"Shrimp? God, my boss’s wife spent 2 million? " Feng Xiang suddenly opened his mouth in surprise when he heard that a disease cost so much money.

"Isn’t it? Recently, Yao Dayan also said that a new secret medicine has been developed, and it costs 50 thousand yuan for a course of treatment, and he asked me to get the medicine! If Wang Lang Junxian Qigong didn’t help me cure gout, I would still be a big head! " Small white pear spirit not dozen 1 come way
"But the dean of medicine said that his secret medicine cured you, but it was a big bargain!"
"What’s wrong! My gout is cured by Wang Langjun! The most important thing is that people still see a doctor and give him money! Director Feng, I can tell you that Wang Langjun is a real story. He is not an illegal doctor. He is a real warrior. He is a liar. There are no good people in the world! " Xiaobaili didn’t expect Yao Dayan to report Wang Langjun’s wanton smearing of him. It’s a despicable thing.
"ah? See a doctor! There is a Pi two dog in Da Nai Village who is also seeing a doctor. Why has another one come out? " This Feng couldn’t help wondering about Wang Langjun.
"two dog? Is that the one who grows vegetables against the sky? Don’t know! " Xiaobaili wants to know that Wang Langjun, who is treating her, is either someone else or a person from two dog. I don’t know what her expression will be.
"Wife of shop-owner do you have Wang Langjun couplet? Or his address? " Feng Xiangxin said that when it is urgent, he should try to find Wang Langjun.
Chapter 167 Medicine big eyes treat
When I heard that I wanted Wang Langjun’s number, Xiaobaili said that I wanted to sue Wang Langjun for illegal medical practice. I don’t know if Wang Langjun has a medical qualification certificate, and even if Wang Langjun has a real story, Director Feng can treat him for a crime of illegal medical practice. I heard that this crime is very serious and I will be sentenced
Thinking of this, Xiaobaili held a sweat for Wang Langjun and said, "To tell you the truth, Director Feng, this Wang Langjun is a traveling doctor. He never stays in contact with others, nor does he show his real name. Besides, he will change his appearance. Most people won’t know!"
"Oh, that’s ok. If you look at the transcript, please sign it in person!" According to the investigation procedure, she has to make a record of every case she investigates.
Xiaobaili’s face suddenly changed when he saw that Feng wanted to record the big eye of medicine. "Don’t remember the big eye of medicine, director Feng?"
"Is it true that the boss’s wife has a big eye?"
"Of course it’s true, but this has nothing to do with your investigation of Wang Langjun?" Small white pear dumbfounded way
"It’s a fact. If it really cost two million, I’ll report to the level that this medicine is suspected of cheating! You are not afraid to trust the government! " Feng wanted to give her a reassurance.
"Feng, director of the I’m afraid I can’t! I didn’t report the drug eye. Please cross out the drug-related eye record! " Xiaobaili said that this is not a joke. The connections in the big eye market are unpredictable. She knows that Fan, the vice mayor in charge of the health system, is very good with him.
Besides, it is her voluntary intention to see a doctor with a big eye for medicine. Although it costs a lot of money, I really don’t think it is necessary to cheat her with a big eye for medicine.
Feng wanted to see her and insisted on deleting it, but she had to delete the big eye part involving drugs
Feng wanted to know that Zhang Ji’s ex-wife Zhou Yun had contacts with Wang Langjun, so he called Zhou Yun and said, "Zhou Yi, I want to ask you about someone, okay?"
"Director Feng, who do you want to inquire about?" Since Zhou Yun made Pi two dog’s secret love affair, she has a sweet smile on her face everywhere, and she doesn’t consciously hum songs to see everyone smiling. Somehow, she has to think about Pi two dog, and her mood is great. For her, Pi two dog excites her more than stimulants.
"Do you know Wang Langjun?"
"He, director Feng, what are you looking for him for?"
"Well, I have a relative who has a strange disease. I heard that Wang Langjun has excellent medical skills and I want to ask him for help!" Feng wants to learn, too. Just now, she suspected that Xiaobaili deliberately concealed it.
"Oh, you see him? Ok, I’ll ask him! " Zhou Yun doesn’t know if it’s a plan.
"Don’t dare to work, Zhou Yi, just give me his contact number!"
"Ah?" Listen to the number that Feng wants. Zhou Yun left an extra heart to listen to Feng’s tone of voice. She didn’t know that Wang Langjun was a pseudonym of Pi two dog. You should know that this girl is the director of the health clinic. If she gets a bad hand, she will be charged with illegal medical practice in Pi two dog. Then she won’t hurt her heart. The thought of Zhou Yun’s cold sweat said, Oh, my God, I almost wanted to be a doctor!
"Well, Wang Langjun is an expert in the world. It’s impossible for him to leave his number. It’s fate to find him!" Zhou Yun also plays the fool.
"Oh that Zhou Yi if you know he must inform me! Thank you! " Feng think this curiosity is stronger, and the heart says meow a mi. Is this Wang Langjun so sacred? So many charming women, he is a cover. Hum, I can’t believe I can’t find Wang Langjun!
Besides, as soon as Zhou Yun hung up on Feng Xiang’s words, she immediately informed Pi two dog, "two dog is not good. The Feng Xiang in the health clinic asked Wang Langjun that her family had a strange disease and asked me for your number!"
"ah? You didn’t give it to her that week? " Pi two dog called shit. He came under a pseudonym. If someone catches this braid, it’s another big trouble.
"You this guy, I am your woman, I will definitely not betray you. I doubt that it is good for Director Feng to find you!"
"Don’t doubt that medicine big eye ran to her to report I said I was practicing medicine illegally! Director Feng is here to investigate my office. You must never tell her the truth that Wang Langjun is me! " Pi two dog learned that Zhou Yun helped him keep the secret, and he couldn’t help but feel grateful to her. It’s a good thing that Zhou Yi didn’t messed him up.
