Second, Anya is more shrewd than one person, so she pretends to be a good girl at an early age so that everyone can’t detect it.

However, considering the difficulty of the latter, it is almost impossible for a 16-year-old girl, and Xin Yao didn’t think about it in this respect.
At most, she has one more impression of Anya, and she still has some little-known Xiao Cong.
Whether these little brains are good or bad can also be seen in court life in the future. Chapter 44 Chest, big, brain!
Anya walked out of Yaohua Palace, but she was still immersed in a tense atmosphere. Winter Snow, the servant girl behind her, saw that she was so uncomfortable and couldn’t help thinking, "Are you all right, little master?"
The atmosphere in the temple just now shows that Yao Fei is not a good lover. Her little master has to consider it if she wants to finish her attachment.
Besides, how can they get along with her Yao Fei when their eldest miss is the queen? !
"She is testing me. I can’t panic. I can’t panic …"
Anya seems to be talking to herself. She stirs a handkerchief with her hands, blushes a little, and the color is like maple leaves in autumn, which makes the winter snow a little scared.
She hurriedly helped Anya face is full of anxiety "little master, are you ok? If Yao Fei is in a bad mood, let’s go to Miss Da! She is your own sister and will protect you in the harem! "
She knows Anya’s worries are just to save her life in this harem like a tiger’s den!
How can you not understand Anya’s difficult situation if you wait on her in the winter snow?
Her biological mother died early, and she was a concubine in Houfu. She was hated since she was a child. She should be cautious in every step, and her beauty and wisdom should be emphasized. Because she can be as clever as possible, she can win the favor of clan elders and fathers.
This love is how much she can’t help but be cold-eyed.
It is also because of this love that there are two young ladies in Houfu in this draft.
Anya’s eyes suddenly turned red when she heard Anjin’s name, and her hands trembled uncontrollably. Her mouth kept repeating, "She won’t help me! She won’t help me! "
"Little master, you …" Winter snow almost cried with fear. Anya’s footsteps were vain. The master and servant could help each other back to their palace.
Winter snow didn’t notice Anya lowered her eyes with a malicious crime.
Xin Yao today wants to find out where she came from. She didn’t mark her. This unique status just gives her this benefit.
Anyone who moves will associate with the queen Anjin.
But this time it happened that the person who gave her the news was not Ann and Jin!
Go back to Yaohua Palace with Dark Two behind them. No one will find her flying speed.
But she brought back the result—
It’s more frustrating!
Xin Yao holds the table with a stiff face
"Anjin handmaiden helped each other back to the palace and it was strange."
Dark two always cherish words like gold and never say much, but Xin Yao thinks the accuracy needs to be examined.
Sure enough, it is not a wise choice for her to take someone who is good at assassination and protection with her as a handmaiden.
She beat her chest!
Jesus Christ!
Why can’t you give her a servant girl who is as delicate, smooth and thoughtful as Daren I and as skilled as Daren II?
Then she would be an enemy!
I’m afraid of a bird queen, the queen mother, if she is a toffee!
But then she still has a fart lady aura.
Xin Yao said to herself, clutching her chest, I am the hostess, I am the hostess, I am the hostess.
Then calm down and analyze the problem