"Bold, Xianji mansion, don’t you know that you can only enter from the main entrance on the ground! !”

The following immediately someone drink scold, momentum is quite enough.
It can be said that the Xianji Mansion in the whole celestial realm was opened by five giants and twenty-seven sects. Will Xiao Wen be afraid, and throw it down at an undiminished speed? At the same time, he said, "I am Xiao Wen, a second-generation disciple of Ming Jianzong. Which clan is in charge of the Xianji Mansion in Linyue City?"
"ah! It turned out to be the immortal leader of Ming Jianzong! Xianji House in this city is under the jurisdiction of Cangyue Sect and Fengshen Gate. I wonder what Xianchang is doing here and there at night? "
The following two guards suddenly changed their faces and asked respectfully.
Jade behind Xiao Wen has been listening to Xiao Wen saying that Ming Jianzong is the clan of Ming Jianzong, but she has never remembered what Ming Jianzong is. At the moment, the tone of the two guards has changed so much that Jade suddenly reacts. Isn’t Ming Jianzong one of the 27 cases? It seems to be ranked fifth!
Twenty-seven cases, what kind of existence is that?
It is said that the sky is high and the emperor is far away. For an ordinary people, 27 cases really exist like emperors …
Now, Xiao Wen, the Ming Jianzong, has been chasing traffickers with her all night, just to save her daughter …
She witnessed Xiao Wen’s battle of wits and wits with the traffickers, fighting head-on. She didn’t regard her as a complete stranger at all, but more like his relatives …
Moreover, he also called a "jade elder sister", so sincere …
Jade’s tears suddenly stopped and flowed silently.
At this moment, although she hasn’t seen her daughter yet, she is very sure that Xiao Wen will help her save her daughter.
Then, an unexpected situation appeared. Once they got close, the two guards saw Xiao Wen’s appearance. How could they be the second-generation disciples of Ming Jianzong, so young?
"Xiao Xianchang, can you show me your identity token?" A guard who looks like an operator walked over and asked.
Xiao Wen directly took out the identity token of Ming Jianzong’s second-generation disciple and threw it at the other party. He hurriedly said, "I don’t have time to talk with you. I chased the trafficker all the way here. Did Xianji House in this city just catch a trafficker?"
"The two of us are only patrolling the government, and we have never heard of catching traffickers."
"Well, who will take me to the inspection office of our government and have a look there?"
At this time, the slick guard had verified that the identity token was correct, and returned it to Xiao Wen with his hands holding the token. He added, "Take the immortal with you, little one."
"Ok, thanks a lot."
PS: Do these two chapters feel that Xiao Wen is upright? I don’t know why, in recent years, there have been fewer and fewer such characters in online novels. Alas, I miss the aboveboard characters like Qiao Feng in "Eight Dragons".

Chapter two hundred and thirty-one The snare
The Xianji Mansion near Yuecheng is not small, but at the urging of Xiao Wen, the guard walked quickly when leading the way, and in a moment he arrived at the inspection institute.
Xiao Wen stared at the five ghosts all the way. Although the direction is not as clear as it is in the wilderness, it can be seen that Qiaoer’s breath here is really strong, so he thinks that the trafficker may have been caught by the government’s procuratorate. In this way, naturally saved his event.
The guard went in to leave, while Xiao Wen waited outside the door with xìng, and at the same time comforted Jade and the little fat man not to be afraid. Qiaoer might have been all right.
Soon several people hurried out of the lobby. First, a thin official in his forties bowed to Xiao Wen and asked, "Is this Xiao Xianchang of Ming Jianzong?"
"I’m sorry, I’m asking Xiao Ming, the sword Sect, to chase a trafficker here, and dare to ask if our government has just caught a prisoner?"
The official, Shen Se, was rather dignified, but he really looked like a case handler. He asked Xiao, "We did catch several prisoners tonight. This is a serious matter. Please ask Xiao Xianchang to come with me to identify them."
