Chen Yi said, "If you say you are brothers, I love to be younger than myself without other hobbies. Oh, no, I think younger girls are more likely to arouse my desire to protect that person. There is always some feeling that those girls who are younger than me will make me particularly fond of them."

I said with shame, "Yes, yes, yes. How do you know your sister-in-law?"
Chen Yi took a deep breath and slowly relaxed, then her eyes wandered and said, "I was still in the former team that year … it happened to be a top-level event in Shanghai. My wife was still a freshman that year …"
I swallowed "senior one? Three years ago? Brother, you are breaking the law. "
Chen Yi said with a wave, "What’s the law? Fourteen years old is illegal."
I breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Oh, my sister-in-law was fourteen years old that year."
Chen Yi proudly said, "Yeah, I was a member of the team that year. She was a fan of our team and worshipped me fanatically. At that time, I wasn’t lolicon. I liked the royal elder sister who was older than me, but first she asked me for an autograph and took a photo. Finally, she asked for my QQ mobile phone number. I thought she was beautiful, so I gave it to her. Then we talked more and more. She didn’t have a boyfriend and I lacked a girlfriend. Then we had sex."
I said, "That’s how my sister-in-law came."
It seems that they are from fans to lovers and have never experienced that kind of vigorous thing. After three years, I don’t know if Chen Yi is tired of this girlfriend.
I added, "What do you think of Sister-in-law? Is there a generation gap or something? "
Chen Yi didn’t good the spirit said, "There is no generation gap. We are only four years old, not ten years old. She is fine. I understand everything. I feel that no one in this life can treat me better than her! When I finish my career in college, I will directly argue with her. "
Looking at Chen Yi’s determined expression, I knew that it was hopeless to say that he broke up with Aishi.
Chen Yi seems to be excellent in everything. I think he is unruly and he will be a little slack in his feelings. I didn’t expect to be so single-minded
But …
If he is slack in his feelings, maybe I won’t trust her, and maybe I won’t fix him up with Aish.
This is really a tangled thing …
I talked with Chen Yi for a long time before returning to my room.
Zhong Yi applied a mask and was lying in bed with his eyes closed.
I went to see her, and as soon as I saw her eyes closed, I wanted to lean over to see if she was asleep.
Who knows that Zhong Yi suddenly opened his eyes and "wow" called one.
"Scare the old man, maybe you will bang me …" I inexplicably pulled out a captain’s line.
Zhong Yi giggled at the mask and kept saying, "What are you talking about? I’m so laughing that I’m scared to death!"
I didn’t go to the table and took a glass of milk to calm my nerves.
Zhong Yi said to me, "Were you chatting with Chen Yi just now?"
I shook my head and said, "Aishi didn’t talk to him. He and his girlfriend still have deep feelings and are determined to get married. I feel that a man will not let go easily if he has the idea of marrying a woman."
Zhong Yi laughed. "That’s good. Why do you want him to let go?"
I said, "Don’t you want me to find a way to find someone for Ashley?"
Zhong Yi said, "That can’t destroy other people’s happiness."
I nodded and said, "Well … then think of another way to say that Zhong Yi has something I must ask you."
Zhong Yi don’t overdo your shiny eyes and look at me with a crooked little head and ask, "huh? What is it? "
Chapter 436 Doubt for a long time
"Now that we’re in the playoffs, can you tell me what I’m playing for? Is there any hope that I can be with you when I reach a high ranking like this?" I spoke out my long-buried doubt.
I still don’t know what I am, and I am a professional.
If it weren’t for Zhong Yi, I don’t really care about high ranking myself.
If I can’t be with the person I love the most, then what if I win the championship?
Who can share this glory with me?
Zhong Yi paused and then laughed. "You will naturally know that it is difficult for me to make it clear to you now. It is always right for you to fight, and the result will not let you down."
I am not very satisfied with this answer. I frown and say, "What can’t be explained clearly now?"? To tell you the truth, Zhong Yi, my passion for my career is actually very general. If you don’t tell me what the result of my struggle is, I will have a feeling of being at a loss and not fighting spirit. "
It’s like the college entrance examination. Everyone knows that the college entrance examination is the fairest turning point in youth and the biggest test of competition. We know that if we pass the college entrance examination in to be no.1, then we can enter a good university, and we are very motivated and hardworking.
I feel like I’m going to take the college entrance examination now, but no one tells me what I can do after the college entrance examination. I don’t know if I can get high marks in the college entrance examination or not. I don’t know anything, but I know that I want the college entrance examination.
So I’m really at a loss now
Zhong Yi quickly persuaded, "You must not have this idea."
Then Zhong Yiyi, Shuang Ling’s eyes became very melancholy and sad, which changed the atmosphere.
I felt a little uneasy and said, "What’s wrong with you?"
Zhong Yi shook his head and said, "It’s okay, Wang Tong. I don’t want to keep anything from you, but if I tell you this, it may change your mentality. It’s not good for you and you will be more anxious."
Zhong Yi looked at me almost imploringly for a short time. Her mood has changed so much that I can’t guess. I can compromise and say, "Well, I won’t ask this."
Zhong Yi said gratefully, "Thank you!"
What’s Zhong Yi’s problem? Can’t you let me know?
I changed the subject again and asked, "did that clock remember that you left me silently every time and competed with me this time?" And then what, you left me and came back this time? Don’t your family … care about these things? "
Zhong Yi said, "It’s a second trip or a last resort. I’m watching me closely at home. I can come back this time because my parents are all abroad. They are very busy, so I can come back again. No one can take care of me. I have arranged everything during this period and there will be no accidents."
I still have a lot of doubts in my heart. Zhong Yi held my hand and said, "Wang Tong, you just have to fight hard. This is the only way to decide whether we can be together, but I have confidence in you …"
Zhong Yi’s eyes were dim and stopped talking.
"What is it?" I quickly asked.
Since you have confidence in us, why does this sudden loss and sadness appear?
Zhong Yi shook his head and barely gave a smile and said, "Don’t think about it."
Zhong Yi arranged an emotion and said, "Come on! Be sure to win the championship and get this playoff quota even if you succeed. "
How to get the playoff quota can prove that our team is a national team, and it is the strongest glory in S5 spring. Although the way out has become very wide after a great deal, my ability is still worthless in the eyes of Zhong Yi’s family. I am a "great player" and talk to me according to Zhong Xin. Even if I become a winner with an annual income of over 10 million, the gap between my identity and Zhong Yi is still irreparable. I simply can’t make money like that. He rushed to a competitive era, just like the reform and opening up 40 years ago. It is difficult for us to achieve that level in these professions now.
In my opinion, it is really puzzling that Zhong Yi is hiding something and promised that I would be able to cross these ravines if I wanted to climb forward.