Nai didn’t hear any sound behind her until she walked out of the purlin.

Just put up with it! I’ll piss you off sooner or later!
However, speaking of which, she is really Pei Huang Yin Chen. She usually says a lot of things to him, which is quite excessive and harsh. I didn’t expect him to be able to keep his face unchanged without any refutation. Emma’s psychological quality is really good!
But it is only a matter of time before she and Huang Yin-chen parted ways in this half-dead state.
And I have to admit that the words of burning Yin dust still woke her up to a certain extent. Although the saying of identity imprisonment is not hindered in her life, Xiao Yu Xue and Huang Yin Li are both native-born ancient people. If they are allowed to break through the secular imprisonment and get together, they will really be reviled.
Huang Yin-li is too old and Xiao Yu-xue is too young. It’s really a problem to marry a princess and inherit the unification and a husband to expand the harem!
From Wangfu purlin along cobblestone path back to her west garden, Su Ling found that being in this Wangfu actually has one advantage, that is, it is comfortable, quiet and less awe-inspiring, and everyone is conscientious in doing things, and she is the only woman in the backyard who lacks a lot of drama in the palace struggle.
Oh, she is out of her mind to think that Huangyin Dust Mansion is good! Sure enough, you can’t eat too much or it will affect your IQ!
After slowly swinging back to the West Garden, Su Ling just walked in and saw Bi Rao rushing out from the inside without blinking. His face was anxious and he said, "Miss, something has happened!"
Su Ling’s heart breathed, that is, she felt her eyelids jump twice when she heard this.
It is also obvious that Miss Bi Rao’s face was frightened, and she didn’t come back after she left the house yesterday. She didn’t know where to find a place to wait in Wangfuguo. I didn’t expect to wait for a day.
Brigitte Rao took Su Ling and said as he walked, "Last night, when Miss was out of the house, she came near the housekeeper’s uncle suddenly, saying that the lady was dying and asked Miss to go home quickly! Miss, let’s go. I don’t know how my wife is now! "
"You said it was my second wife and my mother?"
Su Ling stared at the back of Bi Rao’s head, but at the same time it sounded yesterday in Taiyi Temple. Is it because of this that her Prime Minister Torre didn’t come forward? !
Blue Rao took Su Ling walk faster and faster nodding "yes! Otherwise I will be in such a hurry! "
Generally speaking, if it wasn’t for something big, how could the housekeeper say that the mother was dying? She’s only been away for a few days. Why can’t that work?
In an emergency, Su Ling didn’t panic, but her mind became more and more clear. She analyzed the situation. Bi Rao pulled the two men out of the palace soon, and Su Ling suddenly stopped and looked at her in amazement. She listened to "Bi Rao, you should go to yiguang now and go to the prime minister’s office quickly!"
"Oh, good! Miss, be careful! "
Although Bi Rao is a little sloppy with Su Ling at ordinary times, she is even more anxious than Su Ling after something really happened. This will make her secretly angry when she is running on the road. Why didn’t she have a young lady’s mind and didn’t expect to call Dr. Li and them!
Outside Wangfu, the afternoon sun is still shining brightly on the door, flashing a harsh light. Su Ling directly stopped at Wangfu’s door, and the carriage commanded two guards at the door to rush back to Xiangfu.
When Su Ling jumped out of the carriage and rushed directly into the mansion, she felt that the mansion was different from the usual atmosphere. When people saw Su Ling coming back, their eyes seemed to be still holding their eyes, and she had taken care of all this and went directly to Feng Shuang Garden.
I have to say that Prime Minister Su Baosheng really loves Feng Rujun. Before the Phoenix Frost Garden was burned down, the bamboo forest was actually planted in a few days.
Moreover, it’s obviously not the opening season of peony, but the peony in Fengshuangyuan is full of flowers, which adds a touch of vitality to some boring mansions for no reason.
Su Ling slowly calmed down her breath and tried to look cool. If the truth is really like what Bi Rao said, she always doesn’t want Feng Rujun to see her in such a hurry.
Even when she learned the news, she felt an uncontrollable remorse. Things always happen so suddenly that people are caught off guard.
Feng Rujun is a real mother to her, and this time she is so seriously ill that I hope it is not what she thinks.
There are many people waiting outside the wing of Fengshuang Garden when they see Su Ling walking slowly. Everyone’s face is covered with a faint and obscure light.
Su Ling’s heart sank slightly, and she felt that her heart was depressed and convulsed. When she entered the wing, she smelled a pungent smell of medicine.
All the people she thought and didn’t expect were in the room, including the dark and haggard eyes. Su Baosheng waved to her as if relieved when he saw Su Ling.
"Girl, come here!"
Su Ling listened to the familiar call and the pace of addressing became more and more disordered. She still remembered that Feng Rujun’s face was always sad before she left the night, but she was never so pale. It was only a few days before she saw her lying on the soft couch, as if she were angry!
Slowly approaching the soft couch, Mrs. Zhao Chunping got out of the way slightly, and even Su Yu and Su Ao looked tired and looked at her.
No wonder I haven’t seen Su Yu these days. When she was happy outside, she never imagined what happened to her mother.
Su Ling’s mind, which attaches great importance to family ties, comes from Feng Rujun and Su Baosheng’s physical meeting. She is already Su Ling, the daughter of Xiang Ye of the State of Qi, and she never thought that she would have a chance to return to modern times.
When she was pulled to the front of Feng Rujun by Su Baosheng, the mist in her eyes almost blurred her sight and Su Baosheng pretended to be calm and said slowly, "Girl, your mother has been waiting for you! Talk to her quickly! "
Su Ling forced her to leave, and the fog at the bottom of her eyes leaned slightly and looked at Feng Rujun’s more obvious medicinal taste. Soon she came from Feng Rujun’s body, and because she appeared, she seemed to feel that Feng Rujun closed her eyelids and trembled slightly!
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