At the door of the cabin, Ke Hua has rushed out and screamed with eyes, "Don’t surround me to save Marog!"

Ragby Zhao Baobao is 10,000 times more important. He can’t be kept in a small cabin with lax supervision, but has been locked in the warehouse around Ke Hua, which can also prevent him from having private communication with Zhao Baobao.
When the officers around Kehua heard these words, they all responded. It is important for Kezu Changan, but Rogge can’t have an accident, otherwise the gang in the seven districts will be held accountable.
After hearing the propaganda, the three officers immediately stepped forward and prepared to run to the Rogge cabin, but at this moment, Xiao Qinglong, Xiaobaihu, Xiaozhao and others took the lead in running from the inside warehouse.
Leading small tsing lung saw KeHua immediately after yelling a voice "protect Ke group leader! Get the iron gate and bring Rogge out! "
There is nothing wrong with this command. The little white tiger took the lead in rushing to Kehua, while the little Qinglong and others came to the warehouse door and smashed the door lock directly, forcibly kicking the door panel.
This gun face looked at the hand-painted structural diagram, and Lao Zhan instantly understood it. He immediately shouted at his team members, "There is a gun in the cabin ten meters away, where there is no infiltration by our personnel. It may be the target location."
The degraded special warfare team immediately moved forward and took the lead in blocking the cabin passage.
Three explosive bombs with a tear gas were thrown first.
"Bang bang …!"
An explosion sounded in the corridor, and Kehua and others instantly felt dizzy and smelled a pungent smell.
"Damn it!" Ke Hua squinted angrily, clutching his nose. "The other side played so purposefully that even the position of the main cabin knew that it must be a traitor!"
After the little white tiger was dizzy, he still protected Ke Hua for the first time. He kept pulling him back and shouted, "Don’t leave the group leader!"
At the same time, the military personnel in the seven districts lost their sight and sense of direction in vain, and the situation still relied on the memory department to point their guns at the entrance of the floor and shoot wildly.
The line of sight is blocked, and once the other party rushes in, it will be cool.
"Dadada …!"
The gun rang fiercely, and Xiao Qinglong shouted, "His mother dragged Rogge out and took his life to protect him!"
Lou Lao Zhan’s team members were just about to rush when they were shot back by the cabin at random.
"They got stuck and blindly swept us into the site." The military personnel in front woke up after hiding in the bunker. "Wait for a few seconds to wait for the real fire."
"Fuck you!"
Old Zhan leng eyes scold a way "are these two people still fucking dare to fight back? ! The blaster came over. "
In the rear, a blaster with a huge backpack stepped forward.
Lao Zhan’s deck moved a step, listened carefully to the position of the square gun, paused for three seconds, pointed to a point on the deck and said, "Just give me a skylight."
Blaster dazed a immediately replied, "don’t we have one of our own? Skylight … Easy to be accidentally injured. "
"Are you stupid? Can one of our own shoot us? ! Give it to me at this point! " Lao Zhan reached the order very decisively.
When the blaster heard the news, he squatted down to the palm of his body and quickly measured the size of a deck. Then he packed his backpack for three seconds on the spot and completed the blasting firepower.
Old Zhan, the blaster, laid four C4 blocks with different sizes at the designated point, then stepped back several times and pressed the initiation key.
A violent explosion resounded through the non-military structure, and the deck of the fishing boat was directly lifted by the skylight. The incision was as neat as a knife, which shows how abnormal the blaster is in controlling the amount of explosives.