This man here represents the sky and Galway.

Chapter 24 A word moves Kun.
Jia twenty-five years spring
Hearing the clock from the sound may imply blame. These people naturally can’t do it anymore. The first mouth they take off is naturally Tang Yun, the year of knowledge.
"The report joked that the people plead for the benefit of one party but the official position. The report said that it was really a bad official."
At this time, Xu Yue, the supervisor of the salt warehouse, also said, "Your Majesty’s words are all about doing things in heaven, and it’s really not a success."
Zhong Li squinted and ordered drinks.
Here comes the dish. The first course is salted goose.
"Wang is not a native of Yangzhou, but he also knows that the old goose is famous in Yangzhou. Please taste it."
Zhong Li picked up a piece of chopsticks and tasted it. When people saw this dish, it was finally a little white. Naturally, salted geese could not live without salt.
It is the first time that he has come to Jiangnan for such a long time.
"Yangzhou Old Goose King hasn’t tasted it before. It’s said that Master Xu is an adult from Yangzhou. Can it be authentic to taste this goose?"
Xu Yue then took a bite and chewed it carefully.
"Report back to your majesty" Xu Yue nodded. "This goose is full and rotten in shape but not loose in color. The butter is bright and tender, fat but not greasy, fresh and salty, suitable for taste, and it is a good dish."
Zhong Liyi smiled: "Maybe you are used to the salty taste in Jiangnan. Wang likes sour and spicy food in southern Xinjiang since childhood, but he can’t eat with this taste."
At this time, people’s faces naturally changed.
It’s hard for everyone to adjust. No matter how powerful a chef is, he can’t take care of the taste of the people. Such a small salted goose!
"Jiangnan salt can’t be a goose, can it?" Zhong Li sipped a cup of tea and gargled. "There are many wells in the southwest where salt needs labor. It’s not easy to dig wells, draw brine, transport brine and fry salt. The division of labor is very fine. It’s difficult to fix the salt in Sichuan. The Haiyan owner in the south of the Yangtze River knows that the court seems to be not optimistic about salt tax."
Everyone bowed their heads and stopped doing it.
I didn’t send Yuwen Suji for a long time, but I laughed at it. "I eat very well, but this goose is cooked a little badly. I eat old meat. The harder it is, the more delicious it is."
All "…"
Zhong Liyi squinted at him at this moment. "So it’s still to Yu Wengong’s taste?"
Yu Wensu Ji smiled, "It’s still better to eat less."
At this time, of course, the people are white, and they are two people.
Of course, there are questions about Jiangnan every day, even if he appoints people to be officials and villains, it is God’s will. No one is qualified to despise him because he represents the day. Kuang Zhong is not an official and villains. He is an imperial clan, and the emperor personally bestows the title of King Yi.
It’s hard for these people to be jealous, but it’s true that he has the final say in matters in Jiangnan now, although it’s a bit overbearing or unreasonable to say so.
A dish "Zhong Li" is a statement to Jiangnan officials … Since salt is too "heavy", it is necessary to adjust the taste of Jiangnan.
And Yu Wensu Ji’s words just now also show the attitude of the Yuwen family-the attitude of the Yuwen family is the attitude of the whole court, even the attitude of the whole north.
Obviously, the south is a piece of fat meat, especially the salt tax. The White House is a northern clan, and other families are jealous of salt in Jiangnan.
Staring at this piece of meat for many hours has naturally been pushed to the forefront. He is still a newcomer, but it doesn’t mean that he will be timid.
The clock stood up with a cold look.
"The king invited you to this meal, and you must have understood that Wang was ordered to check the Jiangnan salt class. Wang Chu came to Yangzhou without your deep experience, but since Wang took the case, he will do his best."
Zhong Liyi came from the main seat and continued, "Wang Yan is done here. It’s up to you to eat this old goose."
Zhong Li left, and Yu Wensu Ji followed him out, but those Yangzhou officials were afraid to leave. Naturally, the goose had to be finished.
When Jia Di knew this, King Jingnan was with him.
"My son really lived up to my expectations that things in Jiangnan would have a result soon."
Jiadi was very happy to specially ask the palace chef to cook some southern Xinjiang dishes and leave King Jingnan to eat in the palace.
King Jingnan was a little worried about Zhong Li-Mi’s rash advance, but he never showed it. He was still joking with Jia Di.
When Bai Qi of northern Xinjiang received Tang Jiaxin, it was after a wave of sneak attack on Hunu that the White House generals were discussing the bill at this moment.
"Zhong Li … but the other day, he was crowned king, so he didn’t take our general seriously. If he won the fief in the future, wouldn’t it be a day!"
"Our general country killed his enemy, but he took advantage of our general in Yangzhou!"
"Isn’t it because of King Jingnan’s contribution in southern Xinjiang that he dared to disrespect our general so much?"
"After all, is Zhong Liyan regarded as a descendant of their imperial clan who bullied me from the north?"
"At the end of the general, I will ask you to play the sin of the sacred clock!"
Bai Qi looked serious and motioned for people to be quiet, so the tent gradually calmed down.
"These things are handsome, but I don’t worry about whether the clock is still a child. If he is angry, he is handsome and stingy. The Tang family has been in Jiangnan for some years, so they can naturally handle these things."
People say that they admire the general’s measurement in their hearts and are angry with Zhong Liyi.
So Zhong Li … was offended by the general party in northern Xinjiang …
Yangzhou city gate
"Who lives?"
"Back to the official car is my home … two girls … please bend the rules!" One looked at the stout man and bowed to the officer guarding the gate.
"No matter who you are, girls are always ordered to catch imperial court criminals here!"
So the man reached out and rudely tried to lift the curtain of the carriage.
"Ah … what happened to Bo Zhou?"
The tapering and gentle woman in the carriage seems to be awakened by the sound outside, and the sound is a little lazy.
"Sister, we are going to town!"
The man who heard that the voice was female finally let it go and let it go.
In the carriage …
"Wow, I can’t believe you have a way with women."

Chuling’s face suddenly changed.

