But these three are a little different from the previous ones. According to historical data, these three worlds are not like this to form a triangle.

And there are some other tumblers around, but now there are only three of them, not forming a triangle, and there is also an object that looks like a small star.
It can also be understood that during this period when the expedition was lost, the mother world system had a new rise and development, and the world … developed stronger or more … strange.
Because it’s really changed a lot here, and these three worlds were covered by dense cities before.
The spiky metal pipe has landed on the surface of a world, which feels like a jungle from the virtual view.
When we reached the surface, we found that the ground was not covered with jungle, but … a large area of green matter.
Green is also the main color of the world’s surface. The terrain here is rich, and there are stone forests composed of canyons and high mountains and boulders. The riverbeds that have been dry for a long time look like rivers.
All this looks like a rock structure, but it’s all green and looks like it’s mixed with some special ingredients.
Spiny creatures are very strange about this, because this is obviously not what their mother world is like.
But they still confirmed that this is their home world, so they decided to explore here.
How many stingers are responsible for the exploration? One stinger is Lin Rock, and the arms are also on the surface.
After some exchanges, they’ recognized’ Lin, a rock arm, and allowed Lin to move freely.
In that phoenix, it was still caught.
Lin wanted Phoenix to escape by force, but now this situation … is also possible.
Although Lin thinks they should go to other two worlds to see the situation, the spiny creatures still want to finish investigating this … green world first.
The characters of these spiny creatures … are quite strange. Lin thinks their characters are like the integration of the characters of flash creatures and thorns … intelligent species.
But it’s not clear exactly what it is. They seem to have become a more … leisurely mode now.
Even though Midgard is still near, they are not very interested but slowly exploring.
The thorn ship landed on the green surface.
With the "boom", a 100-meter-long spike pierced the green earth.
At the same time, a large number of spiny creatures flew out from the tail of the spike … including Lin’s arms.
Lin rock arms flew out like them and quickly flew to the green ground and landed on a gravel plain.
This place has no air gravity and is quite low. The temperature is almost a barren world for cell biology.
Lin first detected the composition of a surface, which is mainly the rock structure. The reason why the surface is green is that there are many green substances mixed in it.
These substances … are similar in composition to the ground, but they are green. They don’t seem to be special.
But this world … should not be the original flash creature world, but a completely strange place.
Lynn thinks something special should be over there …
Looking far away from the plain, you can see a large piece of green stone pillars forming forest land. If you look closely, you can also see some of these stone pillars that look like window structures.
There may be some biological life there. That’s what the spikes think, too. Lynn noticed that many of them flew that way
And the rock arms didn’t fly so fast. Lin first left a lot of micro arms here for them to drill deep into the ground.
Then I changed some of my own styles before taking off.
When Lynn and the spiny creature were doing this, Midgart was still more than a million kilometers away from these three mother worlds. I wonder what it thought, and maybe it didn’t want to fall here so soon. So Lin will explore it first.
And when Lin Rock’s arms flew to Shilin, Lin found that this rock was actually …
It should be regarded as a relic left by the flash biological text in front of the relic … a relic.
Chapter one thousand nine hundred Residents
Although these buildings have been rebuilt …
But they can still be detected as flashing biological buildings.
Lin Rock Arms is in a … building.