Han Yang’s first display of "every inch" was imprisoned for more than an hour by the dim light of the whole space, but it happened that Zhu Xian, who was unbelieving, was even more miserable, and Han Yang, who was released from imprisonment, waited with him for six hours in vain.

"Why am I always so unlucky, old pig? Why can Qinglong disappear and appear out of thin air? Why do I deserve to be imprisoned by the power of the underworld! " Zhu Xian’s first sentence after lifting the imprisonment was to scold the whole space until his throat was dry.
Although Han Yang is quite funny about this habit of Zhu Xian, it is also strange in his heart that the moment when Qinglong appeared in front of them and suddenly left was also a kind of spatial displacement spell or vitality. Why didn’t he suffer from the force of this space?
Is this the so-called gap in the realm?
"Brother Zhu, look at these six souls in front of us." Because the degree is too slow and Han Yang doesn’t practice to sleep even when walking like Zhu Xian, he has to look around at the surrounding scenery to play time.
But the scenery of the gate of hell is not much better than the road to the grave. The only difference is that there are a few scattered hills.
Zhu Xian was dozing off, and Han Yang’s voice came from her cold ear, but she stumbled when she stumbled on a mound that suddenly rose.
"What … what? What’s wrong? " Zhu Xian suddenly awake look alert to pay attention to all around.
Han Yang looked at Zhu Xian funny and said, "Nothing."
"Nothing. Why did you wake me up?" Zhu Xian grumpily turned their eyes.
Han Yang pointed to the six people who were walking in front of them and said to Zhu Xian, "Brother Zhu, look at the penultimate guy in front of me. I always think he is a little weird, but I can’t say what’s wrong."
Zhu Xian doubtfully touched the soul pointed by Han Yang and asked, "Him?"
Han Yang nods: "That’s him! Brother Zhu, you are now in a trance-like mechanized state without walking here, but this guy’s performance doesn’t look real, but it seems to be deliberately put on. "
"Fake it?" Zhu Xian’s eyebrows a wrinkly motioned Han Yang not to talk. He stepped up a little bit and gradually caught up with the team’s soul within the allowable range of this space.
This group of six souls should look at clothes from the same era, and the age of these six people seems to be almost the same, and they should all be in their thirties. They should have been a person in their prime, but for some reason they actually died on earth.
Zhu Xian looked at these six souls carefully from the end to the end. Although he didn’t have the critical eyes of monkeys who could see through all the disguises, he was able to distinguish the disguises with the feeling of double cultivation of Buddhism and Taoism.
"It’s really weird, but I just think something is wrong with the old pig." Zhu Xian observed the six souls and stopped to wait for Han Yang to come. They walked side by side and exchanged views.
"Brother Zhu can’t see it either?" Han Yang is more curious about the soul that has just betrayed himself.
Zhu Xian shook his head and said, "I’m not a monkey who was tempered by coincidence in the alchemy furnace of Taishang Laojun. I can see through all the disguises in the world … Besides, these souls came from the reincarnation tunnel and were sealed by the reincarnation tunnel. With my current strength, I naturally can’t see their details."
"But what you just said is really weird." Zhu Xian then said, "I don’t know why I always think this boy shouldn’t be here. Moreover, these six people are obviously around the age of 30. According to normal calculations, it is impossible to re-enter the reincarnation at this age. "
Han Yang added: "The clothes and ornaments of these people obviously belong to the same era and probably know each other."
Zhu Xian patted his head and said, "What you said reminds me of one thing."
"Does anything have anything to do with this?" Han Yang asked.
Zhu Xian nods: "There should be a relationship. Because the reincarnation tunnel is in charge of the reincarnation of all living things between heaven and earth, and there are more than hundreds of millions of living things between heaven and earth, Taoist Hongjun put a seal in front of the reincarnation tunnel in order to facilitate the reincarnation of every soul in the Ten Temples. As long as the time interval between deaths in the same city is only six hours, they will be arranged together to enter the reincarnation tunnel. "
Han Yang looked thoughtfully at the six people in front of him and said to himself, "The time interval between deaths in the same city is only six hours, so they will be arranged together … These six people are all in their thirties, and the time interval between deaths in the same city is so short. There must be something strange."
