"What are you doing here? Go, go, go, go. Adults don’t have a say in your children! Don’t hurry back! " At the sight of Lian Fangzhou and Lian Ze, Joe’s immediately pulled his face and scolded his elders for putting on a show.

Even made the chance over there. "Then it’s a date! We will go first! "
In this way, things are certain! Lian Li couldn’t help praising Lian Yizhou’s brothers and sisters in his heart for their timely and good arrival!
Even Fangzhou didn’t go over as they wanted, stretched out his arms and stopped them. "Uncle, aunt, how can you leave before things are finished?"
Lian Li didn’t expect Lian Fangzhou to dare to do this to his face in someone else’s house. "What are you doing?" No rules and no distance! "
"Don’t get out of the way! There are no elders in your eyes! You’ve lost all your face! " Joe’s also scold a way
The two men said that they were about to break into Lianze, but they tightened the door first and kept themselves there.
Lian Fangzhou first took a look at Joe’s and said, "Aunt, my parents are gone. My second house is my master. I’m not a child. Don’t talk about me in this tone. I feel weird!" And to even made a way "big uncle in a hurry to go? Are you afraid or guilty? "
Scott listened to his eyes and said, "Fang Zhou, your great uncle just said that he would go with you to burn charcoal, and he said it was what you meant! You come just by the way to ask you a "
Thank you for your reward. Chapter 64 Want a piece of the action (3)
When I heard Lian Li say that, Scott was so distressed that he dug his own flesh and caught the opportunity. How could he not make sense?
Even made a little guilty at once and wanted to press Fangzhou’s brother and sister in imposing manner, then gave Fangzhou a hard stare and warned, "Fangzhou is a little measured in an outsider’s home. What should you say and what not to say! Who do you want to rely on in the future? "
Even fangzhou consumedly square way "big uncle I always want to very clearly! After that, we rely on nobody but ourselves! Is it true what Mrs. Zhao just said, uncle? Why don’t I remember when I said this to my uncle? "
Lian Li’s face suddenly turned red. "Although it’s not like this, we heard that’s what you mean!"
Joe’s busy also nodded "yes! If you have spoken yourself, you should not deny it! "
Even fangzhou service road "that may be that you will be wrong. I never meant it!" This is Li Shuhui’s skill. How can you easily take people with you? There is no such thing as talking in Shili Township! If we didn’t want to take care of us, and we were young, we wouldn’t take us! Is it difficult for the big uncle to say this because he wants to steal others’ technology? "
"What are you talking about! I don’t think so! " In front of outsiders, I was suddenly stabbed by Fangzhou and immediately became angry from embarrassment.
"Oh, that may be I will be wrong! I knew my uncle didn’t mean it! " Lian Fangzhou smiled faintly. "I will accompany my uncle!" Say never put off till tomorrow what you can slightly bent down.
Joe’s also scold a way "the somebody else Li Guren didn’t say what you jump out to yell? I have never seen you so shameless! "
Zhao quickly interjected, "Your uncle said he would take good care of you then!"
Even Fangzhou ignored Joe’s polite way to Li Shu. "Li Shu, we are not so delicate and don’t need to be looked after! This is what you should do with the technology you have learned. You and Aunt Zhang have always taken care of us. We all know in our hearts that if this happens, we will not be able to face us! "
Li Shu still have what not white to even stand polite way "presumably is a misunderstanding! Well, I wish I could talk about it! Don’t worry, we will take good care of Fangzhou and they won’t let them get tired! After all, it’s all village folks … "
Li Shu took the initiative to send the steps to Lian Li. After all, they are even brothers, sisters and elders in Fangzhou, and they don’t want to get too stiff.
Who knows Qiao’s ungrateful but anxious, "Brother Li, how can you do this? You are not authentic!"
Scott fire unbearable way "Joe aunts my dad promised? It’s all you talking to yourself! This is hard to learn. Can technology be shown to people casually? "
"Mei!" Aunt Zhang gently reprimanded Zhao’s sentence and smiled at Qiao’s. "My daughter-in-law is just a quick talker. Don’t be annoyed by her aunt!"
It’s wrong to say it’s not pleasant to hear, but not to say it.
"Since the somebody else ungrateful when we fuss about white! Let’s go Don’t be annoying here. The younger generation doesn’t feel sorry for my brothers and sisters like the younger generation. Good children have grown up like this! " Lian Li sighed as he left, but he didn’t forget to step on Fang Zhou’s foot and even Li Shu’s aunt Zhang was involved.
"Don’t come to our family when you eat something in the future! Even if you ask for it, you can’t top it! " Joe’s bold stare at their brother and sister also went.
Li Shu, Zhang Auntie and Li Sanhe looked at each other and Zhao spat softly and muttered, "Who are these people?" See aunt Zhang glared at Zhao and said, "Mom, I said the same thing when you glared at me!"
