As soon as his right hand turned over, a crystal-clear dagger emerged from the hands of the wonderful fairy. With a wave of his hand, he showed the princess, Miss Ya and other four people’s heads and rushed up with a lotus flower. The high dagger gave a piercing moan, and all four people’s souls were drawn into the dagger. Soon, they were raised by the sword evil method and a ferocious sword spirit was torn to pieces and swallowed as food.

"Hehehehehehe. Immortals can come and go whenever they want. Can you still endure immortals?" Miao Xianren will be in a small building and turn to ashes with a light palm, stepping on a pink cloud and slowly floating to the sky. The right hand dagger gently waved the air and brought up strips of extremely thin cold light. Miao Xianren sighed, "A line of little monks, you are not my opponent. Tell those secluded people in your family to come out, or no one here can beat me!"
A line of road flyovers sneered at a few hands and patted four miles. Road flyovers recited a number at the same time. Ten-story tight encirclement large array’ Wow’ once it rose, it covered up 360 degrees on Sunday, and layers of bright halos wrapped around the sky. The pressure fell from heaven, and the wonderful fairy couldn’t help but frown and nu way "tight encirclement large array? When did you complete all kinds of flag gates needed for disposal? 1,700 years ago ~ ~ ~ "
A line of Taoist priests said lightly, "That was 1,700 years ago after all. Wonderful Taoist friends will give in easily."
Wonderful fairy sneered a few times. When he twisted his body and his right hand penetrated the dagger, he suddenly turned into a dagger. The Taoist priest Yuan Zong jumped at all the people nearby, flying out of a sword and blocking his offensive.
Lin Xiao was also greeted by a silver sword light. He didn’t know how long it was to fly out of the red dragon sword with a red light of two feet. The silver sword light and the red dragon sword were slightly touched by a heavy mountain of pressure, and they hit his face. Lin Xiao stuffy hum a body, and he had already spit out a large amount of blood. Lin Xiao’s chest was like being hit by a heavy hammer, and a burning pain in his insides made him almost faint.
"Jingle" The first flying sword in Lin Xiao’s life, the Red Dragon Sword, has been cut off by the silver sword light. Two scrap irons have fallen from the sky with rolling flames, and Lin Xiao’s mind has been hit hard again, spitting out a bright blood again.
Yao Ying shouted, "Brother Lin ~ Your sword ~ Oh, why are you covered in blood?" Sticking Lin Xiao’s shoulder, Yao Ying’s volume swelled to the size of a human head, and a few tiny palms were stretched out to wipe Lin Xiao’s face quickly.
Lin Xiao has the strength to sit and stare blankly at the wonderful immortals who are manipulating thousands of silvery lights in the sky, and finally understand the gap between himself and these top monks. Lin Xiao tried his best to fly out of the sword light and was cut into two by the ordinary sword light of the wonderful immortals. This really made Lin Xiao a little speechless. The gap between him and the wonderful immortals at the peak of the Yuan Dynasty is too big to imagine.
So how strong is he who can command the bodhi old zu, the demon blood god? If the bodhi old zu of the blood god has gone beyond the Yuan period, then ~ ~ ~
"Is there any hope for revenge?" Lin Xiao bouts of disheartened look at driving the sword light to drive all the monks in Yuan Zong to breathe. Wonderful fairy suddenly sighed deeply.
A group of people suddenly shouted "tight encirclement Magic!"
Ten-story tight encirclement large array suddenly collapsed, and several raindrops were sprinkled. There were dozens of extremely huge optical streams, and a twist and fusion appeared by illusion. There were nearly a hundred feet of phoenix covered with flames. At the same time, the periphery was covered with a large array of tight encirclement, and nearly a thousand younger brothers in Yuan Zong were weak and soft at the same time.
A group of Taoist priests screamed with their hands, and a harsh golden light flew out of his sleeve. In the golden light, it was faintly visible that a big seal was thrown at the wonderful fairy.
