tai Sin.
Last night, Xiaohong, a female ghost who went to the underground palace to explore the road, came to the amazing news that the Dragon King of the East China Sea was missing!
At that time, two dog was afraid that the Dragon King of the East China Sea would retaliate against Wong Tai Sin. He specifically told Wong Tai Sin to hide in the basement. In addition, to be on the safe side, he also sent an additional 100 rats and soldiers to the Eye Tower, and also let the female ghost Xiaohong Eye Tower sit in to prevent the East China Sea Dragon King from suddenly attacking.
After driving to Tianyan Building, two dog called Xiaohong, a female ghost, to the front and said, "Is there anything wrong with Xiaohong?"
"Master, last night, I took a team of rats and soldiers to the underground palace to find someone to turn it upside down and saw a female corpse, the Dragon King of the East China Sea, missing! Someone must have let it go! "
"I know that the Dragon King of the East China Sea has escaped. I mean, is Wong Tai Sin all right?"
"Report that the master Wong Tai Sin’s basement door won’t leave the second door, and nothing will happen!"
At this time, the rat demon king slipped out and squeaked at two dog twice, which was to drag his trouser legs down inside.

"Don’t try it," said Sister Su. "This is a magic wind that can be blown to pieces even by Luo Jinxian. It’s an extreme magic wind with five elements. Besides, according to my observation these days, it seems that the magic wind in Baiyucheng has been wandering all the time in the ancient square, saying that the universe is beyond people’s imagination. Even if you can pass through it, you will be lost. No one can find you in the unknown corner."

Tang Xiaofeng said, "But the vernacular seems to have come in without relying on Xuantianbi."
"Well," said Tang Xiaoshan, "There must still be some rules in the wandering of Baiyu City. I have also studied that there are many things in this city that have not been able to get a white one yet."
Tang Xiaofeng turned around to see her sister wearing a pink dress, with a lush half-arm lining and exquisite clothes. It is auspicious to wear a palace knot, but it was when the Han Palace imitated immortals and combed flying fairy buns.
She raised her head from a leaf as if thinking deeply.
He sighed lightly, "I’m leaving soon."
Sister "well" a.
He laughed. "Why don’t you say something? I’m afraid it will take me a year and a half to come here. "
Sister looked at him thoughtfully for a moment and said, "Remember to find that sister Cuifang when you return to China. She is really good to you. Don’t let her down."
Tang Xiaofeng laughed. "You don’t say this."
Tang Xiaoshan added, "Let her come here after you find her. My sister needs her help with something."
Tang Xiaofeng said, "That’s it?"
Sister said, "If you have time, bring Wan Ru, Honghong, Liangzhen and other sisters."
Tang Xiaofeng said, "What else?"
Sister said, "You can also bring the scattered flower picture and the five-color pen to find the leftover flower gods and make up for them all."
Tang Xiaofeng said, "Oh … Is it gone?"
Sister didn’t good the spirit tunnel "what do you want me to say?"
Tang Xiaofeng laughed. "Why don’t you kiss goodbye when the horse is about to be divided?"
Sister spat with a red face, "What the hell are you thinking, dead brother?"
Tang Xiaofeng is staring at her to abrupt strong arms around her willy-nilly kissed.
Tang Xiaoshan struggled hard, but his younger brother couldn’t break free. It was his younger brother who not only kissed her strongly, but also hated to pry her white teeth with his tongue.
But she is also lucky to be "bullied" by her younger brother.
Tang Xiaofeng held her sister in silence for a long time before slowly releasing her, "Sister … you are not cured."
Not only is it not good, but it is even weaker.
He slowly tunnel "elder sister I still stay here …"
"Fool" Tang Xiaoshan knocked on his head. "What are you going to do if you stay here with Zi Yan and Li Rong, Zi Zhi and Yun Zhi? But there is no elder sister who needs you alone. "
Tang Xiaofeng said with a wry smile, "Sister, am I a scum?"
Tang Xiaoshan opened his eyes wide and was surprised. "You didn’t know until now?"
My sister laughed. "Even if you are scum, it is my brother’s. I won’t look down on you."
Sister teary-eyed, is that what you said about your brother?
"Little brother, do you know?" My sister smiled. "The Buddha said that looking back 500 times in the past life only made me pass by once in this life! I have always believed that there is no reason why you will be my brother in this life. This is the fate between you and me, as well as between you and Cuifang, Ziyan and Jinfeng. "
How dare you say it? You came here to ask someone else to be your brother.
"Don’t worry about sister" Tang Xiaoshan looked at him "sister will be fine"
Tang Xiaofeng looked at her suspiciously, but added, "In this case, draw yourself to the sky, and let Tihuahua and Xiuying draw you before me, but they can’t."
Sister sighed lightly, "Of course they can’t draw a picture of the scattered flowers of the goddess. It was originally to draw ninety-nine flower gods, and no one can draw it except them."
Is that right? Tang Xiaofeng some tybalt slain, what else would he like to say? My sister has laughed. "Let’s go. They are all waiting for you."
Tang Xiaofeng nai Hao took his sister to fly to Fang …
In the corner of Baiyu City, there is a Tianzhu Baoxuan Pavilion with ten blue columns.