This jade symbol is similar to Cai Shaochu’s hyphen.
They are all vowels, mainly for warning.
The special agreement between Chuling and Virtual Game is that if the Blue Star Coalition forces enter the Holy Spirit Star Horse, they will pinch this symbol and inform him.
At this moment, this jade symbol is broken.
And more than an hour ago, the Blue Star Coalition just broke through the Eldar cloth universe channel and disappeared after being slaughtered.
Now suddenly killed into the holy spirit star.
Can say one thing-meta-judgment is correct.
Blue Star Coalition forces have already made arrangements. It should be that the profit-making passage and Tianhe chessboard kill the Holy Spirit Star.
Unfortunately, the time difference arrangement has not been completed yet, just now.
Otherwise, the time difference will kill the Blue Star Coalition.
"Blue Star Coalition forces have killed the Holy Spirit Star and hurry back." Chu Ling immediately informed Yuan.
"I was right?
So soon? "
Yuan marveled at one but added, "What do you say if we go back to the Blue Star Coalition and pinch the season to kill the sun?"
The sun’s high-temperature fire curtain will not stop the Blue Star Coalition
If so, then we will be exhausted, "Yuan said.
Chuling was silent-it’s really possible
But the question is, should he sit back and watch the destruction of his home planet, the Holy Spirit?
He can’t sit back and watch.
Talking about the future is change, he must turn to rescue the holy spirit star at this moment.
Otherwise, even taking Blue Star can’t make up for his loss, and he will eventually become a yuan.
"But the holy spirit star is I will save!
Just like you, Atlantis, would you choose? "Asked ChuLing.
Yuan didn’t speak, but silence has given his answer.
"It’s your choice whether you go or not, but I have to go back!"
Say that finish at the beginning of the spirit is interrupted, instant started already prepared means.
First, I threw a million grams of source crystal, and then I stepped directly into a neighboring wood star. I have set up a good delivery channel.
He is too powerful to repair, and he needs massive source energy to support him to deliver, and the distance method is too long to cross the star.
At the other end of this measuring channel is the former occupation of Kratos.
Kuimie star has a cosmic channel node, and the first spirit can enter the cosmic channel at the shortest time.
At the other end of the sun, Yuan heard Chuling and finally decided to look a little nai.
This choice is a bit difficult
The strategic goal of Blue Star Allied Forces is to divide and conquer.
If he continues to kill Blue Star now, two months later, he may kill Blue Star and get Blue Star, which will destroy the ultimate hidden danger.
But it is also possible that the Blue Star Coalition forces will take advantage of the early spirit.
When the time comes, the terrorist growth rate of the Blue Star Coalition forces and the Myan people will be a little difficult to deal with the Blue Star Coalition forces alone.
It’s hard to beat Yi Xiang and get rid of the roots.
But if you return with Chuling, it is purely a contribution to Chuling.
Even if the blue star Coalition forces are destroyed, the final harvest will be equally divided with Chu Ling or a fight with Chu Ling.
But …
After thinking for thirty seconds, I finally made a decision.
An oversize quark-particle transition device was taken out, and a massive energy target-Uda, the solar planet closest to the solar high-temperature fire curtain, was also injected.
Uda has cosmic channel nodes.
In other departments, he took his deployment and continued to rush to Mars at high speed.

The man looked at her and held the body of’ Long Ze’ with a frown.

"You lied to me!" Na Lanqing’s exquisite facial features have lost their vitality and everything to the world. Destruction … Destruction … Destruction …
"Come on, come home with me and you will forget everything and remember that you are my wife!" A man’s voice is gentle but cold to the bone.
"Ha ha ha ha ha ha … wife?" Na Lanqing suddenly burst into madness and laughed. Her eyes were full of hatred, loss of nostalgia for the world, and her profound destruction.
Holding the body of’ Long Ze’, she slowly walked to the side of the rockery and at the same time pressed a huge fireworks on a certain day …
Colorful fireworks are looked at by people from all directions to illuminate the night color with devastating disaster.
"Ha ha ha ha ha ….. you shouldn’t move Long Ze … Long Ze is a shackle for me … it happened that you should be so stupid to destroy my shackles … congratulations, the world will be destroyed … ha ha ha ha ha ….." The wind made her laugh like a devil may cry.
Colorful fireworks signal sent out, she laughed bitterly.
"Three hundred thousand flame militarization death warrant undead the whole China will be a bloodbath …"
The man’s pupil shrinks. "You …"
The man heard a sharp sound boom before he said it … A loud noise was not thunder, but …
Gunpowder bombing rang in this capital, which is a signal to start work …
She wants to turn this city into a sea of blood to pay homage to Long Ze’s death …
"Ha ha ha ha ….. it seems that your barracks had an accident …" Na Lanqing will lean on the body of’ Long Ze’ to bend down and draw a fuse from the rockery to burn the sound …
"Slow down by the Sanchuan River and I’ll come to you!" Na Lanqing bowed their heads and kissed’ Long Ze’ on the forehead, listening to the burning sound of the lead, and she hooked her lips happily.
Boom … Boom … Boom, boom, boom …
"Don’t!" In the distance, Long Ze wanted to rush in, but in front of him, a flame made him approach …
Want to rush into the fire, but to the ability …
Through the firelight, you can see that she kissed the sleeping’ Long Ze’ face, and her eyes were gentle and her face was lightly pressed against his face. At this moment, she smiled from the heart.
Can burn all the flames swept through the two figures …
Long Ze’s heart is sour, but when he comes to pick up his mood, his eyes turn …
The capital was destroyed by flames, and the lives of millions of people in the imperial city were turned into iron fighters, and the blood of the dead merged into a sea of blood to form a hell.
An ancient country with a history of thousands of years, the capital has no place for chickens and dogs, and there are bloody corpses and limbs everywhere …
The only living thing is the army that has lost its faith and wandered like the undead.
Monsters are not people …
A magic weapon turned into a magic blade and vowed to pay tribute to the death of their master with the blood of all the people in the world.
They are Nalanqing crazy soldiers. Losing their master means losing their meaning. It’s enough to sacrifice magic soldiers or magic soldiers.
The army covered in blood in the scorching sun has long been unable to tell whether it is the enemy or itself.
They cut off the last person and looked at the soldiers who died everywhere. They smiled, "Go slow!"
The sword stood in front of the neck and fell to the ground …
Long Ze lips his reddish eyes.
Will you mourn these soldiers? Once again, the whole continent was shocked by the destruction of China. Take troops into China to see and finally determine the destruction of China … However, it is also from this time that plague infections appeared in the armies of various countries and spread rapidly throughout the world …
Gunpowder was inherited by Nalanqing, and people all over the world paid for it …
The world is in chaos.
People know that all this is just a series of reactions caused by Nalan’s death. She is a demon who destroys love when she is tired and protects it when she likes it.
Long Ze’ is a shackle, indicating that she is still human.
Chains are destroyed and she hates everything. She will destroy everything, including the world!
People know what the post-destruction world is … It’s a kind of imaginary picture, but Long Ze saw it with his own eyes.
Maybe this is just a dream, a picture imagined by his subconscious mind, but this scene is accepted by other methods.
Dead bones are everywhere, carrion-eating beasts are rampant, and everything is full of despair …
The earth was dark, and a figure appeared faintly. At the end of the day, the red figure came step by step towards Long Ze. "This is the future for you and him. You should wake up!"
In the sight of a twisted Long Ze lost his mind …
Suddenly sat up, Long Ze sat by the bed and listened to the thunder. He consciously reached out and stroked his face.
Kuai flashed out from the dark … Long Ze looked at her eyes calmly, and a distorted and violent look appeared in her eyes. She covered her eyes with one hand. "Ha ha ha … so it is … ha ha ha …"
A faint smile seems to be heady in the middle of the night. Just listening to it makes you feel numb and cold.
"So … I came back …"
While listening to Long Ze calling himself "I", he looked slightly heavy and stared at Long Ze seriously.

"It’s a little short, but it’s the overall situation. Let’s talk a few more words, and we can wipe it clean." Sue’s scenic spot head raises eyebrows, shrugs, and spreads her hands. "I haven’t played enough. It’s almost over. Have you seen the flowers … Hum!" Words don’t say that finish become stuffy hum Su Jing look slightly a sullen.

