The lines on both sides reached the middle road again, and a set of three-level Aishi WEQ was consumed in Yasuo’s body. When Yasuo released W, it took e seconds. A soldier slipped to the side, but escaped the shadow and Zun. Two QEs just triggered Yasuo’s passivity. At this time, Yasuo was still full of blood medicine and didn’t knock a bottle of Aishi, which was previously consumed by Yasuo’s hurricane. Yasuo e came to AQ once, and Yasuo e left, and Aishi had already taken the lead in knocking a bottle of red.

Chapter 197 Pseudo-Middle Road Kill God
Two people have stumbled all the way to Level 5, and they are still full of blood. Yasuo has knocked two bottles of red Aishi and has knocked four bottles of red.
What do you think? The right line is opposite. Aishi has always been in a passive situation.
Both sides of the line are in the middle of the road, and there are two long-range soldiers left on both sides of the river opposite Yasuo. Unfortunately, Aishi WEQ hit one set, hit two marks of blood, and now the shield is not full and broken, and there is no drug abuse, which probably loses four points and one blood.
And Aishi is still full of blood opposite Yasuo. Now there is a hurricane in his hand, and Aishi’s two remote soldiers also have a residual blood.
Opposite Yasuo, at this time, E residual blood soldier successfully took the residual blood soldier away, and at the same time, Q skill in his hand was released, and a hurricane quickly flew towards Aishi.
Aishi reacted quickly and seized this opportunity when the wind was about to reach himself. In the second, WEW successfully escaped Yasuo’s hurricane. At the same time, the second section of W arrived at Yasuo’s side, and the extra effect of the previous E skill also slowed Yasuo down. At the moment, it was chasing Yasuo’s ass and outputting wildly.
Opposite Yasuo, he didn’t panic at all. AQE directly pulled Aishi, another remote soldier, E. At this time, Yasuo had two-thirds of blood and Aishi had three-quarters of blood.
At this time, a new wave of lines has reached the opposite side and Aishi’s side at the same time. Aishi chased Yasuo opposite. Yasuo immediately turned back and pulled the distance again. As soon as Aishi hit a hurricane, he was passive, and then E Aishi returned to his own line. At this time, Aishi was not good at chasing again. After all, the E deceleration effect had disappeared and there were lines on both sides.
However, it seems that Yasuo refused to miss this opportunity. He e-turned Aishi’s new springboard and returned to Aishi’s side. He ignited Aishi’s point and released Q skills. He successfully hit Aishi in the middle and was hit by Yasuo A twice. After landing, Aishi’s blood volume was less than half.
Aishi panicked. She didn’t have W skills, but Q skills and E skills. At this time, she actually chose to fight Yasuo, hurriedly releasing E skills and Q skills and igniting Yasuo.
Opposite Yasuo immediately released the wind wall at this time to successfully block Aishi Q skills, and then E soldiers pulled away and at the same time lit up the shield passively.
Subtracting the CD rune E skill base is equivalent to Yasuo E coming and going to Aishi in a blink of an eye. Yasuo’s details are well done, and Yasuo’s Q skills and E skills can be reset. Yasuo’s AQA Aishi blood volume has been miserable before Aishi.
Aishnai handed over the flash in the tower, and Yasuo followed the flash for an example. After waiting for a QCDA, Aishi successfully took Aishi away with a Q skill and got a blood.
This Yasuo has no advantage, that is, from the two remote soldiers on both sides, he tricked Aishi into creating a new wave of small soldier lines on both sides, such as W, and then he benefited from his e-skills, high mobility and W-wind wall blocking Q-skills to compete with Aishi. This Yasuo’s idea of fighting and killing is stronger than Aishi’s in this SOLO, and Aishi lost well.
"Wow, I seem to have won the professional player!" Immediately after Hernan won, he turned to Aishi and laughed.
"Two wins in three games!" Aishi is full of anger.
"Hee hee, forget it. I won a professional player once, and I’m content to play for a year. It seems that I can also play professionally!" Ainan gloated and said
Ai Shi hated tooth itch and said angrily, "What’s the big deal about winning a game! Come again if something happens! "
Hernan shook his head and smiled. "Forget it. I’m still an amateur and I don’t want to come again."
Ai Ge couldn’t understand what happened until Aishi lost, and his face didn’t look good with him.
"Shall I fight you?" I smiles to say
Hernan focus on my here xi xi laughs "sister lost in brother-in-law? Yeah, come on! I am willing to SOLO with my brother-in-law. "
Aishi threw her eyes at me, and I gave Aishi a comforting smile.
According to the truth, Aishi should not lose to this small place. Aishi’s ability is very strong. If this level is put into the king’s bureau, there are also those who specialize in the top middle road to win Aishi. She will lose because of her mentality.
