"By the way, is Dingge Najin County south of Longqiu Mountain or equivalent to the southeast?"

Su Li thought of Ding Longyun once said that he wanted to go to Jin ‘an County, where his daughter Ding Han lived. If Jin ‘an County and the southeast of Dulongqiu Mountain in Qingshan City happen to be on the way, they can be found together.
Compared with Jin ‘an County in Qingshan City, it is much closer.
"Yes" Ding Longyun busy nodding.
Su Li got up and said, "Well, let’s go and look for it today. Even if we can’t find Qingshan City, it shouldn’t be difficult to find Jinan County."
After Ding Longyun found Gong Xiao and Xu Xuehui, they were still five people, one beast and four mounts yesterday.
Su Li took out more than 20 pieces of his spare equipment, including crocodile skin wristbands, black belts, purple belts, thousands of helmets, face helmets, ghost gloves, ghost boots and black armor, and asked them to choose what they didn’t have.
After selection, Gong Xiao and Jiang Shuixuan’s armor reached eleven pieces, and Ding Longyun and Xu Xuehui were all approaching sets.
Of course, most of their body armor is ordinary, unlike Su Li, who already has two monarchies, nine rare ones and three ordinary ones.
When it comes to equipping the whole ancient city, Su Li is not alone.
After what happened last night, Jiang Shuijue’s attitude towards Su Li has changed significantly today, just as innocent girl seems very attached and completely different from the past.
Gong Xiao is more sensitive and soon feels that something is wrong with Jiang Shuixuan. Look at her from time to time and then at Su Li’s eyes. There is a trace of doubt but some uncertainty.
Five people and one beast left the ancient city again.
Of course, apart from their team, there are actually many elite teams who leave the ancient city for one reason or another to find their own opportunities every day.
Especially for some leaders, everyone has a dream of becoming a strong person. It is obviously not enough to surpass everyone and rely solely on monsters to attack the city every night. It is necessary to take the initiative to go out and look for the possibility of becoming stronger.
Of course, for the vast majority of people, it is enough to be alive every day. They don’t have the courage and courage to go out and look for opportunities on their own initiative, because that means the risk is even death.
When Suli five people left the ancient city, they looked at Tianjing Peak 100 meters away.
Last night, the monster besieged Tianjingfeng and was also attacked.
Compared with the casualties in the ancient city Tianjingfeng, there are thousands of casualties. If people don’t know, they can guess that there should be a lot of casualties.
Su Li saw many people busy on the mountainside. There were more and more wooden houses on the top of the mountain, and masonry walls and fortifications were built around them.
"These guys are not simple. They don’t want to merge into our ancient city and want to start a new stove. They just don’t know how long they can last. By the way, do you know the details of these people?" Ding Longyun looked far away and shook his head.
Su Li said, "These people are from Huaiyang County. The leader is a young man named Fu Long. Ge An once dealt with him. It is said that he is a very complicated person. He does not want to merge into the ancient city, and he does not want conflicts with Ge An to occupy the ancient city. The best choice is to choose another place for self-development."
Jiang Shuixuan said, "It’s a pity that if these people merge into the ancient city, I can’t believe that the environment is so bad. These people are still thinking about fighting for what the leader is. What’s the point?"
Ding Longyun said, "No matter what age, there are many such people."
The five people went to the floating island while talking, and soon the crocodile-toothed turtle and the sea python shark met them.
Water’ beast is still alone occupying crocodile tooth turtle No.1 Gong Xiao and Xu Xuehui riding crocodile tooth turtle No.2 Ding Longyun riding a sea python shark Su Li riding another sea python shark with Jiang Shuijue.
Four mounts with these five people and one beast left the moon-watching peak and went to the southeast.
Whether Su Li wanted to go to Qingshan City or Ding Longyun said that Jin ‘an County was located in the southeast of Longqiu Mountain, Su Li decided to go to Jin ‘an County first and then look for Qingshan City.
For today’s action, he is fully prepared. The world is full of all kinds of food and a lot of clothes, just in case.
Unlike Nanjiang City, there are no landmark buildings in this water area. It is difficult to determine the exact location here and find Jinan County, let alone Qingshan City, which is 100 kilometers away. Today, everyone is trying to find it.
I didn’t encounter any accident or danger all the way, but I saw a monster gathering in the nest far away. Xu Xuehui saw it first and woke up, so they went far away to avoid disturbing the monster in the nest.
Chapter 415 Floating corpse on the water surface
After half an hour, the people have left Longqiu Mountain for about forty or fifty kilometers. According to Ding Longyun, if their position is not wrong, it should be more than thirty or forty kilometers away from Jinan County.
"I hope there is nothing wrong with the direction this time," Ding Longyun muttered, thinking that it is possible to find his daughter Ding Han’s county town soon. He was a little excited and nervous.
He doesn’t know what it’s like in Qian ‘an County, let alone what happened to his daughter now.
Occasionally, you can see some star buildings along the way, and you can also see some relatively dense houses. Most of those densely packed houses are in a town. Because of the high terrain, the water in this area is not deep, and many houses in the town are exposed, but the foundation is no longer lucky.
It is difficult for the lucky stars to live, but they all live in groups to survive.
Lucky people in major villages and towns in this area have either already arrived at Longqiu Mountain or joined other lucky people organizations.
All the people passed by these surfaced buildings without stopping to look closely.
Suddenly has been lying crocodile tooth turtle back lazy water’ beast had a reaction suddenly raised his head toward the front issued a slight growl.
Su Li also saw something floating on the water in the distance ahead of them.
This is a huge creature, about 20 or 30 meters long, with its white belly turned over and looked like a whale-like creature corpse from a distance.
Although it looks like a floating biological corpse, it should pose no threat to everyone, but Su Li is still very cautious to let everyone go around.
Far around this giant floating corpse, a second similar floating corpse appeared in front soon.
When people continue to circle the second floating corpse, they find that there are a large number of whales floating in the waters ahead. The wave range is too wide, and it is almost impossible to complete the circle unless they choose to give up going to Jin’ an County and Qingshan City today.
"What are these monsters? How can there be so many bodies floating here?" Ding Longyun’s face is hard to hide.
Jiang Shuixuan said, "How did they die? If it is killed by someone, will there be a monster killing at the bottom of this water? "
Gong Xiaodao said, "There is no movement on the surface of the water, even if it is killed by someone, it should have happened before. Now there should be no fighting under the water."
Even if there is fierce fighting in the water, the water surface will see movement, but now the water surface is calm and the possibility of fighting is extremely small.
This time, Su Li didn’t let the people walk around the crocodile tooth turtle and the sea python shark with five people going straight towards a floating corpse.
Su Li hit the "peep symbol pattern" and soon captured the information of this floating corpse.
"Name Whale Beast Class II Whale Beast is an ordinary beast. Although it is very big, it lacks strong enough attack power. They have no teeth and claws and rely on their huge bodies and tails to attack the enemy. They also open toothless mouths to devour their prey. Their meat can be eaten for a long time, which can enhance their physical strength. Fat is an equal fuel."
Jiang Shuijue also made his own "value eye" observation, and soon learned the information and said, "This is called baleen whale. It is a gentle monster. Its meat can eat body fat and can be used as fuel to burn so many bodies here. It’s a pity to put them here. Do you want to find a way to transport them back to the ancient city?"
Ding Longyun said, "I’m afraid there will be another conflict if we rob someone else’s things."