Demon Fog is worried about the safety of the 21st chain. Seeing Su Jing’s face changing color, Demon Fog’s heart jumps violently. "What’s the matter?"
Qi Donglai also feels that his companions hate demons all the time and can’t make people hate a strange smile. "Is it too much to say?"
Su Jing did not answer wait for a while. After a short while, he held out his hand and reached out to Qi Donglai’s wrist. He pulled the big man’s body into the black stone cave with a slight shock.
Blackstone’s cave is protected from Uber, and the Great Sage can’t come. If Su Jing encounters strange things, it is more appropriate to find someone to ask about the natural Qidong …
The huge copper ring in the cave crosses the reef, and there is no trace of ink, luster and sharp gold. At first glance, it feels very sharp, but after a long time, it will sting like a needle from the eye. The pain is not severe, but more cold.
Qi Donglai squinted. "Pull me in and show me off?"
Su Jing shook his head and pointed to the corner of the reef "this thing"
A dark boulder in the corner of the reef
The reef in the sea is black, too. It’s a small boulder. Qi Donglai ignored it when he saw it. With Su Jing pointing out Qi Donglai, he realized that it was black, but the boulder was purer and clearer than the reef.
Difference between celadon and sapphire
The process of copper ring washing and ink refining Su Jingyang’s fire ink djinn Xuanli fought a fierce battle, and even the "golden feather flower" bud was played out, which shows that the battle was fierce. Finally, Su Jingsheng’s ink color was refined layer by layer
Su Jing’s victory has been decided, and he is preparing to wash the last few residual inks thoroughly. Unexpectedly, they suddenly flowed and swam out of the huge copper ring and turned into such a black boulder.
Explaining this, Qi Donglai wondered, "What do you care about it?"
Su Jing shook his head. "Don’t say that if it turns into a stone, even if it becomes another Su Jing, I won’t take it seriously, so I will burn it down and refine it … but it won’t be refined."
After turning into stone, the "ink color" is no longer made by the sun fire! Also check the sun fire, the golden wind, the sword feather, the bone and the sun, and even the three corpses. Many means of rotation in Yin Tian can’t hurt the stone!
Qi Donglai wondered, "Will it be so strong?" At the same time, he raised his hand and hit an avatar, and then he became white, not strong, but not affected
It’s true that one’s senses are detected and one’s eyesight is closely examined. The black boulder seems to be a vivid illusion, magical magic, magic weapon and sharp sword. It can easily pass through without hurting it. Qi Donglai frowned. "Illusion?"
"Look, poet!" Nianhua took the topic and ran quickly to bend down to pick up the stone and threw it in his hand several times. Finally, he didn’t reach out to pick up the boulder and knocked on the reef.
Avatar can’t be destroyed, power can fall, and boulders can be picked up.
Qi Donglai shook his head directly and said frankly to Su Jing, "I don’t know what’s going on."
As soon as the words were finished, suddenly, the stones rattled and vibrated in the same place. After the blink of an eye, the boulder turned into rotten mud, so it was soft and dark, and the islands and reefs piled up. Before everyone wondered about it in a blink of an eye, the black mud suddenly "swelled" again.
Much like a sugar blower, a piece of candy quickly swells, becomes bigger, becomes full, becomes shaped, becomes lifelike and becomes a person.
Qi Donglai snorted, "Su Qiang hit his mouth!"
Djinn ink, black pebbles and black mud changed in the end … Su Jing.
Mud bulging and taxiing finally turned into Su Jing’s difference from facial features, eyebrows and eyes to body shape and clothes.
"Mud Su Jing" is a black robe, black boots and black belt, and even the skin color is black;
On the other hand, Su Jing’s eyes have always been clear and transparent, and always cast a positive meaning; Black Su Jing’s eyes are gloomy, gloomy and desolate … It is this eye that distinguishes Su Jing from people Su Jing; Black Sujing is a fairy Buddha Sujing!
Want to also don’t want to Su Jing directly to goldwind Yang fire and a piece of sword light, he started three bodies, poets have joined the onslaught, but it’s a pity that hit, through still and just boulder.
Have you played Su Jing? I want to throw the black Su Jing out of the body and keep this thing. Su Jing faintly feels uneasy, and there is another Great Sage outside who is not afraid to clean up this black monster that is not affected by spells.
But after the thoughts in my heart turned, Black Su Jing stood still!
From Fufu Blackstone, he is not only a master treasure, but also a master of Su Jing’s body. This is really his territory. Everything is up to him. Whoever wants to leave has to go. At this time, Su Jing’s face really changed
"Black Su Jing" suddenly smiled "I can’t throw it out."
Ordinary three words and three corpses snorted. When I saw a person who was exactly like Su Jing, I felt weird in my heart, but at least there was a color difference between them. However, the faint "little man’s pride" in Hei Su Jing’s speech from the tone to the sound, which is very popular, is different from the real Su Jing.
The three corpses share the same life, so when they first meet such a strange situation, they really feel creepy. There are countless goose bumps on their backs. However, Su Jing’s own listening to himself is not the same as that of outsiders. There is not much reaction when he hears black Su Jingyan.
Looking at the "Black Su Jing" not far away, Su Jing relaxed for a moment. "Don’t talk in a hurry?"
He spoke as if he had never done it before, and "Black Su Jing" seemed to really understand his way of speaking. Instead of feeling weird, he smiled easily and nodded his head. "If you have any questions, I will answer them."

At this time, Wen Nian still admires himself for being able to talk to Song Nan like this as if there were no such thing as his cousin beforehand.