At the same time, all the elders in Yuan Zong’s generation flew out of the hands of various magic weapons, and dozens of precious lights with suffocating huge fluctuations hit the wonderful fairy in succession.
The huge fire phoenix suddenly condensed into several feet in length with blinding glare and was carefully lasered at the wonderful fairy 2.
Wonderful fairy face upwards whistling disdain avenue "fairy is still afraid of you? Look at the immortal self-defense treasure’ Happy Hundred Immortals’! "
Hand refers to a colorful pink light flying out of the pink light with graceful music from the fingertips. Hundreds of naked and beautiful women can be seen flying out of the pink light. These women are stupid and stupid, smiling and raising their hands and taking up a number of pink greasy lights to meet the magic weapons that hit their faces and the pure spiritual force condensed into a fire phoenix!
See wonderful fairy will rely on their own earth horse repair and dozens of Yuan Zong elders hard shake when a white jade long feet xu palm suddenly rest wonderful fairy emerged behind this palm came a two feet long ruby ruyi gently shake the wonderful fairy after a hard blow.
"Bang" A muffled sound, the wonderful fairy was beaten to stumble forward and rush. His mouth spit out one mouthful blood, and the real fire burst out of his mouth, but he was beaten for a while. He lost control of Xiaoyao Baixiandou, and dozens of treasure lights exploded almost at the same time. The robes of the wonderful fairy kept popping up, resisting the attack of all kinds of treasure lights, but after all, dozens of Yuan Zong elders teamed up with the wonderful fairy and were blindsided by the back, and finally collapsed, and dozens of treasure lights exploded his body.
In the’ Gaga’ bone fracture, half of Miao Xianren’s body was smashed into pieces on the spot, and half of his body remained.
Wonderful fairy face upwards roar "xuanluo old ghost! How did you learn to sneak attack from behind when you Yuan Zong boasted that you were decent? "
"People always change ~ How easy it is to hit the sap? Why should I fight hard with you?"
Wonderful fairy was so angry that she spit out one mouthful blood and tied him up with dozens of golden rope shadows.
"Xuan Luo old ghost! You mean people! Shame! Flow! You are wrong! " The wonderful fairy was firmly tied by dozens of special’ binding magic ropes’ of Xuanzong, but he still struggled desperately. Blood vessels on his forehead burst out and his eyes were bloodshot. Strong mana fluctuations rolled out from his body and excited the ground in Fiona Fang for several miles. The situation was terrible. More than ten feet near the wonderful fairy, the true yuan frenzy surged almost to the essence, and the wind blew people’s faces. The ground was shoveled with a thick layer of wonderful fairy robes, bursting muscles and swelling up. He wanted to.
It is particularly incredible that with the struggle of Miao Xianren, his broken body is rapidly growing new body tissues from the residual body. It takes a moment for Miao Xianren’s body to return to its original state, and his face looks pale and almost white.
A road flyover with white beard immediately took out a purple symbol one foot two inches long and two inches wide from his sleeve and strode to the wonderful immortal. The closer he got to the wonderful immortal, the slower he walked. Finally, he got closer to the wonderful immortal less than three feet away. As soon as he stepped out of the wonderful immortal, he looked back and spit out a breath of gas at him. The breath was like a steel column, and the person with white beard blew the Taoist out of the bowl and was hit with a big hole.
"Good repair!" Lin Xiao’s body was trembling with excitement. This white beard road flyover has become a master of the Yuan God. Such a master was seriously injured by a wonderful fairy’s bite of the real Yuan. This practice is earth-shattering. The gap between the peak of the late Yuan God and the ordinary Yuan God period is really staggering.
I took a deep breath. Lin Xiao couldn’t help feeling a little depressed. Maybe I should have a wonderful fairy myself, so that I can achieve my goal more easily. But is it so easy to achieve the peak repair in the late Yuan God? Yuan Zong also has a few months. Lin Xiao naturally knows that the scale of Yuan Zong’s millions of people is not more than 50 people. With the peak strength of the Yuan Dynasty, there may be a few predecessors who are closed to the Qing Dynasty-such as the Taoist Xuanluo.