These ten pillars are Xuantianzhu, which leads to the top ten caves in the world.
The Tianzhu Baoxuan Pavilion will always absorb the moonlight and the aura in the mysterious place. When the human world is full of moons, you can start one of these ten pillars to make a ladder to send people directly to one of the ten caves.
Tang Xiaofeng, Tang Jinxin, Ji Shenyu, Wei Ziying, and thirty-six girls of plough bid farewell to Tang Xiaoshan, Lian Jinfeng, Xue Hengxiang, Yao Zhixin, Sifang Shichun, Moon and others.
The moon came to go with them. She said she was going to find the vernacular, but Tang Xiaoshan kept her from running around.
Although the moon likes to run around, she also likes to follow Tang Xiaoshan, and now she sees Bian Baoyun and they are afraid that they will beat her ass back, so she stays.
Tang Xiaofeng hugged Jin Feng and Heng Xiang and reached out to Yao Zhixin, who was scared to hide.
Then he just smiled and stepped into the Xuantianzhu leading to Huashan.
Tang Jinxin, Ji Shenyu and others followed.
Xiao-shan Tang watched them disappear and sighed softly in his heart.
Looking back 500 times in the past life only to get a pass in this life.
When fate comes, everything comes naturally
When the edge is scattered, it can’t stop …

The man at the front of the bike suddenly became one leng and suddenly felt his heart beat involuntarily, so he quickly stopped the reins in his hand and stretched out his hand to hold her arm.

"What are you doing?" Chu smoke sand was suddenly pulled to the horse’s back, and a smell of Long Xianxiang suddenly jumped into the nasal cavity. Chu smoke sand felt instantly fall into a meat wall, and the man suddenly pulled the reins to speed up.
Chu Yansha has always been calm, but at this time she is in a panic. This is the first time she has had such close contact with a man.
"ah! Lord! Lord! Come and chase! " The maid-in-waiting, who had just recovered, was scared to collapse all over. The eunuch had turned the carriage around and hurried towards the two men.
The world is too chaotic and there are too many bad guys. Maybe they just want to arrest people on purpose.
Several eunuchs who came with Chu Yansha hurried towards them because she had martial arts and the distance from the palace to Linwangfu was not long, so there was nothing to guard against.
Chu Yansha grew up on horseback. She is not afraid of this. At this time, she suspects that these two men have never spoken. What she feels most is that his hot breathing seems to be a little fast.
"pa!" The two men finally stopped. Chu Yansha jumped from the horse and jumped neatly. Her eyes were cold and she looked at the two men in front of her. She could see that the Chinese man in black was the Lord.
Chu Yansha slapped the man unceremoniously. It was the first time to ride with a man in the past. This man was handsome, but his accomplishment was not so good. Otherwise, he rampaged all the way and dragged her here.
Chu Yansha looked up and just now seven Catharine was going to the palace.
"Girl, did you hit someone?" The first few steps of the man’s entourage seemed to be to argue with her, and the man waved his hand and hurried back.
When the man saw her clearly, he suddenly froze, lowered his eyes, and took a step back. Did he have any crooked thoughts?
"What if something happens when your street is rampaging and the people are jostling?" Chu smoke sand wanted to think, but it was not afraid that he would just say what he wanted to say.
"What happened just now was that we didn’t think about it because we had something urgent to do. It was abrupt to pull you back for fear of hurting the girl after the horse ran fast." The man in black robe looked at her and said.
She’s different from other women. She’s got a lot of guts
Chu Yansha hesitated-now that people have told the reason and admitted that they did something wrong, and no one was injured, it is not good for her to pester again.
"So that’s it." Chu Yansha’s words just fell not far away and there was a shout.
Two men followed, and several men and a woman came running this way. They should be looking for her.
Chu smoke sand nodded toward the man and then stepped toward them.
"Lord, let’s go first!" The attendant around the man in black couldn’t help but wake up. The man nodded, but his eyes were fixed on her.
"Well," the man took the lead and turned away, followed by the attendant.
But Chu Yansha didn’t find that the man was walking towards the palace of Chu at this time.
"Lord, are you all right?" Chu Yansha maid-in-waiting breath has a full face covered in sweat, and cold wind blows and chills.
Chu Yansha is a little sorry, whether slave or master, they are worried that she is true. After all, it was a mistake.
It’s a misunderstanding, and it’s like this.
"Nothing is a misunderstanding." Chu Yansha truthfully replied that the eunuchs and ladies-in-waiting breathed a sigh of relief after hearing this, and they were bad people. They ran away when they saw many people.
Chu smoke sand turned around and looked at this time has not seen the two people any figure is really mysterious!
"You’re all tired and have a rest before you go." Chu Yansha looked at several people sweating like a pig. I’m sorry. Now it’s cold. I hope they don’t get cold.
"Thank you!" The eunuchs and ladies-in-waiting saw that she was all right, and they breathed a sigh of relief. It was even warmer to hear her say so.
"Lord, let’s take the carriage first," said Chu Yansha, the close-fitting maid-in-waiting who pulled the carriage curtain.
Chu Yansha nodded and then got into the carriage. The men simply sat on the floor and took a short rest before heading for the palace.
While Su Shiyuan here in Wangfu advised Xianer, she still couldn’t reach the bottom in her heart. Now I hope her elder sister-in-law will be fine.