I really have changed myself. Secular hypocrisy
"I don’t worry about a leader paying the bill when I pick up a school. You can eat something and pad it. Our team can’t lose face for me. Take out your massive amount of old people and pour them into the dead. Don’t leave your hand." Song Nan smoked a cigarette and spoke with some vague sounds, lazy and decadent. Bad men don’t know how many girls have been seduced.
"I’m not welcome if I become a public." I hung up and went back to the bag to give people a weak archery team.
"Brother Sun, my brother Nan said that I am not allowed to keep it. Today, I will drink it with you in exchange for a big cup."
"Ha ha ha ha smelly Song Nan to drink, but I’ll let you take the lead. I’m not afraid of anyone yet. Come and have a drink with Wendy, a beautiful woman." A strong man in his mid-twenties pulled Wennian to his side with flashing eyes.
Next to the archery team, a few people talked to me about the flying saucer team, and all of them shouted and took the winery to discuss the bet. It was a mess.
From time to time, other teams come to visit us, and every once in a while, everyone in each team will change places, take turns toasting, talk and connect with each other.
The old UFO team and Song Nan, the first brother of the archery team, are old people in the stadium. Now Wennian greeted me with Song Nan and didn’t go to other bags. Anyway, there is no hurry. It is very fun for more than a dozen teams to come out for dinner together like this
Eating, drinking, talking and chatting are all young people without the usual training team rules and regulations, and they don’t pay for their bags. Naturally, they can make as much noise as they can.
I’ve been in the stadium for eleven years, and the absolute old man is sitting still. Naturally, others come to worship him, and when I catch Wen Nian, I will also follow him.
Usually, no one dares to drink so freely, but the indicators of this competition are multiple, one by one, as hard as tightening the clockwork and overloading the old machine, which has been running for half a year and finally completed. Hello, I am good, everyone is finally able to relax and release the pressure for half a year.
The archery team came for a dinner party, and everyone wanted to have a dinner party when they saw each other. The celebration party was also excellent as one of their own, so a greeting and a participation in the competition accidentally fooled the whole stadium. From planning to action, it was almost a matter of warming up when they received the message.
Wennian also played in the small bar in this new area and drank "Brother Sun, I am Wennian".
"Ha, ha, ha, I know you are Wen Nian to eat some food." I walked over and hugged Wen Nian’s neck and sent a chopstick. "Drink too much, wait a minute, and people will come and parry."
W w w collect and organize, return or leave the club.
Chapter 17 Meet again soon
After Wennian left at noon, Long Xiao sent his little sister back to school. All the way, the little girls complained that he had ruined his own big event and insisted that he try to make up for his image in Wennian’s heart.
"What makes you think she is angry with you?" Long Xiao has a headache. Ask a sister who cares more than herself.
"Hum, you told my guests to wait at the front desk, but you were wrong. You have to apologize to Sister Wen Nian and I have to interview her brother."
"Xiaobai" Long Xiao can accept herself to apologize, but she is not allowed to interview men. Absolutely not.
"I don’t care, I don’t care. Anyway, you have to apologize. You have to invite Sister Wen Nian to come home and play with me." Long Qingqing immediately called his mother to coquetry, and soon he was coaxed into handing the words to his eldest brother.
"Mom" Long Xiao really has a headache. After listening patiently, he can’t help but say, "Mom, big brother and second brother are not married. Don’t rush me. I’ll go to the company immediately. I’ll go back to dinner with Xiaobai for the first time."
Long Xiao black face hung up the words Long Qingqing is a little afraid to look at the eldest brother black face mind a turn mouth pursed loudly kissed a mouthful of Long Xiao mouth pulled himself giggling.
Long Xiao also shook her head with a wry smile and sent her to the classroom before returning to the company.
After working overtime in the afternoon, I finally finished the whole day’s work in the early morning, lit a cigarette and looked at the bustling night scene outside in front of the French window.
Mom has a saying that a person will always be lonely. Although there is Xiao Bai, she is also a sister, and she will always go to another person. A man will be accompanied by a woman in his arms.
Find a woman? It seems ok.
At one o’clock in the morning, Long Xiao sat in front of his brain and searched the web for "Wen Nian". In fact, when he decided to go online, Long Xiao didn’t think about what to look up, so he searched out the name to remember.
It took more than 30 seconds to find the video of this national competition and a little reporting point.
The picture shows a close-up girl’s face, sharp eyes and decisive expression, which makes Long Xiao look into her eyes.
"There is an arrow tut tut in the last ten seconds. At this moment, the card is too tight. The third place is Wen Nian … is it possible for five seconds? Only ten ring can catch up and overtake! Yes? I can’t believe it. It’s good to close up her arrow in slow motion. The flight trajectory is very positive … Well, everyone should pay attention to the timer in less than five seconds. It takes less than four seconds to play back the arrow again … The characteristic of warm reading is that it is very fast and has great potential. A newcomer is 22 years old and very young … "
With the close-up of the winning moment, there are some live explanations. Two explanations, echo each other, said that he was very passionate and had a very excited tone. "ten ring ten ring is in the middle of domineering!"
The edited winning shot is very short. In the last few seconds, Wen Niangang shot an arrow, and the whole bow popped out of his hand and was pulled back for half a turn. The timer ended and the surrounding audience applauded. That figure looks really good.
The other two teammates saw the number of rings from the telescope next to them and excitedly ran over to high-five Wen Nian and put a bow to see the number of rings. Wen Nian just laughed.
That smile was faint and not exciting at all. Long Xiao didn’t know why he saw something else from the picture.
See you again soon.
W w w collect and organize, return or leave the club.
Chapter 1 Drunk makes you stupid
"Brother Sun, I’m Wen Nian." Wen Nian put an arm on my shoulder and smiled.
"Ha, ha, ha, I know you are Wen Nian to eat some food." I walked over and hugged Wen Nian’s neck and sent a chopstick. "Drink too much, wait a minute, and people will come and parry."
"Brother Sun, someone bullied me. Will you help me?" Wennian chewed the food vaguely and said
"Mom, who dares to bully you? Sun Ge beat you to death. He said it was Song Nan’s little bully. Sun Ge gave you a hand to beat his ya ass. Ha ha ha ha ~" A circle of people laughed and replied.
Wen Nian poured a full glass of wine and looked expressionless. "Brother Nan doesn’t have a little cousin. I want to get him. I’ll take responsibility for it then. Anyway, I’ll practice soon and I’ll go and drink it if I want to." Wen Nian said these words, and then he looked down at the glass and sat down after drinking it.
Next to people zha zha shout a loud gurgling is all drank the wine "I don’t want to nan elder brother know" WenNian scanned a circle watching them don’t talk nodded back momentum on the chair.
"Song Nan that small tunnel and brothers? When the time comes, a word will come to eat a la carte." Eric greeted calm down and all the people cheered up again.
Everyone is not very white about this kind of thing, and the little players will not foolishly run to Song Nan and say that you are covering for a woman and have an appointment to teach you to cover for your cousin. That’s insane. You don’t want to be stupid in the sports team to do things.
Wen Nian drank it for a while, and then refused to drink it after six o’clock. "Wait a minute, President Zhang will come. If I get drunk and climb out of the table to make a toast, wouldn’t it be a shame? I’m going to save this belly for Zhang Jiao. Don’t pour me any more. Save it for Nan Ge and pour him hard. "
Wennian was a little drunk, his eyes were shining, and he waved his arm and waved his hand to signal that he would not drink first.
If you are a little familiar, you know that Wen Nian drinks a lot, but you don’t say anything at ordinary times, but you definitely let her say that when you play, that is, you want to slow down and keep it till night, so you don’t insist on bombing others.
Wen Nian found Xiaowen, who had just arrived and didn’t sit for a long time, and lived with him behind him. She confessed, "Don’t drink tonight and watch me send me back to the team and don’t live outside. Remember!"
"Sister Nian, I know that others let me drink it, so I said I would send you back to take care of you, and you should be careful not to drink too much." Xiaowendao helped her to go to health.
When they came out, they sneaked around the billiards room temperature on the second floor. It really took a while to stay in the room, and they had to explain it several times.
When you come out with Nan Ge in the sports team, you must drink, just because you are born with a little capacity for liquor. When you drink, you will never get drunk again. On the other hand, Nan Ge protects you. On the other hand, you should always remember to take care of yourself and never drink fragments. If you have a little consciousness, you will return to the team.
But I feel a little drunk today.
There are two tables of shooting teams in the billiard room, and more than half of the field of the UFO team is above the archery team’s head. They are often hit by moving targets, and they are familiar with each other. Usually, they eat at the same table and sit at a row of tables. When they see each other and say hello, someone will play together.
"Farewell, I haven’t been in billiards." Wen Nian leaned against the table and shook his head, took a ball and threw it on the desktop. After playing with his fingers, he giggled with his fingers.
W w w collect and organize, return or leave the club.
Chapter 19 All here
Wennian leaned against the table, shook his head and threw a ball on the table. When he finished playing with his fingers, he covered his fingers and giggled.
She was sitting in a position facing the door on the second floor, which was half-hidden, and there was obviously someone inside.
Long Xiao hit the ball smoothly, bent down and spread his arm. The original hand was as sure as a gun, and the shaking force missed the ball.
Long Xiao looked straight at the outside and made himself miss without saying a word.
"Oh, my God, when third brother misses, what a good goal! Stick to seize the opportunity. Maybe we can serve third brother Shu’s business tonight." A skinny young man said with a smirk.