"good!" Xiao asked to nod.
Then the official hurried to the hall with Xiao Wen, Jade and Xiao Pang, passed the lobby, went out of the door, turned several corners, and finally came to a place that looked like a prison. At first glance, the building has extremely thick walls and no decoration outside, but it can really shock people.
At this time, the official has introduced himself to Xiao Wen. His surname is Jia Mingfang, but he is a supervisor of the Xianjifu Inspection Institute in our city. Jia Fang took people to the door of the prison, and a few words made people open the door. Then directly with xiao asked and others went in.
"Xiao Xianchang, all the people caught today are locked up here. Let’s go and have a look." Jia Fang pointed to a long corridor.
"Well, just look at what you caught tonight."
"It’s all here."
Jia Fang led the way before, and when he entered the corridor, he could see that there were all identical cells on both sides, and the prison door was sealed with iron bars, so he could clearly see who was locked inside.
Not even a few people. Xiao asked some anxiety, and simply took five ghosts to attract him, only to find that the kid above was dim again.
But it’s all here. We must read the prisoners first. Maybe the trafficker has really been locked up here.
After reading them one by one, I finally finished reading them. No!
Xiao Wen could hold back, but Jade couldn’t help it, and she was so anxious that she cried. "How could it not be, Qiaoer …"
"Sister Jade, don’t worry." Xiao asked to appease Cuiyu, and then turned to Jia Fang. He asked urgently, "Jia Jiansi, are all the prisoners caught today here?"
"Will it be because of other circumstances. Our government has locked the prisoner caught tonight somewhere else? "
Jia Fang was startled, and then said, "It’s also possible that all the prisoners in our house are here. If Xiao Xianchang is not at ease, just look at them all."
"Thanks a lot. This way. I’ll take you, and the two of us will go first, which will be faster. "
Xiao Wen didn’t want to waste more time here, so he grabbed Jia Fang’s arm when talking, and then the fire yuan mounted Guanghua and flew out directly on the ground.
There are not many prisoners in this cell. Xiao asked quickly, convinced that there was no human trafficker.
The problem came out. Before that, he clearly confirmed that Qiaoer was in this fairy house, so he was almost sure that the trafficker was here, but there was no prison. Where else could the trafficker be?
"Jia Jiansi, is it possible that there are prisoners outside the prison who are being interrogated?"
"At this time, there will definitely be no prisoners outside the prison. The trial and training are all in the daytime."
"Ok, thanks a lot." Xiao asked and frowned, thinking about what was going on.
At this time, Jia Fang also said doubtfully: "Xiao Xianchang, you said that the trafficker entered Xianji House. Did you ever see it with your own eyes?"
"Will it fall into his trap?" Jia Fang first looked at the expression of Xiao Wen, and this just got the nerve to say.
"That’s what I thought …" Xiao asked generously to admit it, and then thought about it for a few times. Suddenly he looked up and said, "It’s still important to save people. The matter of traffickers is put aside for the time being. I think that Qiaoer who was abducted is still very likely to be in this house."
"Good, then let’s go out first."
Joined the jade and little fatty, Xiao asked and others immediately out of the cell, Xiao asked and took out five ghosts, obviously can feel the breath of QiaoEr here is much weaker than before.
"I’ll go up and have a look!"
After leaving this sentence, Xiao asked directly to the sky and quickly flew around Xianji House for two laps.
Once again, he confirmed that Qiaoer’s eight achievements have been made in this fairy mansion, but its breath is rapidly fading, which is obviously abnormal!
Don’t, QiaoEr just according to? !
The more urgent the situation, the more calm Xiao asked, and he had to be calm now!
In fact, he has guessed several possibilities, but none of them is beneficial to him. The trafficker may be hiding in Xianji House; May also be passed here before, just left QiaoEr; It may also be that the traffickers didn’t come at all, and Qiaoer was handed over to others outside Xianji House, and Qiaoer was brought here by others …