But it’s true that the queen killed a family with a good family background. Hui Fei and the emperor didn’t like that Hui Fei’s mother’s family’s rape and crime department, but it was a logical conclusion, such as the queen’s intention to punish that Hui Fei

It happened that the queen couldn’t carry it back, which was a sign that the emperor spoiled her and respected her.
The radian of the corner of the queen’s mouth slightly collapsed, which made her very angry. The jade imperial concubine was improper. This woman is still so refined after many years. "The imperial concubine joked and invited everyone to come to the palace, but she heard that many families are talented and talented, and some of them can’t wait to see it. This will disturb everyone’s rest. You won’t be surprised!"
Smell speech Dong Fengling feel shuffle when couples spend secretly turned supercilious look.
Why not take it personally? I hate this. It’s not somebody else’s business to decide for you first and let you refute the words. What do you mean by being so sure?
The queen says so. Who dares to say that she is normal?
No matter what family status you are afraid of, you won’t embarrass the queen in front of everyone.
At the moment, everyone is in line with reality, and I don’t know how to spit out the queen!
I have to say, Empress … I really don’t know how to say this sentence. Actually, I have drawn hatred for myself. Even if people hinder the royal face, it doesn’t mean that there is no resentment in my heart!
And what the hell reason is there no talent show for every daughter during the Chinese New Year? At that time, the queen was carefully dressed and prepared. Did she ever see it?
Think about Dong Yuling’s feeling that his teeth are sour and he took a sip of the tea next to him.
Just a confrontation between the queen and the imperial concubine revealed that many people, especially those with rich experience in house fighting, suddenly felt that the queen’s method was too crude. If the imperial concubine were such a brainless person, would she still live to have children?
However, the queen and the imperial concubine are well aware of it and naturally ignore it.
"Don’t Lingxin county owners expect it?" The queen’s sudden appearance also shocked Dong Yuling.
Dong Fengling blinked and looked at the queen inexplicably. Although she was close to the queen because of her identity, what was this sudden attack on? At least wake up. She’s not prepared at all. Chapter 44 Chapter 44 gives people a new impression.
Besides, Dong Yuling is sitting next to the jade imperial concubine because of Lian Yan Jing.
But what does the queen shout? Call her title or show that she is a princess?
Dong Yuling secretly left the pie mouth queen, that is, she can talk about it cheaply, so she just ignored it.
Seeing the Queen’s mouth open, she wanted to continue to say that there was some malicious intention in her eyes. Dong Yuling immediately excused herself, "What did the Queen say? Ling Xin didn’t see the performances of various daughters because she sat on the moon during the New Year. How can she not expect it now?"
Dong Yuling’s words made the queen feel sad. She was about to say it when Dong Yuling said it.
It’s definitely different from what Dong Yuling said when she said it. When the time comes, giving Dong Yuling a pull of hatred can also divert everyone’s attention and get some resentment.
Does the queen know that everyone has grievances? But what’s wrong with inviting everyone here?
Of course, there are still some things in Dong Yuling’s words that make the queen vomit blood, that is, the queen who sits on the moon misses her children almost crazy, and her eyes turn red when she listens to others sitting on the moon.
The little eyes of hatred also surprised Dong Yuling, and immediately White Queen was crazy and tangled.
Although Dong Yuling felt that the queen was so pitiful, she had no sympathy at all.
How can Dong Yuling fail to see that the queen wants to be crazy about children, but not because she likes children so much. On the contrary, she doesn’t have that kind of maternal love expectation mood.
It’s a big no-no for the queen to be in the palace. She thinks it’s not safe without children.
It really serves her right that the queen regards the child as a bargaining chip to consolidate her position!
"So that’s it. Which daughter will give the princess a performance? It is better to let the princess have no regrets, "said the queen, who is very generous."
I heard that Dong Yuling’s face looked a little bad. Did the peat queen carry it with her?