But this thing is so weird that he has no more information and can’t figure out why.

"How can I help?" Wen Tao’s heart is not very white. Does Jin Mang know that Du Jie people who help the shushan sword school are themselves?
Jin Mang clap window shoulder way "the heaven and earth …"
Ah ….. Window slightly one leng this just Bai Mang didn’t know that his unique strength turned out to be Fang Tiandi.
"Can Fang Tiandi help Du Jie, and is it still a lightning strike?" Don’t in addition to their own have this special lead heaven and earth can also?
Jin Mang explained, "Fang Tiandi doesn’t have that ability, but Fang Tiandi has a god beast phoenix in the fire, and it’s from the celestial world. No one dares to stop and can’t replace it. Otherwise, the situation will definitely be more serious, and there will be a stronger thunderstorm, but the fire robbery is different, including the lightning thunder, and there are few skyfires and mutations. Let the phoenix move to suck the fire away that day, and you can spend the apocalypse safely."
No one can hold the sky hostage? It’s no wonder that even Jin Mang, who is suspected by himself to be a bearer from the celestial world, has never doubted that he directly sucked away the Armageddon.
It is estimated that they must have made special methods to assist Du Jie. Of course, they have always deliberately created this illusion.
"Of course it’s no problem, but …" Wentao said, "I’m afraid it will take some time to really accept their control of the refining party."
Wentao doesn’t want to talk too full, even if he can’t accept the Phoenix, he can still help Du Jie, but now he can’t just promise.
The pressure gives Wen Tao a kind of pressure and also comes from Jin Mang’s pressure.
Jin Mang looks like a thick line, but his control ability is very strong, not to mention that his mind definitely belongs to the geek level.
Be careful what you say in front of them and pay attention everywhere.
"After that, you will know that there are more than 100 years outside, but I don’t know how many years inside. Don’t worry, I have confidence in you." Jin Mang has more confidence than Wentao himself.
The more he says this, the more suspicious Wentao has in his heart. There are all kinds of beasts in heaven and earth. Even the Phoenix and Qinglong have others who are not clear about this, but it must be clear to Jin Mang that he can be so indifferent and weird.
Their conversation froze the students sitting there. I didn’t expect that there would be a sudden turn for the better in another village.
Especially listening to them go to Fangtiandi, which is the treasure of the Zhenlong clan. Through these dialogues, students can already guess.
"No wonder the dragon clan wants to kill you. You robbed their town treasure, but now this town doctor Baowen has a god beast phoenix here and there?"
"Ha ha ….." Jin Mang will drink some tea with a smile. "Your head is so weird. If you know that there are many things, you can’t hide anything from you. It’s both good and bad, but it doesn’t bother me for the time being …"
Jin Mang patted Wentao on the shoulder again and said, "It’s sometimes a headache to have a clever hand after you have a headache."
Wen Tao smiled faintly and was confident. "I like to let go and develop freely, so I won’t have a headache."
Said the two men had got up before leaving, and Wentao looked surprised and said, "I’ll leave the bar to you."
In a word, Wentao has just formed a secular world, absorbed a large number of scattered repairs and three major forces of small sects, and handed over the soaring bar to Sheng. Although it is said that the soaring bar is not enough to unite powerful forces, it has already had this foundation at least.
Even the Shushan Sword School and Mu Yin, representing the four schools, attach great importance to profit-seeking, which is a powerful force.
Small four is good at intelligence workers, and he is not very good at building forces and then fighting for absorption.
The existing raw Wentao can finally rest assured.
After he didn’t need to say much, Wentao sent a message to Xiaosi, asking him to wait for Shenglian to hand over everything in the Feisheng Bar to Shenglian.
And Wen Tao and Jin Mang kept meeting others.
Hero building finally met five people in total, and then Wentao and Jin Mang went to the Du Jie Inn again to repair their identities in Shushan.
There are also many people Jin Mang knows in Du Jie Inn, and all those who have fought with him are special.
No matter whether it’s in Shushan or overseas, it doesn’t need to say much. According to different personalities, some people have a sentence or two. It’s as simple as Jin Mang telling them to fly to the bar and let them go.
Some of them will talk for a while, but everything is going well.
And some of them have been staying in the Hero Building and Du Jie Inn for several years, and they have met a group of people, and these people are very good. There are some people around, and they will take some people away.
Those who know Jin Mang in Yu Feisheng Bar don’t need to tell them specially that they will communicate privately when they pass by.
Jin Mang, on the other hand, seems to be rushing to finish these things and immediately let Wentao take him back to Fang Tiandi.
In a few days, the Hero Building and Du Jie Inn suddenly found that a group of people were missing and they were all powerful. These people have always been weird and can’t be easily bought and controlled, but they are within the normal range, but I don’t know how they disappeared.
And then they came, and they went to the Feisheng Bar, and both the Hero Building and the Du Jie Inn became lively.
There has been no accurate information about who is behind the scenes of Feisheng Bar. This sudden hand has attracted the attention of both sides.
The Feisheng Bar then exhibited a series of changes, and the general manager of the bar officially came out to bear the responsibility of being born from the Hero Building.
Later, a group of people came out. These people are well-known people who have never joined the forces at ordinary times. This time, they all have titles and got a security manager. When these secular names are obviously all lost, they have formed a force for the people in the fix-true world.
With the appeal of students and hips, including those who rushed to Danwang later, the bar soared, attracting more people to join, many of whom went directly from Hero Building to Du Jie Inn.
After all, for most individual practitioners and small sects, they don’t like to have the Shushan Sword Sect behind them or have more sects’ Hero Building and Du Jie Inn. Although some people say that there is power control behind the Feisheng Bar, they are still independent and individual practitioners’ own groups. This alone makes many people feel good.
This has no influence on the strength of the four factions represented by Shu Shan Sword Sect and Mu Yin, but it has a great influence on their formation to attract scattered repairs and small sects, Hero Building and Du Jie Inn, which is equal to half of them.

