"Then I want to buy another one."

This is a bit tangled. Is it necessary to buy another one?
A few people came to the roof and roared, "whoever opposes buying another car will sit on the roof!" "
It’s hard not to say that the roof of the car is full of wind and sun.
And they really feel the benefits of this chariot. If it weren’t for this chariot, they wouldn’t be able to make the money at all.
What would it be like if there was another one?
Think about how cool it is for two chariots to gallop on the battlefield and be immersed in gunfire!
"But don’t worry, I can get a friend’s discount. This chariot is only 60,000 yuan."
Mercenaries are boasting and disgruntled people are overjoyed. Of course, they want to buy buy buy because it’s so cheap! Is it still a person if you don’t buy it?
Sampras also nodded and took out a small note to write this down.
"We lost 11 brothers in this operation. Let’s give each of these brothers a pension of 50 thousand dollars."
Sampras shook his head and said, "There are two brothers who have no one at home."
The carriage was full of heavy sighs, but no one objected, but there was a strange burning sensation, like something was burning.
50 thousand pension? If you die before, you will be lucky to get 10 thousand dollars.
"How much is left?" Zhuang asked Sampras not far away
"There are still 1.95 million," Sampras said.
"Give him 10,000 dollars."
Everyone looked at each other, and three mercenaries came out, a little ashamed and a little expecting.
"Let’s divide the remaining people into 10,000 knives except me." The mercenaries looked at each other again.
This is too little, isn’t it
"Your Majesty, I don’t want any money, and there is no one at home," Sampras said.
"I’m a king, too. There are few people in my family. I just want to follow you, king!" There are also two mercenaries who say that they are close friends of Zhuang.
"Let you take it," said Zhuang not far away. "How much is left now?"
"140,000 …"
"It’s all me," Zhuang said not far away.
The carriage was silent.
Your Majesty, can you be more ashamed?
Your Majesty, aren’t you really afraid that our mutiny will tie you up and roast a bird?
Mercenaries now want to carry guns and sift Zhuang not far away.
Zhuang skipped out of his room not far away.
Experience is like a one-meter child.
I made money, I made money ~
It’s really relaxing to make money recently!
Praise me! Praise me for making so much money playing trumpet!
Then I saw the manor manager and deacons discussing something seriously in the meeting room of the master room.
"What will you? Discuss what? " Not far from Zhuang, I recently went to sit down and asked
"Master Zhuang, let’s calculate the minimum cost of building a small manor town."
"Oh, what has been discussed?" Not far from Zhuang, he sat awkwardly. "How much do you need?"
We can make money for you at any speed!
1.7 billion "
Zhuang froze not far away. "How much?"
(For the amount, please refer to the news report that the reconstruction fund of a famous earthquake area in the state totals 1.7 billion public data. The annual fiscal revenue of a district in a second-tier city is 100 million. The annual fiscal revenue is already very low. Compared with an enterprise, the efficiency of making money and spending money is not the same. It is simply too difficult for a city to be as rich as an enemy …)
Chapter 53 The place where I walked was called White Wolf City.
A group of mercenaries in the armored car are ready to move, and their minds fantasize about 700 kinds of impulses to kill Olion
But they’re just thinking about it. None of them dare to move.
"I support the king! Without the king, we can’t even earn 10,000 knives! "
"For a $10000 than before I can be a lot! And how long has this been! " Not far from Zhuang, two brain-dead powder jumped out to show loyalty.
Olion’s facial expression
Sampras also smiled slightly. "I still say that I want money. There is nothing the king wants to say. Take my 10 thousand, too."
Olion is still expressionless.
After a long time, two clever children reacted. "Your Majesty, otherwise … I … I don’t want it. You see, we just have a mouth to eat …"
Olion is still expressionless.
Sampras next to him finally reacted, "Chief?"
"Well," the Leon black face nodded.
"Is it the leader?"
"Not the king?"
"Great! The leader is back!"
"Chief king has gone too far. Boo hoo …"
"Shh!" Sampras quickly put up his finger to tell these silly children not to talk nonsense.