Bamboo shook his head. "This is not appropriate. Do you think my sister will not know if I go to Jiugong Pavilion?"

Tang Luoling was dazed for a long time. Indeed, his identity is not an ordinary family.
Zunyuan female emperor’s own brother, if he goes to Jiugong Pavilion, Zunyuan female emperor will surely take precautions.
In case they are killed by this, how can they live?
See this smiles send us light face changed bamboo smiled, "you don’t need to be so anxious to know something from Xu Yuanrong’s mouth, you don’t need to go to Jiugong Pavilion in person. You wait for me first and I will let you see him. Just because I can’t leave the floating frost castle doesn’t mean he can’t come, does it?"
Smell Tang Luoling cloud fierce day is shine at the moment!
If so, so much the better.
But what about letting Xu Yuanrong come to the Frost Castle?
Tang Luoling was puzzled.
Bamboo didn’t sell much, but told them that Xu Yuanrong should go to Piaoshuangbao in three days. He came here to pay tribute to Zunyuan’s female emperor, and it was all destiny takes a hand. His trip and what Tang Luoling and others wanted to do coincided.
Yun Lietian suddenly laughed. "It seems that we are going to repeat what we did in those years?"
"It’s not impossible. Just look at who among these nobles will be frightened and invite them to meet and talk!"
Bamboo single cheng turned slightly to the two of them. "You listen carefully. If my sister was involved in that year, I will definitely give you a confession. Chapter 14 Title temptation 1.
Master Zhu’s words surprised Tang Luoling and others to look at him.
After all, Zun Yuan Nv Di is his own sister. If Zun Yuan Nv Di really participated in framing her grandmother, can they really let go of their sister-in-law relationship easily?
Tang Luoling doesn’t know what he thinks in his heart, but it’s less in his eyes. Now Master Bamboo is making her feel admired.
There are many people who can’t do justice in the face of affection.
Even if you know that your loved one has made a mistake, you will still think about making excuses for him.
However, the bamboo master’s practice made Yunlie Day sit up and take notice of him.
The night is already deep.
After the return, Chunrou came in with some food, and then Master Shi ate supper, and then began to clean up the table utensils.
"Spring is soft"
"The maidservant is here"
Spring is soft and quietly waiting for his command.
Bamboo looked at her and suddenly asked, "Have you ever thought about having a name after being with me for so long?"
Fame is very important in Zunyuan country.
Spring is soft and stunned. She is puzzled, but she doesn’t know why the young master suddenly has this problem, and her identity is not qualified. She used to be a handmaid around the Zunyuan female emperor. If it weren’t for the Zunyuan female emperor’s attention, she would have to wait on her around the bamboo master. If she could stand in this floating frost castle?
"Young master and maid dare not dream"
Spring weak weak replied
Bamboo looked at her with a smile. "Your beauty is really better than many people, but your talent is really not good if you don’t look like it, but your strength. You are really not qualified to be my wife, but if you have done what I told you, I can accept you as a concubine. You should know that you are qualified to have a husband’s family and children after you become a concubine."
Spring soft smell speech was overjoyed.
After she came to herself, she was a maid, but now the young master gave her hope at this time.
How could she be indifferent?
When I plopped down on my knees, I thanked the bamboo. "Thank you, Maid, for your kindness!"
"Don’t be busy giving thanks yet. You must finish what I asked you to do. I will definitely make you pay attention to this concubine gift. Will you?"
Master "menservants is master let menservants to east menservants never dare to south! Young master, if you need a maid to go through fire and water, you will never refuse! "
The declaration of spring softness made Zhu nod. "Good. In that case, I need you to lead Xu Yuanrong to an abandoned clause in the northwest hill in a few days. It must be easy for you to do this."
Xu yuanrong?
Spring soft smell speech face some consternation, but the concubine this name, she still crustily skin of head to answer.
Bamboo waved at her to show that she could go.
Bamboo in the house sleeps until dawn, while spring is soft and it is a night’s sleep
She was unhappy and returned to the Bamboo Garden in Piaoshuangbao. She came to pick up the young master’s clothes today. The young master said that she would live in that courtyard these days, and she was not allowed to reveal his whereabouts to anyone, so she could do it one by one.
When I passed the Gone with the Frost Hall, I happened to meet my good sister Silk 143. Chapter 143 The temptation of fame.
"Spring is soft!"
Silk rose was dressed in light green clothes and had a good face. When she saw Chunrou, she immediately greeted her and greeted her.
When Chunrou saw Silo, she also pulled a weak corner of her mouth and called out, "Why is Sister Silo so rich today?"
Silk Luo looked at her with a pair of big eyes. "I came back to send something to the Lord. I saw you as soon as I went out after finishing my errand. What are you busy with these days?" I went to the Bamboo Academy to find you, but I didn’t see you twice. "
"Sister Silo wants to see me?"
"It’s not a big deal. I saw two pieces of cloth and some rouge and thought it was very suitable for you, so I bought it back for you. Now that I meet you, it’s just a matter of saving me from looking for you. Tell you what, I’ll go to my place now and I’ll give it to you."
Silk treats Chunrou sincerely as her own sister.
They are all orphans. If it weren’t for Zunyuan’s help, the female emperor was afraid that they would be dead by now.
In recent years, Chunrou has been with Master Zhu, while Siluo has been doing things for Zunyuan female emperor wholeheartedly.
On the confidant status of Zunyuan female emperor, Silo is definitely the first person.
Chunrou knew very well that it was absolutely impossible for Silk Luo to know that Young Master wanted to do things himself, so she obediently followed aside and talked with Silk Luo.
As usual, the two of them laughed and talked. When Silk Luo asked the whereabouts of Master Zhu twice, Chunrou also cleverly turned the topic and did not continue this topic.
Silk gave all the prepared cloth rouge to Chunrou and sent Chunrou out of her room.
Looking at the soft figure in spring slowly disappearing into her eyes, her face smiled slowly away.
Then out of the door toward the floating frost temple.
Silk rose went directly into the dormitory of Zunyuan female emperor without leaving, and reported to the Lord what she had just said in the spring.
Zunyuan female emperor sat on the couch and toyed with a string of beads and said faintly, "What do you think of Silo?"
Silk rose arched her hand and said a calm wave, "When the main spring softness followed the young master for so long, she was afraid that her heart had turned towards the young master. Since the young master recovered, her main feelings have gradually drifted away. I think that the spring softness must have failed to persuade the young master to let the young master leave your heart."
"Bamboo has always been a woman who doesn’t listen to me. Yu Chunrou seems to be weak and helpful, but in fact, she is calculating and can’t be underestimated. It’s not because Zhu Gen won’t listen to her. Now that you’re back, keep an eye on Chun Rou. I’d like to see what Zhu will make her do."
Zunyuan female emperor chuckled, but there was no murder in her tone.
Bamboo is her brother, yes, but that doesn’t mean that her brother will act perversely and legally against her will.
She doesn’t mind breaking her hands when necessary to teach her a profound lesson.