"It’s okay." Cat Ear Niang waved her hand. "The fixed team will be fixed again. Every time there are not so many people who can’t come, you just need to be short."

Mao Erniang didn’t speak again, and Zuo Tangtang also cooperated to keep quiet and figure it out by himself.
With a change of mind, she can also think clearly about the reasons.
With the step by step into the general battlefield, everyone, even this person, once disdained to watch this competition again, but now he can’t help but get nervous. Fighting is now the glory of their district. It can be said that every step must be cautious and cautious. Sometimes a small mistake in the command is likely to stop all their honors from here.
Zuo Tangtang is also common in some scenes in the game. For example, when the major leagues will kill each other, the commanders will argue with each other, or when they are defeated, they will shirk each other. At such a sensitive time as the cross-sect war, the team has to be at odds with each other. It is for this reason that Zuo Tangtang still remembers that at that time, Cat Ear befriended the root gate every day, but later I don’t know why, and the matter of choosing the commander-in-chief has not been implemented. Instead, now the three major forces are fighting together.
But because of this, some rules are even more to be observed.
Don’t give others the lie.
"Cat, don’t worry, I will never give you any trouble!"
I figured out that Zuo Tangtang had a sincere face and swore an oath.
But when I heard this, Cat Ear Niang and Pikachu kept silent and didn’t comment on it.
There are still three hours before the cross-sectarian war. Zuo Tangtang is still wondering whether to go out for dinner with Su Orange. To her surprise, all the teams are ready to merge.
"How so early? Can’t you go to eat? " Zuo Tangtang asked in surprise
As soon as the words fell, I heard Pikachu’s careless keyboard, and as soon as the mouse fell, it was full of easy calls "Go to dinner!"
"Hey, isn’t this a combination?" She quickly asked if the other party had already stopped ringing and was eating. Pikachu’s action was more agile than making money.
Fortunately, Mao Erniang explained to her that it was a meal, so let her rest assured to eat even if she didn’t eat for two hours. Just come back before the sect war, but now she has to join the team first and can’t find anyone then.
Think about the current situation. Zuo Tangtang guessed that if the name would be called again like the boss before the sect war, after all, this moment can’t be an accident.
The appearance of the Flower Palace can be said to have changed in a week. She hasn’t played many games all the time. This time, she accepted the invitation of Cat Ear Niang to form a team and went in to have a look. She didn’t know more than half of the people in the Flower Palace team. It seems that many of them are new and familiar, and some of them intersect well.
It’s been almost two or three months since the Erhua Palace started. Except for the idea of rushing to start with the hope of the April 1st like her, the rest of the judges weakened and many people left every day.
Zuo Tangtang sighed with some regret at the bottom of his heart. That’s how the game is. It’s just a moment to laugh with you and play with people.
"Hoof hooves! There you are! "
Xiong Dada is very affectionate when he just joined the league.
"Yes, I haven’t thought about it for a long time recently, so I came."
Deliberately ignored a group of new people muttering about who she was and how she got into the fixed team. Zuo Tangtang cheered up and smiled and accompanied Xiong Dada for a while, then told him not to hang up for dinner first.
It was before she left that Cat Ear Niang suddenly remembered and spoke, but it made her mind calm. She was a bit uneasy.
There is a name in the sword.
After they discussed it together, Cat Ear Niang seriously suggested that there might be someone in the Black Wind Village who could not be trusted. I have to say that she almost heard this at that time, and a moment of disgust flooded her heart.
She hates betrayal.
She doesn’t want to guess and suspect that one or several of the people who fight with each other laughing and teasing in Heifeng Village every day are hypocritical.
However, as Cat Ear Niang said, Jian Ming can be so sure to go to her when she is in contact with others instead of kelp, which proves that someone has leaked this extremely secret personal matter, and even the soy sauce makers are not very clear about it, but she is well known to Mingjiange and others for looking for kelp to practice.
It is reasonable to know that she and everyone in Heifeng Village have doubts about the law of kelp life.
But just as she slowly accepted this unacceptable fact, now the cat ear mother told her that the people in Heifeng Village had observed it all over, and it was nothing serious, but the real problem might be the flower transfer palace.
It can be said that one breath has not been completely released, and another breath has risen again.
Feeling gratified is yelling at each other together, "Who didn’t return how many pills he received when he played boss one day!" "Who was hacked into a weapon at Suzhou Station one day?" Comrades were not betrayed, but they were sad to hear the statement of MaoErNian. She also clearly knew that she had to practice changing the number on her line regularly. There were also Shifan Palace and Heifeng Village who knew that MaoErNian must have done a very careful screening now, so it was certain that the Shifan Palace people must have confirmed it this time.
While eating, Zuo Tangtang was still willing to delude himself into believing that the news revealed to Jian Ming was not that she got along well in the Flower Palace, but that she was probably some new people.
