"Hum!" Princess Phillips took his time. "The game is over, but I really don’t know the result until the end!"

"oh? Princess Phillips, don’t you lose? " Lengying took a glance at Phillips corners of the mouth smile more exaggerated.
"Lose … of course! Your talent is outstanding, but it’s a pity that you won. You still can’t take people away! "
"What do you mean?" Did she bring someone to be strong? Did the Jade King just treat her like that?
Philippine infanta is laughing and watching "stop the public". You should not have forgotten that there was such a game before. At that time, you were a token of Yu Pei. You said that you could find you at any time if you wanted Yu Pei, right? "
I didn’t expect the child to be very clever when I heard this. "I promised that no matter who has this Yu Pei in his hand, it will belong to this person and never change his mind!"
Leng Ying suddenly had a bad feeling that Princess Phillips appeared in her hand, and she gave it to Yu Pei, who invited the moon, and her heart sank suddenly. She felt that she had been tricked into coming to Princess Phillips. "I have never seen Princess Phillips!"
"Wait a minute!" LengYing mouth stop phillips infanta frown dissatisfaction stare LengYing "why? You want to rob someone? Hum, I can tell you that I expected you to have this trick. Now the whole Happy Hall is surrounded by me. This time, I brought hundreds of chosen men from michel platini into the Imperial City. If you dare to touch me … "
In the words of the unruly princess Phillips, it is a threat to the second emperor, and naturally she knows the seriousness of the matter. She glared at the triumphant princess Phillips and gnashed her teeth and asked, "Why didn’t you take it out as soon as you knew you had won?"
"Ha ha ha … because I want to see your funny expression now …" Princess Phillips laughed impudently and Lengying was completely angry. She deeply remembered today’s humiliation in her heart. One day she will wash away today’s humiliation. She will ask this little girl to kneel in front of her and beg for a detour!
This night, Princess Phillips got a stop, and he was also glad that he didn’t fall into Lengying’s hand. He would find a suitable opportunity to escape, and he wouldn’t let a woman touch him, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to see him if he invited the moon.
On the second day, the jade king received a call from the queen to invite the moon to the palace and accompanied him to the palace. By the way, he wanted to send the night stop back to the palace. After all, this month, the palace was not his permanent residence for nine emperors. On this day, the moon was invited and the night stop was cold for a day.
Back to the long-lost palace, the Queen urgently ordered Jade Wang Wu to send troops to the northern town for chaos.
After the banquet broke up at night, the moon was invited back to the long-lost imperial palace. This night was doomed to be an unsettled night, and everything was doomed to be tragic. The moon was invited to stay in the palace tonight, and the jade king was able to get everything ready on the 5 th and go to the soldiers overnight.
The night is still desperately devouring greed and trying to get rid of Li. At this time, the palace outside the palace is also shrouded in darkness
Several shadows flashed outside a door, making each other a color. I broke into the bed and found that there was no one in the bed. I couldn’t help but look at each other suspiciously.
"Are you looking for me?" A calm voice can’t be calm and indifferent, and it can’t be indifferent again.
The men in black looked back at Zheng ‘an sitting beside the guzheng and stared at the strings. It seemed that they had expected that they would come here to find him.
"Who are you?" The light question shouldn’t be LengYing. If it was LengYing, she wouldn’t have waited so long to start work …
Lying in bed and resting, he opened his eyes faintly. He felt the murderous look, which was very strong. The murderous look enveloped the whole month. It seemed that there was an eye staring at each of them in this dark night. Today, his ethereal eyes got up and went to the room with vigilance, only to see that Xuan Lin also came with a sword.
Looking at a few men in black in the distance, there is a pair of red eyes staring at here. The eyes are killing marks, and the pale face is a fresh contrast.
With a gust of cold wind, I appeared in front of the men in black with a chuckle. Because the assistant ministers have different collars, they can take care of each other. Almost no one can take people away here.
Men in black don’t want to stay longer, but they want to finish taking it away directly, so they break holes in the roof and leave the porch neighbors to attack them first. Their intentions have always been ethereal, and no one has seen what tricks he has used, but tonight, before the martial arts first appeared,
Unlike Xuan Lin’s unpredictable sword, the weapon is a string, just like others, and his martial arts are also ethereal and careless. It is always clever to condense cold in his hands and cut each other’s throat when they are near others’ frostbite.
Killing bloody eyes in the dark has been impatient, and all the people have seen it with a powerful force, and they have taken three steps back, only to find that the masked man in the dark has grabbed his throat and has no resistance at all.
"What’s the matter? What’s the matter? " Mu Yan is always the one who is the slowest when he hears the movement. He was shocked when he ran over and looked at this scene "…"
Men in black hit MuYan with a powerful force of cutting, and MuYan made a strong impact in the past. MuYan took the opportunity to hide from two powerful forces, and a surprising case broke out. Men in black took one look at it unfathomable and took it away. At the same time, men in black in the room, including even the bodies, disappeared …
Disappeared so cleanly, it can be seen that this is a very organized and well-trained group. The word "dark guard" flashed through their minds, and only those with power and status can be qualified to train dark guards.
"It seems that things have become difficult!" Meaning to restore forget dust ethereal smile eyes are cold and terrible.
Xuan Lin thought about it and called a footman, "Send someone into the palace at once and ask the temple to come back!"
"It’s … slave … I’ll go …" The footman who has been hiding trembled and answered. There are also neighbors who can command the tone to invite the moon to come back immediately.
The night … is still long … People … are still waiting for the dawn …
Stay in bed and watch Princess Phillips sleeping beside him. Last night, Princess Phillips won him from Lengying. When he came back, he just pestered him and told her one story after another. In the end, he made up a chat story at random to put her to sleep.
I yawned and walked over to blow out the candles, but then I heard something moving and still. I was curious and went to the door and saw a few men in black walking with a white figure through the crack of the door. The white figure looked very powerful.
Check along the white dress to see the white face of Zhang Cang in the middle of the back. It’s him … Inviting assistant minister on the moon. How can he see the men in black around him here? It should be caught … What did the Jade King invite him to do? "
The man in black took it into a door and disappeared from sight. When he turned around, he gasped at a pair of eyes that were staring at him. "What are you doing?"
Princess Phillips took a candlestick to illuminate her face and took a long sigh of relief after seeing the face of Princess Phillips. "Princess, you scared me to death!"
"What are you doing here?" Philippine infanta curious to ask