The whole Sun Moon Palace was in chaos.

"Leave, master." Andre frowned and said this very reluctant thing.
The imperial guards who settled Wang Bu’s armor appeared in sight, shouting ShaSheng, shaking their heads and finally saying, "Withdraw."
The King of the Four Monsters didn’t immediately leave the resentment accumulated in his heart. Once there was an opportunity, how could they give up this excellent opportunity? So the whole Sun Moon Palace was shrouded in their attacks. Three-eyed Ghost Tiger’s Magma Flame Wolf King’s Blood Shadow’s Terror Iron Claw Kirin Yunya’s Wind System Attacks the Demon Dragon’s Black Claw’s Terror Force and Huge Body. At that time, the fire was everywhere, and the screams and whines of stones and wood filled the sky were endless …
But no one noticed that just as Yang Tian, Andre and the killer of the twelve constellations left the Sun Moon Palace, the bright white light from the bronze mirror suddenly disappeared, and the frozen object suddenly returned to normal.
A white but dusty hand came out of the ruins, touched it at random twice, grabbed a rafter lying across the ruins, pulled the unkempt and ragged moonlight princess and suddenly stood up from the ruins.
"Had a narrow squeak, but it’s still fine." Princess Moonlight looked at the bronze mirror in her hand and heaved a sigh of relief. This is the Light Mirror, a treasure that makes Sanqing di wang crazy.
There was a crash of rubble. Although it was hidden in the shouts of killing, it was captured by Princess Moonlight because the slight noise was less than one meter behind her ass.
"Who? !” Princess Moonlight turned around fiercely, but she didn’t see who the person behind her was. A stick with a thick arm had been heavily knocked on her head …
For ten days in a row, there was no news from Pang Du and no news from Princess Moonlight. Xiao Wu felt that Xiantao City seemed to be closed.
However, the more such a situation, the more careful and diligent the combat readiness of Xiantao City is. First, under the order of Xiao Wu, almost all of the crude oil, Bailong and Feiluo’s monster beast Batman, were put into the transportation of Black Dragon Pool crude oil. Bags of crude oil were shipped back and filled with storage tanks, and then they were buried in a cellar several meters deep to prepare for the war when the transportation route was cut off. Secondly, the grain used to be only a few hundred people in Xiantao City, but since the addition of a Citigroup, the grain has been relatively tight. Fortunately, Lantiande is familiar with some small towns around the monster beast prairie and personally organized a group of people to purchase food, salt and some daily necessities from Xiantao City around the clock.
At the same time, the training of women soldiers and Citigroup has a new model, that is, the actual combat exercises of the two armies. Before Huo Lie finished the other three "Qin Cannons", "Xu Cannons" and "Fox Cannons" and equipped with enough witchcraft shells, the goblin troops of Landor and Morita could not be equipped with witchcraft, but because of this, the female soldiers in women soldiers had more practical experience against goblin soldiers.
It’s still the same phenomenon. A female soldier in women soldiers can’t beat a goblin soldier in Citigroup, but two hundred goblin soldiers in Citigroup can’t beat eighty female soldiers in women soldiers. In addition, with the strengthening of training, special Dan medicine nourishing and actual combat drills, the female soldiers in women soldiers are not the original group of delicate girl soldiers, but a real female soldier with terrorist capabilities, and their strength, physical flexibility and fighting skills have reached a quite pure realm, which is very rare. Randall and Blita are in pain. Now this group of troops, which were originally composed of ordinary girls, will be able to catch up with the goblin soldiers of Citigroup in a few days …
When you are extremely bored, you miss four proprietresses, and when you feel uncomfortable, Xiao Wu’s best way to relieve the pressure is to personally train the fighting skills of female soldiers in women soldiers.
Originally, the Lord of the monster beast prairie, the commander-in-chief of all local troops in the monster beast prairie personally trained fighting skills, which was a great honor and something to celebrate. But for the female soldiers in women soldiers, such fighting skills training was undoubtedly the time when their tofu was eaten.
Bean timidly stand out "general I … or … don’t come …"
Xiao Wu said stiffly, "You can’t eat today unless you throw me to the ground!"
"Fight!" :.:.
Xiao Wu looked disdainfully at the moment when he jumped in front of him:.: and broke his waist. In fact, compared with the previous high-intensity training and the nourishment of the special Dan medicine refined by Golden Shield Twelve, Wu’s eyes are still too weak and weak.
"Hey, ha! Lie down! " ::: Looking at her with arm in hand and Gherardini.
Wearing tight leather armor: … but exposed a large piece of white tender milk and a deep cleavage under Xiao Wu’s nose. And every time she tried, the two boneless tender meat would hit Xiao Wu’s body, and the original round shape would be squeezed and flattened. And a man has a wonderful feeling of warmth, softness and elasticity.