"Yuaner, what do you think?" The people in the front office have already removed the food to Su Shiyuan, walking around the table in circles, and the face is not very good.
Su Shiyuan stopped after hearing his words. "How do you know that I am thinking about things?"
"I’m an old married couple. Is there anything I don’t know?" Chu Lin said with a smile that Su Shiyuan gave him a white look.
"Do you still have the idea to laugh? I’m dying of worry." Su Shiyuan sat in the chair opposite Chu Lin with a frown on her tender lip.
"But this time, let’s learn from my sister’s temper. I know that her heart is very uncomfortable, but she won’t say it directly like Xianer. She is afraid that we are worried." Chu Lin’s eyes know that she is worried about this matter and he doesn’t care about it.
His sister loved Hong Zhan for so long. In the early years, Hong Zhan risked his life because of him, but this time everything was calm, but there was an extra fairy around Hong Zhan.
Xianer just questioned each of them so much, and he was really angry, but it wasn’t long before he thought that she had lost her father, and he just suppressed what he wanted to say.
He believes that Hong Zhan won’t tread two boats, so the result may be the best. He has delayed her for too long and can’t delay it any longer.
"Husband, you know? I just saw that Huang Jie was so heartbroken that it really hurt the top of her heart. Later, the words poked at my heart one by one like the tip of a knife. I don’t know what will become like this. "Su Shiyuan crossed her arms on the desktop and touched her face, and her dark and watery eyes rolled.
"There is no relationship, and there is no right or wrong. We can’t control it." Chu Lin’s heart is also not the taste. His sister should be stronger and never do anything stupid.
It’s that sentence when she left the battlefield that scared her. It’s really scary. Chu Lin is constantly relishing that his heart is getting more and more nervous.
"Yes, you are right. Even Xianer can’t make herself white, but you heard what she just said. She thinks I’m partial to my sister. I don’t want to end up because what Qi has in our hands is not important to me. You and I have never meant to kick down the ladder. This time, she is really impulsive, but I dare not say more for fear that she will think too much." Su Shiyuan took a long breath and poured a cup of hot tea and looked up and drank it like drinking.
"Even so, she still thinks too much." Su Shiyuan hesitated and added.
"She has white your mind, I believe I won’t blame you." Chu Lin ‘an comforted that this seemingly temper-less Xianer is so difficult to coax. It seems that it is really a woman’s heart in the sea.
Su Shiyuan doesn’t refute and then nods, which can dilute everything by time. If Hong Zhan and the two of them make up, it will be peaceful.
"There’s a distinguished guest in the main palace." Speaking of the devil, they went to Su Shiyuan and looked at each other face to face. Suddenly there was a burst of footsteps outside.
Hong Zhan towards two people a fuels will just get the news leave to two people.

Bamboo shook his head. "This is not appropriate. Do you think my sister will not know if I go to Jiugong Pavilion?"

Tang Luoling was dazed for a long time. Indeed, his identity is not an ordinary family.
Zunyuan female emperor’s own brother, if he goes to Jiugong Pavilion, Zunyuan female emperor will surely take precautions.
In case they are killed by this, how can they live?
See this smiles send us light face changed bamboo smiled, "you don’t need to be so anxious to know something from Xu Yuanrong’s mouth, you don’t need to go to Jiugong Pavilion in person. You wait for me first and I will let you see him. Just because I can’t leave the floating frost castle doesn’t mean he can’t come, does it?"
Smell Tang Luoling cloud fierce day is shine at the moment!
If so, so much the better.
But what about letting Xu Yuanrong come to the Frost Castle?
Tang Luoling was puzzled.
Bamboo didn’t sell much, but told them that Xu Yuanrong should go to Piaoshuangbao in three days. He came here to pay tribute to Zunyuan’s female emperor, and it was all destiny takes a hand. His trip and what Tang Luoling and others wanted to do coincided.
Yun Lietian suddenly laughed. "It seems that we are going to repeat what we did in those years?"
"It’s not impossible. Just look at who among these nobles will be frightened and invite them to meet and talk!"
Bamboo single cheng turned slightly to the two of them. "You listen carefully. If my sister was involved in that year, I will definitely give you a confession. Chapter 14 Title temptation 1.
Master Zhu’s words surprised Tang Luoling and others to look at him.
After all, Zun Yuan Nv Di is his own sister. If Zun Yuan Nv Di really participated in framing her grandmother, can they really let go of their sister-in-law relationship easily?
Tang Luoling doesn’t know what he thinks in his heart, but it’s less in his eyes. Now Master Bamboo is making her feel admired.
There are many people who can’t do justice in the face of affection.
Even if you know that your loved one has made a mistake, you will still think about making excuses for him.
However, the bamboo master’s practice made Yunlie Day sit up and take notice of him.
The night is already deep.
After the return, Chunrou came in with some food, and then Master Shi ate supper, and then began to clean up the table utensils.
"Spring is soft"
"The maidservant is here"
Spring is soft and quietly waiting for his command.
Bamboo looked at her and suddenly asked, "Have you ever thought about having a name after being with me for so long?"
Fame is very important in Zunyuan country.