"Oh my god had a narrow squeak! Fortunately, I kept my eyes open. Do you think Yao Dayan is the dean of Yaoding Hospital? " Zhou Yun painfully head asked him
"Isn’t it? That old bastard treated Xiaobaili for two years and spent two million yuan. As a result, Xiaobaili’s disease cured me, which is equivalent to breaking the drug and making money. He regards me as a thorn in my side and a thorn in my flesh and wants to get rid of me! "
After learning the story, Zhou Yun was willies. "Oh, my God, the medicine is so bad! Don’t let this hanging hair succeed, dear. I have to inform Ye Miaoyin and tell them to keep it a secret! "
"Well, you can inform them!"
"two dog, I miss you. Don’t you kiss me?" Zhou Yun is like a newlywed to Pi two dog. The young couple are glued to him, and they want to die if they don’t see him for a moment.
"Good kiss!" So he said a word to the goods.
Hear boh Zhou Yun this just hung up with satisfaction.
Besides, Yao Dayan, after he left Baiyang Town Health Center, felt that it was not enough to report the evil spirit to deal with his peers’ enemies, so he thought of his little brother Liu Dazhao.
Speaking of this big willow, it’s a famous street in nine planets city, a small Hong Kong, and a big willow has set up a hill. There are hundreds of little brothers at the bottom, and the biggest casino in small Hong Kong is him. Even Wong Tai Sin, the city’s super boss, has to see him.
Let’s get started. On the night of YaoDayan, Daxian Hotel booked a luxury box for a grand banquet for my little brother Liu Tiao.
After three rounds of wine and three flavors of medicine, I said that I had come here. "Great article. Recently, there was a powerful person named Wang Langjun in the city. This person is a quack doctor who knows qigong treatment methods and can fool some rich people with high energy. This person can be arrogant. He told me not to rob my business and cut off my financial path. This person must be removed, otherwise my Yaoding Hospital will have to close down!"
"ah? Brother-in-law, a little charlatan can ruin your hospital, can’t it? " Willow article a face of incredible way
Chapter 16 counterplot
"Article big ah you don’t know this person badly! His cheating on women is beyond your imagination and mine! What about you? Find some people and don’t be too hard to drive him out of the ground in nine planets! "
"Brother-in-law this package me! Come and drink! "
Two big eyes, satiated with food and scattered medicine in a hubbub, went home to see Liu Xifei, a little wife with three marriages. He also instructed Liu Xifei, "Wife, do me a favor." When the big eyes were filled with medicine, Wang Langjun was told the whole story to his wife, such as cheating money and cheating color, stealing his business, and breaking his income.
"I went to this king’s egg and ate a bear heart leopard. He dared to grab food from your bowl and ask Da Tiao to drive him out of the city!" Willow fine princess sinister vicious way
"Violence is not the best way. Smart people won’t be so reckless. The key is that this illegal medical practice can send him to prison so that he can eat for several years!"
"Husband, I know how to do it. We need a bag with a pinhole camera and then I pretend to be sick. What’s wrong? Do you want to install gynecological diseases? " Liu Xifei, relying on the wife of the Dean and her younger brother, is so busy eating, drinking and having fun every day that she is greatly stimulated at the thought that she can lurk to the bad guys.
Medicine big eyes a listen to his wife to install gynecological diseases and then give Wang Langjun a look at the disease. I thought that Wang Langjun saw his wife’s jealousy and made a big mistake. "How can I install gynecological diseases?" Isn’t that all for Wang Dazhao? No, no! "
"That lumbar disc herniation?"
"This can’t be done. Lumbar spondylosis generally requires examination of the coccyx and refers to the examination. Isn’t that for Wang Da to cheat?"
"This doesn’t work either. That doesn’t work either. What do you mean by pretending?" Liu Xifei gave her husband a dissatisfied look.
"I’m sick of my spine. Look, this disease won’t hurt!"
"Well, listen to you! Oh, my God! " When it comes to strong vertebrae, suddenly Liu Xifei is like a lotus root in a fixed position. As soon as her neck becomes stiff, great pain is passed to her brain through nerve endings and she screams like killing a pig.
"Wife, what’s wrong with your neck? I will send you to the hospital! "
Yao Dayan was in a hurry and took his wife to his hospital. It didn’t take long for the film to come out. Liu Xifei was diagnosed with cervical spondylosis
I learned that I really suffered from vertebral disease. Liu Xifei was so angry that she took medicine and pulled her ears. "You are a king’s egg!"
"Oh my wife let go, ok? I don’t say that you should have it or you will have it. It is your husband’s specialty to treat lumbar vertebrae and cervical vertebrae if you are sick! " Say that finish medicine big eye is busy taking medicine for little wife. Seeing little wife killing pigs in pain is busy taking exclusive secret pharmaceutical paste for little wife.
After tossing for more than nine o’clock in the evening, Liu Xifei’s cervical vertebra pain is slightly relieved, but it still hurts.
This girl named Yao Dayan prepared a bag with invisible camera function, and a message was sent to Xiaobaili. Xiaobaili was very good with Liu Xifei, and she promised to meet her as soon as she asked her out.
After the two meetings, Xiaobaili was taken aback when she saw that Liu Xifei’s neck was covered with dog skin plaster. "Beauty, what happened to your neck?"
"Don’t get cervical spondylosis!"
"ah? I didn’t know you had this disease. "
"Tonight just found out bad luck is dead! Sister Pak Lei heard that your gout was cured by an out-of-the-world expert. " Willow fine princess play the fool way
"It’s true. What’s wrong with me?" With that, Xiaobaili jumped in front of her and then twisted her waist. It didn’t hurt at all.