"I told you before that I’m not Ren Wang Ren or Zhao Wangren. You and your dad are really few in the barracks. We really have the same goal on the people’s side. You and your dad can’t do anything. God Town can do it."

"God Town cares not only about the people in Linchun House, but about the lives of the people in heaven. If the three forces have been allowed to maintain the current situation, more people will go into a blind alley."
"The people outside noticed before you built the road that the food in their department was in the charge of Shenshen Town. You don’t know what the people here were like when we first came to Yangnan County. They can only get three meals a day now, but for them, even if it is only three meals a day, he is willing to make efforts."
"The people don’t want a big meal, but now the royal family can’t even give it. They think about how to win the sky and win it on the battlefield, but they forget that the people are the masters of heaven."
"What’s the point of building roads?" Li Erzhu looked at Shi Wei. "In your opinion, building roads is meaningless, but for the people outside, building roads is the only thing they can earn a living at present. It is a matter of course that the royal family can’t do it. Naturally, someone can do it for the royal family!"
Shi Wei was completely stuck.
"Why don’t you make a decision now?" Tian Tang concluded with a smile for Li Erzhu. "It is enough for you to know that there is a town of gods. When necessary, bring people here so that they can live a normal life. The town of gods is in sight. That’s all."
Shi Wei looked at Tian Tang blankly.
"It’s about time. It’s not convenient for you to come out today. It’s time to go back," Tian Tang volunteered.
Shi Wei heard "it’s time to go back" and suddenly got up from his chair.
Li Erzhu doesn’t care. Anyway, the purpose of bringing Shi Wei here today is to let him know that Shenshen Town can leave at any time when his purpose has been achieved.
He held two cabbages from the table and put them in Shi Wei’s hand. He also held two others to push Shi Wei to go out. When he was going out, Li Erzhu turned back. "The cabbage left on the table was left to the people of Yangnan County. You’re welcome."
Xu Zhe came from the other side after Li Erzhu left with people.
"He’s smart."
"He’s not stupid, but his brain is slightly worse than yours." Tian Tang smiled. "If we can pull Shi Wei behind him to the side of Shenshen Town, maybe we can disintegrate Linchun government forces from Linchun government."
"Just like the garrison in Yangnan County?" After So Chol’s question, he nodded his head again. "If it is not possible to take a single soldier in the spring house, it is better."
Tian Tang also nodded his approval.
When it comes to war, both of them are a little heavy-hearted. It is naturally best not to fight, but in case they really get there, they can’t avoid it.
Thinking for a long time has sounded again.
[Congratulations to the player for completing [8(8/8) houses, 3(3/3) square kilometers (/) number of workers, 1(1/1)] into a third-level town. Silver *6 two printing factory drawings *1 printing machine drawings (simple) *3 painkillers (prescriptions) *1]
【 Level-4 Town Residents (1(8/1) Houses (4) Pupils (115/) Fertile Land (1/) 】
Chapter one hundred and fifty-six Stop the pain medicine
Printing houses, printing presses, painkillers
Number of primary school students, fertile land
The small town upgrade award and an upgrade are relatively not particularly prominent, but the overall situation is around the small town.
Among them, the printing plant and printing machine are obviously derivative rewards for the paper mill when it was upgraded before. Now that there is a paper mill printing plant, it is also reasonable.
At present, there are many primary schools and junior schools in Shenshen Town, and the total number of students has reached more than 6,000. These students are all bought by Tian Tang from the mall and then sold to everyone through the trading market.
It’s no problem to do this in the short term, and it’s also very simple. The price of stationery, paper and pens for primary school students in the mall is also very cheap
But in a long time, if Shenshen Town doesn’t have its own manufacturing industry, the trading body of Shenshen Town will become more and more deformed after relying on shopping malls.
