Sure enough, the sound sounded near Su Qinghou again.

"Sue … light hou you can get rid of others but … you can’t get rid of me …"
Sue light Hou feet kept he responded "something you come with! I want to see what you are! "
Su Qing Hou Yebai, a strange man, won’t show up easily, and he won’t fight head-on
He will wait for the best opportunity in secret.
This is even more frightening.
It is also more unpredictable.
He has to be more careful
After Su Qinghou left, Lin Yi and Hu Ling hid their souls and made another twenty or thirty moves.
Lin Yi’s snow-eliminating sword in his hand waved sharply, and the snow-capped mountains around the snow-eliminating sword were even more dazzling. In an instant, Hu Ling’s hidden soul was shining with shocking white light everywhere.
Hu Ling’s hidden soul is also faster and faster
He Lin Yi’s thrilling sword curtain flashed rapidly and constantly countered Lin Yi at the same time.
Hu Ling hid the soul and saw that Lin Yi wanted to leave.
He can’t let Lin Yi go!
Hu Ling hid his soul and made a quick decision, so he played the game of mutual destruction again
Hu Ling’s hidden soul roared. He smashed Lin Yi’s sword curtain with a palm shadow, and then rushed forward like a beast. Lin Yi’s sword potential in Hu Ling was like a waterfall splitting Hu Ling’s hidden soul chest.
In the face of Lin Yi’s sword splitting into his chest, Hu Ling hid his soul and shouted at Lin Yi one by one.
Even if Lin Yi ripped his belly open, he could survive, but even if Lin Yi’s copper head and iron head were beaten flat with his strong hand.
Lin Yi doesn’t want to perish together with Hu Ling.
And Lin Yi also knows that he can’t perish together with Hu Ling.
If you want to end up with Hu Ling’s hidden soul, you can end up in a tragic death field, and Hu Ling’s hidden soul will be alive and kicking again after a few days at most.
The abnormal constitution of Hu Ling’s hidden soul is terrible.
Inappropriately, Lin Yi’s tip touched Hu Ling’s hidden soul beast, and the sword suddenly closed. It was the tip of Hu Ling’s hidden soul beast that lit a point, and then with a little force, Lin Yi suddenly flew out of contact with Hu Ling’s hidden soul.
Hu Ling’s powerful palm also high-fived a big stone across the street.
Hu Ling hid the soul and felt that he had been played by Lin Yi. He was even more furious.
Barking at Lin Yi prey.
Where can Lin Yi and Hu Ling hide their souls and let him entangle again?
Lin Yiling turned around and then flew in one direction. The previous drifting sound made Hu Ling hide his soul to deal with himself. His real means to deal with Su Qinghou were extraordinary.
Now Sue light hou with half-dead Fang Qingyun Lin Yi which can rest assured?
So he doesn’t love war.
If Xiaowu comes back to cooperate with Hu Ling to hide his soul and pester himself, it will be even harder to get away.
Hu Ling’s hidden soul chased after him and shouted angrily, "Don’t run away if Lin Yi’s children have something! Let’s do it here today! "
Lin Yi kept his figure. He laughed. "Hu Ling Tibetan dog wants to die, but this time I’m too lazy to duel with you. I’ll take your head and spare your life today. Go for your life …"
Lin Yi is deliberately angry with Hu Ling for hiding his soul.