Spring is soft and stunned. She is puzzled, but she doesn’t know why the young master suddenly has this problem, and her identity is not qualified. She used to be a handmaid around the Zunyuan female emperor. If it weren’t for the Zunyuan female emperor’s attention, she would have to wait on her around the bamboo master. If she could stand in this floating frost castle?
"Young master and maid dare not dream"
Spring weak weak replied
Bamboo looked at her with a smile. "Your beauty is really better than many people, but your talent is really not good if you don’t look like it, but your strength. You are really not qualified to be my wife, but if you have done what I told you, I can accept you as a concubine. You should know that you are qualified to have a husband’s family and children after you become a concubine."
Spring soft smell speech was overjoyed.
After she came to herself, she was a maid, but now the young master gave her hope at this time.
How could she be indifferent?
When I plopped down on my knees, I thanked the bamboo. "Thank you, Maid, for your kindness!"
"Don’t be busy giving thanks yet. You must finish what I asked you to do. I will definitely make you pay attention to this concubine gift. Will you?"
Master "menservants is master let menservants to east menservants never dare to south! Young master, if you need a maid to go through fire and water, you will never refuse! "
The declaration of spring softness made Zhu nod. "Good. In that case, I need you to lead Xu Yuanrong to an abandoned clause in the northwest hill in a few days. It must be easy for you to do this."
Xu yuanrong?
Spring soft smell speech face some consternation, but the concubine this name, she still crustily skin of head to answer.
Bamboo waved at her to show that she could go.
Bamboo in the house sleeps until dawn, while spring is soft and it is a night’s sleep
She was unhappy and returned to the Bamboo Garden in Piaoshuangbao. She came to pick up the young master’s clothes today. The young master said that she would live in that courtyard these days, and she was not allowed to reveal his whereabouts to anyone, so she could do it one by one.
When I passed the Gone with the Frost Hall, I happened to meet my good sister Silk 143. Chapter 143 The temptation of fame.
"Spring is soft!"
Silk rose was dressed in light green clothes and had a good face. When she saw Chunrou, she immediately greeted her and greeted her.
When Chunrou saw Silo, she also pulled a weak corner of her mouth and called out, "Why is Sister Silo so rich today?"
Silk Luo looked at her with a pair of big eyes. "I came back to send something to the Lord. I saw you as soon as I went out after finishing my errand. What are you busy with these days?" I went to the Bamboo Academy to find you, but I didn’t see you twice. "
"Sister Silo wants to see me?"
"It’s not a big deal. I saw two pieces of cloth and some rouge and thought it was very suitable for you, so I bought it back for you. Now that I meet you, it’s just a matter of saving me from looking for you. Tell you what, I’ll go to my place now and I’ll give it to you."
Silk treats Chunrou sincerely as her own sister.
They are all orphans. If it weren’t for Zunyuan’s help, the female emperor was afraid that they would be dead by now.
In recent years, Chunrou has been with Master Zhu, while Siluo has been doing things for Zunyuan female emperor wholeheartedly.
On the confidant status of Zunyuan female emperor, Silo is definitely the first person.
Chunrou knew very well that it was absolutely impossible for Silk Luo to know that Young Master wanted to do things himself, so she obediently followed aside and talked with Silk Luo.
As usual, the two of them laughed and talked. When Silk Luo asked the whereabouts of Master Zhu twice, Chunrou also cleverly turned the topic and did not continue this topic.
Silk gave all the prepared cloth rouge to Chunrou and sent Chunrou out of her room.
Looking at the soft figure in spring slowly disappearing into her eyes, her face smiled slowly away.
Then out of the door toward the floating frost temple.
Silk rose went directly into the dormitory of Zunyuan female emperor without leaving, and reported to the Lord what she had just said in the spring.
Zunyuan female emperor sat on the couch and toyed with a string of beads and said faintly, "What do you think of Silo?"
Silk rose arched her hand and said a calm wave, "When the main spring softness followed the young master for so long, she was afraid that her heart had turned towards the young master. Since the young master recovered, her main feelings have gradually drifted away. I think that the spring softness must have failed to persuade the young master to let the young master leave your heart."
"Bamboo has always been a woman who doesn’t listen to me. Yu Chunrou seems to be weak and helpful, but in fact, she is calculating and can’t be underestimated. It’s not because Zhu Gen won’t listen to her. Now that you’re back, keep an eye on Chun Rou. I’d like to see what Zhu will make her do."
Zunyuan female emperor chuckled, but there was no murder in her tone.
Bamboo is her brother, yes, but that doesn’t mean that her brother will act perversely and legally against her will.
She doesn’t mind breaking her hands when necessary to teach her a profound lesson.

The potential energy of Tongren’s rotation has not dissipated yet, and it is also a small local rotation, which is coordinated with the double swords to cross and raise from chop to Xiang.

Up to now, the sequence of starburst airflow chop combo moves has been smoothly made out, which makes Tongren’s confidence suddenly soar and feel that he can win if he continues. Once Xiang blocks it, he will immediately switch to cross chop and then a series of high-speed chop.
Someone in the waiting room couldn’t help it.
Li Fa opened his eyes and looked at the silence between the two sides.
"Can win!"
Tongren’s eyes are full of light and with strong confidence, the double swords cross and cut to Xiang.
