Of course, I didn’t refute WenJia neon. After looking at WenJia neon, I turned and walked towards my bedroom!

I feel a little wrong when I walk to the bedroom door!
I said to Wen Jiani, aren’t you a school canteen worker? Why not go in the morning?
Wen Jiani said, I just resigned yesterday and now I sell masks!
Shit! ! What a chat!
Take the blood-red stuff, which girl dares to stick to her face! ?
Then I put my hand on my bedroom door and pushed the bedroom in.
After entering the bedroom, I went to my desk to sort out a messy class! Then I took out my mobile phone from my pocket and looked at today’s date!
Of course, the key is to see what day it is today!
After seeing what day it is today, I picked up a curriculum from the table and took a look! There are two classes before noon today!
Seeing the course means I’m really stung!
I remember I didn’t guess correctly in the first two classes at noon today. It seems that I have been in the hospital for too long and my head has rusted.
Look at it now. It’s already past 1: 00 in the morning! It’s time for class now!
It is better to skip class than to be late.
Thinking of this scene, I left the table in my hand and then walked towards the bedroom.
I comforted myself in my heart, so let’s go after the next two classes!
I turned and walked towards the living room!
Because I found that I was hungry when I fell off class, I wanted to find something to eat in the living room first, and of course the kitchen would be fine.
After I walked out of my bedroom, I took a look at Wen Jiani, who had just put a mask on the sofa! I accidentally found that Wen Jiani’s face mask was gone!
I’ve only been here a few minutes. Did you lose it?
I asked her out of curiosity! Just ask her where her mask is?
Wen Jiani took a look at me and then patted her pink face and said to me, Here it is!
I was stunned when I heard this sentence!
What jokes have been absorbed?
I’m really happy to hear the result.
I squinted at the trash can next to Wen Jiani!
There is nothing red in it.
Maybe she saw me go to the trash can. Wen Jiani gave me such a look! Wen Jiani said to me, What are you looking at? Can I still cheat you?
I was stunned when I heard this sentence! There is nothing for both of us. Why did you lie to me?
I smiled awkwardly at Wen Jia neon, and then I said no doubt at Wen Jia neon.
Say that finish this sentence I gave WenJia neon ha ha a smile.
Then I said to Wen Jiani, by the way, is there anything to eat in the kitchen? I’m a little hungry.
I know it’s a bit impolite to ask, but I still ask! I’m really hungry
WenJianNi glanced at me and sighed at me and said, There are … and milk chocolate chips!
Although it’s not delicious, I feel good to hear these three things!
Turned and walked towards the kitchen.
After entering the kitchen, I took a bag of potato chips and a bag of milk and came out.
After I came out, I put the milk on the coffee table and tore the potato chip packaging bag.
I sat back on the coffee table and glanced at Wen Jia-ni sideways. Actually, I’m still interested in Wen Jia-ni applying that mask.
It’s amazing that the blood-red mask looks so disgusting that it won’t leave a red mark on the face but can be absorbed on the part!
I frowned at the thought of this.
I turned to look at Wen Jiani and said, Your mask is quite high-tech. Where can I get it?
I put a potato chip in my mouth.
The doorbell rang before the constant temperature could answer me.
I glanced at the door. Who am I supposed to be in the morning?
I took a look at Wen Jia neon. After all, I was a little curious.
Maybe Wen Jiani doesn’t know who it is either! She looked at me and said, How dare you let a weak little girl go to the door? You just ate my potato chips, and you’re about to drink my milk.
I’ll die if I eat people with short mouths and short hands!
I put the potato chips in my hand on the coffee table, then got up from the sofa and walked towards the door.