ChuJing should take a deep breath and whispered, "I want to, I don’t want anything …"

Before she finished, Gu Qiyun raised her hand to cover her lips and smiled. "Don’t say such things if you want. Feelings are too much trouble. I am a businessman and prefer yards to prices."
Chujing looked at him and couldn’t say a word.
Gu Qiyun got up and went to change clothes and pants while saying, "I’ll tell Q.luv later what I want when I talk to him."
Chujing should not speak for a long time.
Look transfixed at him Gu Qiyun cell phone suddenly rang.
He glanced at the direct connection tone and it was still very soft with a smile "Miss Zhou"
Two people close to ChuJing should hear a woman over there.
Calling is kindergarten teacher Zhou.
Simply asked Hao Naidao, "Mr. Gu, come to school early today. Wan Qing has something to solve at school."
"What’s wrong with her?" Gu Qiyun one leng seems a little nervous.
"She hurt a child."
Gu Qiyun is more nervous. "Is that girl okay?"
Teacher Zhou "…"
Did this man understand?
She hurt a kid. No, she was hurt by a kid!
Miss Zhou’s voice was stiff. "Wan Qing, it’s nothing. She injured the child’s forehead …"
"Are you sure she’s okay? You let her talk to me "Gu Qiyun way.
Teacher Zhou has lost his language.
After a while, Meng Wanqing came over there and said happily, "Uncle Gu!"
Gu Qiyun, whose voice is crisp and bright, was noisy and took the words far away, so I knew that she was all right and didn’t good the spirit way. "How did you mess with me again? Why do you want to hit children well? "
"He spit in my face, so I slapped him with a building block."
Chapter 135 Less angry
Gu Qiyun was stunned. "How did you get saliva on your face?"
"Just like depending on it, come and kiss me so ugly and kiss me. Of course I will hit him." Meng Wanqing seems to be a little angry every word.
Gu Qiyun also understood.
Section 337
I think, um, it’s really good.
Can you take advantage of hooliganism without being beaten?
My little girl is quite good
He gently coaxed directly, "Then you should stay in the kindergarten, and Uncle Gu will come and pick you up."
"Oh, you buy me a KFC and I want to eat chicken legs," Meng Wanqing demanded.
"Good" Gu Qiyun spoiled and smiled. "What else do you want to eat?"
"Another packet of French fries and some ketchup."
"Is there anything else?"
"Can I have a cone?" Meng Wanqing smile happily asked 1.
Gu Qiyun frowned. "The cone is too cold."
"Then you keep asking me!"
Gu Qiyun "…"
Well, it’s all his fault. Who told him to keep asking?
"That’s not" Meng Wanqing wanted to think again and said simply and neatly, and handed the words directly to Miss Zhou to play again.
Miss Zhou is almost ready to cry.
Gu Qiyun said, "I’ll take care of this matter when I get here."
"Don’t worry," parents and teachers who are so used to children are all tolerant.
Gu Qiyun hung up.
I’m also dressed in a suit and shiny shoes, which looks very romantic and beautiful.
Chujing should look at him and feel confused for a long time and dare not ask.
She met Meng Wanqing once at a charity dinner, and Gu Qiyun knew exactly how gentle and patient she was.
How did Yan become her parents?
Even if something happened to Meng’s family, it’s not his turn to control Meng Wanqing’s relatives and friends.
Think about it when Gu Qiyun is leaving. She suddenly said, "Shall I go with you?"
Gu Qiyun gave her a surprised look at one leng.
"Anyway, it’s nothing now. Do you have to pick up Wan Qing for a while and get a car? Who will take care of her? I’ll take care of her when I go with her. I feel that she is very cute when I meet her once. "
She speaks softly and smiles, and it really means something.
Gu Qiyun was tortured too hard by Meng Wanqing during this period, and he couldn’t sleep well at night for several times. It was also out of order to pick up that girl alone.
He has to take the car, little girl. Sitting in the back alone, restless, always trying to get to the front.
It’s good to have someone to play with.
Gu Qiyun thought about it a little and agreed to say with smile, "Don’t delay when you are a little nervous."
"Well" ChuJing appropriate nodded and wore clothes.
Two people go to pick up Meng Wanqing together.
At the end of the school, Gu Qiyun parked his car in the roadside parking space.

When it comes to gas-keeping kung fu, he’s almost there.

Cai Shaochu, Shang Long and Wei Bin all have no mouths, and they are all waiting for the order to retreat.
"Wait a minute. Since it’s a surprise, you have to surprise and delight them!" Xu tui sneer at
Xu retired from all this confidence because he was too familiar with the characteristics of trans-satellite transmission channels.
Every little change appeared, and he knew what was going on in the trans-star delivery channel.
Refined by hand, constructed by hand, delivered by hand and destroyed by hand.
Too ripe.
"Prepare according to the fixed plan!" Xu retreat suddenly sounded.
In an instant, when the feedback from the thousand-eyed gods came to the picture, the Eldar set up a cross-satellite delivery channel to light up strongly, and the retreat sounded steeply.
The asteroid Huonan Musheng, named by Huonan Musheng and others, and its 14 satellite stars with different injuries are staring at this trans-star channel.
One by one, the spirit is scattered in all directions, and the surrounding area of the cross-star delivery channel is afraid that a little accident will interfere with this delivery.
This time it’s their hope that it’s their future!
Very critical!
The horse will succeed.
Reinforcements will be here soon.
Is this moment fire south suddenly look big change "small …"
Fire south also has to warn in the future, and a cold and horrible sword light is coming towards him.
He has seen this sword light.
Wei neng is extremely sharp and horrible!
A sword can kill a nine-guard star and hit the mental body hard.
Fire south reaction very fast to see the sword light flash bombardment sword light and retreat.
This is a life-saving response.
But there is something wrong with his retreat.
Because Huonan is the closest person to the trans-satellite transport channel.
His very short retreat was a moment when people protected the trans-satellite delivery channel.
Almost at the same moment, the geomagnetic force field is frantically twisted and pressed to the cross-satellite delivery channel.
Cai Shaochu urged the earth to guard!
The second time was Mu Sheng, the third place was another nine-satellite star, but at the same moment, they were attacked by Shui Yao’s guardian Mu Yao!
To Xu’s surprise, the five-obsidian guardian came out at the moment and actually inspired the blazing sun, that is, the Japanese obsidian guardian.
A blazing sun shot out of the sun in an instant and hit one of these nine-satellite stars.
The situation is chaotic in an instant.
But the most thrilling thing is that this cross-star-sending channel is guarded by the earth obsidian, and it is shattered and collapsed.
Quantity fluctuation Guanghua and the previously invested massive source crystallized into source energy instantly lost their bondage and exploded in shock waves and spread in all directions.
This wave of explosions makes people retreat and wait far away. There is no loss in the small universe.
However, this wave of nine satellite stars in Huonan bears the brunt!
Although it is not too severe, there is a nine-satellite star who is not badly injured. This blasting shock wave impacts the flesh and directly breaks it.
One more dead!
At the same moment, Xu retreated to control the water, and the Obsidian guardian was not idle, taking advantage of the chaos and cutting out a wave each.
In an instant, two more nine guards were killed on the spot.
The Eldar Nine Guards star ranks again. Four seriously injured people have one more.
The blazing sun killed a man
There are twelve Eldar Nine Guards.
"scattered!" Fire south panic hissed and looked at the black dead star full of fear!
Can the Sun Nine Obsidian Guard still blast here?
Can you keep chasing their asses?
Huonan is really scared!
There is a feeling of being shrouded in death!
At this time, Huonanling’s news plate rang wildly, but Huonanling took it when he fled for his life.
On the other side, asteroid 1142 is going crazy!
The support water nine guards have stepped into the trans-satellite delivery channel, and the reinforcements can be successfully passed.
It’s only three seconds!
This wave of ups and downs will come in three seconds.

