Tang Luoling has never seen Tang Luoling since she married Tang Hui, because Tang Luoling has been raised in Linghu Pavilion in Tangjiabao since she was a child and has never seen outsiders.

On that day, Tang Hui told himself that Tang Luoling had slipped and fallen off a cliff, and even the body could not be found.
If it’s been a long time, how did she find two elders and the door?
Two elders, Tang Dong and Tang Zhong, have always been partial to Tang Luoling’s father, Tang Yanjia, and these two Tang elders met Tang Luoling. Tang Luoling not only showed them his shoulder tattoo, but also made a furnace of Gui Yuan Dan in front of the two elders.
Nowadays, few alchemists in Tangjiabao have been able to refine Tang Luoling, an alchemist of Guiyuan, at one stroke. The exhibition has already claimed the title of the two 85-year-old and 85-year-old masters.
"You shut up! Uncle, it’s not your turn to talk about family matters! "
Tang Hui anger foaming at the mouth couldn’t wait to tear Tang Luoling’s mouth.
It is because he has the heart but not the guts to do these things in front of the two elders. What he does is just an empty gesture.
Tang Luoling nodded. "It’s true that it’s not Luoling’s talkative to be the second uncle’s family, but I’m here with two elders today. It’s one thing to tell the second uncle that the second uncle’s family is now a royal family, and Tang Jiazu’s training cannot be violated. My uncle is no longer suitable for Tang Jiazhu’s loyal elders and Dong elders. It has been agreed that I will take over Tang Jiabao from now on."
This young girl will take over Tang Jiabao?
So he has done so much in Tangjiabao this year, is it all a waste of water?
Tang Zhong stretched out his hand and patted Tang Luoling on the shoulder. "Shine, this matter will be handled by the old man, so you can be there first."
"It’s a loyal elder."
Tang Luoling promised not to confront Tang Hui again.
Tang Zhong turned his head to Tang Hui. "Tang Hui, you haven’t devoted yourself to Tang Jiabao in recent years, and even your own alchemy can’t compare with us old guys. If we old guys hadn’t refined some Dan medicine from time to time over the years to Ankang Hall, I’m afraid Ankang Hall would have been closed!"
Feng Ningxiang felt bad when he heard this.
But the son is not in the Tang government at this time, and the water can’t put out the near fire. She is a pile of unwilling anger and can endure it.
Tang Hui stare Tang Zhong "loyal elders! If you have anything, you might as well tell me directly now. If you want to help this young girl sit in the house, I’ll be the first! "
"no? Do you take anything? At the beginning, you said that you wanted to be the master of the Tang family. We see that you are the younger brother of Tang Yan, and we will be done by you. Now the situation is different. You can’t get the alchemy of Tang Zu’s family. You have violated Tang Zu’s instructions and led Tang Jia again? "
Tang Dong unceremoniously poured out his bitterness in the side. In the end, his old man’s house was so angry that he got up directly and dialed down the hot tea he had just served.
The porcelain of the teacup was broken into several pieces.
Tang Luoling sat beside her and picked her eyebrows. She really didn’t know that Tang Hui could make the elders so angry in recent years.
It seems that she got the two elders right.
Feng Ningxiang saw that Tang Dong was angry and quickly comforted him. "Elder Dong, don’t be angry. If there is anything, let’s talk it over. Anyway, we are all family, right?"
"The family? Have your family ever consulted with the elders? We elders held half of the votes against the fact that the child in Jincheng became a Xu horse. Now what do you say about Luo Wan’s entry into the palace and his noble family? "
Tang Dong’s temper has always been fierce when retorted.
Feng Ningxiang’s choking is really their fault.
Tang Hui finally saw that Tang Luoling had been burying his identity, and at this time, his daughter had been noble and noble, and the imperial edict had been drawn back.
Even if you have any grievances, how can you listen when the two elders have already entered the office first? Explain yourself in chapter 86, chapter 86, the theme of the family.
Tang Hui sighed and asked, "Two elders, we are no longer talking nonsense here. Why don’t you just tell me what you came to Yile City for?"
Tang Zhongzhi looked at his old face and became angry. "Did I just tell you my purpose and repeat it?"
"You mean I just gave an answer. If this young girl is our Tang Jiazhu, I will be the first to disagree!"
Tang Huiyang raised his hand to show his attitude. When he stared at Tang Luoling, he wanted to eat her alive.
Sitting in a chair with a cold smile, Tang Luoling doesn’t think she will be disappointed just by a few words from Tang Hui.
Not to mention his own Tang Zuyin in his hand and an alchemist’s medicine, it’s definitely shine on you is better than blue!
The night palace is selling medicine now. If it is not from her hand, imagine that the night palace is not allowed to sell elixir.
In front of the two elders, she just showed a trick at will.
Dan medicine can reset Tang Jiabao to the third power in the Jianghu, so she will show her strength?
Tang Zhong shook his fist and was very angry. He showed his purpose well.
Guo Tanghui didn’t put himself in the eye at all.
Isn’t this embarrassing him?
He Tang Zhongshen, the elder of the Tang family, was kind to himself when Tang Yan was alive.
But what about this Tang Hui?
Give three points and kick your nose and face immediately. If the tiger doesn’t lose his temper, he will really be a sick cat!
"Tang Hui! It doesn’t matter whether you agree or not, because you have violated the instructions of the Tang family, and you can leave the Down clan by this Tang family alone! "
Tang Zhong’s voice fell and surprised Tang Hui.
Even Feng Ningxiang, one side, was suddenly tongue-tied. It’s no small quarrel that two elders let out such words.
"Let’s calm down, two elders, and have something to say."
Feng Ningxiang hurried forward to stop the fight, but it was her kindness that made Tang Hui directly strike the table and shout, "Want to drive me away from Tang Hui, right?" Now, if you don’t chase me away, I’ll volunteer to make a clean break with Tang Jiabao and come back from now on! Even Moxueman, Tang Xiu and Tang Luoshu are all taken back to Elder Nu! "
Elder Nu is Uncle Moxueman.
In those days, it was the anger elders who were behind Tang Hui, otherwise Tang Hui could not sit on the throne.
Tang Luoling got up and said, "Uncle Anger, the elder died suddenly in a month. Aunt, her children still have to be born with you. Uncle, since you are willing to make a clean break with Tang Jiabao now, we won’t push you too hard. Tang Jiabao has earned 72 million silver this year, except for 35 million silver for medicinal materials and 12 million for drugstore expenses. Then we will leave you 5 million."
And Tang Hui Feng Ningxiang was so shocked that they couldn’t keep their souls. They never thought that Elder Nu was dead!
But the couple didn’t even receive any news.
Now it’s great. Tang Hui is still thinking about the breakthrough of the angry elders, so he will make a clean break with Tang Jiabao voluntarily.
If the fact is contrary to what he thinks, if he can’t brush his face and become white snow, chapter 87 announces the Jianghu.
Even if Tang Hui wants to regret it now, will Tang Luoling give him such an opportunity? He’ll never go back on his word!
Tang Luoling said that he would get out of Tangjiabao if he gave him 5 million. How can that be? !
I think he has done a lot in Tangjiabao over the years, and now he will give himself to this young girl. How can he be willing?