A line of people was so angry that they snorted, "Wonderful Immortal has indeed fallen into such a position that there is still such power." A line of road flyovers picked up ten percent of the road flyovers from the ground and threw that piece of ofuda slowly and step by step towards Wonderful Immortal, but a line of road flyovers wanted to personally shoot this special’ beach curse’ to curb the wonderful immortal Yuan Shen.
One step, two steps, three steps ~ A group of Taoist priests approached Miao Xianren cautiously, and carefully followed a group of Taoist priests behind her. Her hand had a soft light flashing, and her left hand was holding a bottle of magic, posing for a posture of being ready to rescue people. She was lying on the side and receiving medical treatment from her fellow disciples. I couldn’t help but feel a little wronged and snapped a mouth. "How can everyone be a sister with one heart?" Well, women are biased, but they are also biased too much. "
Wonderful fairy saw a line of Taoist slowly approaching him, but stopped struggling. He lay on his side and smiled strangely. He looked at a line of Taoist eyes flashing with mysterious green light. After a while, he Lian Xiao converged. His mouth kept crawling with a strange’ buzzing’ spell. This spell sounded like tens of thousands of flies from the four vacuities, and at the same time, he hummed and roared straight into Lin Xiao’s mind. Every monk who did not hold his ears in the Yuan Dynasty was so annoying that he seemed to tear Lin Xiao’s brain up slowly.
Chapter 45 Fear
"’Yin evil spirit Luo fiend crack curse’!" Virtual XuanLuo road oil choking tuning suddenly sounded "calf nose don’t stop this slut, he will trigger Fiona Fang thyme geocentric poison flame will collapse this piece of mountain forest for half a day to see the scenery. Oh, your ancestors, I just cast’ Little Sumeru avatar’ and took him a long time to stop him! Hey, hey, calf noses, come on, or this mountain gate will collapse. Hey, hey, how can we punish you? "
Road flyover a surprised fierce looked up and nu way "ShiShu since you know that this is’ Yin evil spirit luo fiend crack curse’ don’t start work quickly? Do you really consume one yuan? Who are you kidding? "
"Old coax you to bite the old? Your master and teacher’s mother are always around. Do you have the courage to bite the old? " Road flyover Xuan Luo suddenly swore, "why don’t you want to make moves when you are old?" How dare you bite your grandfather? Hum, you won’t do it if you are old! How? I’ve already played a sap, and the old names of Britain and SHEN WOO have been ruined. Do you still want to play a second sap and ruin the old names? No, no! Absolutely not! "
Taoist Xuanluo sneered, "I’d rather lose my face once than twice!" He grunted, "Dao Ye, I won’t tell you the truth. You guys, Dao Ye and your master teacher Niang are working together to cross the monty robbery. If they do, they will be able to break through the Yuan God period and enter the Great Freedom Committee." It’s up to you! "
A line of Taoist priests such as Yuan Zong elder face a surprised with the transformation of ecstasy! Of course, they know what this is: refining refined gas, refining the spirit, refining the spirit against emptiness, and refining the virtual road. These are the four major stages before the monk rises, and then, Yuan Yingxiu just belongs to the realm of refining refined gas; It was only when the Yuan God was cultivated that it reached the stage of refining the Qi God. The harmony between heaven and earth and Tao of Yuan God reaches the realm of harmony between heaven and man, which is the realm of refining god and fighting against emptiness; The Yuan God can finally divide into tens of millions. If there is, even the body will be transformed into the reality of the Yuan God, and if you raise your hand and cast your feet, you will be able to trigger the forces of heaven and earth to attack. This is the practice of uniting the virtual and the Taoist master, and he will be ready to soar to a higher level.
