"Don’t try it," said Sister Su. "This is a magic wind that can be blown to pieces even by Luo Jinxian. It’s an extreme magic wind with five elements. Besides, according to my observation these days, it seems that the magic wind in Baiyucheng has been wandering all the time in the ancient square, saying that the universe is beyond people’s imagination. Even if you can pass through it, you will be lost. No one can find you in the unknown corner."

Tang Xiaofeng said, "But the vernacular seems to have come in without relying on Xuantianbi."
"Well," said Tang Xiaoshan, "There must still be some rules in the wandering of Baiyu City. I have also studied that there are many things in this city that have not been able to get a white one yet."
Tang Xiaofeng turned around to see her sister wearing a pink dress, with a lush half-arm lining and exquisite clothes. It is auspicious to wear a palace knot, but it was when the Han Palace imitated immortals and combed flying fairy buns.
She raised her head from a leaf as if thinking deeply.
He sighed lightly, "I’m leaving soon."
Sister "well" a.
He laughed. "Why don’t you say something? I’m afraid it will take me a year and a half to come here. "
Sister looked at him thoughtfully for a moment and said, "Remember to find that sister Cuifang when you return to China. She is really good to you. Don’t let her down."
Tang Xiaofeng laughed. "You don’t say this."
Tang Xiaoshan added, "Let her come here after you find her. My sister needs her help with something."
Tang Xiaofeng said, "That’s it?"
Sister said, "If you have time, bring Wan Ru, Honghong, Liangzhen and other sisters."
Tang Xiaofeng said, "What else?"
Sister said, "You can also bring the scattered flower picture and the five-color pen to find the leftover flower gods and make up for them all."
Tang Xiaofeng said, "Oh … Is it gone?"
Sister didn’t good the spirit tunnel "what do you want me to say?"
Tang Xiaofeng laughed. "Why don’t you kiss goodbye when the horse is about to be divided?"
Sister spat with a red face, "What the hell are you thinking, dead brother?"
Tang Xiaofeng is staring at her to abrupt strong arms around her willy-nilly kissed.
Tang Xiaoshan struggled hard, but his younger brother couldn’t break free. It was his younger brother who not only kissed her strongly, but also hated to pry her white teeth with his tongue.
But she is also lucky to be "bullied" by her younger brother.
Tang Xiaofeng held her sister in silence for a long time before slowly releasing her, "Sister … you are not cured."
Not only is it not good, but it is even weaker.
He slowly tunnel "elder sister I still stay here …"
"Fool" Tang Xiaoshan knocked on his head. "What are you going to do if you stay here with Zi Yan and Li Rong, Zi Zhi and Yun Zhi? But there is no elder sister who needs you alone. "
Tang Xiaofeng said with a wry smile, "Sister, am I a scum?"
Tang Xiaoshan opened his eyes wide and was surprised. "You didn’t know until now?"
My sister laughed. "Even if you are scum, it is my brother’s. I won’t look down on you."
Sister teary-eyed, is that what you said about your brother?
"Little brother, do you know?" My sister smiled. "The Buddha said that looking back 500 times in the past life only made me pass by once in this life! I have always believed that there is no reason why you will be my brother in this life. This is the fate between you and me, as well as between you and Cuifang, Ziyan and Jinfeng. "
How dare you say it? You came here to ask someone else to be your brother.
"Don’t worry about sister" Tang Xiaoshan looked at him "sister will be fine"
Tang Xiaofeng looked at her suspiciously, but added, "In this case, draw yourself to the sky, and let Tihuahua and Xiuying draw you before me, but they can’t."
Sister sighed lightly, "Of course they can’t draw a picture of the scattered flowers of the goddess. It was originally to draw ninety-nine flower gods, and no one can draw it except them."
Is that right? Tang Xiaofeng some tybalt slain, what else would he like to say? My sister has laughed. "Let’s go. They are all waiting for you."
Tang Xiaofeng nai Hao took his sister to fly to Fang …
In the corner of Baiyu City, there is a Tianzhu Baoxuan Pavilion with ten blue columns.
These ten pillars are Xuantianzhu, which leads to the top ten caves in the world.
The Tianzhu Baoxuan Pavilion will always absorb the moonlight and the aura in the mysterious place. When the human world is full of moons, you can start one of these ten pillars to make a ladder to send people directly to one of the ten caves.
Tang Xiaofeng, Tang Jinxin, Ji Shenyu, Wei Ziying, and thirty-six girls of plough bid farewell to Tang Xiaoshan, Lian Jinfeng, Xue Hengxiang, Yao Zhixin, Sifang Shichun, Moon and others.
The moon came to go with them. She said she was going to find the vernacular, but Tang Xiaoshan kept her from running around.
Although the moon likes to run around, she also likes to follow Tang Xiaoshan, and now she sees Bian Baoyun and they are afraid that they will beat her ass back, so she stays.
Tang Xiaofeng hugged Jin Feng and Heng Xiang and reached out to Yao Zhixin, who was scared to hide.
Then he just smiled and stepped into the Xuantianzhu leading to Huashan.
Tang Jinxin, Ji Shenyu and others followed.
Xiao-shan Tang watched them disappear and sighed softly in his heart.
Looking back 500 times in the past life only to get a pass in this life.
When fate comes, everything comes naturally
When the edge is scattered, it can’t stop …