There are many unclear things in the eyes of teenagers. The feathering method can distinguish whether it is pity or self-injury, but the sadness in these words can still be heard, so I have some sympathy

"Will you help me?"
Xiaobai walked up to him and looked at him condescendingly. "I need someone to help me, then I can show my talents, I can become a high emperor, I can achieve the hegemony of Kyushu and help me, and I can leave the most brilliant name in the historical book of Kyushu with me."
Feather silent words vaguely for these words are familiar.
"The palace is a cage. I can’t see the stars. Beimang Mountain is also a cage man. When he was born in the world, he should do something vigorous instead of waiting to die in the cage. I won the ancestral home, a small feudal country, but hundreds of miles of military horses took this rich Dongba. I inherited the ancestral blood. I can’t wronged others. I won Xiaobai, who was born in the heyday of the sun in summer. This is the arrangement of the gods. I am destined to be king!"
The teenager raised his right fist high, looked up and opened his eyes, unwilling to be conceited, like a sword drawn, piercing branches and covering obstacles and flying into the sky. At this moment, the teenager, like a young eagle with a high cliff, is about to rise.
However, a cold sweat broke out in the feather’s heart, and the sun represents two meanings: one is brilliant and warm life consciousness, and the other is warm self-marginal consciousness. In front of him, the young man is not quietly spreading sunshine, but is emitting fierce fire that can burn everything. Finally, he remembered Lingfengtang, and thousands of machines once said similar words. At that time, thousands of machines were also full of self-conceit, but thousands of machines were not as ambitious as this young man, but they were all used to blood and fire.
Xiao Bai seems to have spit out his pent-up resentment for a long time, and slowly calmed down and put his hands on his shoulders. "You want to be the devil, of course, and you want to be high. Our goals are the same, so please help me!"
Two people suddenly feel funny when their eyes touch a feather. It’s also funny to think that they are so yuhu by a child. This young man is surprised by Ying Huai, but he has read too much history. Often, an era is established from bud to bud, and there is blood flowing around him. This is something he can’t ignore.
A teenager looks down at another teenager with a strange picture. No one knows that an emperor will be born here and no one knows that a demon king will grow up.
Xiaoxuan is still practicing breathing in the distance. Cen sits on a horizontal branch and shakes dng with two slender UIs. She looks around with layers of branches and dense leaves. She looks bored at the end. She finds that Feather droops her head and slowly walks over, but a branch is thrown at him.
"What happened to sweet potatoes?"
Yu Hua shook his head with a wry smile. Behind him, Xiao Bai shouted, "Who wants to live in a cage all his life?"
Feather replied, "Our cages are different. I don’t want to enter your world!"
The small white tone disappeared, Cen blinked, and his eyes were very suspicious like blue Y.
Su Xing Y Jia sat by the pool, and there was a soft light of pure white S fluorite. The water was covered with warm light, and her body was wrapped in holy light. Her expression was still serene and she looked up at Dai S. There was no sun in the sky, and the days were endless. The stars opened their eyes, and the triangle cone Milo stars were more dazzling among the stars.
Y yoga looked at it for a long time, wrapped up her clothes and sighed slightly, and picked up the Y system at her feet. She has calculated it five times, and the result is the same every time. Miro represents the creation of stars, but it also represents madness. This is because the river network family attaches great importance to the stars and is madly immersed in creation, which makes Kyushu the most magical in the river network family. However, when Miro’s stars shine too strongly, it dominates hnlun’s consciousness. Throughout the history of the river network, there are many rivers that are crazy because of creation.
There is a saying in the Heluo proverb that "creative masters are crazy artists". Y Jia knows the meaning of this sentence.
"What did Y Jia Su Xing see from the astrology?"
Cold voice from the rear to float in the night wind y yoga gently she a "mana son adults haven’t slept? Although you are Aloka, it’s a windy valley night here, so try not to come out. "
"Have you ever thought about asking us about the river network?" Manar approached with a smile. "Even if you don’t tell me, I will know what is in the astrology. I also have an astrologer in Sunset Valley."
Y yoga calmly looked at this middle-aged river network nvng and sighed even more. Fifteen years have passed, and what used to be a green face is now cold.
"You can’t let it go after all. It’s bitter again."
Mana son laughed in a low voice. "Isn’t that all thanks to the council? Life has ruined my life. "
This smile is quite sharp and a little vicious. Y-yoga tightens its hands, and Y-calculation raises anxiety in its heart. Did the astrological display result fall on this person? From the bottom of her heart, she doesn’t want this to be true. It seems to her that the nv people around her are just poor nv people.
"There is no doubt in the Council that you should know that he has not put that matter at ease."
"But the Council still expelled him. If it weren’t for the Tianshan demon king, he was afraid that he would have died several times."
Ma Na ‘er’s voice suddenly rose a few degrees, and her expression became more and more ferocious. Y Yoga was not afraid that the water reflected the gray temples of nv people in this network, but it made her feel sad. Ma Na ‘er was only thirty-one years old this year. All this was caused by secrets in the networks around the country. The elders, Su Xing and Aloka didn’t know the true feelings for fifteen years. Although Y Yoga had just entered the Council, she also knew the details at that time.
"Don’t talk nonsense, I have to go back to rest and tell the horoscope quickly." Manar became impatient.
Y Jia sighed again and put Y in her arms. "I guess I may not be allowed to see’ HNLUN’. There will be changes in my family in the near future."
Ma Na son a slight stare blankly and then laugh "good! Ok! There should have been a change! "
Y yoga watched in amazement as the river network nv people laughed and went away. The laughter made no secret of their happiness. It was a kind of time full of destruction. There was some panic in her heart. She tried to catch something, but she accidentally put her hand in the pool. The water was still shining with dng, but it was always cold. < d Chapter 137 Soul Artist