In the process of refining God’s anti-emptiness, Yuan God gradually merged with Heaven and Earth, and Yuan God emitted energy fluctuations, which could lead to the unpredictable place of heaven and earth, and lead to mental robbery and yin fire to attack monks. This is the ghost robbery. Once it passes through the ghost robbery, Yuan God will be in faint contact with Heaven and Earth, and Yuan God will change his avatar with more restrictions. This is even the official achievement of refining God’s anti-emptiness realm, and it seems that the Taoist world has not appeared for a long time now.
Now there are three senior elders crossing Monty in Yuan Zong at the same time! Especially when they were in Du Jie, there was actually one person who could be distracted to display the magical power of Sumeru and wounded a master at the peak of the Yuan Dynasty! It can be seen that they are about to survive the monty robbery, and their Yuan God has initially reached the realm of harmony between man and nature, which makes a group of passers-by wonder if they can not be surprised?
Compared with three experts in virtual environment, how about Fiona Fang Baili Mountain Gate being destroyed? It’s no big deal!
A group of Taoist priests smiled at the sky for three hours, feeling full of energy. He strode seven steps towards the wonderful fairy, and the distance was less than three feet. A group of Taoist priests sank and hummed their hands, and a calm spell flashed across a purple light. With a wave of his right hand, he was waiting to put the calm spell on the forehead of the wonderful fairy, chanting the spell and launching magic. The wonderful fairy smiled, and two green lights flashed in his eyes. Suddenly, there were ten feet around him, and there seemed to be several mountains and hills. There was a huge pressure flashing around him from all sides.
A line of hands firmly stuck to the forehead of Miao Xianren, and the Taoist priest drank it with one heart and one mind. A jade bracelet with a soft light was flying out of her sleeve, which was whisked and condensed like water drops, and disintegrated into a blue water wave in the surging water. The line and the heart were covered with layers of water waves, which constantly flashed harsh blue light. The waves in the water cover were loud, and the blue water waves were shrinking and the body trembled violently.
"Hum! In the early days of the Yuan God, the little woman didn’t know that the sky was high! " The wonderful fairy grimaced, "Is the fairy so easy to deal with?"
The speed of reciting the magic spell by a wonderful fairy in his mouth has increased several times. There is a flash of light and shadow around him. Two female fiends with graceful figure, beautiful appearance, perfect nakedness, and naked body appear beside him. These two fiends are wonderful immortals who have killed several women in their hands. The vicious magic condensed them, and they are even more integrated with the wonderful fairy’s intention. They come from the soul fragments of an ancient sealed fiend and are very powerful. Each statue is equivalent to a top master in the middle period of Yuan God. As soon as two female fiends appeared, they waved their claws and dug into the blue water mask.
Wonderful fairy monty forbidden method and two fiends attacked at the same time, and blew the water cover with a single heart and snorted. Two blood spurted from one nostril, and the water cover suddenly collapsed. The water cover was just about to condense into a jade bracelet, but the jade bracelet was blown into several pieces in a crisp sound.
Wonderful fairy body shaking into a pink greasy red light from dozens of bound magic rope out and stretched out his hand toward the heart caught in the past, he strange grimace of a grin "fairy is it so easy to deal with? Jie Jie Xuan Luo old ghost, you really robbed you by crossing the devil. The strength of that blow is a little stronger. Today, the immortal is definitely not ~ ~ ~ hey hey! "
With a sneer at a sleeve, a brilliant golden light suddenly flew out. Jin Guangzhong faintly took a few delicate fairy hands with a black awn. He had caught her waist and abdomen. When he saw that golden fairy rushed back his arm, he screamed, "How can you have a hand with a scattered golden needle?" Damn it! "
Without saying anything, the line commanded that golden light with several feet of length circled around the body, and the two female fiends were sprinkled with black mans like raindrops. Each black mans brought up a series of extremely fine lotus flower through the body of the fiend, and the two female fiends screamed with pain. Seeing that their bodies gradually became blurred, they obviously suffered a light injury. Although these two fiends are extremely powerful, after all, they didn’t join hands to make the body condensed by their souls encounter this special restraint. Where is the’ scattered golden needle’?