"Didn’t eat? Try harder! "
"Hey, ha!" In a fit of excitement, a pair of tender breasts on her chest were pressed even more flat, but she still couldn’t move Xiao Wu.
"You, you, you … and oranges. You can’t beat me. You can’t eat today!"
"Sisters, go!" The orange leaped into the air with a stride and somersault and landed firmly on Xiao Wu’s shoulder. His hands also hugged Xiao Wu’s neck very quickly.
All the famous female soldiers rushed to Xiao Wu’s arms, thighs, buttocks and arms. The whole scene was very romantic and chaotic.
It’s like grinding soybean milk with beans until the girls are tired of glittering and translucent sweat drops on their foreheads and skin, but Xiao Wu still won’t fall down.
Two more pushes:.: |
Shaw five hurriedly bowed their heads and oranges and several female soldiers immediately seized the opportunity. Four hugging thighs and four pushing bottoms fiercely overturned General Shaw, who was looking at the crotch, on the ground.
The female soldiers in women soldiers suddenly burst into laughter.
Xiao Wu skidded to get up from the ground and was thinking of another idea. When he tried again, the tiger force lieutenant of Citigroup quickly ran into the training ground.
"Your great general came from the northwest corner of Xiantao City, and a caravan of great demon countries was led by Yan Rusong. Please show him how to deal with it." Xiao Wu’s heart is as strict as loose. What are you doing in Xiantao City?

Chapter one hundred and ninety-four The battle for the door
After a person betrayed a person, he would never do business with that person again because he had lost trust, but Yan Rusong did it and did it so openly.
Ever-changing venerable sir took a copy of Xiao Wu’s autographed commercial writing, but Yan Rusong’s caravan appeared in this sensitive time period, and Xiao Wu was still a little unknown so, and there was a sense of foreboding.
Boarding the Golden Shield of Chengtou Twelve, Feiluo and Bailong accompanied Xiao Wu to look out and saw a huge caravan with thousands of people coming from the northwest corner of Xiantao City. The caravan from the Great Demon Kingdom is naturally dominated by goblins, but in addition to this more than 1,000 goblins, this caravan is impressively carrying 3,000 or 4,000 monster beasts responsible for carrying goods.
Xiao five frown up "is this a caravan? I think it’s like an advance force engaged in sneak attack. "
Bailong said: "Those monsters are probably the foolish loyalty of the eight-armed ape and the armored crocodile. I don’t have that kind of violent spirit with Feiluo’s monster soldier."
The caravan stopped in an open area a mile away. Yan Rusong rode slowly on a white horse, and his adopted son Yunbao and adopted daughter Yan Xiaoyu followed him left and right. Yan Xiaoyu is riding a horse with a red date, while the clouded leopard is simply running. He is also fighting against a long wooden box on his shoulder, which is no less than Yan Rusong and Yan Xiaoyu on horseback.
"What will be in that wooden box?" Xiao Wu asked thoughtfully.
Jin Dun’s twelve doubts: "It’s reasonable that Yan Rusong may send expensive gifts for the purpose of showing kindness. Most of the wooden boxes are filled with gifts, right?"
In a moment, Yan Rusong, the clouded leopard and Yan Xiaoyu came to the wall. Once betrayed on his face as if he had never been born, it was as indifferent and smiling as ever. Yan Xiaoyu is still beautiful and refined, and her black eyes are very vivid. The girl with amnesia did not show a strange expression, and she was indifferent and calm, and there was no sign of restoring her memory.
"Xiao’s adult hasn’t seen you for a long time. Hope you are well." Yan Rusong reined in. Say hello loudly.
Xiao Wu said, "Good luck. Not dead. "
Yan Rusong said with a smile: "Some things are just like the surging river, which always flows away. Our friendship will become stronger after many setbacks, Lord Xiao. Do you think so? "
Xiao Wuxin said, "I’m afraid it’s not that easy?"
"why?" Yan Rusong is ha ha a smile "so let the distant guests stand under the wall to talk? This time, I am sincerely doing business with Lord Xiao. I brought not only friendship and sincerity, but also 10 million pieces of fine iron like mountains. "
"Boss" Fei Luo mused, "You can let them in as long as you don’t let them out as soon as you come in. If it’s wrong … click!"
As far as Yan Rusong, the clouded leopard and Yan Xiaoyu are concerned, their abilities add up to be no match for the Golden Shield Twelve. There really won’t be any problems. After thinking for a moment, Xiao Wu nodded "Open the city gate."
A string of "quack" noises made of pure iron and engraved with the mantra of the protection circle slowly opened the city gate.