She never pays attention to these conversations with Hua Gong’s sisters at ordinary times, and she is always too lazy to chat privately. Instead, she said on the power channel that maybe some people with a heart saw it before going out.
She tried her best to comfort herself in her heart, but later the truth was quite face-to-face, telling her that all this was just what she wanted to do.
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[5. Chapter five hundred and nine Sucks …]
Zuo Tangtang arrived at the gate of Suzhou early in the morning.
I didn’t go back to the Flower Transplant Palace after listening to the instructions of Cat Ear Niang, but I came here half an hour ago.
In the days when she has no games, it seems that she has formed a habit on Saturday night-the three major forces will gather here before the war and wait for the compilation.
There is no challenge, no hunting, and no peddler Zuo Tangtang shouting random light. It’s the first time to see this appearance at Suzhou City Gate, but it’s quiet, and it’s hard to say that some seemingly familiar teammates or influential people have already gathered in twos and threes to play and laugh while waiting.
Zuo Tangtang realized that he was going to a remote place and decided to fly the ladder to the city wall to wait. As a result, he didn’t expect the city wall to be full of people.
It’s pineapple slush and them.
Zuo Tangtang recognized it at a glance.
But she didn’t say "hello" but turned and walked into it-pineapple slush, a famous girl around them, was that she knew what tomato Kebick didn’t know, and she was somewhat unwilling and didn’t want to talk to her, so she simply didn’t go.
Where’s Cat Ear Niang? Then she went to the United front channel again, saying that she wanted to wait here for them to move to the Flower Palace first, but she wanted volunteers to participate in the war. Pikachu didn’t know which map she went to to collect herbs, and she wanted to try to sell it again before the battle.
Alas, Zuo Tangtang is depressed and sighing. It seems that you can’t count on these two people to listen to Pikachu’s nagging, saying that she hasn’t seen kelp halfway back yet. There are not many Heifengzhai channels, and then she jumped back to the United Front Channel to command the United Front. Even at this time, she is more tired than taking a gang.
"Little hoof! Little hoof! " Pikachu suddenly got louder.
"Hey, hey!" Be scared by this rush to shout, Zuo Tangtang hurriedly withdrew his mind and asked.
"Hey hey old!" While talking, I saw a figure turn over at the other end of the wall. At first glance, it was Pikachu who aimed at her with something I don’t know. After that, it was full of celebrations and came running.
"… come here, come here, come here, come here, come here, come here, come here, come here, come here." Zuo Tangtang’s pie mouth is quite dissatisfied with Pikachu’s surprise.
"Hey, hey, little hoof, you don’t know that the group of two people are just like suckers." Pikachu’s rare generosity doesn’t care about Zuo Tangtang’s words, which one is full of pleasure. "I always ask the group of people, and I say that these ten Dan, three, two, one, twelve, three, which one do you come to? The result … "
"How can this be twelve or three?" Zuo Tangtang couldn’t help interrupting "… Wait, they didn’t really buy it, did they?"
"Little hoof, you listen to me! Alas, I always say it carelessly, and as a result, this group of people have been thinking for a long time and finally want to buy 12 ounces. "Speaking of which, Pikachu can’t help grinning when he gets into the eyes of money." Anyway, the old monster kelp makes me make a big promotion in Heifeng Village every day, so I almost lost this eye. If the suckers want to buy it, of course they can make a fortune! Anyway, always making medicine is the first day! “
In the end, Pikachu was shameless and walked over and boasted about the expansion, which caused Zuo Tangtang’s heart to despise.
Zuo Tangtang felt something was wrong when he didn’t come to spit. He looked at the silver Pikaqiu in his package and basked in it triumphantly. He slowly moved his sight behind him, only to find that the people who were talking and laughing in the city wall didn’t know when to speak straight. It seems that even the acquaintances of Peach Blossom Island, such as pineapple, snow and mud, looked at him. This posture could not help blushing across the screen.
"Peat Pikachu, can you grow a little brain!" In crooked show will not be heard Zuo Tangtang but also lowered his voice because of his guilty conscience and growled at Pikachu.
"Why me! Aunt! What happened suddenly? " Pikachu, who had been enjoying himself for half a day, protested discontentedly at this interruption.
"Look at the nearby channels yourself!" Didn’t good the spirit answer.
"How … ouch, I’m going, I’m going, I’m going, I’m finished." Pikachu himself found the problem just now. He was talking to Zuo Tangtang, and others couldn’t hear him, so nothing happened. It happened that he died and sent all the money he had earned to a nearby channel. The most tragic thing was that he also wrote the word "suckers" in front of the income and expenditure.
That’s great. Should I see it? Should I see it?
Although it is also a wall distance, who can guarantee that the person who has just been slaughtered by him will not be seen? Who can guarantee that in less than half an hour before the war, they will come to him and settle accounts with him?