I was a little distracted when I hit the middle of the road. How can I win people in this state, like just now, don’t talk about the details of the line. Ai Shi should be sure to reach the sixth level of Yasuo, that is, two lives will die.
Rob to level 6 can be said that the position has risen to a higher level. Kuang Yasuo hasn’t been weak yet. How to kill Ai Shi is just impatient. He was ridiculed by this little level 5 and wanted to fuck others. It’s strange that he was crushed by a wave of IQ.
I asked Hernan, "How about taking the robbery or Yasuo for both of us?"
I have fewer heroes in the middle road. Compared with five positions, I will not be the middle road at all.
But this doesn’t mean that I’m not weak, but whether I play in a middle road in a high-end bureau depends on his grasp of rhythm and the output of playing in the middle road. I’m definitely not as good as those who specialize in middle road. I don’t know the output when I play in the middle road.
But for some special heroes, I am very strong in the details of the middle line. I think that when I played DOA, my ability to play in the middle line was particularly strong. To say that LOL middle line exercise is much weaker than DOA. In LOL, it is no problem for me to play in the middle line.
There are very few remote AP output bases in my hero pool. I can’t know all about AD or AP melee assassin heroes, such as Acali who robbed Yasuo Xiaoyu. These heroes are very slippery for me to play.
"Are we both robbed?" Hernan frivolous laughed
It seems that this little boy is trying to teach me how to play robbery.
Robbery is the strongest hero in my middle road. No one loses when I play robbery theory. Even for some kings, I often explode the opposite situation. The disadvantage of my robbery is that playing soy sauce GANK sleepwalks on the line is first-class and strong.
"OK, then it’s over." I grinned.
Ai Shi looked worried behind me and whispered in my ear, "Wang Tong, you play in the middle … is this … ok?"
I smiled at Aishi. "Don’t worry, if I play 5V5, I won’t be able to play SOLO when I’m walking. I’m good. Just watch."
Aishi still has a worried face.
"Don’t believe me? Do you still want me to take you and force you to fly? " I asked with a slight frown
Aishi finally smiled and said, "Okay, I believe you. Have fun."
"Brother-in-law chose a hero!" Hernan would have chosen a hero and urged me.
"You watch and play first." I quickly put the pointer on the robbery head and chose robbery.
Flash ignition on both sides.
I’m still on the blue side.
I think that if the wind was in the middle of the DOA station, a hero named Ryan let go of it and made the small soldier a black life in the DOA world
But in LOL middle road, he can’t stop killing people in the middle road
Now, a 24K pure middle road killer in DOA tells you how to align LOL middle road.
When I entered the game, I and the robbers across the street both bought cloth, armour and five reds, and then both of them came to the middle of the road to ridicule each other.
In ADSOLO, how can cloth armor and five reds be stronger than long sword and three reds? After several people’s experiments, both sides have no confidence, and the sword and three reds go out.
Send troops from both sides. I ordered e skills
Robbing this hero, I can guarantee that learning E skills at the first level is much more powerful than learning Q skills when fighting against the hero in the middle of the line.
E skill wave has a wide range, so it can be grabbed. Secondly, it is safer to put E on the opposite side when recruiting soldiers than Q skill. Finally, the E skill CD only has three seconds, which is really a perfect first-class skill far better than Carter’s first-class W.
Chapter 19 I don’t Hernan?
I didn’t put my skills first when the soldiers on both sides met. My first e was very important. I had to hit the soldiers and consume the blood on the other side
A Q hit me in the face when I was robbed from the opposite side, and I was dodged by a dexterous move.
Later, our first soldier was robbed across the street to make up for this soldier. I didn’t say anything. AEA chased him and got a chrysanthemum. After attracting the hatred of Batman, I immediately retreated and didn’t give him a chance to fight back.
The blood volume on the other side immediately dropped by a third, and the first little red medicine was taken at once.
I’m reflexively mending my soldiers and walking around at the same time. The second Q of this product is estimated to be ready for CD.
He saved the second Q to make up for the one he couldn’t make up for. At this time, I also rest assured that the former E skill will scrape as many soldiers as possible, so I will wait for the second to suppress a wave.
I successfully reached the second level, and now the opposite side is completely afraid to recruit soldiers. I can always get close to pick up an EQ company while he is recruiting soldiers, but the opposite side can’t consume me.
Press a wave of soldiers to the opposite tower, and then find a position from left to right. From time to time, Q robbed face to face to ensure that he was full of small red medicine, and my body condition was full of small red medicine and none of them were hit.
This has already won my base.
I thought to myself that if I didn’t make a major mistake, I would definitely get there before this robbery, and then I would die if I faced him.