Two dog called Huang Yan and Ma Erdan, and several people held a small meeting at two dog’s house.

At the meeting, the list of land acquisition in Fancun, two dog was signed, and the compensation for land acquisition of 60 million yuan and a budget of 100 million yuan were hit by the financial director respectively.
Before this, Taoyuan Township remembered that the weather was sunny, and she was worried that people were not the only one in the village, big and small. Pi two dog really had such strong financial resources to repair the road. Now, the compensation of 60 million yuan went directly to Fancun Village, and a budget of 100 million yuan hit Taoyuan Township, and Pi Boss withered her and made her bear the commander-in-chief of Fancun Highway.
Fan Daxie, the veteran king is even more excited than her. Seeing 60 million text messages, this big hug and Pi two dog shed excited tears.
At noon that day, nine planets TV News broadcasted a news rolling, and the news that Pi two dog donated to build Fancun Highway once again detonated the streets and alleys of nine planets City, and citizens gave a thumbs up to Pi two dog.
Fan Daiyu, the first deputy mayor of nine planets City, didn’t know that two dog was serious until he heard the secret report.
There is no road to Fancun, which has always been a heart disease for Fan to fish. The problem is that he can’t squander his finances. Every year before the road was built in his hometown, Fancun and Taoyuan Township reported to apply for funds for road construction in the city. The Highway Bureau had already approved it, but in the end, they all fished for Fan.
Now Pi two dog personally invested more than 100 million yuan to build a four-lane asphalt road in Fancun because he took a fancy to the fertile fields in Fancun.
No one can question the reason why he wants to rent a field in Fancun to grow vegetables, and of course he needs to build a road.
In this way, it becomes logical to build roads in Fancun. His political opponents have no place to write if they want to make an article.
Off the British sunny two skin two dog non-stop called the big nai village and village two beautiful village chief to discuss the horse club this great project.
"The number of villages in Danai and Ercun in two dog totals 21,000. If the yield of each acre of vegetables is very scary, how will you do it then?" A village head Huang Yan holding the staff for him to say
"Yes and yes, boss, a bunch of villagers have planted so many fate dishes, and the yield per mu is as high as one hundred million Jin! God, where are so many dishes sold that they won’t rot? " Liu cherry is also a big tongue-tied way
"Two beauties At present, my Cynomorium pill factory has realized 10,000 mu of automatic production to plant Cynomorium pills, 5,000 mu of four raw materials, and this famous health care factory needs it as raw material to grow 6,000 mu of vegetables! In terms of channels, you don’t worry that the 6,000 mu of anti-weather vegetables are picked in turn every day, not as soon as I finish picking them, I will go south to the southern coastal metropolis to open up a bigger market! " Two dog methodical way
"Well, that would be great!" Huang Yan excited way
"Wow, boss, in such a big market in the south, 6,000 mu of fate food totals 30 million Jin every half month, and millions of Jin can be collected every day! The existing channel plus the imperial capital market will take as much as two million Jin every day. If I want to find a channel of one million Jin in the southern coastal metropolis, it will be completed! "
It’s a reassurance to see Huang Yan and Liu Cherry swear by him.
"two dog every help you grow? Like the people who laughed at you before and those hooligans, did you help him plant them? " Huang Yan don’t understand
"People who laughed at me for stepping on me, splashing me with sewage and village tyrants, of course, I’m not a good guy if I don’t plant seeds!" Two dog said don’t forgive
"That’s right. If you don’t give this kind of person the seed to make him regret going to two dog, then make a blacklist!" Huang Yan looked at him with a face of worship.
"Former village chief Pi Cannon, local ruffian Liu Yiliang, Liang Chao Fujia, Millennium Bug Family, Shaba Qijin Dog Family, Yang Chaochun Family and Chunhua Family?" Two dog remembered while thinking about Huang Yan.
"And Lan Shanfa’s king egg is not a good thing!"
"Add the blacklist to Garland Shanfa and the Lanshi Chunbu!" Two dog didn’t good the spirit way.
"two dog, as far as I know, when you were down and out, the big fat wives in the village, such as Xianglan, Wang Matou, Ding Pi, Liang Meihua and Mei Mei, all laughed at how many bad things the dog said behind your back and asked me to tell them not to give them the seeds and make them regret it!" Said Huang Yan and added the names of these people to the blacklist one by one.
"The boss some time ago, rumors were flying about you, saying that you stole things and made a fortune, saying that you stole children and that you peeked at women taking a bath. As far as I know, there are no fewer than seven famous names who are gossips! Do you want to add these gossips to the blacklist? " Liu cherry trap to feel avenged way
"Come on, Sister Huang Yanjie, remember to keep all the seeds from the blacklist!"
"Then I reported that Huang Damao is the most vicious person and said that you are a thief everywhere. Shi Zhenxiang, Cai Jingjing and seaweed are gossips who speak ill of you everywhere!"
"Is there anything else?"
"I can think of just a few."
"The 1234 ….. a total of ten blacklisted cancel an acre of welfare! Tell these people to lose hundreds of thousands a month, which makes them regret it! " Huang Yan Jie qi Dao
"Good two beauty you go back and hold a villagers’ meeting to register the list as soon as possible! Is there anything else? "
"No, then let’s open a villagers’ meeting!"
Huang Yan excitedly left Liu Yingtao, but got up and went to two dog’s bedroom and fell red on the couch. "Boss, my back is a little itchy. Please scratch it for me."
"Ah, Sister Cherry, my back itches, too. Please help me catch it first!" Two dog also a fart pier lying on the couch.
"You guy, who told me I like you? Come on, I’ll scratch you!" Liu Cherry’s delicate finger means that two bears were arrested on the back. After a while, she took the initiative to kiss and kiss the two, and she did something no three no four …
At two o’clock in the afternoon, the sky cleared up and the cold north wind stopped, and a warm spring breeze blew from the south.
In the spring, two dogs took Tian Huilixiang to town and two drove to the Eye Building in Jiulong Mountain to find Wong Tai Sin.
Last night, Xiaohong, a female ghost who went to the underground palace to explore the road, came to the amazing news that the Dragon King of the East China Sea was missing!
At that time, two dog was afraid that the Dragon King of the East China Sea would retaliate against Wong Tai Sin. He specifically told Wong Tai Sin to hide in the basement. In addition, to be on the safe side, he also sent an additional 100 rats and soldiers to the Eye Tower, and also let the female ghost Xiaohong Eye Tower sit in to prevent the East China Sea Dragon King from suddenly attacking.
After driving to Tianyan Building, two dog called Xiaohong, a female ghost, to the front and said, "Is there anything wrong with Xiaohong?"
"Master, last night, I took a team of rats and soldiers to the underground palace to find someone to turn it upside down and saw a female corpse, the Dragon King of the East China Sea, missing! Someone must have let it go! "
"I know that the Dragon King of the East China Sea has escaped. I mean, is Wong Tai Sin all right?"
"Report that the master Wong Tai Sin’s basement door won’t leave the second door, and nothing will happen!"
At this time, the rat demon king slipped out and squeaked at two dog twice, which was to drag his trouser legs down inside.