Suo n, he also worked, so he just went to pick up Struve.

Huahai Road is a long way from here. Mu Yunze called Gao Ge, but the signal there has been blocked.
I tried to connect MuYunZe twice, frowning and throwing my mobile phone aside.
Half an hour later, the car arrived at the door of a convenience store on Huahai Road, listening to a pink Ferrari sports car.
It was completely dark, and the Ferrari lights were still on, so I couldn’t see the figure inside.
MuYunZe parked the car behind the Ferrari pushed the door and opened the umbrella.
The weather has been not very good since early this morning, and it rained after three o’clock in the afternoon. First, it was dripping with rain, and then it became heavy rain. Now the rain has not abated.
MuYunZe went to the pink Ferrari and knocked on the glass door, so he hit Struve with a face of excitement. "Uncle Mu and aunt also said that I knew you would come if you didn’t come."
MuYunZe this just saw Xu Anyan sitting in the driver’s seat.
Seeing his Xu Anyan smile, Wen said, "I’m sorry to bother you to come in this weather."
"Car," MuYunZe didn’t greet her. "I’ll send you back first and ask someone to take the car away later."
Struve doesn’t know where to pull out an umbrella and hold it up. "I’ll go first and admire uncle, and you’ll come with aunt quickly."
Said he jumped out of the car and ran to MuYunZe car.
MuYunZe move a frown cu before saying "let’s go"
Xu Anyan nodded from the car to hold the umbrella handle in MuYunZe’s hand.
MuYunZe moved a let go and gave her the umbrella, pulled out the key and said, "Let’s go."
Without waiting for Xu Anyan to stride, Xu Anyan trotted to try to raise his hand and put the umbrella on his head. That’s it. The car Muyunze’s clothes are already wet.
He casually took off his coat and threw it aside to start the car "back to Xu’s house?"
Xu Anyan shook his head. "No, Linlin and I are going to a friend’s concert. When we came to Fengxi Opera House, we didn’t go to check that a car was delayed on the road."
She had a low "is it convenient? If it’s inconvenient, wait a moment and I’ll see if second sister can invite friends to help. "
"I’ll take you there."
After saying this, Mu Yunze took the mobile phone to locate it and went to the Opera House.
Singing and holding a mobile phone to find a signal in the humble room.
"Come on, it’s been up for half an hour. Wait until the rain stops."
The sugar cube peeled off an orange and whispered, "This godforsaken place can find a signal on the hillside. If you wait for the director’s line, you will soon be idle for a while."
Singing, letting go, swinging your sore arm and sighing, sitting on the bed, "Mu Yunze doesn’t know I’m on location today."
"If he can’t see anyone, he will naturally find you. The director has already met someone, and he will certainly get the news."
Sing a song and pull a corner of your mouth "I hope so."
She is uneasy. In the past two days, she and Mu Yunze seem to have eased. In fact, the curse buried in her heart has not disappeared so quickly.
Mu Yunze is not as enthusiastic about her as before. It is her own head that is hot, but the good thing is that he has not said anything sarcastically.
She doesn’t know what attitude MuYunZe is now, and she is very worried that if she really can’t go back tonight, MuYunZe will not look for her.
Oh, bother!
Suddenly, a heavy object landed outside the house and sang loudly. He jumped up and said, "What’s wrong outside?"
Sugar cubes look blank.
Just after singing loudly and hitting the latch, I heard someone shouting outside, "Go inside, everyone, go inside!"
The head-on wind blew loudly, and the sugar cube quickly came over to help her re-lock the door.
Gao Ge stepped aside and rubbed his eyes. "What’s going on? This is"
Sugar cube looked out through the crack of the door. "The opposite cowshed was closed and overturned. Our equipment is all in it. Millions of things have fallen into the water."
Today, the location of the location shooting is Fengxiang Mountain. The weather is not bad early, but it will not work at noon.
When the rain comes, don’t finish it. It doesn’t give everyone a chance to leave. It’s not good for such a heavy rain, and millions of equipment of their crew are caught in the rain here. It’s a good idea to find a farmer nearby to take shelter from the rain
This house, which is located halfway up the mountain, has built a circle along the ground, and opposite it is a cowshed and sheep shed.
"So serious?"
Singing and frowning, "Don’t bury us later, will you?"
"Bah, you crow mouth!"
Sugar cubes wait for her to "stay away"
Singing loudly and flat mouth, continue to hold the mobile phone to find the signal.
But it didn’t take long for the outside to come again, shouting and singing, and looking dignified. "Is something wrong?"
Sugar cube didn’t say anything. It was obvious that she also felt that there was something wrong.
They were just about to find out when someone came to knock at the door.
"The door let me in! Let me in!"
Sugar cubes are crowded in with six or seven people, and it is narrow. At the moment, there are not even a few people who turn around.
A few talents came over and said, "This room is too old. Fortunately, it is made of wood, or it just really killed people."
"Is someone hurt?"
Asked in a low voice
"A stuntman broke his leg and is now staying in the room next to us. It’s too windy. Come on, let’s get light."
A stuntman? Is it …
Song eyebrows a twist low way "Kong Zheng his injury? Is there anything wrong? "
When the man saw that he was singing loudly, his tone softened. "I don’t know his name either, but he looks young, as if he were your body double."
Chapter 346 I said I happened to pass by. Do you believe it?
Chapter 346
Singing with a calm expression, "Is he badly hurt?"
"It’s hard to say," the man paused and said, "The beam happened to fall on his leg, so people couldn’t get up at that time. Several of us joined forces to carry people to the house next door first, and we had to wait for the day to go to the hospital to know that I think it was mostly a fracture. This is natural, so I don’t know if the rain can stop at dawn."
"Didn’t you say that you would send a car to pick people up soon?"
"Who will come in such bad weather? If you want to come early, you must wait until the rain stops at the earliest. "
Gao Ge didn’t speak again. Usually, when it doesn’t rain, it’s difficult for mountain cars to walk. Today, it’s windy and rainy, and no one will take such a big risk.
Singing through the glass, twisting the eyebrows and looking out the window for a long time, I picked up my mobile phone again to find a signal.

Two men and two women, both blue-eyed and white-skinned, emerged from the "God of Heaven". At first glance, they knew that they were not from the Central Plains, but foreign Nestorianism, Zoroastrianism, etc. at the peak of Chinese culture in the early Tang Dynasty. Although these four people were foreigners, they didn’t feel strange. The East China Sea was even more strange.