"This is the starburst airflow chop …"
Xiang slightly looked up at the chop and double sword smiled.
But will I let you use it so smoothly?
With a slight flutter of wings, Xiang suddenly stopped, leaned back and fell in surprise at Tongren.
Cross cut!
Then the stationary wings suddenly burst into an impulse, and with this impulse, the arm counterattacked and raised a giant sword to stab the Tongren.
Tongren couldn’t help but drink a starburst and cut the air. It has been a way to continue to face Xiang. This has been stabbing him with double swords crossed like scissors, and it is also straight to Xiang.
The earth airflow emerges at the tips of both swords!
Two people, one from the side and one from the side.
Everyone in the audience watched the scene attentively.
This will be the best fight they have ever seen!
Chapter 39 Abandoning the Meeting with Victory
The light effect brought by the breakthrough of the tip of the sword is like fireworks …
"Oh oh!"
The oppression, the emotions can’t help but make both sides scream.
You and Tongren’s double swords cross like a pair of scissors and fall straight to the target with a thousand dangers.
From Xiang’s straight arm, the sword pointed at Tong Ren’s dark wings, and then a frenzied air flow came out, like a rocket rising. He stared at it as if he would come to the eyes of the double swords in one second, and the pupil contracted to the extreme, and clearly put the track of Tong Ren into his eyes. All he had to do was to give Tong Ren a sword after a short period of evasive action, so as to win, otherwise even if the ability value was dominant, the single sword and the double sword were rivals.
Two seconds …
This is that the two sides may not have any ideas from launching an attack to contact, from launching an attack to you, but dynamic visual acuity gave Xiang an idea
Ideas emit light from the head and are reflected in the limbs and wings. Pure ideas are faster and more comparable than exercises.
A faint smile appeared on Xiang’s face when he was rising. Suddenly, one and a half revolutions almost instantly reversed Juli Jian’s grip sideways to avoid the scissors double sword. Juli Jian seemed to come out from the arm, and the blade of the arm was colder than that across the side of Tong Ren’s body. It was a bright red scar from the arm to the rib and straight thigh.
The falling airflow did not bring deflection to Xiang’s limbs, showing absolute control over his wings.
"What …?"
Tongren’s nerve reaction speed is the fastest among all players. When he saw Xiang running at such a high speed for such a short time, he could make evasive action and switch the attack mode. It was too inconvenient to even express a complete exclamation. He was severely beheaded and hp plummeted in his field of vision!
They couldn’t see clearly whether the two sides were fighting each other. They saw the two sides passing by and falling, and a lot of blood spilled on one side of Tongren’s body through blurring.
After a short silence, there was a sudden deafening cry, but the battle was not over yet.
After a successful sword, Xiang forcibly controlled his wings to stop rising instantly, which can be said to be the particularity of the game. After he didn’t need to buffer the rising force, he just visible faster than Tong Ren and fell like a meteorite.
In pursuit!
That sword can’t kill Tong Ren, and Xiang has no mercy. It means that power and tide wait for no man.
Tongren was surprised to adjust his posture in the pressure, and when he looked up, he saw Xiang coming towards himself.
"I won’t give up easily!"

Han Yang’s first display of "every inch" was imprisoned for more than an hour by the dim light of the whole space, but it happened that Zhu Xian, who was unbelieving, was even more miserable, and Han Yang, who was released from imprisonment, waited with him for six hours in vain.

"Why am I always so unlucky, old pig? Why can Qinglong disappear and appear out of thin air? Why do I deserve to be imprisoned by the power of the underworld! " Zhu Xian’s first sentence after lifting the imprisonment was to scold the whole space until his throat was dry.
Although Han Yang is quite funny about this habit of Zhu Xian, it is also strange in his heart that the moment when Qinglong appeared in front of them and suddenly left was also a kind of spatial displacement spell or vitality. Why didn’t he suffer from the force of this space?
Is this the so-called gap in the realm?
"Brother Zhu, look at these six souls in front of us." Because the degree is too slow and Han Yang doesn’t practice to sleep even when walking like Zhu Xian, he has to look around at the surrounding scenery to play time.
But the scenery of the gate of hell is not much better than the road to the grave. The only difference is that there are a few scattered hills.
Zhu Xian was dozing off, and Han Yang’s voice came from her cold ear, but she stumbled when she stumbled on a mound that suddenly rose.
"What … what? What’s wrong? " Zhu Xian suddenly awake look alert to pay attention to all around.
Han Yang looked at Zhu Xian funny and said, "Nothing."
"Nothing. Why did you wake me up?" Zhu Xian grumpily turned their eyes.
Han Yang pointed to the six people who were walking in front of them and said to Zhu Xian, "Brother Zhu, look at the penultimate guy in front of me. I always think he is a little weird, but I can’t say what’s wrong."
Zhu Xian doubtfully touched the soul pointed by Han Yang and asked, "Him?"
Han Yang nods: "That’s him! Brother Zhu, you are now in a trance-like mechanized state without walking here, but this guy’s performance doesn’t look real, but it seems to be deliberately put on. "
"Fake it?" Zhu Xian’s eyebrows a wrinkly motioned Han Yang not to talk. He stepped up a little bit and gradually caught up with the team’s soul within the allowable range of this space.
