The two were immediately amused by the bear.

I will not say, "Don’t worry, don’t forget that your man is a fairy."
Liu Xin was relieved to think that I would not be immortal, but I still gave him a stubborn supercilious look.
Liu Xin said, "poachers must be vicious and scary."
Yu Huifei nods, "I don’t know if it’s scary, but it’s definitely not a good bird. Good people can’t do it …"
Liu Xin nodded
Just two people talking about when the poachers should be a piercing scream.
Two people and one bear look at the past.
I saw the grass being pushed, and then three people rushed out in rags and blood, screaming and screaming all the way with madness.
The two men looked at each other with a bear. Liu Xin’s face turned red and she quickly bowed her head and dared not look around, but she still asked carefully, "Are they all right?"
I will be a thief who has seen where the writer is bleeding and grinned, "I can’t die, but … I might as well die."
Liu Xin said, "Then shall we give them a hand?"
Yu Huifei shook his head and said, "Come on, it should be no problem to see them alive and kicking."
After being so noisy by three people, two people and one bear lost their appetite.
As Liu Xin was packing, the Zodiac rat darted over and whispered, "Those three are poachers."
I will look at the blood in the distance and ask, "Is this what I do now?"
The zodiac rat gave him a dirty look and then briefly described what happened last night.
Yu Huifei was dumbfounded after listening to it, and finally he couldn’t help laughing.
When Liu Xin heard Yu Huifei laughing, she turned around and asked, "What are you laughing at?"
I will not say, "It’s nothing … by the way, I remember those three costumes just now. It seems that we are looking for poachers."
"What? That … us? " Liu xin, paused and some at a loss.
After all, the other party is not wearing pants, right? a bit shy
Don’t chase it. I have something to do with thieves.
I will have to laugh. "Come on, bear, let the blind take you away. I’ll chase them and see what happens."
Liu Xin nodded and let Yu Huifei be careful.
I will let the zodiac rats secretly take care of Liu Xin. Although all the living things in this mountain forest are controlled by the zodiac, they are all members of my own family, I will have to be prepared.
The Zodiac mouse didn’t refuse, but secretly protected behind the blind.
I chased the three men after a while.
Then Yu Huifei understood that although these three people were in a trance and looked like crazy idiots, they still knew the way out in general.
Three people didn’t go far into the mountains, and now they are crazy to go out. At noon, they ran out of the mountains and rushed into Xiulin Village.
Then the scene will be spectacular.
Xiulin is now in the forefront of the media because of the Northeast Tiger and Dahuang Dog with wolves.
There are many people in Xiulin, even foreign journalists and a large group of photographers. It can be said that the whole Xiulin is surrounded by long guns and short guns.
Plus Jiang Sansheng’s closing the mountain to make these guys have no weapons. They are idle and idle, so they keep the village entrance every day with their spears and guns, aiming at the mountains, hoping to be lucky enough to see the Siberian tiger coming out of the mountain or the big dog walking the wolf.
At this moment, hundreds of triangular brackets have been set up at the entrance of the village, and all kinds of long guns and short guns are pointed at the reporters and photographers over there, and they are also very dedicated and have no intention of relaxing.
At this moment, three people rushed out of the Woods, screaming and bleeding all the way …
At that moment, people chatted and boiled, and Xiulin was quiet in an instant
Chapter 39 Mountain Red is much.
Then came Kaka, taking pictures and people exclaimed.
"Hey? ~~”
"wow! ~~~”
"Gee …"
"Shoot, shoot!"
"Hey, the Northeast Tiger didn’t photograph the naked wolf, but three came to clap!"
Chen Han, Lao Xu and Lao Xu can be said that life is better than death, and it is hard to escape from the birth, only to find that reporters are counting cameras everywhere in front …
Three people feel brain om a completely white.
The last three people opened their mouths and smiled.
At that moment, the three people completely collapsed and were stupid!
When someone ran over to ask about the situation
Three people smirked at each other.
"I’m a puppy, a puppy, woof woof woof!"
"Rabbit, I am a rabbit. I can speak human words and I can eat a shotgun! Ha ha ha … "
Three people so gaudy bouncing through the crowd.
However, it was eventually taken away by an ambulance and soon entered a mental hospital.
At the same time, the identities of the three were also exposed.
Journalists are even more eager to report.
"Three professional poachers entered Xiulin mountains, but they didn’t know what happened. They were bleeding and insane."
After the news, several people speculated.
Then someone boldly speculated that the three men had encountered wolves.
This is closer to reality than it is, but no one believes it.
But generally speaking, we all know that three professional poaching thieves carrying hot weapons, all kinds of poisons and tranquilizers were attacked in the forest, and their equipment was lost, resulting in mental breakdown.
So everyone finally understood that although there are good things in this mountain, it is also dangerous.