It is not without cost to launch the talent ability to enter the overrun state. The price is that it needs enough energy to maintain this overrun state and make his physical strength double.

"Even Gong Xiao and Mrding have been evaluated. It seems that almost all people in the ancient city are weak or waiting. The only hope is that Ge An and Ding Shi are brothers and sisters. I don’t know if their evaluation is waiting or waiting."
Su Li is also curious about what his evaluation is, but it’s a pity that he "peeps at the symbol pattern" to see his evaluation.
"Let’s go and have a look. We can’t see anything inside." Ding Longyun stretched out his head and looked into the square cave, but he felt that the cave was deep and he couldn’t see anything else.
Because Xu Xuehui said that this side has treasures, everyone believed in her words, and several people were cautious.
Gu Mingfeng volunteered to take the lead. He has "rock skin" and is not afraid of sudden danger. Moreover, if Fang really has treasures, he is more likely to get them first.
He jumped straight down this deep pit, and there was a faint magma flowing on his body surface.
He didn’t dare to carry out the ability of "magma heart" and "rock skin" in the cave where the situation was not deep.
Jiang Shuijue followed Gu Mingfeng, fearing that he was in danger.
After Su Li, Xu Xuehui, Gong Xiao and Ding Longyun successively went.
Water’ beast jumped faster than Guming Peak and instantly fell into Fang’s deep cave.
The deep pit is not big, but the square cave is not small. When people go to the cave, they find that the cave is about ten meters deep, and the length, width and at least more than fifteen meters are very broad.
This wide cave is the leech’s lair. People see a lot of soft soil, leaves and a lot of liquid around it. It seems that leeches usually lie quietly on this pile of pine leaves.
Everyone can get a chill when they enter this cave.
"The temperature here is so low, it’s like an ice cave." Ding Longyun’s face was so strange that he felt that there must be something special here, and he looked around and found it.
There is nothing in this chilly cave except thick leaves, monsters and treasures.
Gu Mingfeng couldn’t help looking at Xu Xuehui. "Where’s the treasure?"
Xu Xuehui ignored that he was holding Su Li’s sleeve and then pointed to the center of the leaves on the ground.
Water’ beast has stretched out a pair of front paws toward the center of the leaves.
Then it suddenly shivered and shrank its paws back, which seemed to be frozen.
Su Li also came over and immediately felt that the center was the coldest. Although he was wearing Lingyuan combat boots, he still couldn’t resist the cold. He felt that the cold was like a root tip needle sticking gently at his soles through the combat boots, which made him feel a slight pain.
"This side is weird" Su Li didn’t approach at will, but took out the red crescent dragon and cut it sideways along the ground.
Immediately spread the cave floor, and a large number of thick leaves were swept by his knife to reveal the square floor.
They all gathered around.
This leaf square ground is like a piece of Kethleen, which is faintly translucent. Through this Kethleen, it seems that you can vaguely see this ice jade square as a channel.
"This is it." Xu Xuehui pointed to the ground like Kethleen again.
"Do you want to fight here?" Su Li looked at Xu Xuehui.
Xu Xuehui, uh-huh.
Jiang Shuijue said, "This place is like an ice cave, especially this thing like Kethleen can freeze people’s hands. How did the leeches stay here?"
Su Li said, "Maybe it’s just because it’s special here that it was bred. I guess it can absorb the cold. Maybe it usually lies in this Kethleen to absorb the cold."
He thought of the information he had seen about the leech mother, saying that the leech mother was a mysterious creature born from a relic. Is it possible that this cave and Fang Bingyu or this Fang Bingyu is this relic?
If this is true, maybe this ice jade square is like a mirage.
Su Li came to the spirit and held the Red Crescent Dragon to cut slightly towards this Kethleen.
The Red Crescent Dragon cut iron like mud and cut into the Kethleen, leaving a shallow mark.
Ding Longyun immediately hands waving cut soul magic knife with a knife.
His rare weapon is no match for the monarch-class Red Crescent Dragon chopping this piece of Kethleen and leaving some white marks.
"You let" Su Li let everyone back and hold the red crescent dragon chop with both hands, and immediately entered the first form of "devil muscle" to increase strength and chop it with a jerk.
This time, the Red Crescent Dragon chopped in from this Kethleen.
It’s not easy.
Su Li didn’t say a word, then his back muscles swelled and he entered the second form of "devil muscles", and his strength gained again. He clenched his hands and cut the red crescent dragon, and drew up along the ice.
Although Kethleen was tough, he finally couldn’t resist the terrorist forces of Suli and this monarch weapon was sharp, and he soon cut out a square with a length and width of more than one meter.
Then Su Li took out the red crescent dragon kopis and took a beat at this square Kethleen.
"Pa" a piece of Kethleen fell to reveal a square hole.
On the ground, this Kethleen is actually twenty or thirty centimeters wide, and another square hole has been cut out by Su Li. As this Kethleen falls out, there is a little bit of cold rising in the hole, and there is a cold visible to the naked eye.