This group of six souls should look at clothes from the same era, and the age of these six people seems to be almost the same, and they should all be in their thirties. They should have been a person in their prime, but for some reason they actually died on earth.
Zhu Xian looked at these six souls carefully from the end to the end. Although he didn’t have the critical eyes of monkeys who could see through all the disguises, he was able to distinguish the disguises with the feeling of double cultivation of Buddhism and Taoism.
"It’s really weird, but I just think something is wrong with the old pig." Zhu Xian observed the six souls and stopped to wait for Han Yang to come. They walked side by side and exchanged views.
"Brother Zhu can’t see it either?" Han Yang is more curious about the soul that has just betrayed himself.
Zhu Xian shook his head and said, "I’m not a monkey who was tempered by coincidence in the alchemy furnace of Taishang Laojun. I can see through all the disguises in the world … Besides, these souls came from the reincarnation tunnel and were sealed by the reincarnation tunnel. With my current strength, I naturally can’t see their details."
"But what you just said is really weird." Zhu Xian then said, "I don’t know why I always think this boy shouldn’t be here. Moreover, these six people are obviously around the age of 30. According to normal calculations, it is impossible to re-enter the reincarnation at this age. "
Han Yang added: "The clothes and ornaments of these people obviously belong to the same era and probably know each other."
Zhu Xian patted his head and said, "What you said reminds me of one thing."
"Does anything have anything to do with this?" Han Yang asked.
Zhu Xian nods: "There should be a relationship. Because the reincarnation tunnel is in charge of the reincarnation of all living things between heaven and earth, and there are more than hundreds of millions of living things between heaven and earth, Taoist Hongjun put a seal in front of the reincarnation tunnel in order to facilitate the reincarnation of every soul in the Ten Temples. As long as the time interval between deaths in the same city is only six hours, they will be arranged together to enter the reincarnation tunnel. "
Han Yang looked thoughtfully at the six people in front of him and said to himself, "The time interval between deaths in the same city is only six hours, so they will be arranged together … These six people are all in their thirties, and the time interval between deaths in the same city is so short. There must be something strange."
Zhu Xianke didn’t have Han Yang’s patience and said impatiently, "I said, boy, what’s it to you that they died in a strange way?" Remember that we are going to Yaochi Holy Land for business this time, not for sightseeing in the underworld. "
Han Yang said with a smile, "Brother Zhu, don’t worry. I’m here for Xuelin, and there will be no complications. It’s just that I have a hunch that if we can’t solve this problem, it seems to be an obstacle to the road ahead of us. "
"Oh?" Zhu Xian looked doubtfully at the six souls who were walking in front of them, and the strange feeling surged up again, which made him very uncomfortable because he didn’t know why.
"Why do the other five people give us different feelings from this one? What is the problem … "Han Yang gradually lost in thought.
Zhu Xian scratching his head is not his strong suit.
The two men followed the problematic six-person team and continued to walk in the direction of Naiheqiao with turtles.
"It doesn’t make sense. What on earth is this feeling?" Han Yang felt that something was wrong more and more, and he thought more and more that there was something wrong with the combination of the first six people, but he had no idea what the problem was. After all, Han Yang didn’t know these six people.
Zhu Xian watched Han Yang bow his head and ponder for a while and frowned for a while. He couldn’t help but ask, "What did you think of Han Yang?"

Chapter sixty-six Under the bridge (in)
Han Yang looked up with a wry smile and said, "I have no idea at all, but this uneasy feeling is getting stronger and stronger. I have a hunch that if we continue to follow this group of people, something bad will happen to us. "
"bah!" Zhu Xian spat three mouthfuls of saliva on the ground one after another and suddenly put a red light on his eyes. "In this case, simply kill these six souls as a lamb. Anyway, it’s not that you and I haven’t done things that people are physically and mentally destroyed. Then one person will have three … "Zhu Xian made a" click "gesture without extra trouble.
Han Yang looked at Zhu Xian in distress situation and said helplessly, "Brother Zhu, are you sure you can kill people in a state of soul at the gate of hell? Just now, the two of us just used the body art of shrinking into inches and were imprisoned for several hours … "
When I heard Han Yang say this, I thought that I had just been imprisoned by the power of the underworld for nearly seven hours. Zhu Xian, who was originally murderous, also hesitated: "Then why don’t we just change teams and follow?" With that, he pointed to the team of three at the back.
Han Yang thought for a moment and agreed, "It’s better to walk in the Jianghu safely first. We’ll follow those three people and think about why this feeling of something is wrong."
The two men slowed down and waited for the trio to pass by before they followed.
Originally, the degree of the six-person group suddenly showed signs of accelerating, while the degree of the three-person group gradually slowed down.
Han Yang first showed that something was wrong and quickly patted Zhu Xian: "Brother Zhu, you see that their steps were originally the same. Why did they change as soon as they crossed this hill?"
Zhu Xian waved a hand to Han Yang not to get excited and explained slowly: "Because the reincarnation seal blessed by the reincarnation tunnel on these souls is slowly disappearing, which also means that the Naihe Bridge is coming. Whether these souls will enter the underworld, the ghost world or the Mongolian world depends on the moment they step onto the Naihe Bridge. "
Han Yang’s mind suddenly flashed a flash of light and shouted, "I finally understand where that annoying feeling came from!"
