Everyone’s heart jumped and thought of this possibility at the same time

At this moment, they saw the Great Devil leaping like a big cat and flicker into the back of the half wall to be continued.
Chapter 94 By a mile.
What a treasure chest?
Although they are not sure, they are convinced that there must be something behind the big devil when they see his actions.
Cheyenne waited so long just waiting for the guardian of Fashen to leave the wall. He just took the opportunity to jump into the other side of the wall and reach the side of the treasure chest. His hand touched the treasure chest.
When the treasure chest is opened, Cheyenne is still reading the progress bar. The guardian of the Dharma God suddenly patrolled over there, and the number reached three. The mage raised his hand and it was an icy inflammation. battlemage war spear rushed over as soon as he put it. The war spear collided with Cheyenne’s body, and it would interrupt the treasure chest opening. He knew that if he wanted to open the treasure chest again, he could not come and gave up decisively in the middle of the treasure chest opening.
Cheyenne was forced to interrupt the opening of the treasure chest and did not jump out of the wall. Instead, he met battlemage and went forward. When he arrived in front of battlemage, he suddenly fell short and rolled, escaped the impact of battlemage war spear and killed the ice and fire mage as quickly as possible.
The most troublesome of the three guardians of the law gods is the ice and fire mage, who can attack Cheyenne from a distance, and some of his attack skills, such as ice hammer skills, can interrupt Cheyenne to open the treasure chest. Of course, battlemage also has interrupt skills, but Cheyenne has gold, silver and Xiong Wan to entangle battlemage at close range.
Shadow mage pays more attention to the ability to live, and the influence on Cheyenne is not so great at this time.
Battlemage’s figure turned and followed Cheyenne to the rear. Their primary purpose was to kill the invaders rather than guard the treasure chest. Cheyenne easily attracted battlemage.
That’s exactly what Cheyenne wants. If he takes these guardians from the treasure chest, he will naturally have more time to open the treasure chest. But when Cheyenne is close to the ice and fire mage, he finds that there are still five guardians patrolling nearby. If those guardians are mobilized again, Cheyenne will run for his life.
The guardians of dharma gods are superior in strength. They are equivalent to the level of first-class players at level 30. They have the skills of mage class at level 30, and even some skills are completed through player dharma.
In the face of this strength, Cheyenne can easily deal with three more, and he will be able to dodge and fight back. However, Cheyenne’s ultimate goal is not to kill these guardians of the gods, but to create a treasure chest, which is relatively much easier.
Cheyenne raised his hand and summoned the gold and silver bear when he approached the ice and fire mage, and then three bones and skeletons appeared. At the same time, he stormed the ice and fire mage and even ignored the shadow mage’s attack on him
At this time, battlemage finally rushed over to join the melee.
The battle lasted for three minutes, and Cheyenne was attacked by three wizards, leaving ten bones and skeletons, but he finally took the ice and fire mage.
Resurrection of corpse
The ice and fire mage got up again, but it has become a chess game of Cheyenne. The main target was the shadow mage, and the gold and silver bear tried its best to stop battlemage.
When Cheyenne finally won the prize, he jumped out of the battle circle and went to the treasure chest as quickly as possible. At this time, Cheyenne also saw the small pretty girl and Yun Xiaotong in the team over there rushing towards the broken wall, and the two of them showed a trademark smile and bent down to lay a frozen trap five steps away from the treasure chest. Cheyenne squatted down to open the treasure chest.
The progress bar is slowly progressing again.
Xiao Man Niu Yun Xiaotong, two people near the broken wall, see the big devil squatting on the ground to open the treasure chest. They are all envious and jealous. The value of this gold treasure chest is self-evident.
I’m afraid this product has already found the treasure chest, right? When they think of the Great Devil coming here, they can’t wait to look. The speculation in their hearts is so hidden. If it is not close to this broken wall, it is hard to find that he can actually see it.
Battlemage over there finally got rid of the gold and silver bear’s desperate entanglement with war spear. Just like stepping on a rocket, he rushed towards Cheyenne to see the situation. There should be an accelerated dazzling pattern, and war spear is extraordinary. It is battlemage’s 30-level skill. war spear’s heart stab will have a floating effect if it is picked. The opening progress of Na Xia’s treasure chest will definitely be interrupted!
If it’s in a formal battle, Yun Xiaotong, the little savage girl, will naturally stop the blow for the big devil, but it’s a personal trip for the big devil to open the treasure chest when it’s a free activity at the moment. It’s enough for them to help them finish.
Yun Xiaotong, a little girl, shows a good look. They are helpful and helpful. At this moment, they will never talk big, and they also want to see what the big devil will do.
Battlemage rampaged near his hand, and the sharp tip of war spear was on the verge of falling on the big devil’s body. Suddenly, a circle of frost spread and battlemage was firmly nailed in place.
