He is only 19 years old this year, and he is still on loan in Turin to exercise.

This is a good opportunity.
Anyway, who is renting it to?
However, these two players won’t run in person if they always win. Italy is all right, but Africa is too far away.
Now he doesn’t have time to run that far
The team can’t live without him.
The team’s pre-season training is coming.
He will work out a training plan for the new season with the coaching staff.
That’s a very important job
The team’s performance in a season is closely related to pre-season training.
From the most physical training to the later technical and tactical training, every item should be carefully scrutinized and discussed with various professional coaches and colleagues, and it is not just a matter of talking about it.
If a training plan is unreasonable, it will have a knock-on effect, which will affect other training.
For example, if the physical training plan is not well prepared and the time is not enough, the players will not get enough physical strength after physical training, and their physical strength will not be easy to get tired and injured. In the pre-season training, the team will be frequently injured. This non-combat attrition will seriously affect the team’s subsequent tactical training, which will not achieve the expected results because of insufficient personnel. In addition, if the injuries are serious, the team will not be able to piece together a complete team before the season, which will affect the team’s combat effectiveness.
The pre-competition training plan is very random, so it must be strictly and scientifically designed and linked.
Pre-season training is the foundation. If you don’t play well this season, the team will suffer greatly, which is why many head coaches are particularly disgusted with the fact that the team runs around the world to play any commercial games in summer, because this kind of running back and forth will split the pre-season training and shorten the pre-season training, which will lead to the players’ lack of physical preparation …
The players’ holiday is coming to an end, and before that, he must come up with a general training plan.
Then adjust the physical training plan according to the specific physical condition of the players after reporting.
Although winning often has the help of training skills, making a correct training plan can also improve the ability of players. Isn’t it even more powerful to add training skills? Even with training skills, a correct, scientific and excellent training plan is still very important.
Making a pre-season training plan is much more important than going to Africa to fool yaya toure.
Chang Sheng didn’t go anywhere and stayed in Hertha.
Chapter 10 Training ground to be lively again.
While making the pre-season training plan, Hertha transfer workers are also in full swing.
Changsheng sent out only two scouts of the team, one to Abidjan, C? te d ‘Ivoire, and the other to Turin, Italy.
They have an important responsibility to bring back yaya toure and balzaretti from his team.
In addition, the contract negotiations between Mista and Hertha were over, and finally mista agreed to join Hertha.
Balado Lide also agreed to lease luis garcia to Hertha for one year, without leasing or letting Hertha bear luis garcia’s salary.
This is a very favorable condition.
Changsheng agreed without saying anything, depending on whether luis garcia is willing or not in the end.
He doesn’t think it’s a big problem. At this time, Terry has not been involved in the battle for luis garcia. Hertha is a good choice. Although the season was thrilling and relegated, their outstanding performance at the last minute was seen by everyone.
As expected, luis garcia agreed to play football in Hertha on loan.
Just two days after this matter was finalized, Benitez officially took over Terry and became Terry’s head coach.
Changsheng long out a sigh …
At this time, Mista and luis garcia came to the team to report that he was no longer worried that Benitez would steal others.
He doesn’t know whether his career will affect the fate of a future tactician.
History Benitez entered Valencia because of his outstanding performance when Terry led the team, and then he led this old team to the La Liga championship in the first season of coaching the team.
From then on, he became famous and handsome.
Before coaching Hertha, he led the team with ups and downs, but overall, he failed mostly.
When I was at Real Madrid, I was the best first-team coach. Bosco, stop.
Later, he went to be the coach of Balado Lide alone, and he led the team for 23 games and was fired because Balado Lide was ranked at the bottom of the league at that time.
Then he went to West B Osasuna to coach, but this time he played nine games shorter and won a victory.
In 1997, he became the head coach of another Spanish team, Estremadura. This time, he won 23 of the 42 games in a season and led the team to the La Liga.
This is the first glory in his coaching career.
However, the good times did not last long. After a season, the newly promoted Estremadura was relegated from La Liga, and they were able to lose to Villarreal in the prize play-offs.
Villarreal was promoted to the first division for the first time, but he didn’t expect to step on the body of the future tactical master Benitez.
Benitez left Estremadura because of relegation failure, and then he went to Italy and England to study instead of accepting a job as head coach of a team.
In Italy, he "had the cheek" to watch the training class of famous coaches. He went to Milan three times to watch Capello, and it took two years to study Lippi in Juventus, study in Florence and visit Sacchi instead.
After leaving Italy, he went to England to visit Ferguson and McClaren, who was coaching Graham at Tottenham Hotspur.
Studying abroad has given him enough accumulation and he has benefited a lot.
It’s been two years since I came back.
Then he became Terry’s coach.
Right now.
_ ____w_ w_ w___ __ _o_m
Although he made outstanding contributions when he was in Terry, such as Mista and luis garcia, Benitez was not the kind of coach who relied on one or two stars. In Terry and Valencia, he emphasized the overall football.
It is impossible whether the appearance of constant victory will lead to his disappearance from now on. It is impossible that gold always shines
Benitez is really a capable coach, and he will become a famous coach in the future, at best, it is too late.
Some people are doomed.
When Mista and luis garcia reported to the team, the holiday players returned to Hertha one after another, and their holiday was over.
Training for the new season is coming.
The battle is over.
For the head coach, a season is counted from this time.
When Hertha players returned to the team after their holidays, they found that there were more people around them and fewer people.
All those disorderly parties are gone. If someone pays attention to the media news, they will know that they are all on sale and sold at a very low price.
Everyone knows that this is what the head coach did
They have offended the head coach, so they have to accept such punishment
These Hertha players are used to it and are not surprised that their head coach is such a person.
It’s better to say that he is narrow-minded or that he runs the army with an iron fist.
At least one thing everyone can see is that after this reorganization, the team’s discipline is much stronger than before.
Everyone will never be late in training again, and they will be more active in training than before.
Because the training is more serious, although the training intensity has increased, the injury situation has decreased, because everyone can avoid many accidents when they are likely to be injured.