The instantaneous cone screw warship will aim at the tip of the meteorite area and hit a square to fly out from the inside, but it didn’t fly far and stopped before it flew to the meteorite area

At the same time, this kind of cone-snail warship also appeared in the difference between meteorites. They also released a square, which together is a huge square, and the meteorite area is located in the square.
At this time, Lin can see that the squares that flew out immediately have stopped there.
The plan to prevent delivery has been successful, so they have to do something quickly before finding the location of these squares, because these squares have other hidden abilities, and they may need some events to find them.
At this time, Lin has to continue to March
Meanwhile, on the other side …
At this time, the star bus was launched, and the disc exploded, and the energy of the dream shock paralyzed everything around it, and there were no new squares to send.
Everything around is paralyzed and all attacks are aimed at the brain spirit again … the fourth mainland.
Several explosive bombs and light came out and they rushed to the target. It took a while, and then the brain seemed to have reacted.
The paralysis ended in an instant, and all the floating islands and squares around immediately intercepted the bombs that had been launched in the past. Many bombs were intercepted, but many bombs passed through the interception and directly hit the continent.
Destroy the glorious continent, the strange ruins filled it, and the smoke disintegrated. The fourth floor of a continent quickly turned into rubble.
However, Lin wants to make the pure light beam attack intercepted by the light beam method, but its power is limited. This kind of energy attack is easy to be targeted, and it is still necessary to mix a large number of explosives to blow up the surface defense or follow up the attack to destroy the target.
At this time, Lin started the star bus again, and all the fleets around the nervous system disappeared instantly. Their targets pointed to the fourth floor of the mainland that had just been bombed.
At the moment when she was sent to the target mainland, Lin suddenly found that there were several light groups around her …
So that’s it. Brain spirit has anticipated it.
Brains recognize that the fleet will be sent to that continent again, and when it is sent to Lin, it immediately emits a light mass to that position, intending to destroy the fleet in an instant when the fleet arrives there.
But there is a Lin warship submerged by these light groups.
Because Lin sent a warship in the past, other warships did not send it there, while the star bus remained in its original position and did not move.
Brain spirit will use this kind of attack. Lin has anticipated this situation. All she has to do is send a warship to test it on other warships … They will arrive later.
Boom! ! !’
After the brainwave disintegrated, Lin’s only warship was sent to the past, and there was no target. The light directly hit the mainland, which had just been bombed. The mainland was destroyed again, and the light flooded the land. All the strong impacts even broke the whole land.
After the explosion light slowly calmed down, Lin’s fleet appeared with a flash to destroy the mainland
This is Lin Nao Ling’s technology, which delayed the delivery, so that the fleet would not be attacked in an instant.
Bang!’ Then the star bus was sent to the fleet, which means that it is more difficult for the brain to attack Lin’s troops unless they don’t calculate the similar damage … but they obviously don’t want to do this. Lin found that all the floating islands and squares around them were moving rapidly, and they changed their positions while emitting light here, as if to … change their positions into positions that can better attack Lin’s side.
However, they are still changing, and sometimes they continue to approach the core.
Lynn doesn’t need to approach one layer at a time, so when there is not enough root, there is not enough … to send energy.
Star bus delivery needs a lot of energy, although it is not as expensive as star delivery here, it can’t be delivered many times.
And the brain spirit reinforcements may arrive there again soon and have to destroy the core before they arrive there again.
Now this position Lin has been able to send it directly to the second mainland, where it can almost directly … attack the core.
Lin made a little statistics on the current loss acceptance range. There are 13 virtual civilian warships left, and 15 of them have suffered a lot of damage to their peripheral warships. However, as far as the current loss is concerned, it seems that their morale will not be affected. The large ships of the Inca swarm forces were originally 3, and now there are 27 demons, and now there are … 499.
Demons lose little. It seems that their troops are more suitable for this kind of environmental war.
And Lin’s original 1,000 is now left … Most of them have lost because of moving around, but they can be supplemented.
The Star Bus suffered little damage. According to the current loss of speed, Lin believes that reaching the core may … About half of the fleet will be destroyed …
Chapter four hundred and fourteen Further
"Abnormal …"
"They are abnormal. They feel fear and tension. What seems to have happened? Where is it? Or … is that what it does? "
"This is the first time … they are so flustered."
This is a dark dream. A tentacle is located on the edge of the luminous road, watching the road go back and forth. The light mass talks to itself in its own mind.
These light masses are brain spirits.
Ordinary creatures can’t see anything special about them, but this tentacle-creator can see their state.
These brain spirits … are very nervous, so they are almost crazy, so they are flying around at a very high speed.
"They are trying to mobilize troops." The creator looked at the high-speed flying spirits and knew where they were going and what they were going to do.
"The whole virtual force wants to mobilize. There are huge situations to make them so’ moving’. I feel what happened … fluff has not appeared for a long time. Where are you? What are you doing?"