"why?" Zhuang’s eyebrows are raised not far away

"You see …" Old boom handed over a thick engineering standard.
Gao sedan chair, vice president of Lizhou Construction Group, Yancheng Construction Group Branch, and Kane Bohei, CEO of IF Company, are sitting in the top floor office drinking champagne to celebrate.
"Congratulations to Mr. Gao first," Bohei smiled. "It is estimated that Mr. Gao will be the head of the state construction group soon!"
"Where where depends on Mr Bohei’s brilliant idea" Gao sedan chair could hardly restrain his smiling face and took a few hard shots to keep himself from gaffes, but the horse couldn’t help laughing again "I’m afraid Xu Nianwu was dumbfounded! Holding your thighs? Hahahaha, it’s a pity that he is holding the wrong thigh! "
Bo’s dark face showed a light smile. "I just pulled the enemy into the battlefield where we are good at it."
On the second floor of the same building, Xu Nianwu and Li Zhe are sad, and the whole room is filled with smoke.
"What can I do?"
"Don’t worry, Director Hong Long has gone to consult with the landlord."
"Even the landlord … is out of the question …" Xu Nianwu was not so optimistic.
In fact, he is full of pessimism now, and he is anxious at the thought that he has struggled all his lIFe and that the state will become a high school and sedan chair will become an if bag.
Yesterday, Yancheng released the detailed construction and acceptance standards for this project.
The standard formulation is very strict, including the construction machinery, methods, standards, processes, etc. have been greatly narrowed.
In fact, the construction method of manor is suspected of violating the rules in the world of all processes and standardization.
However, since the manor has completed the project with good quality and quantity, it is natural that no one will pursue the sedan chair.
Moreover, the virtual city has always been famous for putting bags, and now it has embraced this new construction method and has formulated local construction standards
Obviously, Yancheng refused this change.
But the situation is even worse.
Just then his cell phone rang.
"Is Lao Xu so serious?"
Zhuang bu Li yin lai
"Master Zhuang …" Xu Nianwu said, "You may not know the status of industrial flower tunnel construction in this field."
"In fact, the standard process of shield machine and modern tunnel construction is designed, promoted and established by industrial flowers."
"According to this standard, we want to buy an IF machine to make the IF construction technology adopt the IF acceptance standard. This is not the battlefield that the other party is best at … this is simply to get fresh in others’ lair! How can you win? "
Xu Nianwu is almost desperate.
How do you compete with an opponent who is both an athlete and a referee?
The other side builds roads and races with the other side. The other side can stop you at any time. You have to cross the road and let you live in a roadside shop. How do you win?
How can he protect himself from being sucked dry by greedy IF by building a state league for a generation?
"Don’t worry," Zhuang’s not far away voice is still very stable. "There must be a way. Don’t worry, we won’t lose, and we will definitely win the state league!"
At that moment, Xu Nianwu almost burst into tears
It feels good to have a backbone!
Chapter 61 To dig well, you can’t dig without a corner.
Hang words not far from Zhuang frowned.
It’s not that easy to kill each other in their best field.
Zhuang’s near confrontation is not an IF, but the industrial standard of the whole mankind for hundreds of years.