In a word, even Fangzhou laughed and the atmosphere in the room was relaxed.
"It’s all my fault. I didn’t expect them to say hello to my uncles and aunts before they made such a scene!" Lian Fangzhou made an apology with a smile.
"Don’t say that!" Aunt Zhang held her hand and smiled and sighed, "Alas, this is really …"
Li Shu is a little guilty. "Is it your elders or is this one of them?"
"Li Shu! You mustn’t say that! " Even fangzhou shook his head and said flatly, "you are all people who know the root of the matter. I’m not afraid to say anything about our family!" Who is my uncle and aunt? Never help us at all. If we are bullied, they are the first! If we put up with it this time, they will be more and more satisfied, and they may not be able to push their luck in the future! Besides, it’s not like they can’t get by and wait for money to help! "
Aunt Zhang sighed gently again and said, "It’s really hard for you!"
Even Fang Zhou smiled and said, "What’s so hard for us? We can still live well without them! Their troubles in coming to us are limited, and they are forced to go out and see how their elders face! "
"Somehow you are a family! Don’t go that far! " Great aunt Zhang busy way
Even ze service road "aunt zhang when they take us as a family! In the past, my parents used to put out their elder brothers’ racks and let them help them with their work. Now we are the only ones left, but how can they be polite if they can take advantage! "
Great aunt Zhang said, "If you can endure common things, you can endure them. If you can’t endure things, you have to give a full account of the reasons. They are elders. It’s not good to say! In the end, it’s you who suffer! Don’t just return this name. If someone breaks it, that’s terrible! Your brother and sister’s marriage will be affected in the future, and Cher, didn’t you say you were going to let him go to school? "
Even fangzhou felt a burst of force. It was such trouble in ancient times! At the same time, she also secretly gives birth to vigilance. She is not a native. Maybe she will not pay attention if she is not careful!
Then nodded. "I remember! Thank you for waking up! "
Even ze nodded his thanks.
Li Shu service road "line it so forget it! I understand what you mean, as long as I don’t let go! "
"Thank you for your trouble!" Even fangzhou grateful laughed
Li Shu gave a smile "it’s nothing! If you hadn’t thought about us, we wouldn’t have earned this money! If you need any help in the future, don’t hesitate to ask! "
Lian Fangzhou and Lian Ze promised to come and said a few words of gossip before leaving.
As soon as they got back, Third Aunt asked how it was. Even fangzhou said "it’s all right" and told them that it’s all right to stay away from those two so as not to be countered by them.
Lian Fangqing is a naughty girl of the same age, but Lian Che is very stable. Even Fang Zhou told Lian Che, "Watch Sisi!"
Even che "well" nodded, even Fang Qing blinked and mixed a ghost. 65 There is a big announcement in Chapter 65 (1)
The weather is not cold. This time, all the burnt charcoal parts are piled up in the Li family’s sundries shed. I plan to wait for a while before selling them. While the weather is fine, everyone will continue to burn charcoal with all their strength.
On this day, even Fang Zhou met Zhang Lizheng’s daughter-in-law Niushi on the road. Even Fang Zhou smiled and greeted Niushi. She smiled and said a few words that they and Li Jia were very envious and faintly sour.
This Niu Shi is a high-minded and greedy woman. She is a village official’s daughter-in-law who doesn’t take advantage of others. It’s just a handful of garlic and two onions or something that is good to break first. Looking at the front, she complains secretly. No one cares about her seriously.
Even Fang Zhou was embarrassed to smile when she heard her words. "In fact, it’s just that Li Shu and Aunt Zhang saw our poor help. How much strength can we have to say that we are partners or not?" But I did pick up a lot of broken charcoal and I couldn’t sell it at home. Aunt Niu, if you don’t dislike it, why don’t you send some back to your home? It’s all good charcoal. You can burn the stove in winter! "
NiuShi a listen to face suddenly burst into laughter, eyes flashing up mouth but laughed "oh that how not bashful! That broken charcoal is also charcoal! Still can burn! "
"A lot! We’re not finished anyway! Anyway, it is also necessary to give someone a gift. Who is not a gift? " Lian Fangzhou decided, "I’ll take you home in the afternoon!"
"Ha ha! Look at you, this girl is really talking more and more! What can I say if you say so! " Niu smiled and thought for a moment, then said, "I’m afraid there is no one in my family in the afternoon. You can deliver it after dinner!"
Niu’s grandson is only half a year old. How can no one be at home? Even Fang Zhou just thought about it and understood Niu’s concern about his brothers and sisters. Niu’s fear of taking his own things and being said something unpleasant is that he is turning a corner to imply that he will go after dark!
Nowadays, no later than summer, few people go out.
"ok!" She nodded happily and smiled. "I have to wash dishes and clean up the house after dinner. It may be a little late!"
"It’s okay that’s ok! Our family stays up late! Xiao Sun is noisy! " NiuShi a listen to the bosom more happy.