At this time, the spear tip is less than a centimeter away from the back of the Great Devil.
This is a real difference.
Xiao Man Niu and Yun Xiaotong are so calm in their hearts. Did the Great Devil already expect this situation or was he lucky enough?
Must be good luck! Xiao Man Niu and Yun Xiaotong discussed at the same time that the difference between the backs of the war spear Devil is absolutely not more than one centimeter. Can people really calculate so accurately?
On the other side of the shadow mage figure suddenly disappeared instantaneous also came to battlemage!
Change shape and shadow!
Shadow mage’s level 30 signboard skill is also the shadow mage’s self-protection key skill. Then the guardian of the dharma god came out at this time not to escape but to get close to the target as soon as possible.
Battlemage is sealed by a frozen trap, so there is no need to worry about it. But after all, if there is a frozen trap, what means will there be to save your life?
Shadow mage’s first attack choice is not direct attack, but through illusion. After it appeared beside battlemage, even though it was a few steps away from Cheyenne, it still summoned an illusion to attack Cheyenne.
Damn it, it’s so close that you still have a hair illusion. Just hit him and you won’t be able to open the treasure chest! Xiao Man Niu and Yun Xiaotong are secretly worried, but the Shadow Master can’t hear them. Its goal is to destroy the enemy in front of them. It loyally follows its own attack method and summons the illusion.
Immediately after the illusion appeared, he rushed to Cheyenne’s hand, lifted the weapon high, and then fell to Cheyenne, who still turned his back on the two guardians of the French god. To be continued.
Chapter 95 Extreme Materials
Haha, this product can’t open the treasure chest! Xiao Man Niu and Yun Xiaotong have a happy look at each other at the same time, and when the big devil asks for help, they can naturally open the treasure chest before.
In the game, players have some unwritten rules that teammates must never get their hands on others to find treasures unless they take the initiative to ask for help, except for some celebrities who don’t care.
Xiao Man Niu and Yun Xiaotong are also gods. The golden treasure chest is valuable, but compared with their own names, they will never do such bad things as robbing the treasure chest.
Seeing that the phantom attack is about to fall, Cheyenne suddenly appeared in one hand, and raised his hand and picked it back to just stab the phantom weapon.
Did you fail?
Xiao Man Niu and Yun Xiaotong obviously don’t care if the big devil lives or dies. They want to know if the big devil is forced to interrupt the opening of the treasure chest, but when they look at the corner treasure chest, they find that there is already one thing there!
The big devil actually opened the box successfully!
Damn it, it’s only a second away! Xiao Man Niu and Yun Xiaotong feel sorry for each other. If the Shadow Master didn’t create an illusion first and attack the Great Devil directly, he would surely fail!
Cheyenne ha ha a smile arch one’s back after seeing the illusion and shadow mage figure crossed the residual wall and came to Xiao Man Niu and Yun Xiaotong.
"How is it? Is it very exciting?" Cheyenne smilingly asked
The big demon king’s expression fell on Xiao Man Niu and Yun Xiaotong’s eyes, but it seemed as if he was laughing at their differences.
"How dare we shoot without permission if you don’t open your mouth?" Small pretty girl sarcastically said a turn away YunXiaoTong saw the big devil eyes rested on him and glared at the big devil, also lift my feet to leave.
"Just go? Don’t you want to know what I got? " Cheyenne let two people lag at the same time. They really wanted to ask just now, but now if they take the initiative to speak, wouldn’t it make the big devil proud again?
Xiaoman Niu and Yun Xiaotong kept returning to the team.
Xia Anxin smiled and looked at the package and just got a quivering shadow. I didn’t expect that the gold treasure chest turned out to be a rare material "shadow heart", which is the core material for creating the shadow mage’s skill of changing shapes and changing shadows!
This thing is absolutely valuable for battlemage and the ice and fire mage, because if they want to have the signature skill of the shadow mage, they can create it themselves and this material method replaces it.
Although each profession has three talents to grow, but the skills are accessible, those methods need to be created by the players themselves by acquiring skills, and the shadow mage’s transformation is definitely a skill that all wizards dream of!
It is more flexible than the warrior’s magical surprise attack, but it is a non-mage player with professional restrictions and can’t have this skill in Cheyenne’s plan. Now that he has the core materials, it is only a matter of time before he has it.
Cheyenne got the impression that even if he got the last one, glad you came definitely earned a new look, which can maximize Cheyenne’s mobility and greatly increase his deterrence.
However, Cheyenne hasn’t given up his desire for flashing surprise, which is more valuable than attacking and defending skills, especially in the league, which can change the war situation at a critical moment, but the flashing surprise materials need to be collected slowly