"You were an exchange student here before you called the police. You should remember what you said when you called the police. My mobile phone bag was also taken away by the thief."

Ye Zaixi bossily pointed to Sunny and gave orders.
Sunny failed and glanced at Ye Zaixi, then took out the director’s cell phone from his pocket and dialed the national alarm.
Sunny sunny smiled and handed the leaf in the stream while dialing the mobile phone.
"Sister, you have been studying abroad for so many years. English should be great, right? I’m sure it’s no problem to repeat a case with the police uncle myself.
Unlike me, I have been an exchange student for three months and I can’t understand anything, let alone. "
Ye Zaixi gnashed her teeth and took the fine fine handed me a mobile phone.
How did this idiot become a green tea essence today? !
Ye Zaixi did stay in school for several years, but it was her parents who spent a lot of money to buy her a foreign diploma mill degree.
Everyone around her is like her, so she is not academic. Every day in the rich second generation circle, she speaks Chinese.
Even many teachers are Chinese, and their English level is barely up to the standard of written test in high school.
Ye Zaixi listened to the busy tone of the mobile phone and the brain was running rapidly to report the case. What’s the word? Where’s the thief?
Think of these words less first to make a simple sentence.
Ye can barely communicate with foreigners in this way when he didn’t bring his classmates with him when he was studying in Xixi.
There is always a busy tone in the mobile phone. The more worried you are about the other party’s connection, the more anxious you are to remember how to say those words.
Afraid of what’s coming, what’s busy? Female Ye Zaixi quickly put her phone to her ear and said "hi"
The other side didn’t respond to her, but mechanically repeated something. Ye Zaixi finally heard the sound twice and said, "Please dial later when the speaker answers."
"This alarm words also homo habilis answer? You have the wrong number! " Leaf in the stream staring at sunny accused.
Unicorn Chan suddenly remembered something and said, "Brother Xiaoyuan just said that the police uncles went on strike today!"
Everyone remembers this. Xiaoyuan did just say that he drove from L city and happened to meet the police in N city who were holding a general strike and blocked the car for a long time.
Fortunately, the plane was delayed, otherwise Xiaoyuan would arrive later than the plane of the program group.
Unicorn Chan also knew that a strike meant not working. At that time, Xiaoyuan said that he didn’t take it to heart.
Now, the more he thinks about it, the more strange he is, so he asks Ye Feng, "Who keeps order when the police uncles are on strike?" Do they have no sense of mission? "
The sense of mission is that Unicorn Chan learned a new word while watching cartoons a few days ago. He has a deep understanding of this word and it is his mission to protect his country.
Shouldn’t the police uncle have the same sense of mission as him?
Ye Feng touched Unicorn Chan’s head and explained to him, "Every country has different national conditions. In China, most people may take it as a career to make a living."
Ye Zaixi rudely interrupted their discussion. "Don’t say that without the police, I will go on strike. What should I do without my passport?"
"Go and reissue one."
Seeing that Ye Feng’s father and son ignored Ye Zaixi Doudou, at least this "baby sister" is now their temporary family, and it’s not good to neglect her too much.
"You don’t know, do you?" Ye Zaixi’s nostrils are in the air. She finally found a crushing feeling in a five-year-old girl. "Is it necessary to find a police station to reissue a passport in China?"
Chapter 16
Finally, Ye Zaixi added, "Without a passport, it is black. I can’t go anywhere. You have to accompany me to go anywhere."
"No ao director uncle there is a copy ~" Unicorn Chan woke up.
The director group did a lot of homework this time, including what happens if you lose your passport.
They made several copies of passports for everyone before, and the eggs were not put in the same basket. Each of these copies was given to the director.
Ye Zaixi threatened to fail, and she got stuck again.
At this moment, the mobile phone bell rang in Sunny’s hand, which relieved Ye Zaixi’s embarrassment.
"Uncle director? Where are you now? "
It was only after the subway started on the director’s side that all the guests except Liang Yi ran away.
This also got? On the first day of going abroad, people got separated for a little while.
The director quickly asked everyone to wait in the same place in a car. He himself found a signal position near the exit and tried to call Sunny and them.
He listened to Liang Yi and saw that all the people got off the bus. I don’t know if they really got through.
Sunny and the director described the situation of several of them. After learning that everyone is safe, the director can rest assured.
"Ok, please wait for us in the subway. First, we will help my sister find a passport. If we find it or not, we will go back as soon as possible."
Fine fine hang up the phone, see Luo Yufei still pulling her not to let her into the alley.
She explained, "They thieves usually throw away their wallets when they get the money. Let’s look in the trash can nearby and maybe find it."
"Then I’ll go in first and you wait in the back." Luo Yufei thinks that he has power. If he is in danger, his chances of life are higher than others.
This seems to be a very remote alley, and I haven’t seen anyone except garbage everywhere.
Luo Yufei led the crowd into this long alley.
After turning over several trash cans in a row, Ye Zaixi became more and more impatient. She complained, "What is this?"! I just rummaged through the trash can here on the first day of my country! "
"You haven’t said anything when the activity funds are lost, and you are still helping you find your passport through the garbage. You should also say less," Ye Feng said with a straight face.
It’s not very hygienic to rummage through garbage bins. The adults didn’t let the group participate.
Considering that this is an interesting material, two camera brothers open the camera and start shooting live.
Artists rummaging through trash cans on foreign streets is a hot topic. In addition, one of these artists is the popular top stream, which directly books hot search.
So now there are three dads, Wei Jiuwei, bodyguards and Ye Zaixi going through the trash can together.
A camera brother is filming them, and another camera brother is looking around with a few kids.
The live broadcast of three guests suddenly lit up, even if the black screen did not leave the ashes fans boiling.
[staying up late to win the party! Sudden death party wins! 】
It’s right that I didn’t sleep or broadcast live, so I guess they resumed live broadcast before the meeting.
It’s only been less than an hour. What happened to them? What did they want to rummage through the trash can? 】
I heard their conversation mean that my wallet was stolen and my passport was in my wallet. Now I’m looking for my passport, right? 】
The thief just ran over and even if he wants to throw it in the trash can, he will throw it on the surface.
Ye Zaixi just picked up a broken beer bottle from the ground and held his nose in the trash can.
She was even more angry when she heard Ye Feng scold her. She glared at Ye Feng. "My donkey wallet is much more expensive than that activity fund! Did I say anything? !”