Zhu Xianke didn’t have Han Yang’s patience and said impatiently, "I said, boy, what’s it to you that they died in a strange way?" Remember that we are going to Yaochi Holy Land for business this time, not for sightseeing in the underworld. "
Han Yang said with a smile, "Brother Zhu, don’t worry. I’m here for Xuelin, and there will be no complications. It’s just that I have a hunch that if we can’t solve this problem, it seems to be an obstacle to the road ahead of us. "
"Oh?" Zhu Xian looked doubtfully at the six souls who were walking in front of them, and the strange feeling surged up again, which made him very uncomfortable because he didn’t know why.
"Why do the other five people give us different feelings from this one? What is the problem … "Han Yang gradually lost in thought.
Zhu Xian scratching his head is not his strong suit.
The two men followed the problematic six-person team and continued to walk in the direction of Naiheqiao with turtles.
"It doesn’t make sense. What on earth is this feeling?" Han Yang felt that something was wrong more and more, and he thought more and more that there was something wrong with the combination of the first six people, but he had no idea what the problem was. After all, Han Yang didn’t know these six people.
Zhu Xian watched Han Yang bow his head and ponder for a while and frowned for a while. He couldn’t help but ask, "What did you think of Han Yang?"

Chapter sixty-six Under the bridge (in)
Han Yang looked up with a wry smile and said, "I have no idea at all, but this uneasy feeling is getting stronger and stronger. I have a hunch that if we continue to follow this group of people, something bad will happen to us. "
"bah!" Zhu Xian spat three mouthfuls of saliva on the ground one after another and suddenly put a red light on his eyes. "In this case, simply kill these six souls as a lamb. Anyway, it’s not that you and I haven’t done things that people are physically and mentally destroyed. Then one person will have three … "Zhu Xian made a" click "gesture without extra trouble.
Han Yang looked at Zhu Xian in distress situation and said helplessly, "Brother Zhu, are you sure you can kill people in a state of soul at the gate of hell? Just now, the two of us just used the body art of shrinking into inches and were imprisoned for several hours … "
When I heard Han Yang say this, I thought that I had just been imprisoned by the power of the underworld for nearly seven hours. Zhu Xian, who was originally murderous, also hesitated: "Then why don’t we just change teams and follow?" With that, he pointed to the team of three at the back.
Han Yang thought for a moment and agreed, "It’s better to walk in the Jianghu safely first. We’ll follow those three people and think about why this feeling of something is wrong."
The two men slowed down and waited for the trio to pass by before they followed.
Originally, the degree of the six-person group suddenly showed signs of accelerating, while the degree of the three-person group gradually slowed down.
Han Yang first showed that something was wrong and quickly patted Zhu Xian: "Brother Zhu, you see that their steps were originally the same. Why did they change as soon as they crossed this hill?"
Zhu Xian waved a hand to Han Yang not to get excited and explained slowly: "Because the reincarnation seal blessed by the reincarnation tunnel on these souls is slowly disappearing, which also means that the Naihe Bridge is coming. Whether these souls will enter the underworld, the ghost world or the Mongolian world depends on the moment they step onto the Naihe Bridge. "
Han Yang’s mind suddenly flashed a flash of light and shouted, "I finally understand where that annoying feeling came from!"
Zhu Xian wonders, "Guess so soon?"
Han Yang took Zhu Xian’s hand and led him along the aisle: "Hurry up and catch up with those six people. I finally know why that third guy gave me that strange feeling. In the same city, the interval between deaths is within six hours, and the age is similar … It seems that our luck is really good and we actually met a guy who took it away. "
Zhu Xian followed and shouted, "What Han Yang boy? You mean someone here used the technique of taking possession of her?"
