The man at the front of the bike suddenly became one leng and suddenly felt his heart beat involuntarily, so he quickly stopped the reins in his hand and stretched out his hand to hold her arm.

"What are you doing?" Chu smoke sand was suddenly pulled to the horse’s back, and a smell of Long Xianxiang suddenly jumped into the nasal cavity. Chu smoke sand felt instantly fall into a meat wall, and the man suddenly pulled the reins to speed up.
Chu Yansha has always been calm, but at this time she is in a panic. This is the first time she has had such close contact with a man.
"ah! Lord! Lord! Come and chase! " The maid-in-waiting, who had just recovered, was scared to collapse all over. The eunuch had turned the carriage around and hurried towards the two men.
The world is too chaotic and there are too many bad guys. Maybe they just want to arrest people on purpose.
Several eunuchs who came with Chu Yansha hurried towards them because she had martial arts and the distance from the palace to Linwangfu was not long, so there was nothing to guard against.
Chu Yansha grew up on horseback. She is not afraid of this. At this time, she suspects that these two men have never spoken. What she feels most is that his hot breathing seems to be a little fast.
"pa!" The two men finally stopped. Chu Yansha jumped from the horse and jumped neatly. Her eyes were cold and she looked at the two men in front of her. She could see that the Chinese man in black was the Lord.
Chu Yansha slapped the man unceremoniously. It was the first time to ride with a man in the past. This man was handsome, but his accomplishment was not so good. Otherwise, he rampaged all the way and dragged her here.
Chu Yansha looked up and just now seven Catharine was going to the palace.
"Girl, did you hit someone?" The first few steps of the man’s entourage seemed to be to argue with her, and the man waved his hand and hurried back.
When the man saw her clearly, he suddenly froze, lowered his eyes, and took a step back. Did he have any crooked thoughts?
"What if something happens when your street is rampaging and the people are jostling?" Chu smoke sand wanted to think, but it was not afraid that he would just say what he wanted to say.
"What happened just now was that we didn’t think about it because we had something urgent to do. It was abrupt to pull you back for fear of hurting the girl after the horse ran fast." The man in black robe looked at her and said.
She’s different from other women. She’s got a lot of guts
Chu Yansha hesitated-now that people have told the reason and admitted that they did something wrong, and no one was injured, it is not good for her to pester again.
"So that’s it." Chu Yansha’s words just fell not far away and there was a shout.
Two men followed, and several men and a woman came running this way. They should be looking for her.
Chu smoke sand nodded toward the man and then stepped toward them.
"Lord, let’s go first!" The attendant around the man in black couldn’t help but wake up. The man nodded, but his eyes were fixed on her.
"Well," the man took the lead and turned away, followed by the attendant.
But Chu Yansha didn’t find that the man was walking towards the palace of Chu at this time.
"Lord, are you all right?" Chu Yansha maid-in-waiting breath has a full face covered in sweat, and cold wind blows and chills.
Chu Yansha is a little sorry, whether slave or master, they are worried that she is true. After all, it was a mistake.
It’s a misunderstanding, and it’s like this.
"Nothing is a misunderstanding." Chu Yansha truthfully replied that the eunuchs and ladies-in-waiting breathed a sigh of relief after hearing this, and they were bad people. They ran away when they saw many people.
Chu smoke sand turned around and looked at this time has not seen the two people any figure is really mysterious!
"You’re all tired and have a rest before you go." Chu Yansha looked at several people sweating like a pig. I’m sorry. Now it’s cold. I hope they don’t get cold.
"Thank you!" The eunuchs and ladies-in-waiting saw that she was all right, and they breathed a sigh of relief. It was even warmer to hear her say so.
"Lord, let’s take the carriage first," said Chu Yansha, the close-fitting maid-in-waiting who pulled the carriage curtain.
Chu Yansha nodded and then got into the carriage. The men simply sat on the floor and took a short rest before heading for the palace.
While Su Shiyuan here in Wangfu advised Xianer, she still couldn’t reach the bottom in her heart. Now I hope her elder sister-in-law will be fine.
"Yuaner, what do you think?" The people in the front office have already removed the food to Su Shiyuan, walking around the table in circles, and the face is not very good.
Su Shiyuan stopped after hearing his words. "How do you know that I am thinking about things?"
"I’m an old married couple. Is there anything I don’t know?" Chu Lin said with a smile that Su Shiyuan gave him a white look.
"Do you still have the idea to laugh? I’m dying of worry." Su Shiyuan sat in the chair opposite Chu Lin with a frown on her tender lip.
"But this time, let’s learn from my sister’s temper. I know that her heart is very uncomfortable, but she won’t say it directly like Xianer. She is afraid that we are worried." Chu Lin’s eyes know that she is worried about this matter and he doesn’t care about it.
His sister loved Hong Zhan for so long. In the early years, Hong Zhan risked his life because of him, but this time everything was calm, but there was an extra fairy around Hong Zhan.
Xianer just questioned each of them so much, and he was really angry, but it wasn’t long before he thought that she had lost her father, and he just suppressed what he wanted to say.
He believes that Hong Zhan won’t tread two boats, so the result may be the best. He has delayed her for too long and can’t delay it any longer.
"Husband, you know? I just saw that Huang Jie was so heartbroken that it really hurt the top of her heart. Later, the words poked at my heart one by one like the tip of a knife. I don’t know what will become like this. "Su Shiyuan crossed her arms on the desktop and touched her face, and her dark and watery eyes rolled.
"There is no relationship, and there is no right or wrong. We can’t control it." Chu Lin’s heart is also not the taste. His sister should be stronger and never do anything stupid.
It’s that sentence when she left the battlefield that scared her. It’s really scary. Chu Lin is constantly relishing that his heart is getting more and more nervous.
"Yes, you are right. Even Xianer can’t make herself white, but you heard what she just said. She thinks I’m partial to my sister. I don’t want to end up because what Qi has in our hands is not important to me. You and I have never meant to kick down the ladder. This time, she is really impulsive, but I dare not say more for fear that she will think too much." Su Shiyuan took a long breath and poured a cup of hot tea and looked up and drank it like drinking.
"Even so, she still thinks too much." Su Shiyuan hesitated and added.
"She has white your mind, I believe I won’t blame you." Chu Lin ‘an comforted that this seemingly temper-less Xianer is so difficult to coax. It seems that it is really a woman’s heart in the sea.
Su Shiyuan doesn’t refute and then nods, which can dilute everything by time. If Hong Zhan and the two of them make up, it will be peaceful.
"There’s a distinguished guest in the main palace." Speaking of the devil, they went to Su Shiyuan and looked at each other face to face. Suddenly there was a burst of footsteps outside.
Hong Zhan towards two people a fuels will just get the news leave to two people.