When the former paper mill appeared, she was relieved. Now the appearance of printing house also means that the paper and manufacturing industry can gradually become self-sufficient
Tian Tang hardly hesitated for a long time, so he clicked on the map of An District, put the printing factory in Shenshen Town, built a new paper mill at the same time, and announced the recruitment plans of two factories at the same time.
After doing this well, she went back to look at the remaining rewards and got three prescriptions after the emergence of pharmaceutical skills, namely, insect repellent, hemostatic powder and now painkiller. The most basic of these three prescriptions is actually insect repellent. Up to now, insect repellent is still hanging in the trading market, and every people in Shenshen Town can get it once, or they can get it at the approval of the tour.
From the feedback during this period, it can be seen that the frequency of abdominal pain of the people in Shenshen Town is indeed much less, and the habit of drinking cold water is still slowly grinding.
Tian Tang looked at the raw materials for stopping pain drugs, which are also Chinese herbal medicines, and at present, there are a batch of them in the warehouse of the trading market, which are picked by the people of Shenshen Town and sold to the trading market.
These herbs are enough to make a considerable amount of painkillers.
It’s not difficult for her to make medicine, and she didn’t hesitate for too long. She directly took out the pharmaceutical skills from the Herbs Department of the trading market to stop the pain medicine. After making it, she confirmed that the pain medicine was not put on the trading market and set up a relatively fair price shelf for sale.
At this time, the new painkillers in the drug area of Shenshen Town trading market also made people go back and forth to watch.
"Is this … painkiller?"
You just came to the trading market to buy things and passed by the drug section and was stopped directly.
"Doctor You has a new medicine here."
"Dr. You, is this what you used to say about painkillers? Can it really make people feel painless?"
"Doctor you …"
Wandering came and looked at several people first. "Did your granddaughter have a fever? Lao Li, is your grandson’s foot ok? And … "
Wandering with the people in front of the shelves, it is not difficult for her to remember every child’s illness, but for the people in Shenshen Town, they are more and more convinced of wandering. This pediatrician is willing to take the children to the hospital to find wandering if there is any problem.
After the wandering question, they also responded one by one in order and chatted with wandering for a while.
It’s almost time to talk. The people consciously left and let the tourists see the new drugs themselves.
Wandering around, watching a few people leave and looking back at the shelves, I reached out and bought a small part of painkillers and threw it into the small basket at hand. "This stuff is good and it’s time for new products."
When I went back with my basket, I wandered and met many people. Everyone would greet her with a smile, even if they said yes, they were full of smiles.
When I returned to the hospital, my wandering smile never disappeared.
She thought she probably liked this town a little.
Sit inside consultation Bai Guanzhong waved at her.
Take out half of the painkillers from the basket and put them on Bai Guanzhong’s table before swimming. "This is a new painkiller in the trading market. You should have some."
Put the things away, she turned and left without saying anything more.
Bai Guanzhong paused and then smiled and shook his head. "Why is this child … so awkward?"
Sitting in front of Bai Guanzhong, the patient also smiled and couldn’t help talking. "Don’t say that Dr. You doesn’t like to talk to us, but he is very patient with children. My child hates taking medicine since he was a child. He even asked me when he would get sick again. Dr. Bai said that he was angry."
"Then let you study medicine after you are a child." Bai Guanzhong grabbed the pamphlet next to him. "This is what I made up for myself during this period. You can take it back to the child and show it to him. Maybe he is interested in studying medicine."
"That’s a good feeling." The patient took the pamphlet. "Thank you, Dr. Bai. You are really a good man."
The patient’s condition is not serious, but he accidentally ate his stomach. Guanzhong prescribed him some simple nursed back to health medicine, and the price was not expensive. If the patient was comforted.
People who caught the medicine and sent it should not be here. Poria cocos
During this period, there were also some medicine boys in the hospital who specially took medicine for Bai Guanzhong, and Bai Fuling, a part-time medicine boy, completely got rid of the trivial matters of taking medicine in the hospital.