Zhu Xian wonders, "Guess so soon?"
Han Yang took Zhu Xian’s hand and led him along the aisle: "Hurry up and catch up with those six people. I finally know why that third guy gave me that strange feeling. In the same city, the interval between deaths is within six hours, and the age is similar … It seems that our luck is really good and we actually met a guy who took it away. "
Zhu Xian followed and shouted, "What Han Yang boy? You mean someone here used the technique of taking possession of her?"
Han Yang nodded: "Yes, but not here but on earth. Remember when I said that the guy in the third soul state gave us a very uncomfortable feeling? This guy used the technique of taking possession of his house in the dead, but I don’t know why the previous five times failed, causing five innocent people to fall into reincarnation, and his own soul may have been detained back to the underworld because he didn’t find a suitable body within the time stipulated by the hell. "
Zhu Xian thought for a moment, then patted his head and said, "No wonder I just felt so uncomfortable! It turned out to be the art of possession … I haven’t seen such a shameless yogi for years, and I almost forgot this skill. "
"However, this technique of taking possession of the house is too sinister. The performer will fall into reincarnation because he destroys the cycle of heaven and forcibly drives the soul of a stranger out of the body. Therefore, he will be doomed every ten years. If he cannot avoid the fate, he will be devastated." Han Yang added, "So no one wants to use this method."
Zhu Xian shook his head and said, "Otherwise, old pig, I probably guessed the identity of that guy … Hey hey, this skill of possession is an old demon of blood river, but it was later learned by outsiders. Those who will use this kind of achievement method will understand their own practitioners unless they are at the end of their tether. "
Han Yang asked, "Self-surrender for soul escape? Who wouldn’t have heard that there was a big battle in the fix-true world? "
"Hey hey you naturally don’t know but I understand the old pig. When we made a scene in the Heavenly Palace that day, the Jade Emperor sent the Eight Immortals down to fix the true world to wipe out the black witch. " Zhu Xian looked at the third person in the group of six and kept sneering.
"A vein of black witches?" After Zhu Xian reminded Han Yang, he remembered that he had to untie the seal of Zhu Xian and not get into trouble at the same time, so the two black witches who were already ready to kill Zhu Xian took the big blame … I didn’t expect the jade emperor to be really malicious!
Fortunately, I found a scapegoat at that time, otherwise … I gave him a sap at that time. The Jade Emperor should not know that he did it himself … Hehe, I should not know …
"Boy, what are you thinking? How come you look so bad! " Zhu Xian gave Han Yang a pat, but the latter got a fright.
"What’s the matter?" Zhu Xian asked doubtfully.
Han Yang gave a quick laugh and laughed: "It’s okay. That jade emperor really loves to hold grudges …"
Zhu Xian pie pie way: "the jade emperor old son? Hum, the face-saving guy doesn’t need to pay attention to him. It’s the old pig who makes trouble in heaven. As long as it’s not Li Er and the Tathagata who come together, I can’t help the old pig. After the old pig and I have achieved Buddhism … Hum, these three guys will know the consequences then. "
Han Yang Khan, the brother Zhu, seems to be more petty than the Jade Emperor.
"Hey, hey, Han Yang, when the soul steps on Naihe Bridge, the seal of reincarnation will be lifted." Zhu Xian looked at the corner of his mouth in front of him with a faint smile. "If that guy really crosses the Naihe Bridge, I’m afraid there will be eighteen layers of hell waiting for him, so he will definitely take risks."
Han Yang wonders, "Is that the 3,000 weak water under Naihe Bridge?"
Zhu Xian shook his head and said, "It’s not a bridge over weak water."? Hehe, I can’t say what kind of old pig is under this Naihe Bridge, because it seems that no one has ever gone down and none of the souls who walked on the Naihe Bridge have fallen. "
Han Yang concluded, "Brother Zhu, do you think that man will jump to the death?"
"Jump? Naihe Bridge? " Zhu Xian really didn’t think about this possibility. What he thought was that the witch king of southern Xinjiang escaped the pursuit of the Eight Immortals with a military solution, but unfortunately he couldn’t find a suitable body. Finally, he was detained in the nether world and took to Naihe Bridge. In the past, it was eighteen layers of hell. With his personality, he would definitely take the opportunity to run back, and all he had to do was kick him when he ran back.

He is only 19 years old this year, and he is still on loan in Turin to exercise.

This is a good opportunity.
Anyway, who is renting it to?
However, these two players won’t run in person if they always win. Italy is all right, but Africa is too far away.
Now he doesn’t have time to run that far
The team can’t live without him.
The team’s pre-season training is coming.
He will work out a training plan for the new season with the coaching staff.
That’s a very important job
The team’s performance in a season is closely related to pre-season training.
From the most physical training to the later technical and tactical training, every item should be carefully scrutinized and discussed with various professional coaches and colleagues, and it is not just a matter of talking about it.
If a training plan is unreasonable, it will have a knock-on effect, which will affect other training.