She snorted, "Who the hell are you?"
I am a man with a vagina. "I am a Mohuo Sect."
Another male way "Nurhuan"
Two women said, "God, Moro Maple Leaf"
Yan Zigan sneered, "What a strange name?"
Hanmuye solemnity said, "You have sinned against the Fire God, but now you are caught in front of the Fire God statue and there is still a chance of confessing. Don’t blame me for not saying anything beforehand."
Yan Zikun snorted, "Now get out of here and I’ll spare you. Don’t blame the girl for not saying it beforehand."
The four emissaries came around her in great anger, mumbling something like a fly, and Yan Zi’s gauze was upset when she heard the double sword go away with a stroke, but she heard a shock as if there was a wall blocking her double sword.
Yan Zi gauze was taken aback. The fear of these people is not as easy as she imagined.
Two ambassadors, two women ambassadors, roared into the sky, and their strength was so strong that they suffered a stroke, fire and thunder.
Yan Zigan spins double swords into swords. The whirlwind charming body seems to be motionless, but it is mysterious and mysterious.
The four emissaries are different from each other, but it is a war. This girl is very surprised that they have a noble position in the Moho Sect. Originally, there were few opponents. Now the four-person war has failed to take the lead. This is simply unprecedented.
Han Muye roared "Please fiend"
The four of them chanted incantations and four beams of light rushed into their bodies, and then their bodies became tall, and the mysterious gas was multiplied.
What is this? Yan Zi’s heart knows it’s not good. These four people’s techniques are weird and ingenious, and now they don’t know what’s wrong. One of them has become extremely severe.
If four people are like fiends, it is a method to resist the purple gauze, which can be extremely fast. They fly around, and the magic fire is exhausted, and thousands of flashes tear her down. She will be shattered, but she can always avoid them first with that strange speed than the sword.
What’s the matter with this girl? Fourth, the more frightened the Vietnam War was, the fourth day they were invited to the underworld. Every day, the underworld increased its strength several times, and one move could kill her, but it happened that it was always a little worse.
Yan Zi’s heart is not good, however. These four ambassadors trapped her in the center, and she can escape. What’s worse is that there is a slight mistake in her backhand. If the horse is fragrant and dead, she is now a "trapped beast", and no matter how hard she fights, she will still die.
But although there is no way out, she is not impatient, but she remains incredibly calm. After the reincarnation of Xiao Huaxian, the knight errant girl knows that she is impatient at this time, and the more she keeps her speed, the less she will delay herself.
An hour has passed, and two hours have passed.
Finally, even she can’t stand this feeling, which is not only physical strength but also mental strength. When the spirit collapses too tightly for several hours, the string in her brain seems to collapse at any time. She gritted her teeth and tried to force herself to continue, but this idea of "forcing herself" was already a meal, because when a person thought about "forcing herself", the solid was shaken.
This delay saw her dying, but the four ambassadors here shouted and fell one after another
She also froze and wondered what tricks they had made.
The wind around her disappeared. She looked carefully and saw that the four ambassadors crashed into the bottom of the mountain or died or were disabled. She immediately woke up and guessed that it must be the way they summoned ghosts and gods. It took a long time to drag on. Although she couldn’t support them, she was not much better. Now I don’t know whether it was Xuan Qi exhaustion or ghosts and gods themselves. They have reached the extreme.
Four lights and shadows flew in the distance, but it was Wei Ziying, Yi Zi Ling, four women and four women who slaughtered silver toad and jade toad who saw her.
They fell. At this time, Yemo Maple Leaf and Noor Huan were already dead, and Hanmu Ye was also dying. Seeing their flesh and blood as if they had been eaten by ants, they were in good condition, and they were secretly frightened and wondered if they were fools. This method of summoning ghosts and gods is so self-destructive. They couldn’t kill her just now. Won’t they send them back quickly?
She doesn’t know that these people are not calling ordinary ghosts and gods, but the fourth demon of desire.
Now that Monty has been called, he will never go if he doesn’t touch the lotus flower. According to the original idea, the four of them work together. This girl is evenly matched. It was only a moment when Monty was called to solve her problem, but I didn’t expect Yan Zikun, although she was no match for them, to use Shenhua’s firm but gentle fast and "star reversal" magic to unexpectedly last until Monty stayed too long. Their mortal bodies were bound by the law, which made Monty fall down before killing Yan Zikun.
Han Muye miserably hissed, "You don’t want to be proud that you have sinned against the fire gods. Tang Xiaofeng will soon die, and so will you …" Spit out one mouthful blood and die on the spot.
Chapter 30 What international joke?
Yan Zi gauze frowned … Who is the statue? And what is that Vulcan?
Wei Ziying said, "Who are these people? Are they dragon spies like Zun Shengmen? But look at them. Although they look different from us, they are all human beings. "
Yan Zikun shook his head. "I don’t know what Zoroastrianism they said they came from, but I don’t remember what Zoroastrianism Xiaofeng and I have offended." Actually, the four ambassadors said it was "Mohuoism", but Yan Zikun couldn’t figure out the difference between Zoroastrianism and Mohuoism.
Yi Zi Ling said, "Zoroastrianism originated from Persia and only recently entered Middle Earth. Taoism and Buddhism are completely different, but they just entered Central Plains Nestorianism in recent decades to worship a god. If these people are obviously from foreign countries, how can they come all the way to make trouble?" Nestorianism is actually Christianity. During Wu Zetian’s reign in the early Tang Dynasty, the development momentum of Middle-earth was good, but later, Tang Wuzong destroyed Buddhism and Nestorianism. The foundation of Middle-earth Buddhism has been destroyed for hundreds of years, but the foundation of Nestorianism is not deep, so naturally it is impossible to get up. It is a matter of late Qing Dynasty to enter China again.
Yan Zikuang also thinks it’s very reasonable. If these people have come a long way to kill her on a major holiday, even this means of self-harm will come out? However, no matter how much she thinks, she can’t figure out what her own Xiaofeng and this Zoroastrianism have for a holiday. If she comes to see her, the trouble is that the tantric Sect in Tibet still makes sense. After all, she and Xiaofeng and Yanziqiong’s sword are dead.
But these people have nothing to do with Tantric Buddhism, and Tantric worship of the main Buddha is a great day, not a fire god
Yan Zikun bit her teeth. "I’m going to find Xiaofeng!" These four men have been so powerful that they heard that what statue is even more powerful than them, and it is likely that it is the level of silence protection company.
As the saying goes, a gun is easier to hide than an arrow is harder to guard against. Xiao Fenggen doesn’t know that someone has come all the way to trouble him. Don’t let anything happen.
The sisters looked at each other and said, "Let’s go, too."
When Yan Zikun took the two sisters, Yinchan and Yuchan, and continued to fly south, Wei Ziying and Yi Zi Ling rushed back to Huashan to tell Xu Lirong, Yun Zhi and others about the situation.
Tang Xiaofeng and others naturally don’t know what happened to Yan Ziyan.
As there were still some days before the Maoshan meeting, Li Hanguang wanted to drop by to pay homage to his dead father, so they took some detours. After Li Hanguang had scented and swept the tomb, they continued to fly to Maoshan.
Zizhi likes to talk and add road. Anyway, she teases Hongying. "I’ll let you guess a riddle-a rooster and a hen-guess three words!"