He can see that this place can’t stay any longer, or even if it doesn’t stew, he probably won’t be good.

The roaring dog outside the gate scolded "you king eggs!"
At this time, Cui Jue asked, "Since Miss Liu is here, you can’t arrange for her to stay in the guest room, can you?"
I will have to wipe my nose and face, and some red roads say, "Where can I stay in the guest room?"
Black often said, "that’s not easy? Why don’t we just sleep in the same room with you? You are also a hero to save the United States. At that time, we didn’t have a man’s mouth and a woman would take the initiative to marry each other. "
I will not listen to a face of yearning. "It’s a pity that such a good and excellent system didn’t come … I envy you."
Bai Changdao: "Lao Hei said that although it is a little straightforward, isn’t this thing about feelings just a bow that is half-pushed and half-won?" At this time, who will lose? "
"Why don’t we go and bring her to you?"
"Roll roll … you don’t understand amorous feelings thing hurriedly fuck off" I will not put people out.
Cui Jue looked away from the cow’s head and horse’s face. They asked me, "Now she doesn’t come to live there?"
At this moment, the dog growled, "Little Fish, it’s really not suitable to live in the front any more. If you’re embarrassed, just let her sleep in my room. I’ll sleep in her bed. Don’t worry, I’m a dog … Well, just let her treat me as a pet."
Chapter 126 New inmates
"get out!" I will not directly hit the window and take off my shoes.
The roaring dog quickly went away.
However, I will not be thinking about it, and then I will lie on the window and shout to the floor, "Brother Dog, why don’t you go to the kennel?" Make room? "
Run to the front yard. As soon as the dog heard the man standing up directly and grabbed a big snowball, it smashed the window and shouted, "Do you believe me or not?" !”
Of course, I can’t let the roaring dog really live in the kennel, and it’s impossible for Liu Xin to live in the house where the roaring dog once lived.
In the end, I will say, "Let’s talk about this later, Lao Cui."
Cui Jue nodded. "Don’t worry. Think about it yourself. Even if you two don’t have that layer, someone will definitely talk to you later, right? Think about it first. "
Yu Huifei nodded off Cui Jue.
Although I can’t live in a room, I’m still very satisfied that he finally lives here with a heterosexual! It’s not like the whole hospital is full of ugly grotesque creatures.
I can’t sleep with this heart. Yu Huifei quickly got up and went upstairs to check the situation of Dahuang and them.
As a result, there were no dogs in the kennel and no dogs in the front yard.
Just when the rest of the meeting was not for rhubarb, they went home and listened to an impassioned speech from the roaring dog room.
I will not gather together to lie prone on the window and look inside.
Seeing the roaring dog is like a big brother, he moved a stool and sat on the kang to occupy the highest point.
Dogs such as rhubarb are either lying on the floor or squatting on stools or kang, looking up at him one by one.
The dog spat, "Listen up, you puppies, Grandpa. I’m a dog."
Say it’s your ancestors, ancestors!
Now you have my blood in your body, so you don’t lose anything by calling your ancestors!
When the world has a chance, ancestors, I will lead you to immortality!
Then you follow me and we’ll go to the moon to stew rabbits! "
I will not hear this for a while, but I feel emotional. This goods is to find that this family position is doomed, and simply fool Dahuang and Thirteen Pacific Insurance into being his younger brother!
I can’t help laughing. "Is this guy going to be the big brother in the dog world after a broken can?"
In the house, the roaring dog’s ears were waiting so that it could be heard as soon as it looked up and saw the rest of the meeting. "You just broke the jar and broke it. Get out!"
As a result, rhubarb jumped up excitedly and ran out when they saw Yu Huifei.
At first glance, the roaring dog shouted, "Come back, I am your boss, and follow me to be popular and spicy!"
Nai, these dogs ignored him and ran directly to Yu Huifei, wagging their tails.
Seeing this scene, the roaring dog couldn’t help cursing, "You white-eyed dogs are so ungrateful!"
Yu Huifei laughed. "Xiao Tiangou, you … their eyes are estimated to be a diversion."
You really think you’re the big brother?
Come on, stop bragging and tell me. What do you want to eat? Let’s meet you after the existing kitchen. "
The original wheezing dog wanted to roar for a while, but his eyes suddenly lit up when he heard that there was a kitchen and he could order!
The dead dog stared at Yu Huifei and laughed. "Well … I think the sauce bone and the first fish restaurant are all good."
I will not say, "I’ll buy it when I get rich."
As soon as the roaring dog heard it, he turned his eyes and said, "Forget it. When you have money, it is estimated that you will be in debt."
Then he said, "Why don’t you get some ribs to eat? We have them in the kitchen."
I will not startled "let’s have in the kitchen? I don’t know? "
Xiao Tian dog looked up and said, "Are you kidding me when I go hunting in my mountain? What a big wild boar! It’s hundreds of pounds! Enough for us to eat for a while. "
I knew that they had gone hunting, but I didn’t expect to get anything.
Yu Huifei hurried to the college to hit the kitchen and saw a dark wild boar lying on the ground.
I’ll have to kick my ass.
I will not say, "No, it’s not being bitten to death. It’s freezing to death, right?"
The roaring dog said, "What do you care if it dies? Anyway, I got it back. "
At this time, the bull’s head came in. "Don’t listen to his nonsense. The pig rushed over directly after seeing us. I jumped to the side and he killed the stone.
It’s all delivered to the door. Of course, it’s directly dragged back … This dead dog is lazy and expects him to hunt? Shit! "