The four-winged judge seems to know that it’s not good. Four metal wings will return to protect themselves in cages.

Xuan ghost, this bloody mouth bites its four metal wings, and there are cracks in these four metal wings.
In this connection, Su Li stepped back and forth in Jianzu Road, Brahma Road, Huozu Road and Xuangui Road, and suddenly stabbed out his right hand sword.
Several swords converge into a dragon shape, and the dragon claw catches the six-armed judge with a touch.
"zither" to the six-armed judge was violently shaken by the impact of these long swords. One long sword was shattered by the blue light on the surface of the body, and more firm but gentle waves flooded it and did not give it a chance to fight back.
Su Li raised his left hand and pointed in the direction of Fang Yi. He controlled the rise and two pillars twisted and intertwined. A primitive ancestor dragon came. These two pillars were combined to form a flame-like ancestor dragon.
If there is a long song and a long whistle, you will get this fire ancestral bonus. This original ancestral dragon seems to have really come back to life and transformed the first dragon in Archaean times.
Many ancestors and true ancestors felt a sense of terror and oppression. Is this Archaeosaurus dragon waiting? At the moment, this dragon, shrouded in flames, seems to have awakened the real power of Archaean times. In the long whistle, a dragon flame was sprayed from his mouth.
This latosolic red, like a dragon flame, will devour the giant judge.
The giant judge’s body burst into a heavy blue rainbow to protect his strength against the devouring dragon flame.
At the moment, Su Li has raised his strength to the peak, combining the two ancient artifact forces, one enemy and three enemies, and instead of falling into the wind, he suppressed these three judges.
Chapter 194 The magic acyl solution
Harsh sounds sounded from a distance, and the C12 judge who was surrounded by a group of ancestors was finally defeated and exploded from his body.
As the C12 judge was defeated, the C19 judge was left to face the ancestors alone.
Around it, there are more than 40 ancestors, so many ancestors joined hands to strike, and the terrorist energy fluctuated violently. Every ancestor held a unique ancestral path and gathered together. This power, even if this C19 judge was comparable to the ancestor, could not resist it and was quickly blown up.
Now, in addition to a large number of mechanical bats and some star robots around, there are only C4 giant judges, C5 six-armed judges and C6 four-winged judges.
These three judges joined hands and were still suppressed by Su Li alone. In this turbulent flow, their fighting area formed a terrorist domain, which neither the ancestor nor its robots dared to approach. Once they were involved in this constantly twisted domain, they would be destroyed by fly ash.
Su Li’s strength has exceeded that of Zu Sheng, and he is approaching the level of Zu Wang. Before he knows it, he has gone to a higher level and reached the middle level of Gao Jing’s true ancestors.
Nineteen ancestors Wang Dao was transported more and more skillfully by him, and soon the ancestral road from jellyfish was also transported out by him.
This combination of fire and water, which have opposite properties, unexpectedly broke out in an unprecedented way. The Force promoted the emergence of a giant sword of fire and water.
Half of this sword shows the softness of Shuizu Daotian, and half represents the fortitude of Huozu Daodao. The sword stabbed the giant judge in the chest.
This giant judge is fighting against the Taikoo Zulong, and his strength is reaching the critical limit. Seeing this, he will be unable to resist the appearance of this giant sword of fire and water, and immediately defeated it, and the heavy blue rainbow around his body suddenly burst.
As this heavy blue rainbow burst, the giant sword of water, fire and water pierced the chest of this giant judge, and the water and fire exploded. With the earth-shattering noise, all the armor on the body surface of this giant judge broke and exploded, and "Luo Cha" sounded in his body.
Taikoo Zulong’s giant tail was followed by a bang, and the giant judge was shot into the turbulent flow and disappeared.
Su Libai, the C4 giant judge, has been destroyed.
Now there are only six-armed judges and four-winged judges in front of him, and of course, the top three judges who did not appear
As the fourth giant judge in this row was defeated, Su Li launched the Brahma Road to complete a sea of thunder, which completely submerged the six-armed judge.
However, this six-armed judge is also very powerful, comparable to a powerful ancient sage who keeps waving six fists, and every time he punches out, he can hit a virtual black hole around him, which is a thunderous confrontation.
Su Li saw that this Brahma Lei Dao manifested Lei Hai, although it could suppress the six-armed judge, but he wanted to devour and destroy it, but he couldn’t.
The huge mysterious ghost bit the four-wing judge and this Lei Hai can almost suppress the four-wing judge’s method and completely crush it.
Suppressing the six-armed judge in Sully Leihai will hold himself back and destroy the giant judge. At the same time, he will teleport to the side of the mysterious ghost. This mysterious ghost’s big mouth is constantly bursting with blue light. This light continues to break the mysterious ghost’s mouth with fangs, but the old fangs are broken and new fangs grow. He has been holding the four-winged judge tightly and let Fa escape.
When Su Li quietly moved aside, the four-winged judge seemed to feel bad. The four metal wings flapped desperately to get rid of this mysterious ghost’s bloody mouth and escape. Unfortunately, no matter how hard it struggled for a short time, it could escape.
Su Li stabbed the dragon emperor sword in his right hand. This dragon emperor sword contains a lot of power, including fire and water, two ancestral kings, and the original force. This ancient artifact, the dragon emperor sword source, the dragon emperor sword was almost blocked. This was bitten by the mysterious ghost, and the judge stabbed it in from the C6 number on the breastplate and then emerged from the back.
The sword passed through the chest and the forces collided with each other and exploded from the body.
This is a new method that Su Li has mastered, and several enemy bodies with different forces can collide with each other to detonate greater power.
At the moment, the two paths of fire and water, the original force and the dragon emperor force collide with each other. The four-winged judge’s chest explodes and explodes. The four-winged judge’s body is blown into two parts, giving off crackling and sparks. Another powerful judge has been successfully destroyed.
With the destruction of the C6 four-wing judge, there is only the C5 six-armed judge trapped in the thunder sea.
Groups of mechanical bats in all directions were destroyed and kept falling. These mechanical monsters finally realized their retreat.
The great ancestors and true ancestors gained an overwhelming advantage and launched a counterattack.