Burning lonely ya both shook their heads and smiled without a word.

Suddenly, I glanced at Xiangyun Phoenix Bracelet and thought, "This Phoenix Bracelet suddenly reminds me of a sacrifice refining method that can greatly increase its power. When I return to Xianyun Mountain, I will sacrifice it to make it reach the level of fairy."
"Really? That’s great!" Xiangyun is also a great joy, so she no longer "chases" the land.
"By the way, come with me. There are some problems that you need to take a look at." The land is facing the burning silence.
"Xiang Yun, Mo Lao, wait for me for a moment." Lu Li spoke again.
When the figure flashed, the two men fell on a barren land and waved their hands, so they laid a defensive barrier and said, "You are proficient in silence. Why don’t you take a look at their situation?"
Burning silence nodded slightly and wanted to leave here. There should be injured people, but there are no others around. Is it hidden in a magic weapon? This can require a pretty powerful magic weapon to do it.
The magic ring, the mysterious light, is released directly, and the two objects are two different coffins.
A statue of a ghost coffin is dark and shining brightly. It is the lotus fairy who lies quietly in the flesh, but her face is still far away from life and death 2.
The quiet scene of the crystal coffin in Wanqiu has no breath and vitality.
Burning silence is also a big frown. First, she looked at two different coffins, and then her mind moved. Two strands of silence force respectively penetrated into the two women’s bodies and then recovered.
"The Lotus Fairy has already scattered all over this other woman. It seems that she has lost her heart. This is beyond the scope I can try." Burning silence and shaking her head repeatedly is helpless for two people’s feelings.
Lu Li also sighed, "The last woman named Wan Qiu once said that her injury was a heart injury and that it could not be cured by secular forces-"
"What?" Burning silence when I heard that suddenly one leng exclaimed exports.
Lu Li was puzzled and immediately asked, "Why do you still know something?"
In this regard, I nodded slightly and my face was serious. "When the master created me, it seemed that I had done everything, and there was a vast expanse of land-beyond the shackles of the secular world!"
Lu Li smell speech is also a shock!
"If you can meet your monarch or someone who is practicing at the same level!" Lu Li quickly asked questions.
Burning silence pondered over this: "If you can reach the ancient level of great power, it is not difficult to roam the stars. At that time, it may not be difficult to see your master and find ways to wake him up."
Speaking of which, the face softened a little, and then waved away the two coffins. Although the heart was hard to avoid, it was forced to resist without showing sadness.
He knows whether he can’t give up on lotus or Wanqiu.
The former is his lover, and the latter is his destiny. Even if he travels through thousands of worlds, he will never forget them.
When you say this, the so-called secularism becomes a key word. Follow the trail and you may find Wanqiu’s healing method.
I have also made some plans for bringing the lotus back to life, which is extremely difficult and can not be completed in a short time.
"Let’s go home" waved and removed the enchantment. The four people got up again and set foot on the road to Yaowang Valley. Yaowang Valley is not far away from here. A few people have to leave the land and say nothing, except that he Mo Ya repaired the strongest incense cloud and ranked last.
However, Xiangyun’s growth is still far from the mainland, and she has also thought of some ways to help Xiang Yun Sheng fix it. This is another story.
Chapter ninety Captured Li Jing
"Ha this who valley hospitality is really flattered" spat Mo Ya sarcastic tone tunnel.
Just now Mo Ya tried to test, but the periphery of Yaowanggu was heavily banned. Instead of entering, he almost suffered a dark loss.
Lu Li is also trying to find out the flashing eyes. "This ban is somewhat unique and seems to be out of the hands of the Godsworn from Taikoo Men."
"What?" More than a few people are shocked.
For Taikoo Gate, it feels that Xiangyun has no feelings, but Mo Ya is a little angry and limited.
Eyes slightly narrowed and explained, "Taikoo Men’s Immortal Cultivation Method is based on the changes of Yin and Yang of heaven and earth, and most of them are banned here. It is difficult for people to imagine this because of the reason why Li Mu made his first move. I will know it after I wait to capture the little medicine basket brother."
Mo Ya looked at it and said, "I waited for the enemy before the enemy. This medicine king valley is better than storming in."
Nodding from the land, Mo Ya is also drinking a real yuan surging airflow, and the strength is condensed. With the movement of palm potential, the rapidly surging airflow around him suddenly converges into a knife, and the mouth of Mang Mo Ya is slightly raised. Once again, the knife mans suddenly bombards the Yaowanggu with a potential to break mountains and waves.
It’s embarrassing to laugh at all kinds of bans, crashing and breaking. This valley of drug kings is also stupid now, but it’s famous, generous and violent, and even Mo Lao doesn’t know his temper. Can he not suffer?
Several bans completely destroy the destruction wave, which will dissipate instantly. It is obvious that someone wants to escape.
Xiangyun chuckled and came out of the phoenix bracelet. The flash of flame was a latosolic red flame that enveloped the man in a flame.