Han Yang nodded: "Yes, but not here but on earth. Remember when I said that the guy in the third soul state gave us a very uncomfortable feeling? This guy used the technique of taking possession of his house in the dead, but I don’t know why the previous five times failed, causing five innocent people to fall into reincarnation, and his own soul may have been detained back to the underworld because he didn’t find a suitable body within the time stipulated by the hell. "
Zhu Xian thought for a moment, then patted his head and said, "No wonder I just felt so uncomfortable! It turned out to be the art of possession … I haven’t seen such a shameless yogi for years, and I almost forgot this skill. "
"However, this technique of taking possession of the house is too sinister. The performer will fall into reincarnation because he destroys the cycle of heaven and forcibly drives the soul of a stranger out of the body. Therefore, he will be doomed every ten years. If he cannot avoid the fate, he will be devastated." Han Yang added, "So no one wants to use this method."
Zhu Xian shook his head and said, "Otherwise, old pig, I probably guessed the identity of that guy … Hey hey, this skill of possession is an old demon of blood river, but it was later learned by outsiders. Those who will use this kind of achievement method will understand their own practitioners unless they are at the end of their tether. "
Han Yang asked, "Self-surrender for soul escape? Who wouldn’t have heard that there was a big battle in the fix-true world? "
"Hey hey you naturally don’t know but I understand the old pig. When we made a scene in the Heavenly Palace that day, the Jade Emperor sent the Eight Immortals down to fix the true world to wipe out the black witch. " Zhu Xian looked at the third person in the group of six and kept sneering.
"A vein of black witches?" After Zhu Xian reminded Han Yang, he remembered that he had to untie the seal of Zhu Xian and not get into trouble at the same time, so the two black witches who were already ready to kill Zhu Xian took the big blame … I didn’t expect the jade emperor to be really malicious!
Fortunately, I found a scapegoat at that time, otherwise … I gave him a sap at that time. The Jade Emperor should not know that he did it himself … Hehe, I should not know …
"Boy, what are you thinking? How come you look so bad! " Zhu Xian gave Han Yang a pat, but the latter got a fright.
"What’s the matter?" Zhu Xian asked doubtfully.
Han Yang gave a quick laugh and laughed: "It’s okay. That jade emperor really loves to hold grudges …"
Zhu Xian pie pie way: "the jade emperor old son? Hum, the face-saving guy doesn’t need to pay attention to him. It’s the old pig who makes trouble in heaven. As long as it’s not Li Er and the Tathagata who come together, I can’t help the old pig. After the old pig and I have achieved Buddhism … Hum, these three guys will know the consequences then. "
Han Yang Khan, the brother Zhu, seems to be more petty than the Jade Emperor.
"Hey, hey, Han Yang, when the soul steps on Naihe Bridge, the seal of reincarnation will be lifted." Zhu Xian looked at the corner of his mouth in front of him with a faint smile. "If that guy really crosses the Naihe Bridge, I’m afraid there will be eighteen layers of hell waiting for him, so he will definitely take risks."
Han Yang wonders, "Is that the 3,000 weak water under Naihe Bridge?"
Zhu Xian shook his head and said, "It’s not a bridge over weak water."? Hehe, I can’t say what kind of old pig is under this Naihe Bridge, because it seems that no one has ever gone down and none of the souls who walked on the Naihe Bridge have fallen. "
Han Yang concluded, "Brother Zhu, do you think that man will jump to the death?"
"Jump? Naihe Bridge? " Zhu Xian really didn’t think about this possibility. What he thought was that the witch king of southern Xinjiang escaped the pursuit of the Eight Immortals with a military solution, but unfortunately he couldn’t find a suitable body. Finally, he was detained in the nether world and took to Naihe Bridge. In the past, it was eighteen layers of hell. With his personality, he would definitely take the opportunity to run back, and all he had to do was kick him when he ran back.