For example, if the physical training plan is not well prepared and the time is not enough, the players will not get enough physical strength after physical training, and their physical strength will not be easy to get tired and injured. In the pre-season training, the team will be frequently injured. This non-combat attrition will seriously affect the team’s subsequent tactical training, which will not achieve the expected results because of insufficient personnel. In addition, if the injuries are serious, the team will not be able to piece together a complete team before the season, which will affect the team’s combat effectiveness.
The pre-competition training plan is very random, so it must be strictly and scientifically designed and linked.
Pre-season training is the foundation. If you don’t play well this season, the team will suffer greatly, which is why many head coaches are particularly disgusted with the fact that the team runs around the world to play any commercial games in summer, because this kind of running back and forth will split the pre-season training and shorten the pre-season training, which will lead to the players’ lack of physical preparation …
The players’ holiday is coming to an end, and before that, he must come up with a general training plan.
Then adjust the physical training plan according to the specific physical condition of the players after reporting.
Although winning often has the help of training skills, making a correct training plan can also improve the ability of players. Isn’t it even more powerful to add training skills? Even with training skills, a correct, scientific and excellent training plan is still very important.
Making a pre-season training plan is much more important than going to Africa to fool yaya toure.
Chang Sheng didn’t go anywhere and stayed in Hertha.
Chapter 10 Training ground to be lively again.
While making the pre-season training plan, Hertha transfer workers are also in full swing.
Changsheng sent out only two scouts of the team, one to Abidjan, C? te d ‘Ivoire, and the other to Turin, Italy.
They have an important responsibility to bring back yaya toure and balzaretti from his team.
In addition, the contract negotiations between Mista and Hertha were over, and finally mista agreed to join Hertha.
Balado Lide also agreed to lease luis garcia to Hertha for one year, without leasing or letting Hertha bear luis garcia’s salary.
This is a very favorable condition.
Changsheng agreed without saying anything, depending on whether luis garcia is willing or not in the end.
He doesn’t think it’s a big problem. At this time, Terry has not been involved in the battle for luis garcia. Hertha is a good choice. Although the season was thrilling and relegated, their outstanding performance at the last minute was seen by everyone.
As expected, luis garcia agreed to play football in Hertha on loan.
Just two days after this matter was finalized, Benitez officially took over Terry and became Terry’s head coach.
Changsheng long out a sigh …
At this time, Mista and luis garcia came to the team to report that he was no longer worried that Benitez would steal others.
He doesn’t know whether his career will affect the fate of a future tactician.
History Benitez entered Valencia because of his outstanding performance when Terry led the team, and then he led this old team to the La Liga championship in the first season of coaching the team.
From then on, he became famous and handsome.
Before coaching Hertha, he led the team with ups and downs, but overall, he failed mostly.
When I was at Real Madrid, I was the best first-team coach. Bosco, stop.
Later, he went to be the coach of Balado Lide alone, and he led the team for 23 games and was fired because Balado Lide was ranked at the bottom of the league at that time.
Then he went to West B Osasuna to coach, but this time he played nine games shorter and won a victory.
In 1997, he became the head coach of another Spanish team, Estremadura. This time, he won 23 of the 42 games in a season and led the team to the La Liga.
This is the first glory in his coaching career.
However, the good times did not last long. After a season, the newly promoted Estremadura was relegated from La Liga, and they were able to lose to Villarreal in the prize play-offs.
Villarreal was promoted to the first division for the first time, but he didn’t expect to step on the body of the future tactical master Benitez.
Benitez left Estremadura because of relegation failure, and then he went to Italy and England to study instead of accepting a job as head coach of a team.
In Italy, he "had the cheek" to watch the training class of famous coaches. He went to Milan three times to watch Capello, and it took two years to study Lippi in Juventus, study in Florence and visit Sacchi instead.
After leaving Italy, he went to England to visit Ferguson and McClaren, who was coaching Graham at Tottenham Hotspur.
Studying abroad has given him enough accumulation and he has benefited a lot.
It’s been two years since I came back.
Then he became Terry’s coach.
Right now.
_ ____w_ w_ w___ __ _o_m
Although he made outstanding contributions when he was in Terry, such as Mista and luis garcia, Benitez was not the kind of coach who relied on one or two stars. In Terry and Valencia, he emphasized the overall football.
It is impossible whether the appearance of constant victory will lead to his disappearance from now on. It is impossible that gold always shines
Benitez is really a capable coach, and he will become a famous coach in the future, at best, it is too late.
Some people are doomed.
When Mista and luis garcia reported to the team, the holiday players returned to Hertha one after another, and their holiday was over.
Training for the new season is coming.
The battle is over.
For the head coach, a season is counted from this time.
When Hertha players returned to the team after their holidays, they found that there were more people around them and fewer people.
All those disorderly parties are gone. If someone pays attention to the media news, they will know that they are all on sale and sold at a very low price.
Everyone knows that this is what the head coach did
They have offended the head coach, so they have to accept such punishment
These Hertha players are used to it and are not surprised that their head coach is such a person.
It’s better to say that he is narrow-minded or that he runs the army with an iron fist.
At least one thing everyone can see is that after this reorganization, the team’s discipline is much stronger than before.
Everyone will never be late in training again, and they will be more active in training than before.
Because the training is more serious, although the training intensity has increased, the injury situation has decreased, because everyone can avoid many accidents when they are likely to be injured.