An angry roar combined with the flame of stone tools, the ruler stepped on the huge magic circle of the underworld, and the power of the underworld was continuously drawn, and the whole body was shrouded in the flame of terror. This piece of light occupied as high as a hundred feet, and it made a loud noise and the whole ring shook.

In the original retreat, Chineydy stopped and his eyes were radiant with a little heat.
"Interesting … will the old Terran have such a character in the future?"
He didn’t dodge the ruler’s angry attack any more.
In the field of Chineydy’s star support, the flame ruler’s fists firmly smashed in the loud noise of the earth shaking.
The stars around his body twisted and eventually reached the limit of collapse, but it offset the anger attack of the ruler, which combined the stone divine light and the power of the underworld
Looking at as high as a hundred zhangs flame rulers and their own star field collapse together, Chineydy looked calm and whispered "seconds-"
Su Li took a deep breath, and the walls around the ring appeared and pulled out to block the ring, which kept rising, and the walls appeared one after another.
Dark Chineydy’s eyes flashed strangely and he kept silent. He knew that Su Li was in an enemy state at the moment, and he didn’t attack again, but noted Su Li’s means.
The enemy’s state, Su Li, offered a memorial to the ancient city of the domain, which was his strongest means now. The third place was to rely on the altar in the ancient city to sacrifice all the more than 1,000 sacred puppets at one time. He didn’t believe it, but it was only 14 levels in front of him. Chineydy was able to play to the extreme against the ancient city by himself.
"Interesting … more and more interesting …"
Dark Chineydy mouth mumbling chanting a pair of eyes with light like to see what wonderful scene.
"This old Terran talent … simply …"
He talked about the magnificent tower in the medieval city, and Su Li took control and suppressed it towards him.
The surface of this tower is engraved with golden spells, which also emits strong golden light at the same time.
A golden beam of light blasted out from the tower, and the expansion of the 36-story tower became huge. This dark Chineydy was sucked in by the tower without any room for struggle.
Su Li was slightly appalled. I didn’t expect it to be so easy to suppress Chineydy. The golden spell in the tower also lit up, and the golden light appeared to suppress the dark Chineydy refining.
It is here that the dark star Yu Yin comes.
"More than seven seconds-"
Then something in the tower expanded violently, just like a piece of sky expanding from it. A tower exploded from it and exploded into thousands of pieces. Several golden rays and golden symbols were scattered everywhere.
Su Li gave a stuffy hum if he was hit hard in his mind. As soon as he grabbed the magnificent palace with his right hand, Ling flew out and smashed it toward the broken tower and Chineydy.
There is a sky formed by the arrangement of several stars in the dark star space. This is not the field of other stars, nor is it that he holds the magic, but a kind of sacred star dome. It is with this star dome that he just broke the tower.
At the moment, the expansion of the Star Dome comes to cooperate with the combination of his sacred objects in the field of nearly 100 meters of Fiona Fang stars. This dark Chineydy is like the integration into the palace in this star. It has not broken the Star Dome and the field, but it has been slowly eroded and swallowed by adsorption.
The palace is constantly struggling, and a lot of terrorist forces erupt inside, but it sinks deeper and deeper, just like falling into a living quagmire. The more people struggle, the faster they sink.
The tower was smashed and the palace was gradually swallowed up. There was blood seeping out of Su Li’s nostrils and ears.
He said nothing, and the altar of vicissitudes of life reappeared.
Although the sub-altar almost swallowed itself up, it was not a real creature because of the sacrifice. In front of the sacred puppet, Chineydy is so powerful that it will reach the peak. This altar will definitely like it.
Sure enough, as soon as the altar came out, dark figures appeared on the soles of Chineydy’s feet. This time, the figures were unprecedented and clear, which seemed to represent the altar.
These figures can already be seen as some young women. They are excited and dancing around Chineydy, singing a lot of audio and video. A vicissitudes of life, simple and full of solemn and strange atmosphere, emerged from the crossing of the ancient world.
Chineydy, who had always looked calm, seemed to feel that the altar was extraordinary. His star dome method sucked it into the altar like swallowing the palace. It was like the Soviet enemy’s state was not affected by attack or power
When Chineydy strode to escape from here, he couldn’t come. All sides were locked by the altar power. With the number of crazy dances, black figures bowed down to the virtual end and suddenly a blood-red Lickitung appeared.
Su Li gently heaved a sigh of relief when he saw this Lickitung.