Yu Huifei nodded, "I have a new sleigh! The old elm tree is strong as a thief! "

Master Sun was suddenly happy. "Hey, it’s good to have a mountain dog. It’s more reliable than a machine. You shout it yourself. I’ll go with you to see your sleigh …"
Just then a motorcycle came and I saw five snowmobiles coming.
The first is captain song!
Captain Song said, "Little Fish Tan Yuan drives his car. His car is full of materials."
When Tan Yuan heard it, he glared at Yu Huifei and said, "No, let’s change cars. You take him and I’ll bother him!"
Khufu is a middle-aged man in Dahu. When he heard it, he immediately became happy "OK!"
Yu Huifei shook his head. "Don’t! I don’t trust you iron bumps. I have my own car. You can just follow me for a while. "
"Do you have a car?" Everyone is startled.
I didn’t say much, so I turned around and walked home, shouting "Lao Cui pulled our sleigh out!" "
When this sleigh came back this time, I told Cui Jue that I would make a Cui Jue for Master Sun, and it was no big deal to get it back. There was still a lot of material in the old elm tree, but I made it overnight without painting it. It looked a little rough, but Cui Jue gave an absolute explanation!
At the same time, I will yell at the crossroads, "Dahuang Thirteen Pacific is in harmony!"
When Tan Yuan saw this pie pie, he said, "It’s not reliable to be mysterious and secretive."
Khufu also said, "Can there still be Alaskan sled dogs in this village? It’s not a local dog, is it?
Can a local dog pull a sled?
Can endurance work?
Are you obedient?
That dog thing runs away when it’s difficult! "
As they were talking, a dog barked loudly, followed by a group of big dogs rushing out of Master Sun’s house, followed by several small suckling dogs rolling and crawling, and as a result, they stumbled into the ditch and couldn’t climb for a long time.
However, the fourteen big dogs are more fierce than each other. Their fur is like silks and satins, their teeth are sharp, their eyes are fierce, and they are not easy to provoke.
Khufu a look grinned. "I depend this is a local dog? Grandma, I feel I should apologize to them … "
A group of big dogs came running around the meeting.
I can’t help laughing. "Come on, stop fooling around … pull out the sledge for me. I’m going into the mountains today!" "
Rhubarb was about to leave when he saw a big black dog, Aoyi, thrown out of the ninth floor gate!
After rolling several times, the goods got up and stared at Yu Huifei with a pair of dog eyes. He wanted to say something with an angry face, but when he saw those people behind Yu Huifei, he immediately changed to "Wang …"
"This dog looks very fierce. Why is it called such a girl?" Khufu broken mouth can’t help but have a whisper.
What is a roaring dog? I heard it as soon as I heard it. I looked at khufu sideways.
Khufu one leng pointed to the roaring dog. "Captain, did you see this dead dog squint at me! This look is too irritating! "
Song captain laughed "you call names home don’t let people give you a slant? It’s good not to bite you! "
Captain Song’s eyes are very poisonous, and he can see at a glance that the roaring dog is extraordinary. After all, the average dog is scolded and he doesn’t know what people say.
But this dog seems to be very spiritual!
Rhubarb rushed into the ninth floor with the Thirteen Pacific Insurance. Soon, it dragged a sledge and rushed out across the stone arch bridge. A group of dogs rushed to the front of Yu Huifei. After turning around, the sledge was dumped by a big tail and went straight to Yu Huifei!
Chapter 133 The mountains
Tan Yuan consciously shouted, "Be careful!"
As a result, I didn’t escape, so I raised my hand and pressed it when the sled came to my eyes!
With a bang, the sled seemed to be nailed to the ground and did not move!
The snow is splashing!
The scene can be said to be very exciting
Seeing this, the other twin brothers couldn’t help exclaiming, "How strong am I, Cao?"
Captain Song laughed, "Good dog!"
I will not face a red …
Of course, he is not strong enough to slap a speeding sled, but it is different if the sled is rhubarb and they pull it.
I will not believe that rhubarb’s spirituality can’t do anything that threatens his life.
So he stretched out his hand to stop it, and as a result, he found that the sled looked fierce, but in fact it didn’t have much strength to slide with the trend, just poor strength
And when he came to him, those dogs in the opposite direction just offset most of the impact by pulling the rope.
I will not stretch out my hand and actually meet, but I don’t really have much strength.
He didn’t arrive early to sew his own clothes, but was seen through by Captain Song.
But the so-called he directly relied on the cheek to be the captain of the Song Dynasty and didn’t know anything, and then he took a sled.
Captain Song smiled and muttered, "What a thick skin!"
Then the captain of the Song Dynasty took one look at Tan’s kite in his team, narrowed his eyes and then shook his head. "It’s understandable to put a force in front of the beauty …"
Tan kite looked at those dogs’ eyes are also bright, but if I look at them again, I will not be so proud and grunted, "The local dog pulls the sled …"
After that, Tan Kite came to the meeting and said coldly, "You’d better not drag your feet."
Yu Huifei walked over and said, "Well, why can you run ahead of me if I don’t leave?"
Tan Yuan suddenly remembered for a moment that this cargo was leading the way.
I can’t talk about it even if it’s slow …
Master Sun came over and checked a sleigh, then tutted, "Boy, this is really … looking at the rough and meticulous. If I had such a sleigh, I would definitely crush those suns."
Master Sun was relieved to see this sleigh. He was really afraid that I would have to get a loose woman and fall apart as soon as I ran away.
After saying goodbye to Master Sun and others, I will shake the reins, "Dahuang Road wheezes the dog!"
Rhubarb shouted and rushed out with the acceleration of Thirteen Pacific Insurance!
The roaring dog scolded 1, "Fuck, I don’t want to go …"
But he also knows that those bastards threw him out and didn’t intend to let him go back. Now even if they go back, they can’t get in. It’s better to follow Yu Huifei.