Wang Tianxian greeted her with a complicated face and called her an "adult".

Mo Liudao was prepared to leave directly, but it seemed as if he had thought of something. He stopped and looked at her with a gentle look. "Work hard and get to Level 2 early, and it will last for a long time."
After Mo Liudao drifted away.
Wang Tianxian was shocked and she understood the meaning of Mo Liu’s words.
If they can reach level 2 and successfully break the boundary, then they can really be together for a long time, which means that Mo Liudao will really admit that Wang Tianxian is his woman at that time.
Chapter 61 Psychic eye
Wang Tianxian is nothing before this.
"I will definitely … break the boundary … wait for me …" Wang Tianxian trembled slightly all over with excitement and some excitement, and her eyes were radiant with tenacity.
Watching Mo Liudao leave the hall and stay outside, Gong Xiao and Xu Xuehui and others just entered the hall.
Although they didn’t witness the process, they probably heard some people wring a cold sweat for Su Li, knowing that the other party is a big shot from the base.
Now see Su Li or a good hall all this just heaved a sigh of relief.
Su Li did not move thinking about Mo’s six words.
Before, he always felt that the broken land was far away from him, and he never thought about it. Just after six words, he suddenly woke up. He was already a 15-level holy knight. If there was no accident, he could be promoted to 16 in two days. If you are quick, you may be able to break through and be promoted to 2 in about half a month. Even if you are slow, you can definitely reach this level in one month.
Once you reach level 2, you will also encounter these level 2 super-strong, and you will encounter problems and break the boundary.
During those two days at the base, he met many super-strong people, all of whom were stuck. You can imagine how difficult it is to break the boundary on your own.
"Breaking the border? I really never thought about it … forget it. It’s also half a month later. What’s important now is this Ningfei …" Su Li learned from Mo Liudao that this Ningyu sister’s name is Ningfei.
Naturally, this woman won’t let it go, just like Mo Liudao said, there may be nothing on her face, but no one knows what plot she will play in secret.
In addition, the beauty from the holy land is getting closer and closer to Xu Xuehui’s half-month period when calculating.
What’s more, he thought of another terrible possibility. If the angel mask man can get Gui Mu’s blood at the base that day, then she may wake up before the meeting.
"So now I have provoked two powerful women at the same time, and they are probably all trying to kill me." Su Li secretly smiled bitterly.
Ningfei was full of resentment, but she was afraid to target Mo Liudao again. After she was hit hard by Mo Liudao, she started to send the crystal out of here while recovering her injury.
When she returned to the place where the huge crystal hung, her armor was broken and she looked embarrassed.
She came back with this sad look on purpose.
Her identity is somewhat special and deep enough to carry out the adult’s letter, and she can return here directly without carrying out the adult’s order.
"Ning Fei, what’s wrong with you?"
In front of the jade case, the executive adults did not write at their desks this time, but closed their eyes and sat there, seemingly tired and resting.
Ningfei suddenly appeared. He looked up and looked up. Ningfei was taken aback and immediately got up.
"My Lord, I was injured by Namo Liudao and almost couldn’t come back."
Ning Fei has a faint splash in her eyes and slowly climbs up. Although the equipment of Lingyuan is damaged and can be recovered, her clothes are shattered but she can’t recover. At this moment, it looks very unsightly, showing a large piece of white meat is as miserable as it is.
The executive adult frowned slightly, and when his left hand turned over, he suddenly took out a new suit like magic, and then he appeared beside Ningfei and wrapped it for her.