The flame converged and attached to his body except his head, and it became a beautiful armor flowing from his neck to his figure, just like a layer of red magma.

This is his understanding of the second spiritual source fire armor after he rose to 1.
Flame armor has a strong defense force, which perfectly protects his neck. Chen Mo’s short blade will also be cut.
Wu mouth slightly low noise right hand fire scale stick out.
The silence quickly went around to the other side of the left hand and the short blade swung towards Wu Feng’s ear.
Although Wu Feng’s "flame armor" has strong defense, it can’t protect his head. Now his only weakness is his head.
Wu’s mind moved, and gold pieces of fireballs were suspended on his head, which had instantly fallen towards Chen Mo and smashed up crazily.
Chapter 254 Shadow Power
Others know that Wu Feng controls these fireballs, and they have retreated around to make distance.
Seeing that Chen Mo was instantly enveloped by fireballs on all sides, he was about to be hit by fireballs.
Suddenly, the shadow of his feet stretched out, and his whole person became a black shadow like melting. This black shadow clung to the footbridge and jumped out like a black python.
"What is this ability?" Wu Feng was shocked and retreated violently.
Looking at Chen Mo incarnation shadow on the pontoon bridge, he rushed out of the surprised fireball and even landed and exploded toward himself.
The pontoon bridge connected with the violent explosion was smashed with wood and water splashing, and a large number of flames spewed out. The scene was very beautiful.
The shadow on the ground, like snakes and pythons, will avoid appearing in front of Wu Feng again.
The shadow stretched out and quickly became Chen Mo again, and a pair of short blades in his hand were tied to Wu’s ears.
Wu Feng’s face was very ugly, and he was busy raising his fire scale cane to protect his body as a weapon.
Wu Feng is going to hit Chen Mo, and Chen Mo’s body will be transformed again, just like the same black python wrapped around Wu Feng’s body, and the short blade in his hand is directly tied to his head behind him.
Wu Feng’s entanglement with Chen Mo instantly knew that it was not good. Although his ability is strong, he is more suitable for long-range and large-scale attacks. This close combat is not his strength, especially Chen Mo, a powerful opponent like an assassin
Wu Feng did not hesitate to launch a fire scale stick, which contained skills and delivered the most powerful blow.
Seeing that Chen Mo’s short blade is about to plunge into Wu Feng’s head, suddenly a horrible flame surges out and instantly dyes Wu Feng into a burning man.
There is a huge scale floating on the surface of this horrible flame, and it appears like a fire dragon wrapped around Wu Feng, and Chen Mo, who is clinging to him, will be swallowed up together.
Chen Mo reacted quickly and suddenly realized that it was not good. He suddenly pulled back the distance and suddenly a raven rose from a pair of short blades.
This pair of short blades in his hands is also a kind of spiritual weapon. The spiritual source inside is terrible. The black light Chen Mo fire scale cane broke out, and the fire dragon collided and broke into earth-shattering noise.
The terrorist force hit and they both fell back together.
Chen Mo fell back, and at the same time, once again, he turned his figure to the ground and swept around one and a half arcs, and approached Wu Feng again when he fell out.
Others looked at this Chen Mo’s terrorist ability and felt a chill in his back.
This enemy is terrible. The strange ability plus this horrible speed is dangerous for Wu Feng.
Many people see that Wu Feng is dangerous, but there is Lin Meimei who really rushes out.
Lin Meimei is Wu Feng’s girlfriend, and their relationship has always been very good. She is now a level 9 spiritual source. She has been nervous since Wu Feng and Chen Mo met.
She can see that Wu Feng is strong, but Chen Mo’s meetings are suppressed. This silence is too strong.
Wu Feng fell out after seeing that both sides launched the loud noise of special power in the spiritual source weapon, and Chen Mo actually turned into a shadow and stuck to the ground again, so she was in danger of Bai Wu Feng.
In this case, Wu Fenggen can’t react. Lin Meimei almost rushed out without thinking.
She stretched her arms to form an air arrow, and suddenly a large number of arrows and rain shot out, hanging over the shadow coming from the ground.
She has rushed to the front of Wu Feng with a step, and her body has blocked Wu Feng.
All this happened in the blink of an eye. Chen Mo didn’t expect Lin Meimei to make a sudden move, and it was still this kind of remote attack avatar shadow that was shrouded in the rain of arrows. "Before" was heard in the blink of an eye and was shot by a lot of arrows.
The gas arrow penetrated into the shadow and shot into the plank of the square pontoon bridge, shooting the plank out of the dense finger-sized holes.
Chen Mo suddenly let out a sharp low noise, and there was a faint pain and anger in it.